3 in 1 Wireless Travel Charger for iPhone 13/12 Pro/XS/X/8 Plus QI 15W Wireless Charging Pad For Airpods /iWatch and Qi enabled devices

Original price was: $99.98.Current price is: $49.99.

(201 customer reviews)
3 in 1 Wireless Travel Charger for iPhone 13/12 Pro/XS/X/8 Plus QI 15W Wireless Charging Pad For Airpods /iWatch and Qi enabled devices $99.98 Original price was: $99.98.$49.99Current price is: $49.99.
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✔️ MagSafe

MagSafe compatible

✔️ Charge Three Devices At Once

Charge all your devices in one place

✔️ Portable & Compact

The foldable design makes it easy to bring anywhere

✔️ Save Money on Cables

Three devices, only one cable

✔️ Quick & Easy Setup

All chargers are built-in

✔️ Flexible

Two Apple Watch charging options

Power Output
Phone: 15-Watts/10-Watts/7.5-Watts/5-Watts
Apple Watch: 2.5-Watts
AirPods/Buds: 3-Watts

Tech Specs
Interface: Type-C
Safety Protections: Overheating, overvoltage, overcharge & foreign body detection

What’s Included In The Box
1x  3 in 1 Wireless Travel Charger
1x Quick Start Guide
1x USB-C Cable

MagSafe Compatibility:
iPhone 13, 12 Mini, 12 , 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 13 Mini, 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max

Wireless Charging Compatibility:
Apple iPhone: 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, SE, SE 2, 12 Mini, 12 , 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 13 Mini, 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max

Apple Watch: Watch Series 2, Watch Series 3, Watch Series 4, Watch Series 5, Watch Series SE, Watch Series 6, Watch Series 7

Apple AirPods: AirPods Pro, AirPods 2 Wireless Charging edition

Samsung Galaxy: S6, S6 Active, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, S7, S7 Active, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Active, S8 Plus, Note 8, S9, S9 Plus, Note 9, S10, S10e, S10 Plus, Note 10, Note 10 Plus, S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra (5G), S20 FE, Note 20, Note 20Ultra, S21, S21 Plus, S21

Samsung Buds: Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Buds Live,

Google: Pixel 3, 4, 5 & Pixel Buds

All other wireless charging compatible smartphones are supported. 

Additional information

Color: No selection

Crisp White, midnight black

201 reviews for 3 in 1 Wireless Travel Charger for iPhone 13/12 Pro/XS/X/8 Plus QI 15W Wireless Charging Pad For Airpods /iWatch and Qi enabled devices

  1. RW

    This charger is a great space saver for travel with the ability to wirelessly charge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously. Replaces the need to carry separate chargers and offers plenty of power. Side charger pads fold in to the center pads providing a low profile form that fits easily in work bag / carry on bag’s smaller pockets. Great purchase!

  2. Dale Tompkins

    I bought this for a trip. We travel a good bit and I don’t like taking apart and packing my Bessie charger. This is great to take with me and charge my devices without a million cables. I also don’t have to undo my apple charger from my beside stand. It worked great. I had no problem charging my watch and phone. I don’t use AirPods so I can’t speak to that but this gadget did exactly the job I purchased it to do with a lot less hassle.

  3. Kenji AlejandreKenji Alejandre

    I purchased about five travel chargers in the last three years. This one by far exceeds the standards. Lightweight compact magnetic and charges my AirPods my phone and my watch all at the same time all off of one charging cable. Comes with power block and charging cable so you don’t need to buy anything extra when you order this product. I am very pleased with this purchase and I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a travel charger.

  4. Consumer

    This was an excellent product, especially for the price. I would have rated it the highest but the iWatch charger portion sometimes doesn’t make great contact and the watch makes the connect/disconnect noise frequently. I just have to remove the watch and place it and this resolves the issue. Otherwise, I’m very happy with the product. My girlfriend has a similar 3 in one charger from Belkin made exclusively for and sold by Apple. This was 5-6 times more expensive and negligible in higher quality.

  5. Scott B.

    I have been looking for a multiple charger for my iPhone, Apple watch and AirPods for a while now. I was tired of all the cables every time I traveled. I looked at the ones from Apple and Belkin but they are just way too expensive. I figured for the price I would give this charger a shot. Based on the reviews I figured why not. I am very impressed with the size and function of this charger. I travel a lot for work and always have to deal with all the plugs and chargers. This is a perfect solution for my needs. It seems to charge quickly and I really like the way it folds up and stores.

  6. Gabriel De La Cruz

    This is a great portable charger. Works with my iPhone, Apple Watch, and Jabra wireless ear buds, also charges my wife Samsung phone as well. Folds up nice and compactly and doesn’t take up too much space in my travel bag. It has held up well and still charging with almost 3 months of use. I’m not sure about charging times though as I just set them over night and when I wake up my devices are fully charged. Would definitely recommend others to use as well.

  7. Chad B.

    This is a great compact charger for iPhones, Apple Watches, and Airpods. The charger is light and compact. I have been travelling quite a bit recently and it has held up well in my suitcase.My only one minor complaint is the the charging cable. The base uses a USB-C. It was shipped with a USB-A to USB-C cable. Its okay, but I really trying to get away from USB-A cables for the easier to use and generally faster USB-C set up. Thankfully, I have a couple of these types of cables around to swap out.

  8. Exor B.Exor B.

    -OverviewThis review is about the 3 in 1 Portable Magnetic Wireless Charger by a company called UCOMX. My purpose is to share my experience and my unbiased recommendation about the product. I wanted to let you know that I used and test the charger for five consecutive days and I wanted to know how will it stand for continuous use.-About the chargerThe charger comes with a USB power adapter, 1M-power cable, a user manual, and the magnetic wireless charger itself. It can charge one cellphone, a wireless headphone, and a watch all at once. Or you can simply charge another cellphone instead of a headphone.-Pros and ConsPros:The charger is small and light enough to pack with you for traveling. It comes with one cable which is a plus which means, it will only use one outlet for charging three devices. A most standard electrical outlet like you’ll find in most hotels provides only two outlets. The watch charger can be positioned to where the watch would normally sit when placed on the table on its side (which I really like).Another interesting part is the magnetic part of it. You can position the charger in a triangle shape and use it as a prop for your cellphone while watching a video and charging at the same time.It has an indicator that tells you when a good connection is made and is charging by blue light. The light will turn on when the unit is charging and the light off indicates that it is not charging and the phone or watch needs to be repositioned. The blue light will turn off once it reaches its final charge or when its charge is complete. There is a total of three light indicators one for each device being charged. I’m not sure that if it is splashproof since I like to set my water bottle next to it on the night lamp, but it seems well built and can survive an accidental spill if it did occur.-Cons:The blue light can be a bit bright especially if you have the unit close to you in bed during the night. The power cord be a little bit longer, but I had no issues with it I just wished that it could be a bit longer. And the power adapter should be smaller.-My experienceAs I mentioned earlier, I used it during and primarily for traveling. The charger is very light, convenient, and useful. And to put on the test, I charged my phone, my wife’s phone, my daughters’ as well as our watches and earphones. The charger never overheated and it was fast enough for charging our gadgets. I do, however, would not recommend using it while you are driving and place it on top of the dash or the little arm table of your car or truck. It will slide around and it’s not safe. For the price, I did shop around, and compared to other products, the price is about the market price and I did get it for a lower since there was an instant coupon or savings at the time of my purchase.Rating:Overall I give the product 5 stars for easy use, 5 stars for functionality, 5 stars for the design, and 5 stars for the price. Overall I do highly recommend the charger and I give it a 5 star.

  9. Richard O. Hahn

    This is the most useful accessory I’ve bought. It does away with multiple cords and charges iPhone, I watch and ibuds. It works with my fast charger and has made travel much easier and cut down on space needed in packing.

  10. L. Fossett

    My husband and I both have trouble remembering our various chargers when we travel for work, but we plan to keep this in our suitcase and ready to go. It’s really cool and convenient. We charged our Apple Watch and phone last night to test it and can’t wait to travel with it!

  11. AngelicHue

    This is a great travel charger. It eliminates the need for taking a lot of charging cords with you and it is very convenient because it is so small. My only compliant is that sometimes while charging my apple watch, it stops before it gets completely full. I’m trying to determine if it is the charging device’s problem or my watch. I purchased two of these and my wife doesn’t have any problems with her. Overall, I would probably buy again.

  12. Russell

    I work as a night nurse and many days staying late or having to run from job to job there’s no way to keep all of my Apple devices charged without carrying around jump ropes of cords. This product is a life saver, one cord one brick and your set.Weekend road trips are light years easier now as far as packing chargers and cords. Everyone in my family will be getting one very soon!!!!

  13. C. TrotterC. Trotter

    I received the charger, plugged it in and it worked instantly. It Charges my iPhone 13 max and Apple Watch series 7 very nicely. I have a case on my phone and it still magnetized and charged perfectly over the last 3 nights since owning it. Folds up and is very compact and light. I recommend this as it works for me wonderfully.

  14. foodloverfoodlover

    Excited about this addition to my travel bag! Great form factor and charge all my portable Apple devices with one cable. I haven’t taken this on the road yet, but this charger is shaping up to really simplify my tech charging on my next trip. Supports nightstand mode for my Apple Watch (tested with Series 4) and charges my Airpods and iPhone 13 Pro at the same time. I got the MagSafe animation and magnets held the phone down, which is a plus for confidence in wireless charging.


    I love that I can charge all my devices at once , and it charges pretty quick!’ Must have . I will get another one for my bedroom this one is in my home office. I highly recommend it.

  16. Matt A

    I have absolutely no complaints about this charger. Bought it for travel and it has been nothing but reliable for multiple trips. Fits in a small bag easily but still charges my phone, AirPods, and watch easily. A third of the cost of the applet version it every bit as good. Probably better!

  17. KEN E

    Used these for traveling (cruise ship). Works a little slower than factory chargers, but just as good as other aftermarket chargers. Only need one outlet to plug into. Does iPhone and Apple Watch at same time. Worked well

  18. AmyT

    I have been using this for almost a month and it works fabulously. Charges all my devices at once and if I need to travel with it, it’s very compact and convenient. 10/10

  19. D. LeeD. Lee

    I really like the format of this cordless charger. The material is soft and cushioned and a little grippy so my phone lands on it nicely. There is a beeping sound, a vibration, and a blue light when my phone is positioned properly. Magnets help keep the phone in place too. Then the blue light turns off when I remove my phone or move it out of place. (This is a huge improvement over my old wireless charger that was slippery and had no real indicators so a lot of the time my phone was out of place and not charging at all). Highly recommend! Also, I can fold the charger into a triangle to make a little stand so I can prop my phone up and use it while it’s charging. Highly recommend!

  20. melissa ortega

    I’ve been looking for an all in one for my phone, watch, and AirPods and this is finally the one. It’s very simple yet it works great. I can have all 3 devises on it and they will all charge. Unlike other 3 item chargers I’ve had in the past. It’s very low profile so you don’t even notice it on your night stand. I did cover up the charging indicator lights b/c they Are a bit bright and the light bothered my wife in the middle of the night. But other then that noting but good things to say about this charger.

  21. Lionell

    Use this in the bedroom to charge my watch, headphones, and iphone 13 pro max. the magnetic feature makes it super easy to attach all the devices and the charge time is good as well.

  22. Supriya sharmaSupriya sharma

    I am using this for my samsung note 10 and samsung 10 plus. The best part is it works best with cover also.It usually charge in the same speed as my fast charger. The light turns off when fully charged this prevent it from over charging the phone.The design is sleek and dynamic and i can watch video while charging😉. It can also charhe apple watch. My both phone can be charged at same time..

  23. Wilmes

    It was a perfect all in one solution for my apple products. Perfect for traveling without carrying a mess of cables everywhere. My iphone Apple watch and airpods all charged at the same time. It was space saving for packing into my carry on.Only tiny complaint is that the apple watch part seems flimsy, but it has held up well so far in about the 4 trips I’ve had.

  24. Stein Family

    I bought this charger for travel, and absolutely love it. I no longer have to carry three charging cords for my phone, airpods, and watch. The charger is compact and I just have to toss it in my purse. Unlike some cordless charging pads where you have to carefully place the items in order to get them to charge, the magnets on this are strong and everything stays put. I love not having to pack up all my cords, or get to my destination and find that I have forgotten one. Also so much easier to need only one plug in the hotel. I definitely recommend for someone looking for both quality and convenience.

  25. PJCPJC

    I saw this online after a recent trip when I had a bunch of wires and simply am tired of carrying so many chargers when on the road. The design for charging 3 devices is great. I do wish it had more power, but then again, I am going to use it likely in the hotel or places where a rapid charge isn’t needed. If you’re comparing it to 3 different Apple chargers then that’s not a totally fair comparison. Overall th convenience of not having to bring so many chargers with me and having it all in one place is wonderful.

  26. Pen Name

    I am a well-seasoned traveler and looking to cut down on cables, and now with one device, I can charge my phone and watch and AirPods all at once without bringing three cords and multi charging blocks! Also, a nice small footprint fits in my computer bag

  27. Oleksandr Bugrimenko

    Love the charger!It works great so far, very compact and light weight.Ability to fold and use it as a stand for the phone is a great feature!The only inconvenience is using watch charger by placing watch vertically – it does not stay in place. However, if you can set everything up in a flat service, it works nicely.

  28. PYTG

    This product has been excellent for traveling. It folds up neatly and compactly, and it charges well. It also functions easily as a stand for my phone when I want to view it hands-free. Liked it so much, I also gave it as a gift!

  29. Andy Chan

    This charge pad is only 1/3 of the price comparing with some branded name ones. The phone charger is not true magsafe 15w but that’s why it is cheaper. It does the job well and looking forward to use this charge pad for my next travel trip (no need to 3 charge pads and 3 cables!!!)

  30. Jim S.

    I got tired of having to get out multiple cords for each device that needed to be charged. Found this and it has been great for wireless charging. I can get this out and set my phone and AirPods on it for easy charging. It is compact and fits nicely in my work bag. It also has magnets that keep it closed when not in use.

  31. Francisco L.

    This is the most amazing charger for the price, specially if you travel a lot! It charges really fast and you don’t have to take 3 or chargers with you, this one does it all!! Don’t waste your money getting other chargers, this is an ALL IN ONE at the best price!! 5 STARS.

  32. SuzyQ

    I love this charger as it folds up compactly and saves me from packing 3 separate cords. I leave it on the nightstand in the guest bedroom for company to use when they visit. I’m very happy with the charging speed it takes and would definitely recommend this product.

  33. Emily B

    This is a good purchase for traveling or small spaces. It doesn’t charge as fast as some chargers so I had to charge my watch a little before bed and also in the morning while getting ready. With my usual charger, I only have to charge in the morning. Like most charges, it gets very warm during charging so I try not to hold that against it.

  34. Cheryl B

    I’m a battery hog, so I carry a cable charger in my purse at all times. Well, my phone got temperamental with the charging port, so I went to wireless charging. I had to find something to charge wireless, but a lot of them take up a lot of space. Then, I found this little charger. It folds up in a neat little square and doesn’t take up anymore room than a small pack of kleenex. I don’t have a watch or earbuds, but I don’t care. It charges my phone and I’m happy.

  35. Betty B

    Just used this for the first time and it was great. A friend recommended an more expensive brand but I saw this and thought I would give it a chance. It is perfect, easy to pack and charges devices quickly. If it had a carrying case it would be perfect!

  36. Dawn

    This is small, lightweight and flexible. It charges all my devices simultaneously. Because it’s lightweight, I have to hold it down to get my phone off, but that’s fine for me. Sometimes the watch charger can be a bit picky, but the blue lights let you know if things are charging.

  37. MLK

    I’ve been looking for a 3 in 1 portable wireless charger that folds up or doesn’t take up a lot of space in my purse and found this one from UCOMX. It’s easy to use right out of the box, comes with a power cable and charges my phone, Apple Watch and EarPods at the same time. Works great!

  38. Elizabeth Johnston

    Compact yet great charging power! I had problems getting wireless chargers to work with my new iPhone 13 as the camera square sticks out and didn’t allow my phone to connect with the stand-type wireless chargers. This little square charges it perfectly, though!

  39. Neal kitchen

    I needed a reliable, portable charger for my apple devices and this one fit the bill perfectly! I love the compactness for storing in my luggage and the flexibility with the shape. I did a quick test when I got it since the last wireless charger I owned would not charge my new Apple Watch series 7 so was glad to confirm it worked perfectly. Definitely recommend it as a great travel charger!

  40. WJae

    I love this charger. I was going to buy a more expensive one that came with a case but this one is perfect. It folds up small and any small pouch to put it in will work including my purse. I love it and will be buying another one for my husband who has been stealing mine. HA! No issues. Highly recommended!

  41. S. RogersS. Rogers

    Works great! Don’t expect it to charge through a thick case though. Item description says nothing thicker than 3mm. That’s all you are going to get!Completely satisfied. Great for people who travel.

  42. BD Media

    The best case use for this charger is as an overnight charger for all of your Apple products. However it works with other wireless charge mobile devices as well. The versatility of the folding design is quite useful and I’ve had no problems charging my IPhone 13 Pro Max, 5 series watch, and airpod pros, all at the same time overnight. It worked equally as well as a travel charger on a recent trip.When you compare this product to Apple’s version you’ll realize the great value of this product. While this may charge slower than Apple’s OEM MagSafe charger, that’s a limitation that Apple places on most third party products. And Apple’s pad cost significantly more and you still have to provide your own charger and charging cord. The quality and value of this unit makes it a must buy and an awesome gift for any Apple users.

  43. JimJim

    This is a great charger. It’s compact and easy to use. It’s ability to charge my watch, ear pods and the iPhone all with one station is perfect for travel. I use it primarily as an over night charging and the ability to set my watch as a night light is great. It will also go into a trickle mode and not over heat my iPhone.

  44. DavidDavid

    I have one of these already in my office and it keeps my phone and watch charged so that they are always ready to use. I bought another for my travel bag so I can plug it straight from my MacBook Pro and keep my devices full charged. A bargain!

  45. CelticchicCelticchic

    I’m heading to Italy for a once and a lifetime trip and need to down size. I saw this style charger recommended in Travel and Leisure and am very pleased with the versatility! Arrivederci!

  46. Cameron Church

    This charger is a handy piece! It comes with everything you need to be on the go with all of your iProducts. My wife and I just pack this when we travel. With the accompanying charging block and cord, you get everything you need. Works nicely with newer magsafe charging iPhones, but any wireless charging capable device will also work. The variable geometry of the Apple watch charging point is particularly nice.

  47. Linda McDougal

    I like this charging station because it’s small and compact to make it great for travelling. It’s much better than cords hanging all over the place to charge each of the devices.

  48. MKPLAY

    This is the best travel charger. Works quickly, very compact and makes traveling with all my electronics so much easier!

  49. Brandon RBrandon R

    I had no idea this existed until I saw this! By far my favorite new tech toy. I have all apple products and you can see it WIRELESS charges all three products at once. Iphone, Iwatch, and Airbuds. I no longer have to plug everything in and can just set them down as I walk in the house. Not to mention it folds up if you need to the charging station with you. PS it also charges other device doesnt have to be apple. I tested my friends Android and it charged it as well.Everyone should own one these! So happy i got it

  50. LoveMyMac

    I love how small this charger folds down to. These days, if you’re traveling, you are most likely traveling with a phone, a watch, and earbuds. This makes this charger a no brainer for light traveling while giving you everything you need with just ONE CHARGING CABLE!!! Genius! Every time fellow travelers have seen it, we had to tell them where to get it. Everyone just loves it!In addition, it is ready to go to Europe with just one adapter as it is 220V ready. I have seen it with other sellers with “sales prices” higher than this regular price. It’s greatly priced for what it is and what it does.

  51. parag awadhiyaparag awadhiya

    I like UCOMX Nano 3 in 1 charger. It folds up as shown in picture and is perfect for travel. No need to carry different chargers for different devices and not more messy wires. It’s much cheaper than the one on Apple website. The charger worked with my IPhone 11 IPhone 11 Pro Max and IPhone 13 Pro Max. It also worked with my Applewatch and both airpod 3 and airpod pro. The qi chargers are slower than wire chargers and the phone has to be aligned correctly for it to work. The LEDs on the charger are helpful in making sure that it’s working. Just one issue with the charger delivered to me, the stickers are opposite of what it should be, my phone didn’t charge on the phone plate but it worked on the airpod side. Other than that I will highly recommend this for your Apple products.

  52. Amazon Customer

    So excited to have a product to charge all 3 of my electronics and durable for travel. Easy to pack and use. Looking forward to taking on trips and use while traveling.

  53. RebecaRebeca

    Absolutely love my UCOmix charging station. I get to charge all my devices at once with the ease of 1 plug. It charges everything really fast and I am so happy and satisfied with this product purchase. Thinking of gifting this to other family members.

  54. William

    The only downside is how bright the LED charging light is. But I would still buy it again in a heartbeat.

  55. Minty007

    Electronics occasionally fail – it happens. But it’s what happens afterwards that determines a seller’s reputation, and this one is stellar. Approximately 45 days after purchase (and beyond the Amz return period), one side of the travel charger failed to charge. I contacted the seller and got an immediate response, apologizing and offering a quick replacement. All they required was a photo of the charger not working for their records. I received my replacement charger within a few days. Given my experience, I will be shopping this seller’s Amz store regularly.

  56. Flor Del Bosque

    I travel almost every weekend.. I just keep this in my travel bag.. every hotel i stay it has usb charging stations.. you will need a cube if they dont have a usb port.. but I absolutely love it .. i snapped it on sc. and got several requests for the link!

  57. Johnd87

    The product works perfectly and does not require exact placement to work. The lights help determine if the item is charging. Charging is fast and is always 100% overnight.

  58. tarkioglenn

    This is a wonderful product for traveling. That is why I purchased it. I only have to carry one charger one cable and this foldable magnetic charger. I can charge my iPhone 12 ProMax and my Apple 3 watch at the same time. It will even charge to an OtterBox case. That is fantastic. The price point was exceptional. I definitely would buy it again.

  59. Victoria

    I got this product for my dad for Christmas, I chose this one bc it is easy to use and it has everything he needs to charge his items in one. He has a iPhone XS, AirPods and an Apple Watch series 2, and they all work on the charger. The best part is they each have a separate charging light so you know that each thing you are charging is actually charging. Definitely recommend buying and it doesn’t take up a lot of space wether it’s laid out flat or folded up.

  60. Noel Jacoboni

    This charger is super portable and versatile! I love it for traveling and also for my nightstand. Now I don’t need to carry 3 chords to charge all three of my apple devices!

  61. Amazon Customer

    I’m so impressed with the charger that I have shown it to many of my family members and for the price and how it works they were impressed. I’ve tried a few chargers but this one works best and easy for travel

  62. G. Poirier

    This little device is super cool! I got it mostly for travel. I already have a charging stand for my devices but it’s a pain to have to take everything apart for a trip. This charger is small and convenient for traveling. It folds up so it’s easy to put in a bag. The watch fits well into the spot for charging and charges. The phone spot has magnets to help you find the spot for charging. You only need the tri-folding mat and the single cable for power to charge AirPods, watch, and phone. So awesome!

  63. Ironman

    Bought this after using a friends to charge an Apple Watch. It works great, is portable and easy to pack for a trip and can be used as a little stand for your phone. Great functionality and versatility.

  64. Claudia Valentin

    Its not bulky….it looks very nice….it does not take too much space when traveling with it, it fold. When its charging a blue light come on. I charge my airpods, watch and phone. I will buy it again.

  65. Ralphson

    So far, the charger has worked flawlessly. Just what I needed for traveling, eliminating a big power brick with long power cord and a medusa of usb charging cables. It’s a little sensitive to proper placement of my iPhone, but then I have a metal plate in the case for magnetic mounting the phone in my car. It hasn’t been a problem for me.

  66. Jeremy

    Purchased this primarily for travel. Very compact, takes up about as much space as a large pack of gum. Was able to charge phone, airpods, and watch all at the same time. Charging speed was perfectly adequate. Standard USB and plug charging options. Excellent option for the price. Would definitely buy again.

  67. James

    Been using the black color version for a few weeks, and it works as described. MagSafe logo show up, charges faster than my older one, and supports AirPods Pro and Apple Watch at the same time.

  68. happinus

    Have been looking for the right charging platform for all devices – and this is great, easy to pack and minimal charging cables.

  69. jooyoung kimjooyoung kim

    currently using Iphone 12 mini, apple watch SE, airpod pro and galaxy note 10+ and this charger is good enough. You can use airpod charger (the one on the right) to charge any wireless charging compatible devices. I often charge my Iphone and galaxy note at the same time. Also it’s foldable and compact which is super useful for travel.

  70. Christine Brown

    I bought this for my husband for Christmas We travel a lot and I despise having to unplug and take our charging items with us. This charging piece is so slim and compact that it is easily carried and kept in his travel back pack. What a game changer in terms of easy travel! He has a iPhone 12pro Max and I have a 13 pro max. This little beauty charged both fully and quickly. Watches and air pods pro charged fast as well. I am definitely getting one of these for my travel back pack or maybe I’ll just get two more and use one by my bed I love it that much! Don’t even hesitate. If you travel, you need this!!!

  71. Catherine TranCatherine Tran

    I was on the market for a multi wireless charger for my apple products for travel since traveling with a bunch of wires and plugs is such a pain! Not to mention the hassle of untangling wires or even leaving chargers behind by accident because they’re plugged in multiple outlets all over the place when I’m traveling. This wireless multi charger is so perfect since it just uses one outlet, has no extra wires, and it folds up compactly! Love that the charger has strong magnets as well. I got the black multi charger for all my apple products in black and it looks so sleek. I’m really happy and impressed with the quality, functionality, and look of this charger.

  72. Odell Kennedy,Sr.

    Replacement is working well so far,Slow phone chargeOverall, very pleased

  73. K. Glass

    It seems I’m always forgetting a charger or a cord when traveling and this is a great solution. While I prefer a stand charger that accommodates my phone, watch and ear buds, this one lays flat but it folding makes it very easy to travel with and I don’t have so many things to remember to pack. Definitely satisfied.

  74. James LaurieJames Laurie

    It appears the primary phone charger is like Apple Megasafe. It’s magnetic and it behaves with what I would imagine a Megasafe would look like. Showed in the picture Watch charger works just as expected and you don’t have to use your original watch charger like some make you do. Also is will work with an open or closed band, like the sports band.I don’t wear EarPods and that third charger is usually just wasted space. On this the pad where you would charge you EarPods, will actually also charge another phone. If preforms like the previous non Megasafe style charger.. That may come in handy on vacation.This charger style is unlike other I have seen and have found it useful. So for me it works best just laying flat with the extra charger folded under. But apparently there are many options.To be honest I was asked to do this review by the company, but unlike some companies, they make no requirement on what type of review I leave, be it positive or negative.

  75. Bula BoneBula Bone

    Been using this product for 8 months now, great charging station for home and travel. LED lights are crazy bright at night. Usually cover them with something when going to sleep. iPhone charges pretty fast, apple watch is a good half the speed of the apple supplied one. Cant really comment of the speed of the airpods charger other than it works. Dont try to put anything else on the airpods side. Tired to charge a Samsung watch and galaxy buds and it made the charger freak out. Had to unplug / plug in to reset. The phone side will charge a Samsung phone.

  76. Kevin Lopez

    I purchased this after trying another Apple Watch charger that ended up not being able to charge my watch past 93%, The cost of this was a little more, but I figured it was worth it because it comes with 2 charging mats as well. I have used this to charge my watch, iPhone and air pods and works great. I have even used it to charger 2 phones at the same time. I have had no issue with charging and am looking forward to use it while traveling. It is nice and compact and will take care of all of my charging needs.

  77. Joe Gross

    Makes charging by my bed and I’m home office easier and more organized. Biggest plus is kids don’t run off with it like they do the cords!

  78. jephyboy

    Owned this for a couple of weeks and so far so good. There are 3 indicator blue lights that show which device (left, middle, right) is charging. The blue light is very bright and might disturb your sleep.The design is compact which is great for my travels without having to find plugs for 3 devices…instead its one plug and three devices.The mag safe air pods pros does “snap” into place but doesn’t always snap into the correct alignment to ensure charging.Overall a great product with small complaints.Jeff

  79. Patty and Steve

    My husband and I love all of the functions of this compact product which is so easy to travel with. We travel a lot and needed something which could charge all of our Apple products (iPhone, IWatch & EarPods), but with just a single cable plug-in device. Whilst it seems to charge a little slower than the traditional individual charging devices for each separate Apple product, we just love how it charges all three Apple products in one. Overall, we are very pleased and would recommend to anyone who has multiple apple products which require regular charging.

  80. WmCFranck

    I love how compact this charger is and that it can charge multiple devices at once! I carry two phones, have an Apple watch, and just received Apple AirPods for Christmas. This device will come in handy when I travel which I frequently do for work. No more multiple cords taking up so much space!

  81. Julie Ddrake

    This charger is excellent. It works well and charges overnight no problem. It’s so great that my kids borrow it when they come stay with me. I’m taking it on a long trip to Europe.

  82. Christian

    I love it. I was tired of carrying these bulky charging stands or multiple cords and adapters for the phone, airpods and watch. It’s so easy to fold and travel with. And the price is great, better than other identical products. I would have bought this a long time ago if I knew it existed.

  83. Diane Dokko Kim

    Positives: when I travel, I hate having to unplug and wrap up all the different cables , which get tangled and are a little bulky, not to mention the fear that I forgot to pack any one of the Cables that I need. This charging station is so compact and packs all my charging equipment into one solution.Negatives: the phone is not as fast with charging as I like, so don’t expect to use it for a quick charge, but it is perfect for overnight. Also, finding the right spot to lay the equipment to initiate the charge is a little tricky, except for the watch.

  84. Lad Chee

    Really like that you can charge phone/watch/airpods all together, in one place, and with just one cord to plug in. It’s also very portable, either leaving it unfolded (so it’s thin), or folding it up (smaller footprint, but thicker). The other multicharger I was considering wouldn’t do that.The blue charge indicator lights are little bright if you keep it next to the bed, but that can be remedied with a little electrical tape. Also, folding it so that it holds the phone at an angle does not seem to work as advertised….it does not seem to lock into that triangular shape.But I really like the magnetic feature to align the phone. I have another inductive charger that does not have that, and I have had it happen where it does not align quite right and I did not get a charge overnight as planned.

  85. David Oliva

    Picked this up for an easy to use charger for my desk and was not disappointed. The charging is great for the watch and phone (don’t have AirPods to test but have tested with AirPods to confirm functionality) and it’s a very sleek design that is easy to tuck away and bring for travel. Would recommend to anyone looking for a quick and easy way to charge all their devices!

  86. Rob Tanner

    Bought this for travel. Works great. It is small and lightweight in travel bag. It lays flat and with one power cable can charge three devices, or fold it up to charge and display phone (magsafe)! Perfect for travel. Previously needed three charge cords.

  87. Larry Bradshaw

    I purchased this device to keep in my backpack for traveling. I recently completed a 5-night trip and was able to use this device to keep my iPhone and my Apple Watch charged every evening when I went to bed. It worked perfectly and took up very little room in my backpack. The friends I was staying with tried their Google Pixel phone with the phone charger portion and it worked for them as well. They plan on each getting one for their next vacation.

  88. Robert M.

    This turned out to be a great product. small enough to travel with, yet folds out to charge every device I own. works out perfect for me. so I have one for the road and one for the house.

  89. JZ

    This little gem is wonderful to travel with. It cuts the tangling cords down and folds up nicely. It travels very nicely and is very compact. Haven’t had any issues charging. The seller is very invoked in making sure the buying experience was a success.

  90. Kindle Customer

    I loved the way the charger folded up compactly for traveling. It charged very well with one caveat. Be sure to center your phone on the charger or it won’t work. I’ am very happy with this purchase.

  91. JD Douse

    This would ks exactly as advertised. The phone side auto shuts off when charging is complete, he only thing is, the Apple Watch repeatedly disconnects and reconnects.

  92. Albert Eminizer

    This charger is perfect for hotel rooms with limited plugs or just to keep everything in one place. Folds up perfectly for a suitcase.I’ve charged three items at once and it’s fast! I use it at home too but mostly for travel convenience. I’m a flight attendant so it gets a lot of use!

  93. dhshopperdhshopper

    Been wanting one of these for sometime. So I got this one because it’s foldable for travel. It came with a nice box and the charging station and everything are in good quality. I am surprised that there is not much charging time difference between the wireless station and the fast charging cord that came with my phone. The wireless charging station is only 5 minutes slower when my phone is on 81% of battery. Oh, this thing charges through my $6 phone case, too. Totally satisfied!

  94. JackieJackie

    I have been wanting to get a wireless charger for our iPhones for a while now and I am so glad I got this one. It is made from a very nice rubbery material, and the overall fit and finish of the product is excellent. Overall, the packaging and the item feel like an Apple product.This wireless charger has three charging areas: the middle one to be used for a smart watch and the stations on the left and right to be used for phones and/or headphones. We have been using it to charge both of our iPhones at the same time and it works very well.I’ve been wanting to get a wireless charger for sometime now because of the convenience. You can easily just grab your phone and go with one hand as opposed to when you have a charging cable plugged into it you need to unplug the cable before you can go. Also, all you have to do is placed the phone on the charging pad and it starts charging immediately. The convenience is great!Since this charger can charge two phones at the same time it will be great to travel with. We will only need to bring this one item instead of two separate charging cables on trips, which helps simplify things.If you were like me and interested in getting a wireless charger, I suggest you consider this one. It’s made from good materials, it’s folds and is very portable, and can charge up to three devices (two phones or headphones, one smart watch) at a time.The last thing I’d like to say is it charges without any issues with our plastic phone case on. See my picture of the plastic case that I use and I do not have to remove the case for the wireless charging. I simply take the phone out of my pocket, place it on the charging pad and it just works!Recommend!

  95. Kathy

    This product has proven to be great, not only for home but for travel as well. My wife and I are constantly jumping on and off of planes so having this super convenient charger that handles all of our devices even while we are in flight is amazing. My wife has every Apple device available, so she gets a lot of use from this and it has saved me from searching for an available charger in the house because they used to all be in use for something.

  96. Kenneth Hugen

    I travel all the time! I have AirPod Pro, IPhone and Apple Watch. Three cords, three chargers and never enough outlets…..I bought this about a month ago and LOVE IT! One cord and charger and that’s it! It charges all three quickly and easily! Trifold design slips into a small pouch in my computer bag! Looks great! Highly recommended!

  97. William Todd

    This charger is very compact and is easily carried in luggage. It charges all of my Apple devices at one time- watch, phone and EarPods. So much easier than having to take three separate chargers.

  98. Jody M

    I loved this product for my travels through Europe. It is so compact and easy to pack and transport, and charged everything quickly.

  99. Maddie

    Love this charging station! I love that it charges everything with ease! I also enjoy how it can fold into a stand for itself! Great buy!

  100. Dara Miller Price

    I read a lot of the reviews on this. I’m glad I tried it on my own. This worked great on my 12 pro phone, my Apple Watch series 6 and my airpod pros. Charged fast and is great for traveling.

  101. Cameljok

    This is a great multi device charger for home and travel. I like how it folds and is easy to store. Come with charging cable and 3A adapter for fast wireless charging.

  102. Suzanne Deedon

    I love this charger. It charges all three of my Apple devices at once and is super easy to travel with. I bought one for my wife and liked it so much I bought a second for myself. I travel a lot and it’s been great for folding up and throwing in my bag.

  103. ttcurls ttcurls

    I absolutely love this charger and I have tried many different ones! This one is so versatile, powerful in charging and nice, compact size for travel. I love that there are not all the cords for all three different things I need to charge but it’s all encompassed in one charger. Excellent design! I highly recommend this charger to everyone‼️

  104. Chris

    I bought this for a travel charger that would be easy to pack in a suitcase or overnight bag. Works great, it charges as expected (it’s not fast charge, but the convenience factor outweighs charging speed for me). Folds down very easy to fit inside a small bag. Also feels high quality, magnets are very strong and attach well to my iPhone 13 Pro Max and Apple Watch.

  105. Kristine AlmagroKristine Almagro

    I’ve had this product for almost a month now. It’s super easy to use and charges very well. My husband and I find it sleek when it’s out on the countertop and when it’s put away. I like that I can just pack it up and take it with me whenever we are on the go and I don’t have to worry about bringing so many wires. I like how it folds easily. Plus, it’s super easy to wipe clean. I would gift this to my family and friends.

  106. Nicholl

    Great for travel. Folded up use for my apple watch and phone. I have trouble charging my air pods found out it air pod case. Have to take off my case on phone as it is not made to charge thru. Great product

  107. TubaTim

    I bought one of these for my wife to use, but assuming that I travel a lot more than her, I opted to buy the more expensive Mophie device of similar design direct from Apple for myself. The Mophie device turned out to be no better, even though it cost 3X as much. I was able to return the Mophie device and bought another of these for myself. In the end, if it doesn’t last as long as the Mophie could have, no worries since I would have to buy two more just to match what I spent. The blue charging indicator lights don’t seem too bright, but I placed black electrical tape over them anyway. The QC charging brick is a nice touch and was able to charge all three devices without difficulty.

  108. Paula R.

    The compact nature of the device makes it easy to carry around. It charges very quickly also. I love having the ability to charge all my I devices with it. It would be great if there was a traveling case with it.

  109. Jazzigyrl

    Love the durability and convenience. The magnetic charging is really strong and charges rather quickly. Faster charging if only charge one device but will charge all devices at the same time. Great product. Folds up for ease of travel. Can go anywhere with such a small footprint.

  110. Dane Mowris

    I’ve had this charger for about 2 months now and so far it’s great. I haven’t had any issues with it and I use my phone, watch and AirPods every day for work so being able to have one device that can charge all my stuff at once and only use one cable is really nice. It isn’t the fastest (or the slowest) wireless charging so don’t expect to get 0-50 in half hour for quick use. But besides that it’s wonderful especially for the price.

  111. Justin Yarborough

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     I purchased this after a recent trip and had decided that I wanted to slim down my travel charging kit. My kit is now palm size in a zipper case. It includes: this mat, two USB C cables, a micro USB cable and a slim charging brick that can handle all three cables.This product works great! I’ve tested it over a couple weeks including travel. The charge speeds are good when paired with the right charging block. I don’t use the included block because I wanted additional ports. I’ve used this to charge two phone and an Apple Watch with no issue or overheating. The second mat that looks like magsafe is not but it charges a phone just fine if you place it correctly. I did add some gaff tape to cover up the LED lights as they’re super bright.Highly reccomended.

  112. C.

    Nice to be able to buy a single charger that can charge my watch, phone and earbuds. I usually take it to work in case any of my devices needs a charge and in the future I plan to take it on vacation instead of having to take three separate cables. I also like that the phone charging pad has a mag-safe charger as well as the fact that it charges easily through my case. I’ve had other chargers that would be hit or miss but this charger is consistent.

  113. Roy A. Bauer

    I bought one of these for myself. Foldable power. Great for travel, and for sitting on the desk, because it takes limited space and handles phone, watch, and ipods. Liked it so much I bought 4 more for my grandkids and they (in their words) were “Stoked” when they received them. No more wires and plugs. Plus they all had phones and ipods. A couple of them had watches also. One stop place for all their power needs.

  114. Richard NarainRichard Narain

    I purchased the apple charger which is a great charger but only charges 2 devices at a time. With this 3 in 1 charger I can charge my watch and two cells phone when I am on business trip and do not need to bring multiple chargers and cables. Now I only bring a USBC cable and charger which allows me to keep all my devices charge. I recommend this for the road warriors and or anyone who wants a 3 in one charger which does not take up a lot of desk space.

  115. LoriLori

    I am very impressed with the slim, compact design of this 3 in 1 charger. It is great not having multiple charging cables on the nightstand! Knowing that this charges all of my Apple devices is a plus and I am looking forward to taking it on vacation. The magnetic charging pads also snap together when folded giving it added portability. A nice feature of this charger is that it has 3 lights that indicate when each device is charging. I would definitely recommend this product to my family and friends.

  116. Marlene BayMarlene Bay

    I use this product everywhere. At home, at work and especially for travel. It is quick and reliable. So much better than any charger combo I’ve ever tried. You won’t regret your purchase.

  117. Jonathan

    This charger saves space, minimizes wires, and works as advertised! I keep this in my travel tech bag, and it worked great on 2 international trips since I made the purchase (international adapter required unless the hotel has USB A or C outlets). I highly recommend this for all domestic and international travelers!

  118. Stacey_PageStacey_Page

    Now that traveling will actually be a thing again, I’ve been looking for a travel charger for all things Apple that won’t take up too much space. This one seemed to fit the bill. Got the unit, plugged it into the wall with the charger and cable that was provided and everything worked. Until it didn’t. The watch portion of the charger would charge for a few minutes then cut out. I’d hear the ‘ding’ of the watch charge starting again eventually.Not sure if it is just this particular unit or the product is just all around piece of garbage, but this is going back to Amazon.Update – 28April22. The company has been sending me emails offering an Amazon gift card if I delete my review. Started off at $20 and, as of today, up to $50. Since I greatly rely on honest reviews, I will only post honest reviews. This practice is seriously shady and I told them to stop contacting me. A real red flag to say the least.

  119. Javier Santiago Servent

    This is the best charger you ever need. It charges 3 device at the same time. Small and compact .

  120. Chad Peterson

    This item worked great while traveling. No need to bring 3 separate chargers/cables. It charged my phone quickly. The Apple Watch charger doesn’t charge the series 7 as fast as the OEM cable, but that is to be expected. My only issue with it was that the charging light for the watch doesn’t turn off when you remove the watch. You have to unplug the cable and plug back in to reset. Magnets are not as strong as Apples own version, but for the price, this is a great product.Update: It doesn’t seem to matter that the light stays on for the watch charger. Seems to charge the watch just fine.

  121. MWill

    The charging station is so unique and it charges all three things and so convenient. I recommend it. It’s not bulky and I can add it to my small travel bag and don’t have to worry about and the different cords to charge my iwatch and phone.

  122. Jared F.

    This is the best travel charger you can buy if you have a MagSafe iPhone, AirPods, and an Apple Watch! It charges all three devices at top speeds and works well. Not sure why others are having trouble with Apple Watch charging, but mine works perfectly and quickly. My only complaint is the branding–would have been much better to have a clean charger without the heavy branding on it. But that’s something I can live with for this great product!

  123. Sanjiv BajajSanjiv Bajaj

    I love this 3 in 1 charger. 3 parts fold into 1, so super easy to carry on trips. Just 1 charging USB-C cable instead of 3. Also comes with a built in charger for the Apple Watch. Other chargers make you add your own charging cable and fold the cable to house it in the device. I’m thinking of buying one to keep at my office desk as well.Magnet is super strong. I bought a metal ring for the case I already had for my iPhone 13 Pro Max. Didn’t need to buy another case. The size of the charger is small so it doesn’t interfere with the camera housing.Highly recommend this product.

  124. J. Rena

    I purchased this device as I travels a lot. I also have an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and airpod pros so having one thing that could charge all three is convenient. I will say that if you have a thicker phone case you may have to play around to find the sweet spot for wireless charging, but the watching charging is great as is the airpod charging.

  125. MsBearlyMsBearly

    Excellent charging station! Charges phone, watch, and ear buds at the same time rather quickly. Best features include the ease of portability. This was a very good purchase choice.

  126. Mauricio Soto

    I do plenty of traveling and like to keep it light. This gets does it all with one USBC cable. Its great! It looks good and does what its built to do. Charges my iphone, airpods and Apple watch no problem. Love the minimalistic design. Good build quality is a major plus! you can’t beat it for the price. Highly recommended.

  127. SERG

    I have been using this charger for over 5 months and still working perfectly, this helps me reduce the amount of cables I bring with me when traveling, highly recommended.

  128. Jennifer Reeves

    This product works really well. I spend a lot of nights at my boyfriends place and it’s so much more convenient to bring one charger and cable than three, it actually makes my life so much easier. I have a silicon case on my AirPods and it still charges through it! The quality is good, I’ve had no problems at all so far and it feels sturdy, it’s remarkably compact which is sweet.

  129. Shishir Vadhavkar

    I really wanted to like this product. The build quality seems nice, the form factor is really sleek. Unfortunately they forgot that functionality has to triumph form. Watch charger does not work consistently. I have tried to charge it in all different positions. But it starts charging and stops shortly. So when i get up in the morning, the watch is barely charged.Secondly while the phone charges, I have to position it correctly over the magnets. Even if it’s a little off, it does not align itself. Though once aligned, the phone charging does not seem to be a problem.I had bought this to have one charging pad that will charge multiple devices. But because of the problems with charging the watch, this basic need is not met.I would not recommend this product

  130. Marion Lyons

    I was hesitant buying this but I absolutely love it. I took it to Ireland lately and it was so compact to pack, reducing extra charging cables and making travel more convenient. Love love love it.

  131. andrewthedina

    I really wanted something like the Apple MagSafe Duo Charger and this product was perfect! It is so much more affordable and has the same great design, except that you also get a bonus charger for your AirPods (sweet!). I couldn’t find anything else this good. Overall I’m very satisfied with it and plan to take it with me when I travel.

  132. Robert P.

    Purchased this when my watch died at work today, so that I would have a portable way to charge my Apple Watch and iPhone 13 pro max. I was pleasantly impressed how much of a small profile this charger was and comes with the wall adapter as well.

  133. KranthiMasanaKranthiMasana

    I really like this little charging station as I can have my apple products all together. It has charger cord as well. Very convenient product and super utility to clear the clutter.Product came nicely packed and shipped as promised. this one has an actual spot for your apple watch. I also like that the earbud charging section for new style of airpods. And Also we do not need to remove protective cases for Airpods or Watch. Overall I am very happy with this charging station

  134. Kepokomemolo

    Very happy with it. The product works really well the only but is that if you habe the three decices charging a full charge takes a lot of time.But it’s not a fast charger. I use it when I trabel and I leave everything charging at night.

  135. Twall

    This thing is awesome. Works easily, is small and compact, and charges AirPods, phone and watch all at the same time.

  136. Lorelei D. Smith

    My wife bought this and she is very happy with the product. It does exactly what it claims to do which is fast wireless charging for her apple watch and I phone. Easy set up and easy to use. Great product

  137. Angie B.

    I love everything about this design. I had no problems charging an iPhone, Android or Airpods simultaneously. I compared the charge rate to my other wireless charger and it was off and taking a bit longer to charge on this one but not significantly to matter or even consider returning because the convenience of this is phenomenal.

  138. Cristina Graham

    This is a must have for traveling. It is compact and easy to throw in your bag. You no longer have to worry about a lot of messy cords or forgetting power blocks. Highly recommend.

  139. Svetoslav Kangalov

    This is exactly what i was looking for. Super compact for travel, the charging indicator lights are on the back side so it doesn’t bother you at night.Took it with me on a trip and it got the job done. No need to bring 100 cables with me anymore.Also, if you put it on a metal surface it has strong magnets and it will keep it in place.It has been my only charging station for over a month for my iphone, apple watch and my airpods. To me, this is the perfect charging station for overnight charging.

  140. Becca Rose

    This charger is great! It is able to charge my Apple Watch, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and AirPods 2 all at the same time. There is a light indicator at the top of the Apple Watch section that let’s you know if the device is placed correctly. I didn’t realize this at first and woke up with a dead watch! But luckily once I noticed the indicative lights, I haven’t had that problem since.The charger folds up a lot smaller too, so it’s easy to charge just one device at a time. And it’s super easy and nice for traveling. I just have to pack a USB-C cord and this charger, and I’ll be able to charge all my devices. I’d definitely buy from them again!

  141. Natalia Hernandez

    I ordered this for my husband for Xmas, after a week use it stopped working, i contacted the seller who helped try several different things to get it to work, once we couldn’t they offered to send me a new one no questions asked. I appreciate the effort and we absolutely love it, he can charge AirPods, watch and iPhone at all once and super mobile ! Thank you again!


    This was a real good buy. It was very well thought of for multiple Apple devices which are practical since most people hav eall three – iPhone, iWatch and Airpod. It was compact since it folds when you want to use just one. Charges fast. Would definitely recommend.

  143. J. Bougiamas

    I purchased this for a recent trip. I needed something portable and relatively lightweight to charge my phone, AirPods and watch. This fit the bill. I didn’t have any problems charging all 3 devices and I used a plug converter so the charging brick could be used in Europe. Works as advertised. Packs well.

  144. Judith Pass

    The charger overall is great. It has a Apple Watch charger built right in, great travel size and charges all three devices. Sometimes an iPhone will need to be placed very directly on it to start charging is my main qualm. It also does not charge the watch very fast but it will fully charge all devices in 5-6 hours from dead. The lights on top that notify you when a device is connected and charging is also quite bright at night so you have a little highlight on your bide side! Good looking charger and great to use. Great buy for the price!

  145. William E. Hoth

    This is the perfect travel charging station. Folds up to maybe 3” square and 11/2” thick. From the packaging through the product looks and feels first class, nothing cheap about it. AND it works great as well

  146. Julie Mills

    I ordered this as a replacement charger for all the cords I was bringing to and from work and my parents house for the devices that I needed to charge. It’s lightweight and really easy to use with just one cord to plug into the wall. I did have one small issue where I placed my Apple Watch on the pad and it would not charge but a simple action of unplugging and plugging the charger back in fixed that. If this proves to last for awhile I plan on buying a few more to just keep in the places I need them!

  147. Aaron Beaty

    Bought this for travel and I love it. Saves me from bringing 5 different charging cords and blocks. All in one for my earbuds, Apple Watch and phone. Fantastic, getting ready to buy another one for me wife.

  148. CushRaider79

    This thing is a must for travelers. It features three charging areas the can work individually or to charge a watch with two devices. It is powerful and compact while keeping everything in one spot. Great product!

  149. Bruno FigarolaBruno Figarola

    I travel quite often and I have my phone, AirPods and Watch. I could’ve charged all of them with a wireless charger, but never decided to buy one, because I was not convinced that it would’ve been able to reach the power to charge all of them at the same time in a fairly short time, but I was wrong. You can charge all of them at the same time and it’s quite fast. The product feels quite premium and I look to another similar devices and to be honest this is the best one out there. 10/10

  150. Just another public opinionJust another public opinion

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     Was thinking this would be a cheap travel charger and was totally surprised. It feels like a premium device very high quality. I got it set up really quick and threw all my Apple devices on it and let it charge them for 10 mins. You can see the before and after of that. The blue led lights come on to confirm that it is providing a charge. They are very bright so keep that in mind. That might bother some people.It does come with a charging brick and usb a to usb c if you were wondering.You can also fold it up and just use it as a phone charger.Get this if you travel and have all these devices.

  151. Bonnie CBonnie C

    So glad I purchased this – and even better savings on a lightning deal. I have been using this exclusively since receiving it. Love the convenience of being able to charge my iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods with one plug. Super easy to use and convenient for traveling. It worked great in my hotel rooms and during my stay with family. Love the lights that verify your phone (etc) is making contact and is charging (although, they are quite bright in a dark room). Highly recommend this charger if your electronics support wireless charging.

  152. Sam Dowd

    What a great product this is. I typically carry a big USB charger brick and a bunch of cables to charge my devices when I travel. Not anymore. I just bring this and it charges my phone, watch, and Airpods. Bonus: You don’t need to buy an Apple Watch charging cable to make this work like pretty much any other Apple Watch charging stand.I say go for it!

  153. Sara

    What an amazing find. – I have been looking for the longest time for something like this.Best portable, elegant looking charger I found for all my 3 Apple devices. Worked like a charm, and is now always ready in my suitcase for my business trips. A must buy!

  154. Colleen Y.

    This compact charger can fit in my smallest purse pocket and charges all my devices! It is very convenient and reduces all the cords/chargers/whatnot I needed before. Highly recommend! Ordered for all my (grown ) kids’ Easter baskets

  155. Arsenio Blen

    This product is very easy to use. The flip up charger for the apple watch makes is easy to use it as a night clock. Folding it allows it to use as a charger and a stand for your iPhone.

  156. Mike

    This little gadget is awesome for traveling. Folds up quickly and cleanly, and charges an Apple Watch as well as two phones or a phone and something else (like air-pods). Only (very minor) thing I would change is the very bright blue LEDs that stay on whenever a device is being charged. I usually find something to cover them so they don’t light up the room all night.

  157. Fernando Chonqui

    I simply love how I no longer have to have a million cables in my suitcase when traveling. This fits perfectly in my backpack and I can charge everything at once. I have an iPhone X and sometimes I have a hard time getting it to start charging. I have to be very specific about placing it on the pad and making sure it starts charging. Also, it does take a longer time to charge than a power cord. Not sure if it is because of the block I am using to plug it into the wall but after 4 hours, my phone went from 10% to 80%. Still great, but I know a cord would’ve charged the phone. Regardless, I would buy this again!

  158. Matthew Kiser

    I like the compact and magnetic abilities of this charger. It can fold, it can lay flat. It can accommodate my iphone (magsafe), my apple watch (magnetic), and my ipod 3’s (magsafe charge). Very convenient. It can also fold into a triangular design so I can charge my iphone and watch a video.

  159. Shabana Khan

    I was tired of packing multiple chargers, wires and blocks for myself and my husband when we travel. Both of us have a iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. That’s 6 things to charge. That why when I saw this, I had to get it for my husband as a trial. And, he loved it! It so compact and easy to travel with! Charges all 3, folds up to take space of 1 and only requires 1 charging wire and block! Can’t wait to buy myself one also 🙂

  160. Tayler

    Bought this thinking it would be so convenient fro travel, not having to have multiple cables to deal with (especially when traveling abroad).I tried it out while at home one day just to make sure it works properly before traveling. This thing is so convenient and works like a charm. Takes up minimal space and has power enough to charge all three devices at once.For travel or at home, 100% recommend this charger!

  161. Shakira Chadwick

    Took it with me on a trip to charge my phone and watch! Super useful! plus less than 1/3 the cost of the Apple product so that’s a win in my book.

  162. MamaAng

    I purchased one for myself and my granddaughter (gift). I began using mine right away for weekend trips. It was great to only have one cord for all my devices. I enjoyed it so much that I use it all the time now and I bought another one for my boyfriend. BTW it works with an Outter Box case also.

  163. Anna

    This charging pad has worked amazingly for me. I use it to charge my watch and phone. it works great and the folding feature is super useful when trying to optimize space. It looks nice and works well. I have not traveled with it yet, but based on the compactness I assume it will work well. I would purchase this if I was every in need of a multi-use charger again.

  164. J

    Worked as advertised although I did have to use my own power plug to get my iPhone and Apple Watch to simultaneously charge – the provided charger did not do both (only the watch charged) bit otherwise working great and way better than the expensive Apple charger

  165. e roe ro

    I bought this after seeing it on a tik tok video. The second I saw it i thought about how easy it would make my life since i travel every week. Usually, I have to bring 3 to 4 cords. 1 for each of my phones, 1 for my airpods, one for my apple watch. This has been absolutely amazing to just take this with me instead. I have been using it for almost a week and I have had no problems. It charges all 3 at once with no issues. The magnets make it really easy to set your phone on it the right way and the lights tell you if its charging. All in all, I would say this is absolutely a must have item. Already, one of my friends saw this and asked me to buy her one.

  166. Aannmmarie

    I’ve had other wireless chargers. Somehow, I wind up with my phone not charging because it’s not positioned exactly. This charger is so much easier and faster. I put my phone on it diagonally, and it works? It’s great for my watch and AirPods too. And it fold up when not in use, or traveling! Definitely get this!

  167. Loren Barnes

    I got this because it allowed me to charge all three devices at the same time – phone, watch and ear buds. It folded into a nice compact package that I can then travel with. I was disappointed. It worked like I expected and I just think the design is really cool.

  168. Lawrence RubenLawrence Ruben

    Leave all the other chargers and cables at home. Being on the road often I have been looking for a charger that would replace all the chargers for my phone, watch and headset. I was excited to get the UCOMX Nano 3 in 1 Wireless Charger this have been amazing. Small and compact for travel and only has one cable. It’s magnetic and once you place your device on the appropriate changing station you can see an indicator light on the device showing that charging is taking place. Time to charge is quick and once complete the light shuts off. Wanted to ditch the cables at home too so I purchased another one. Very happy with the product!!!

  169. v

    I was looking for a multi-charger to throw in my backpack when I travel. This product is perfect. It folds compact, it is small enough to use on long flights (via USB port if the plane is so equipped), and I don’t need 3 different cables and chargers at my destination. I have used it on at least 7 trips and it is fantastic.

  170. mjezzi

    I use it most of the time and when I need to charge fast, I use the charge brick that came with my phone. I love how you can use it in triangle mode as a stand to hold your phone up for watching something. Should be really useful when traveling and watching movies.

  171. Chris Ledoux

    I’ve been looking for ways to reduce my travel/carry-on clutter. The UCOMX Nano 3-in-1 wireless charger does that quite well. My only gripe is that the watch charger does not seem to charge as fast as the latest Apple Watch charge cable. It’s more of a want than a need. Overall this was a solid purchase and I would recommend to there looking to cut down on charging clutter.

  172. Dustin Fraley

    This charger is great for travel with multiple Apple devices. It folds up to make it easy for travel and allows me to reduce the number of power cables I carry. It is easy to place the devices on the charging unit. Also, charges at the same rate as using standard Apple power cords.

  173. Derya Erguc

    I wanted to use this for my iPhone and Apple Watch. But after using this product for a couple days, I think I will also purchase the wireless charging case for my AirPods. So that I can use all three chargers at the same time.It’s great that it comes with a QC 3.0 charger that supports fast charging for my iPhone 11.Good product, high quality.

  174. Alyssa B

    This is a great, compact charger that works for phone, watch and airpods. I love that I can quickly grab it and go, especially when traveling for work. It lays out flat or you can fold it into a triangle. I have had a lot of wireless chargers and this is by far the most efficient and effective for what I need.

  175. Dolf Svoboda

    This gadget is an amazing charging dock to have for vacation easy to store away for traveling. I gave the first one to my dad because he loved it so much. So of course I had to get another one. The charging docks are easy to work with and never have problems. The lights indicators on the charging dock make it easy to see what sections are charging. If you have all three devices (phone, watch, and headphones) that charge wirelessly I highly recommend picking one up as a gift or for yourself.

  176. BigRedMom55

    This charger is perfect for traveling. I bought it to charge my phone and watch and it does so perfectly. It packs up nicely and was easy to use. I think it’s the perfect wireless charger to travel with.

  177. Lisa F

    This is probably one of the best chargers I have ever had! it is so easy to travel with and use! This is our second one as we both travel

  178. Amanda Howell

    The only downside I see for this charger is it doesn’t charge “quite” as fast as my apple products do. But still does the job and charges my watch and phone at the same time. I’ve had all three ports working and it still charges fine, albeit slightly slower. But I wasn’t looking for speedy, I was looking for something small I could take traveling with me and not have to have three separate chargers. This one does the job and has all tip top within a couple hours. I would buy again.

  179. Matthew Wuest

    I began looking at products like this when I realized I wanted a simpler means of taking an all-in-one charger with me when I travel. Came across this product and was honestly a little reluctant to purchase because of the mixed reviews and some gaps in knowledge of specifics about the product (like whether or not it was MagSafe compatible).I’m happy to report that this product IS MagSafe compatible! I’m also happy to report that after receiving the product and immediately testing it, you are able to simultaneously charge using all 3 spots on the device. From the brief testing I did conduct, it appears to charge all devices pretty quickly as well.I definitely recommend this product.

  180. Milen G

    Just received the UCOMX Nano 3 in 1 Wireless Charger. On a first run, it charges my iPhone 12, Apple Watch SE, and my AirPods (3rd generation) simultaneously with no issues. I also removed the adapter and connected it to my Lenovo laptop’s USB charging port with no issues as well. It still charges the 3 devices at the same time. I’ve seen some bad reviews about the unit not charging, but this unit does everything as advertised. The only negative I can think of is that It will not hold your iPhone 12 in portrait style when forded, as depicted in the promo video, but this is not a big issue for me.

  181. blueoptimistblueoptimist

    This little thing is an awesome travel gadget. I love the compact size and versatility. You can lay it flat to use all three sides, set it up in in a triangle and use two of the three, or folded up and you can use one (or two, if you don’t mind you phone face down 🙂 ) function.There are three blue indicator lights that light up when you activate the charge feature on each of the QI charging pads. I haven’t used this to charge at my bedside, but the lights are pretty bright and I can see how they can be pretty distracting to the eye at night.One side has a MagSafe charging pad, the middle is exclusively for an Apple Watch, and the other side is not MagSafe (regular QI charge pad).The price of this is amazing. I’ve seen a few others that I struggled with purchasing, but ended up telling myself that I couldn’t pay that much for another gadget when I had the same separate QI chargers already. I couldn’t pass this deal up when I saw it and justified that it is for my upcoming trip. ICan’t wait to use this on vacation!

  182. Amazon Customer

    Works like a charm. I use it every night to charge my iPhone 13 mini and Apple Watch.I don’t have air pods so I can’t review the third charging pad which is meant for charging air pods.This is definitely value for money.

  183. Kelly Smith

    This charger folds up nicely and makes it super convenient & easy to take on trips. It charges my phone, watch, and airpods like magic. I am going to buy another one for my wife. Shipped quickly and has very nice and clean packaging.

  184. John AnthonyJohn Anthony

    Just replaced 3 other chargers and now have this 1 charger that does it all. I was able to get rid of my clock also now that I can hav my watch upright to show the clock. I have an iPhone 12Pro and this was the first charger I bought that has the ability to lock into place so that I know it’s charging. Previously I had to keep checking my phone with my old charger that didn’t lock I to place. This is a really cool feature I like the best. The blue lights on the charger show you what items are charging also so you know for sure in addition to them locking into place as you can see from the photo I included. The charger let’s you just close down the areas you don’t plan to use also. Long story short is that I’m happy with my purchase and plan to buy one for my son as well.

  185. Active FamilyActive Family

    This charge is great. My husband did some research and found these were similar to the name brand. The only struggle we had was getting the watch to charge. My husband especially because of the band he has. Once we figured out how to get it to stay on the watches we found it works great. We charge all of the devices on it and we plan on using it for travel due to folding up so small.

  186. atlallisonatlallison

    I have been looking for a way to not immediately wake up each morning and look at my phone. This charger is the perfect size to lay in my top bedside drawer so that my phone is tucked out of sight. I really love the blue lights that tell you there is a charge in progress.

  187. wedanced

    Will be traveling in Europe with only carry on bags and wanted something that didn’t take up much space but could charge my apple watch, along with my iphone and airpods. I’ve used it a few times and it has worked perfectly! My husband who has a samsung was also able to charge his phone on this as well! So far I love it and hope it will last and the price is very reasonable compared to the apple version!

  188. Susann G Crawford

    I’ve tried many different multi charges like this some with work on only charging phone or your EarPods or the watch but this charger does a great job at all three at once! Packs up nice and simple for travel really like this product highly recommend! We buy it again!

  189. Vogie

    The versatility of this charger makes it not only great for home use on my nightstand but also when traveling : I originally bought 2 and loved them so much I bought two more for when my wife & I stay at our daughter’s house !!One of best technical products I’ve ever come across

  190. Nabil

    Everything to be expected from a multi-charger and more! The convenience of being able to charge three different items at the same time with the exact amount of power they’re designed for. Practicality is achieved by the ability to fold down into third of it’s length. Everything is designed and constructed with high end materials, that looks and performs wonderfully. Highly recommend.

  191. kimberly

    I really like the ideo of this 3 in 1 but unfortunately the watch part only charges my watch to 60 % and nothing past that. I fix it put it to charge again and nothing.Good idea but disappointing product…

  192. PatProPatPro

    Order one and it worked so well I purchased another one the next day. I like the convenience of not having to use separate cords or chargers for each device. It works well at home or better yet when you travel. Compact and takes up less space when traveling. Stuck at an airport and need to charge up? Why not charge everything with one cord. The only improvement I would like to see would be a to add a cord to plug in an IPad to included adapters for old and new plugs. That would make this the ultimate charger for travel.

  193. Rachel L.

    The media could not be loaded.

     This little device was super handy to charge my phone and watch at the same time. I think my airpods were too old for the wireless charging unfortunately, but the same pad works with both phones and airpods. It’s super convenient and incredible easy to use! Just a note that whenever you put something on a pad, a blue light lights up so charge somewhere not right next to where you’re sleeping 🙂

  194. Amazon Customer

    So convenient for traveling!!! Can charge all my items, watch, phone ect. Works great!We bought a second one because it worked so well!!!

  195. Sarah Melvin

    I’ve had this little charger for several weeks now and I use it at home as well as when I traveled for work for the last two weeks. It folds up very compact for travel so it takes up almost no space at all. All three charging pads worked great on it. The watch option can be used while flat or the middle portion can be propped up for use. There are three little lights on the upper portion of the watch charger that lets you know if your items are in fact charging, or if you need to reposition them for connection.

  196. Andrew

    I was looking for a compact two/three-in-one apple charger that included an apple watch charger also. I watched a YouTube video that was sharing surprisingly good and affordable products, and this was in that video. I pulled the trigger and I’m very glad I did. It works just as advertised and is priced extremely reasonably. I definitely recommend.In the interest of transparency, I was prompted to write this review by a mailer that the company sent me saying that they would give me a $30 gift card for writing a review. I have no idea if I’ll actually get a gift card, the company did not say whether they expected a positive or negative review, and I wouldn’t have left a positive review if it didn’t feel honest. Still, now you know.

  197. D. Clemens

    I love the compact design. It is the least visually obtrusive multi-charging stand out there. So easy to travel with. I had bought another one that I was never happy with. So glad I bought this one. Charging power is comparable to other good after market chargers and far better than the travel charger That this one replaced. Very happy with this purchase!

  198. Thor ArltThor Arlt

    Long story short, I bought this to charge my phone on the go. Something small, compact and good looking. This delivers on all fronts. I do get fast-charge speeds while charging wirelessly. I wish I could test the watch charging speed, but I don’t have an apple watch. Headphones and phone charger works great!

  199. g j Osland

    On a recent stay in the hospital, this unit was quickly packed and conveniently served every need during stay. Several medical personnel who assisted me admired the unit and took pictures to order for themselves or as gift.

  200. Material ManMaterial Man

    When the package arrived I thought I had purchased an authentic apple product because the packaging is very similar in a hard box sealed. Inside the packaging also gave an apple type feel of a quality item. Since I just got this item, I haven’t fully tested it yet but it works for my apple phone, watch and off brand bluetooth headset capsule charger. I am using this for travel specifically as it covers all the devices needed.Included was also a customer service card stating a LIFETIME UNLIMITED REFUND guarantee from the company so I’m assuming they back it up fully as a quality product else they would not be profitable.Hopefully the 5 stars is well earned.. I will provide an update if problems arise.

  201. Lissette Nunez

    I’m a flight attendant, so I’m constantly on the look out for items that will make my travel days easier, but most importantly, LIGHTER. This by far has been the best investment. My phone, watch and headset are of course all Apple. I’ve upgraded most of my technology and all work seamlessly with this product. The magnets are strong, all my technology recognizes it immediately and charges relatively fast. Naturally the magnets are a slower charge then the normal charger, but being able to carry ONE item to charge three pieces of technology at once, is PRICELESS. It is portable, super easy to throw in my bag folded up when Im packing up and mindlessly easy to set up when I get to my layover. I would come back and buy this ten times over again if I could!

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