Air Swimmers Floating Fish Balloons RC Animals Flying Shark and Clown Fish Toys for Kids


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Air Swimmers Floating Fish Balloons RC Animals Flying Shark and Clown Fish Toys for Kids $29.99
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Just when we thought the world above the ground is safe from fish – enter Remote Control Flying Shark Balloon!

The Remote Control Flying Shark Balloon is a great gift for your kids and even adults. It imitates the real movement of a shark swimming through the air, and is controlled via an infrared remote controller.

The toy comes in two variants: the dangerous and serious-looking shark and the cute, goofy clownfish. Get ready to rule the air with this air swimming balloon fish now.

Remote Control Flying Shark & Clownfish Balloon - Mounteen

What You’ll Get

  • Durable PVC material: The fish can bump into things but will not get damaged or ruptured because of the durable PVC material.
  • Easy controls: The infrared controller allows you to move the shark in six directions: up/down, forward/backward, and right/left. The controller has a range of 40ft.
  • Fills with readily available helium: Fill the RC flying shark & clownfish balloon with helium from any gift and florist shop.
  • Works on AAA batteries: One battery in the fish while 3 in the controller.
  • Fun activity: Have fun at home or at the office with this floating toy. A favorite of kids and adults.
  • Installation manual included
Remote Control Flying Shark Balloon - Mounteen


  • Flying swimming shark & clownfish balloon
  • Works on 4 AAA batteries (not included)
  • PVC material construction
  • Up/down, forward/backward, right/left
  • Fill with helium
  • Great fun at home and the office

10 reviews for Air Swimmers Floating Fish Balloons RC Animals Flying Shark and Clown Fish Toys for Kids

  1. Kim

    this shark made the day of everyone that saw it! I think I would do it again, just set your expectations for a long assembly time(took two people two hours, and it still didn’t work). we had to ask a tech savvy friend to help get it to work. The balloon stayed inflated for a week+ and still hasn’t died. after some use the shark started to get a mind of its own and do movements without us controlling it at all, somewhat ghost like. don’t know why that happened. Some parts are cheaply made so broke in making it, but still worked.

  2. liz Dameron

    This fish is super fun, durable, and great for family fun. The control is easy to use the setup is fairly easy (parents need to do this part, but older kids could help). I got one for my younger brother when he was in his late teens early 20s and it went missing, so I replaced it for him at his request this Christmas. He loves it younger family that played it loved. I intend on buying the shark for my best friend’s 9 year old son. Great product.

  3. Endy

    The the double sided stickers were cheap and hard to peel off sticker set even the clear ones.Once I finally got it together, I had problems with the tail fin for some reason it did not wave from left to right, there was a missing attachment.

  4. Repeat Offender

    Works like they say and show very impressed.

  5. Donna Hampton

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     This thing is sooooo fun. A bit of work to assemble but a huge hit a a party, we did the shark before but this year we had kids 1-6. They loved it! It lasts awhile and can be reused/

  6. Caroline

    This toy is badly designed. There is a dive and climb button, and a left & right tail twitch. But there is NOTHING to make the shark go forward or backward. VERY disappointing!

  7. KH

    The tape supplied wasn’t good quality, some wouldn’t peel off the backing. I substituted my own double sided tape and used packing tape for the rest. The fins could be much better quality as well. But filled it is impressive and I think my nephews will have fun with it.I’m very glad I assembled this before giving it to them, it would have been a mess in a crowd. You need a good amount of space, and a lot of patience.

  8. Nancy Dominguez

    it’s very difficult to put together and doesn’t work well at all

  9. Wei Su

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     This thing is really fun to play, but be aware of the poor parts quality – you have to be very careful when assembling so as not to break the parts. Also the poor quality does not justify the price of $30.

  10. Barbara c.

    No se comenta q que se debe comprar el helio que es es más que el doble de caro y que sin el no funciona.

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