ALLPOWERS Solar Panel 5V 21W Built-in 10000mAh Battery Portable Solar Charger Waterproof Solar Battery for Mobile Phone Outdoor


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ALLPOWERS Solar Panel 5V 21W Built-in 10000mAh Battery Portable Solar Charger Waterproof Solar Battery for Mobile Phone Outdoor $240.00 $112.80
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  • Built-in 10000mAh Battery
    The first and the only solar panel brand with built in battery on Waveity. Store energy and supply power to your device whenever, most solar panels can not be used at night in market.
  • Exclusive Charge Technologies
    Dual USB-A & one USB-C fast charging, its fastest possible current up to 3Amps per USB port and 3.5Amps in total; 2A input, recharged by solar or wall charger
  • Exclusive Solar Battery Controller 2.0
    Updated with ultra thin solar controller 2.0, automatically identify the solar intensity to give you the related smile signal. Simple and Advanced.
  • Advanced Safety
    FCC, RoHS, CE certified; Short circuit, surge protection technology and high temperature treatment keep you and your devices safe.

–Built-in battery: Li-polymer 10000mAh
–Charging time: about 6-8 hours (70000lux light conditions)
–Solar Panel Peak Power: 21W
–Solar Conversion Rate: 23.5%
–Outputs: USB: 5V3.0A(Max.) x 2 ; Type-C: 5V3.0A(Max.)
–Folded Size: 340mm x 180mm x 20mm/ 13.38×7.0x0.79inch
–Unfolded Size: 580mm x 180mm x 10mm/ 22.8×7.0x0.39inch
–Net Weight: 695g/24.51oz

Package Contents
–1x 21W Built-in Battery Solar Charger,
–1x Micro USB Cable
–2x Metal Hooks(Carabiners)
–1x Instruction Manual
–1x Retail Box

18 months product warranty for every purchase from ALLPOWERS



6 reviews for ALLPOWERS Solar Panel 5V 21W Built-in 10000mAh Battery Portable Solar Charger Waterproof Solar Battery for Mobile Phone Outdoor

  1. Susann Masson

    The parcel went 5 days. Packed in a box. Included is a wire with a connector usb-mini and two carabiners. I tried to charge the battery for the video camera. The charge goes from the power bank. The power bank itself charges in the window on the shadow side.

  2. Émeric Figuier

    Received in just 1 week. Maximum speed. The article corresponds to the bid.

  3. Lanie Edwin

    Well, the battery came! Quickly through the courier and call, well packed hence whole, charged the mobile phone with a 5400 Mar battery faster than the native charger! The flashlight falls all night and there is still a charge, so I definitely advise you to take, oh and still the battery itself is quite massive well and therefore heavy on the trips of. I advise you to take it! The seller slightly delayed the shipment.

  4. Yuvraj Wolf

    Good, quality panel!
    For a long stay away from the outlets. On sunny days, it easily charges phones, external powerbank-and, thanks to Chinese USB baits and batteries for Prof camera.
    The test was carried out in Mosk region mid-July-balcony, cloudy morning 8:00, direct sun without obstacles. To increase the return of the panel, placed a piece of translucent mirror film (which is glued from the sun to the windows), with opaque foil will be more effective.
    When you connect one powerbank-and gives him everything he needs 4.97 V and ~ 1.6a, if you want to connect the second (which would have caused 1.2a), then you can use A total current strength 2.2a = 1.250a + 0.95a
    The day should be better.
    Now I would take the same, but without a built-in battery. Powerbank for 20000 Mah is. I do not see the point of taking a panel with a small built-in battery, which only increases the weight of the panel and complicates the charging logic, and constant heating it clearly does does does

  5. Shanda Gatling

    Delivery!!! The Courier came without a call, I was not at home, took my wife and put on the floor without looking. I came over, turned over the package, and there’s a hole to the panel itself… The outer packing and inner carton box were damaged, the panel itself without traces of visible damage, the indicators are burning, but does not charge now. My wife certainly did not take my order for nothing, without inspection, I would not accept such damage… Now it is not clear whether it will be charged or not, because judging by the hole the blow was good, like a stick was given… I’m not happy, the Courier should call before, not fall down, like snow on his head.

  6. Bonnie Montes

    The panel with the bank, it took a long time to discharge. Put at 4 in the morning in St. Petersburg in the sun for 1.5 h burned 2 divisions of four. Without an autopsy, it is impossible to measure the current, since the bank is integrated into the panel. The impression is still all positive.

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