Candle lighter Electric Arc Lighter with Longer 360°Flexible Neck Rechargeable Battery LED Indicator for Camping Cooking BBQs Fireworks


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Candle lighter Electric Arc Lighter with Longer 360°Flexible Neck Rechargeable Battery LED Indicator for Camping Cooking BBQs Fireworks $20.99
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  • ❤360°Rotatable Bendable Neck: You can bend it to any angle you want to easily light the candle, such as the candle in the cup, the candle on the candle holder or the candle on the cake. It’s the perfect companion for candles.
  • ❤Butane Free: No more harmful butane. HiFan electric lighter uses plasma tech to avoid the need for this harmful chemical. it is normal for there will be the noise of ‘zee, zee’during the ignition, which is high-voltage power generation, please use it with ease.
  • ❤USB Rechargeable and Battery Display: The lighter’s built-in 200mAh rechargeable battery can spark up to 500 times when fully charged. It supports computers and mobile power, so you can easily charge on the go. 5 power indicator lights can remind you to charge in time, (Notice: fast charging will damage the battery, it is not recommended to use it)
  • ❤Wind & Splash Proof: The Arc lighter adopts flameless plasma technology to protect the electric pulse from being blown out by strong wind or wet weather,which is the perfect tool for lighting under bad weather. Perfect for Grill and Outdoor Lighter, Camping Trip.
  • ❤ Ideal choice: It is made of plastic and is 9.8 inches long. Lighter, safer, and easier to use. 24 hours customer service, contact us without hesitation if you have any questions.

5 reviews for Candle lighter Electric Arc Lighter with Longer 360°Flexible Neck Rechargeable Battery LED Indicator for Camping Cooking BBQs Fireworks

  1. Tania

    Prior to this purchase, I always used the regular candle lighters and even the blow torch version of the candle lighters. I was tired of the fluid running out. This device is wonderful. It holds the charge a long time and it takes very little time to recharge too. The LED lights show you the battery level. The top is able to bend to work well with lighting the candles that are deep in holders. It is very easy to use. The safety feature is nice. I use this 1-2 times a day. Very pleased with my purchase. I will be replacing the other candle lighters with this as they run out of fluid.

  2. Alexandra

    It’s a lighter, that is basically a mini taser, that fits perfectly into small spaces. The battery life is pretty good. Not the best but not the worst. For reference I light candles with it several times throughout the day (Because I blow one out after a couple of hours then light another to mix it up.) and my daughter does the same, because if we’re being honest, we have a bit of a candle obsession lol. So we’re talking about 3-9 uses a day, plus we use it sometimes to ignite the fire pit, and it lasts on one charge for over 2 weeks. And again that’s using it continuously & daily.I like the fact it somewhat has a safety feature on it, as in it won’t light when it’s turned off, or the button is slid to the off position. Which is where we keep ours on when it’s not in use. We slide the button on before we click the button to use, then back off it goes. So a little peace of mind there. I would of rather seen a locking mechanism just because I have small children, but we keep it in a high drawer that can’t be reached, and flipped to off. So a little peace of mind there.The lights down the side though that tell you where the battery life is, (so 5 lights it’s full, 4 it’s still pretty full, 3 it’s about half charged, 2 it’s about to die, 1 you may have one light left on it before it dies.) is sometimes dependable but sometimes not. Sometimes, it will show 3 lights of battery & then die after a use. But I timed it, and it lasts the same amount of life longevity no matter what the lights read. So if being able to tell exactly when it’s going to die, isn’t a deal breaker for you, then this is a good dependable lighter that lasts a decent amount of time, with somewhat of a safety feature for when it’s not in use.

  3. KW

    It does what it advertises to do. I have had no problems with it charging or lighting. I have only used it to light candles. I will buy again if I need to. I might gift it to others.

  4. J. Cart

    This is really a cool gadget. Works in a windy environment It does work well when fully charged and is easy to use when lighting a candle. The reason for 3 stars is the igniter gets corrosion from the lighting of the wick. This causes the ignition to be compromised. The battery life also is not all that great. It does have an indicator for battery life. This review is my own honest review without compensation. Please comment if you found this helpful.

  5. Dev Bhatia

    It has a real flame and it is magical that it uses no fuel. So much better than a butane fuel lighter.We use ours with the gas range where there clicker lighter thing is not reliable anymore.The battery lasted around 2 weeks before it needed charging, charging was quick. Conveniently, it came with the charging cable too. Happy with the product.

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