CozyBand™ Bluetooth Headband

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The Coziest Headphones

So Comfortable You Can Wear Them to Sleep!

Designed to be comfortable enough to wear while you sleep, CozyBand makes listening to music, videos, audiobooks, podcasts, meditations more comfortable than ever before.

You’ll never want to take them off.


  • Soft and stretchy material for ultimate comfort
  • 12+ hours of battery life on a single charge
  • Crystal clear sound and noise isolation
  • Connects to any Bluetooth device
  • Built-in microphone for calls
  • Washable (just remove the electronics first!)


Designed for all-night comfort while you sleep, but it’s also perfect for relaxing in bed, Netflix, podcasts, audiobooks, music, meditations, white noise, exercise, yoga, and more!

199 reviews for CozyBand™ Bluetooth Headband

  1. Lisa England

    I used these for going to sleep and quietly listening to a tv show or music, etc. This is a my second pair of these headband headphones….My older pair still works but wasn’t holding a charge as long as they used to. (after a couple of years) If you need to listen to music, tv, etc to fall asleep…i highly recommend these headphones. Way more comfortable than ear buds if you lay on your side. I wouldn’t wear them during the day instead of ear buds but they work perfect for listening to tv, etc while falling asleep. And for the price….you can’t beat them.

  2. John Kramlich

    Good: Surprisingly good battery life; I fall asleep and they still have a charge the next night. They charge quickly via USBC. No connection problems. No choppy audio like my wired CozyPhones which die after a few months of use (why I got these). The headband has stitching that keeps the speakers where they should be. I have not had the issue of the device saying “Power Off” when it runs out of battery, but that may be because it hasn’t seemed to die on me yet.Bad: The speakers are hard plastic with a light foam cover. They aren’t uncomfortable, just not as comfortable as the wired CozyPhones.Overall: I’m happy I got these and the convenience of wireless makes a huge difference.

  3. Kevin

    I can easily lay down and fall asleep with this on and it does a good job at keeping my ears warm. I am just finding myself needing to re-adjust one of the ear pieces every once in a while.It also sounds like the left ear piece is not as loud as the right. Just slightly though so it’s not a huge issue.Give this a solid 8.5 out of 10. Would buy again as a cheap replacement or simple gift.

  4. George

    These work great for the purpose for which they are intended. I use them to listen to asmr at night to fall asleep and they are very comfortable and the sound quality is decent. I also like that they don’t time out or disconnect / turn off automatically (i turn mine off in the morning) and they keep their battery life pretty well. I would say I charge mine about once a week – not bad at all. I also like that they show the amount of battery charge left on my Bluetooth connections page on my phone.This is my third pair after I lost one and another one broke after years of use — definitely satisfied with them especially considering the very reasonable price point.

  5. Rocket88

    Love this headband. Comfortable to sleep in!! Wore out on a walk with a hat and wasn’t as comfortable, but for bed or flights, it’s great!!

  6. Valkyrie

    I snore a lot and I’ve tried all the strips, plugs, straps, and even surgery and nothing stopped the snoring. My husband was on his last leg, couldn’t get any sleep. I got him these to try to drown out my sounds and it’s the only thing that’s let us both get sleep and sleep in the same room. He loves them!!!

  7. Avid Reader

    It’s easy to use and comfortable. The sound quality is good. The volume co trol is easy to use.

  8. Mike Telfer

    I really like these sleep head phones. I use them most nights if I need to listen to something without disturbing my husband. They are especially helpful if he is snoring and I need to drown it out. They are comfortable to sleep with and have long lasting charge and have pretty good sound. The only issue I have is that the material is a bit thin which means there is less cushion between my forehead and the electronics portion of the unit. It feels a bit hard. I owned a previous headset that had better cushioning. Overall these are great headphones.

  9. Josie James

    Update 9/19/22: Just want to add that I have a pair of apple ear buds that don’t work as well as this headband does. I love that the range reaches far and wide. With the earbuds I can’t walk from the bedroom to the dining room without losing signal (I do not have a large house). But I can walk around and even go outside without losing the signal so that I can really enjoy my audiobooks.I really like these. I especially like that the battery lasts for hours. I only get 2-3 hours out of my wireless ear buds but I’ve had these on all day and it’s still going strong. I listen to audio books for hours on end and the headband does start to bother me after 5-6 hours. But it’s not intolerable. I wear them inside and also when I go on my daily walks.


    After trying this for some time I strong recommend this product, really helps , is very comfortable and blocks the sounds around and I can concentrate on sleeping .

  11. CRHCRH

    This product makes it so easy to fall asleep to music. I am usually a side sleeper. Since I prefer to listen to music to help fall asleep, the other headphones that I have are too bulky to be able to lay on my side, making it uncomfortable. I was excited upon receiving this BT headband, because not only did it allow me to lay on my side to fall asleep, it helped keep my hair off my face and neck! I connected my phone to this BT, and had no trouble connecting. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to wear glasses with the band, but it is still comfortable just the same. Would highly recommend this product.

  12. Justin Curtis

    The controls are simple and reliable, the small speakers are adjustable to allow proper positioning, and the sound quality is good (not like quality focused over-the-ear headsets, but that’s not what these are aiming for)I use my set for listening to music/podcasts while I go to sleep, but I can tell they’d also work well for exercise. The headband is fitting without being too tight.The Bluetooth pairing is painless compared to other devices I’ve used in the past.It’s power input uses the same type as my phone, so I can swap the two easily as I get ready to work (though the battery life lasts for a few nights before this is really required).Overall, I would highly recommend.

  13. Runner Gal

    I have TINY ears, so I cannot use AirPods, ear buds, anything that goes in the ear. I use AfterShokz for working out but they don’t work for sleeping/lying down. I use meditation apps to fall asleep. I used to have similar wrap headphones, but they were wired and way more expensive. So happy to be wireless now! The only thing I would change is that I wish it would give me a battery level when I turn it on. Nothing worse than getting ready to go to sleep and realizing I should have charged them. I try to remember to plug them in to charge after every three nights’ use. Otherwise, these are great!

  14. Nandi Brown

    I recommend this for meditation and noise cancelation. I put on a “Sleep Sounds” app and it pretty much cancels out all the noise around me. I also find that the Bluetooth connection works even better than my JBL earbuds.With that said, the volume does not go very high, which becomes an issue when I want to listen to music or videos. I have yet to test this in a gym, so I don’t how well this will sound in a public setting where there is a lot more noise.

  15. marc korting

    Wife bought this for help sleeping and the product works great. Excellent sound quality and volume control.

  16. Melissa Solorio

    The band is very comfortable and feels cool and not to tight around my head.The only thing I didn’t like that it does not come with a actual USB plug( for the wall) the USB that it comes with is the wire part, so I have to use my husband USB charger. The battery life is short. Hope this is helpfu.

  17. Caldella Howl

    Had this thing for several weeks now. Initially purchased to drown out a neighbor who was playing bass-heavy music most of the night on the weekend. It technically functions as intended, lasts several hours, and has done the job. But there are a few serious flaws that make the cheapness of the product really obvious:1. The buttons on the front. This is a big issues. The control buttons would’ve 100% benefited from being built with a slight curve to the design, or with padding under and around it. As it is, it’s basically a plastic rectangle that presses lightly into the middle of your forehead. It’s slightly uncomfortable, which becomes more so when you’re literally trying to relax and fall asleep. I usually have to take something like an ankle sock and wrap it around that spot to use this.2. No padding. This entire thing could’ve benefited from being more plush or fleecy, so it fits softer. The material is a thing stretchy one like an athletic shirt, backed by mesh. This means it slides around more than it should and parts like the headphones and buttons (as mentioned above) feel harsher because there is nothing softening the pressure they make. I usually have to position the actual headphone parts a little bit in front of my ears so they don’t hurt while laying down.3. Poorly sewn in headphones. They basically stitched a spot in the middle of the bands and slid the headphones in to rest in there. They can and will slide around. One of mine on arrival was on the wrong side of the stitching entirely. On the beneficial side, this means you can, to some extent, wiggle the headphone parts around to fit your ears better. But if you’re a side sleeper, expect the side not on the pillow to drift off until you really can’t hear it.4. Mediocre sound quality. This isn’t a deal breaker for me as I just wanted *something,* and I’m specifically using them when I’m trying to zone out and drift off. But pickier headphone users will find issue with the audio quality. This headband is cheap, and the sound is cheap to match.5. Always seems to start at 100 volume? I don’t know why. Every time it pairs up it defaults to the highest volume setting – which isn’t super loud thankfully – and needs turned down a bit.Basically, if you are desperate, these will do in a pinch, but save up and buy something better if you can manage to. I’m planning on making some padding I can tie onto the inside so I can use these more comfortably.

  18. Sara M

    Honest review here, I like that you can wear this to bed and ultimately not feel it on your head. But the little round speakers will end up in the oddest places in the middle of the night. Like the middle of my head lol I have to move them awkwardly back to my ears. Sound quality is decent as far as noise cancelation no way! I bought these because my husband snores and I listen to Asmr well hubby won again didn’t work. It is worth it? yes they are nice, extremely comfortable, even nice on a cold day for a walk to keep your ears warm. Only downfall is the moving speakers. So try them out for yourself!

  19. JFR

    I bought 2 of these – one for me and one for my sister. We both like listening to audiobooks as we fall asleep. They are perfect. Comfortable with controls right on the front. I also use mine for listening to music on cool morning walks (before hats and scarves are needed). The sound quality is decent and the volume adjusts as low or as high as I need. I have other headphones for occasions I want noice canceling feature.The battery life is longer than I would have expected – I use mine every night and often fall asleep with them on. I proactively charge them about once a week.

  20. Zander L.

    Though the product is a bit too big on me, it is crazy comfortable. It cranks the volume every time it connects to bluetooth but it charges fairly well and doesn’t sound awful. Comfortable enough to lay down with and if the speakers shift, you can slide them back into place easily. I was worried about quality with price but these are easily my new favourite headphones. Will not charge with other C chargers but chargers perfectly fine with the cord provided

  21. Shane Dickson

    Bought this for a gift for my gf for a trip to DC with her sister and brother in law, her sister snores quite loudly and her husband only will fall asleep with the TV blaring, so I bought these in hopes she would get some rest. These worked wonderfully, she got her rest she needed and wasn’t disturbed by the others, it worked so well her sister borrowed them for a night 🙂

  22. Bluemel4

    I bought the sleep headphones for my husband when he realized he slept better with headphones on at night. He was looking for something more comfortable and that wouldn’t make him sweat.He absolutely loves these sleep headphones! He used to wake up in the middle of the night and stay up for hours because road noise or our neighbors would wake him up. He has successfully been sleeping through the night listening to the relaxing sound of fans. It cancels noise and he is able to successfully control the volume.The only issues he ran into were issues charging the sleep headphones when not using the cable provided, we had to buy a replacement sleep headphones because he was rough with the cables on the actual headband, and he had trouble getting the sleep headphones to pair occasionally.Otherwise he can’t sleep without these anymore and loves them.

  23. Tera Cothran

    These are pretty good headphones but after a while, they stretch out and there’s no way to clean them so nothing to do but order another pair. Will try to find one that can be washed next time.

  24. Kindle Customer

    Bought two of these for my daughters. They struggled with ear buds falling out if they weren’t sitting upright. Now they can lie down comfortably and listen to something on their phone, computers, or the TV. They really love them and appreciate how comfortable they are!

  25. William R.

    Works pretty well overnight, battery usually lasts most of the night. No connection problems with Galaxy S8, volume control is a bit too easy to press accidentally, since it’s on your forehead. Sound quality is about what I’d expect for how small the speakers are, and if they were any bigger they’d be hard to sleep with if you sleep on your side like I do.Overall, a good purchase. Would buy again.

  26. Super Comic Fun Time!

    I really like these since I like to listen to stuff going to bed and not only are my other headphones not as comfortable to lie down in but they have an annoying blue light that flashes and flashes.My only problem is there is a speaker that travels through the sock and I have to readjust it from time to time.Also, if there is onboard volume control (confession, I didn’t read the manual and I probably will never read the manual) I don’t know how to use it and have to adjust the volume on the device itself because if I push one of the arrows I assume to be volume it goes to the next audio thing. But these are minor irritations compared to being able to lie in any of my sleeping positions and have relative comfort.

  27. Vania Zask

    Ok I live with a snoring husband and I’m not talking a little snore. This is sawing down a huge forest of logs. I wanted something I can fall asleep with and not hurt my ears. This does that for the price the sound is fine, and the charging port is simple.One issue is I wish the speakers were a little more adjustable. I think I have a giant head, so it seems they aren’t in the perfect spot. If they made a new version with a way to adjust the speakers, I would get it.ThanksV

  28. Joshua B

    Context:I love listening to podcasts or music while winding down for the night and before falling asleep. This has become part of my routine. In fact, if I don’t have podcasts or music and some type of comfortable headphones, I scramble to line everything up before getting into bed.Since our second child was born, I don’t sleep terribly well. Our daughter sleeps in our room and often ends up in our bed. So I often wake up a lot and feel like listening to something before I fall asleep again.I’d say my number one and two considerations for headphones are COMFORT and BATTERY LIFE. Throughout the night and into the early morning, I need to be able to turn my head and body and remain comfortable with my headphones. And my headphone power needs to last until it’s time to wake up for the day.Review:These headphones have become my go to for night listening and sleeping, for these reasons:The headband feels lightweight and doesn’t heat up, even during summer nights with windows open.As long as my head is on something soft like my pillow, the round, hard plastic speakers inside the headband do not get in the way or introduce much discomfort or pain. This makes side, back, or stomach sleeping and listening comfortable. I can turn to any side and the headband remains in reasonable position on my head, and speakers in reasonable position at my ears. I make small adjustments to the speaker positions, but this is not a hardship. If I’m on my side, sometimes I can feel one of the round speakers pressuring my ear. So far it hasn’t bothered me.While both left and right speakers need to be adjusted/positioned within the headband each time I put it on, this is a minor inconvenience for comfortable listening without discomfort.The battery life easily lasts all night and into the next morning. It lasts two nights. I find myself charging the headphones either once a day or once every two days, just to be sure they’re fully charged. Charging is fast.The plug-in side of the USB-C cable is actually tucked into the back of the headband. I can easily locate it, pull it out, and plug in. Surprisingly, it’s not uncomfortable tucked back into the headband, while wearing. Do the plug and the two round, plastic speakers feel a little clunky? Yes they do. I envision this design being refined over time.Conclusion:Overall, this is my favorite sleeping headphone set. Battery life is great. Comfort is fine. Easily better experience than earbuds or a headphone form factor.

  29. Ashley

    Comfortable and easy to adjust volume

  30. David

    Great product, sits snug around your ears, the volume is just perfect, low enough that its good for you and doesn’t bother person next to you. Battery lasts at least a few movies, long enough to fall asleep.

  31. Karen

    Very easy to use, has a c type charger which is very convenient. Comfortable to wear but very loose and difficult to adjust to fit and stay put over ears.

  32. Loree S

    I like to listen to sleep sounds when I’m sleeping but my wife does not like noise. When I purchased these, i was not expecting too much outside of a potentially uncomfortable experience. I was wrong! They are so soft, they almost don’t feel like you have anything on. They can be both loud or not, I’ve taken to watching some videos when I cannot sleep without disturbing my wife. You cannot feel the speakers in your ears when you’re sleeping, at least I could not. Overall, great product! Not amazing at noise canceling but you are also not paying bose prices. You are getting tons of value for the product!

  33. Hector Catillo

    Versatile, easy to use and confortable.

  34. Scott Price

    Very comfortable and have great sound. If you need to use headphones at night, these do the job. First night using them, so not certain on battery yet. Will let y’all know. The fit is good, not so tight they give you a headache. They aren’t noise cancelling at all, which I prefer anyhow. Like the controls right on the forehead, so you aren’t having to sleep on them, unless you sleep on your face (weirdy). They fill a need!

  35. Cindy

    This is perfect for me, I like to listen to something when going to sleep but everything I tried hurt my ears when I rolled onto my side. Not these, they are perfect for a side sleeper like me. My only complaint would be the charging method, I think it would be better is a wireless charge item, the cord you have to pull from inside the sleeve to pull it in, but other than that I love it.

  36. NJH

    This was a quick solution for going on a girls trip that I had to share a room. I typically need a story or some brown noise to sleep too but didn’t want to bother others. It did the job. Quality isn’t top notch but it isn’t the worst either.

  37. Kristy P.

    Do what I wanted them for. I can lay in bed and listen to what i want without disturbing hubby. And if I fall asleep I don’t wake up with sore ears. The no cord was a major reason for getting these. My old ones have a cord. That was annoying. I did have to stretch these a bit as the snug fit did cause a headache at first. But once I stretched them the comfort was good. They were easy to pair and have held a charge good. You have to get them positioned just right to hear what you’re listening too. Sound is just ok but adequate for listening to the news like I do at night. Don’t get if you’re hard of hearing. They don’t go very loud.

  38. Tiffany Jewel

    I’m on my second pair that has broken on me. They are cheap so getting 6 months of use isn’t the worst but here’s my likes and complaints.I’m a side sleeper and it’s comfortable. The ears do love but sometimes I like to move them off my ear because the lowest sound setting doesn’t always go low enough for me depending on the sleep music I choose.The “powering off” sound it makes and it’s loud. It’s almost a deal breaker for me. I don’t think a rod it advertised to wear while you sleep should even have that feature! Please get rid of it! Some nights it plays all night long as it’s supposed to, and others it wakes me up multiple times a night with the loud noise and I’m not sure why that glitch sometimes occurs.The size is on the bigger side which I like. It’s not too tight on my head and is very comfortable.I need to purchase my 3rd headband in a year and usually I don’t like change but I’m going to try a brand that hopefully doesn’t have loud beeping noises when you adjusted the sound and doesn’t wake me up “powering off” after just a few hours of wear on a full charge.

  39. Montgomery Burns

    Initially the band was tight for my big head (wear a 7 1/2) but did loosen up with a little use. The volume control won’t stay silent but will work up to the low setting in about 15-30 seconds. Then you have to reset it by going to peak volume and back to low to get control from your phones buttons but the ones on the headset work fine. Charging is simple and the battery life is great 12 hours +After ordering the first set and unsung and abusing I liked so much I got a second set a month later. Oddly enough the first set came with a usb-b connection and the second a usb-c connection… grr but other than that are identical and work well.

  40. Curt L. Woodard

    *UPDATE* I tried several different charging cables and found one that worked. The headsets charge to 100% now instead of not charging at all. So far, so good. I’ve used them for the past few nights without issue.**OLD REVIEW**These were awesome the first two nights. Then they just started dying without warning after a few minutes of use. I charged them and they work for a few minutes after a charge, then power off. I tried removing the pairing on my phone and then re-pairing them, but they no longer stay on long enough to sync up with my phone. I suggest you look elsewhere for sleep headphones. I was excited for these because they are not ear buds (most ear buds hurt my ears) but it’s back to searching for a quality set.

  41. christopher e. stewart

    Wife loves to sleep listening to headphones but they’re too bulky. Came across these and purchased them as a gift and she fell in love with them. She’s able to lay down and sleep comfortably while listening to the music, audiobooks, and podcasts she enjoys listening to. The sound quality is pretty good and blocks out any outside noise. She’s also able to use them at work by it looking like it’s just a headband as opposed to a set of headphones on her head.

  42. BKemp

    Great sound for the price and comfortable to wear! I will be giving these for gifts!

  43. HillbillyLifestyle

    The headphones they sent me do not have any noise cancellation, nor volume control. Sound quality is pretty good considering it’s just a pair of tiny speakers in a headband.Cons: Fiddly.It takes a fair amount of adjustment do you get the sound you want. Highest available volume is not that loud, if you are looking for loud. They are not loud enough to drown out the ambient sound on a commercial flight, for example.Once you do adjust your volume to the highest level, the headphones emit a very loud beep to make sure you realize they won’t get any louder. A nice soft beep would’ve worked finePros: if you take the time to adjust them and position them while lying in bed, they provide us spectacularly comfortable listening experience. Really really good forGuided meditations, sleep inducing sounds, etc.The version that I got sent has a play/pause button, and previous and next buttons, which are perfect for my purposes.

  44. Gloria Tiberi

    I was so glad to find this product, because for years I have struggled to find a comfortable pair of earbuds that stay in my ears. So when I found the sleep headphones, I was super excited. I have really enjoyed using the sleep headphones, especially in bed. I love that I can lay on my side and they are comfortable and don’t hurt my ears after wearing them for a long period of time. I wear them when I go to bed so I don’t wake my husband when I’m on my phone. It has great battery life. It lasted about a week before needing to put it on the charger. I’m already thinking about buying a second one in another color.This is a great product. ❤️

  45. AD

    I wanted something to sleep with it being on.. it does the job/ sound quality is okay and no it does not do noise cancellation.

  46. Avry

    The short review: If you’re at all interested in a pair of sleep headphones, buy these. The fancier ones don’t offer any value over these cheaper ones; trust me. The sound isn’t any better and most sleep headphones are 40-60 dollars. These are 20.The long review: I originally bought these sleep headphones a few years ago, when I started listening to ASMR before bed. As someone who suffers with severe insomnia, having a pair of headphones that I could wear the bed was life-changing. I had my old pair for several years until I accidentally lost them in a move. When I came back to re-order them, I saw that they had added a mesh lining to the inside and I was thrilled because this would help with head dissipation. Unfortunately my dog was ALSO thrilled, and she chewed the new pair to pieces. I was devastated, but broke, and decided I couldn’t afford a new pair.A few weeks later, I had to come back and order a third pair. I just can’t live without these anymore. The sound quality is pretty good, considering sleep headphones are mostly just tiny speakers next to your ear, and the battery life is impressive. I usually forget to charge them more than every 2-4 days and they still work great. I occasionally use them for exercising as well, but using them to sleep in was my main goal. If you like ASMR, these are perfect. And if you like music, they work well too.

  47. MRH

    I’ve had this item on my wish list for about a year and now only regret I didn’t buy it sooner. This is a game-changer for so many different reasons. My SO has been snoring like a bear recently and was ruining my falling asleep to YT, podcasts or meditative music let alone keeping me awake at night but this comfortable headband has me drifting away and enjoying my sleepy time sounds. Although I can still hear him snore it’s not as intrusive and I feel better that not all sound is blocked out as that was my main concern.The headband is lightweight and comfortable. It’s easy to put on and take off. It does have an auto shut off after two hours but I find myself wearing throughout the night without any discomfort.I now look for reasons to use this beyond sleeping. It works great for wanting to listen to music or a podcast but have your hands free while gardening. I prefer wearing this for walks than ear buds.I’m considering buying a spare and possibly some as Christmas gifts. Thank you to the user who posted a very good video of how to remove the audio equipment in order to wash. A must-buy!

  48. Arianna

    These are okay they do make your head pretty hot so it’s not super comfortable to sleep in. They don’t really fit my head properly they are kind to big and they have to cover my eyes to fit well which isn’t comfortable for me. The song is okay but I feel like my partner would be able to hear what I’m listening to if I put it too high. Easy to change and has a long lasting battery.

  49. sally

    I bought these so I could listen to audio while lying in bed. My primary need was not necessarily sound quality but rather something that was comfortable to wear in bed or while trying to sleep on an airplane. These definitely fit the bill for wearing in bed. They’re comfortable and sound quality is just fine for my needs. Bluetooth worked well and, for the price, I am very happy with these.However, on an airplane these were useless because the volume cannot go high enough to overcome the plane’s white noise.Overall, I recommend for use while in bed or where there is not much competing noise.

  50. Jennifer

    This style of wireless headphones is a great option for those of us who dislike ear bud style headphones. I use them when I want to listen to music or a podcast while doing chores or relaxing before bed. I think they will also work to wear outside in winter but would be a bit too warm for outdoor use in summer. The sound quality is great.

  51. Michael E Mangini

    Bought this product so I could play some white noise for sleep and it worked perfectly! I was in a house with 8 other girls who liked to stay up late where I go to sleep early and I could barely hear their late night chatter or noise over the headphones.I gave the product 4 stars due to the volume not being loud enough and it did feel very warm at night but I think this would be perfect for the winter time.

  52. Juan R.

    I loved this sleep headphones, they’re very comfortable, don’t feel at all while sleeping, also I use them to cover my eyes at night avoiding outside light, they’re easy to use, the volume, power and play buttons are easy to handle and to find, also they charge very fast and are washable.

  53. Brenda Clancy

    I liked the sleep headphones because it’s very comfortable to wear while I put on soothing relaxing music and helps me to fall asleep. The sound quality is excellent and I would strongly recommend it.

  54. JG

    Ok, so I need headphones that I can wear to sleep. I thought I would take a gamble on this unit. I am so happy that I did. This is the perfect solution. I sleep on my side so the speakers cannot be bulky. This one isn’t. You cannot feel the speakers when lying down. Also, it is very easy to use. It picked up my Bluetooth with no issues. It’s plug-and-play. The headband is light, breathable, and yet very strong with multiple stitching with no frayed ends. This “feels” like a high-quality product. Now, if you are looking for Bose quality with enough amps to blow out your ears, this isn’t the unit. It is more than enough for sleeping or walking around listening to music.

  55. DaFamily

    I bought my first pair a couple of years ago because I suffer from tinnitus and have difficulty falling asleep. I like to listen to guided meditations as I fall asleep, but earbuds kept causing ear infections and over the ear headphones were uncomfortable to sleep with.These are wonderful for sleeping. They aren’t noise cancelling, but that’s a positive for me. I can still hear my kids when they wake up from a nightmare and the severe storm sirens outside.Sometimes I wear them to listen to audiobooks while doing chores around the house. I can still engage in conversations with these on. The downside is their volume isn’t as loud as other headphones I have, so they are useless if I’m doing a noisy activity like vacuuming or mowing.These are incredibly comfortable for long periods of wear. I’m the type of person that needs my ears to be cool. I have to find the cold spot on my pillow, or refuse to wear headphones if they make my ears sweaty. These stay cool and allow plenty of air circulation around the ear. The speaker itself is just a small disk that reminds me of cheap headphones from the 90’s. Don’t expect Bose quality speakers, but they aren’t bad for the price and practicality if the product.The battery life is awesome! I get about 10 hours of audio per charge. I bought a second pair because I use them constantly and need a pair for when one is on the charge. Speaking of charge, it takes no time for these to recharge. After about 30 minutes of charging I have 50% battery life. An hour for 10 more hours of listening power.The second pair I bought immediately went on the charge upon receiving it. Later that day my daughter lost one of her earbuds, so I let her borrow my new set until I could get her more earbuds. After using them for a couple days she no longer wanted earbuds and claimed my new headphones! So, here I am to buy another set for myself.

  56. Cat Tleya

    Not the best sound quality and it’s not going to muffle any noise either but what really sticks out to me is that I can wear this and comfortably sleep on my side! The speakers sit right below my ears so it doesn’t get in the way. The volume is loud enough but not as loud as other earbuds. Perfect for sleeping!

  57. Melissa Bruce

    Pros: reasonably comfortable, good battery life. Probably good for workouts.Cons: NOT good for sleeping. When a meditation or ebook ends it announces “connected” every couple minutes and wakes you up. Head gets hot. Band shifts around so speakers dont stay on ears. Sound quality is tinny. Right ear piece is quieter than the left.

  58. Chamaine C Fredericks

    I was looking for slim and comfortable headphones I could wear in bed or while walking. Came across these and was a little skeptical of how they night sound or their overall quality. I’m pleased to say that they are awesome. They sound great, feel great, are a pleasure to use and make my bedtime and walking experiences a thousand times better. I can’t recommend these enough. The sound quality is great, they are slim and comfortable and stay in place well. I’ve got two pairs and will be ordering more!

  59. OldWomanNoShoe

    My hubby loves this thing as much as I do😁But #realtalk I have Narcolepsy (N) and Obstructed Sleep Apnea (OSA). 😴 I’m always tired. Fun fact: a Person with Narcolepsy (PWN) feels like she’s on 36- hours of no sleep ON A GOOD DAY.OSA isn’t as rough- I have a C-pap machine and wear headgear when i sleep. Not using it causes my heart to overwork when I randomly stop breathing (over 30 times per hour without the machine).Probably worst part of being a PWN is a symptom called Hypnagogic hallucinations as I’m falling asleep and hyper-vivid dreams. Here’s what happens: ambient noise will join in with dreams and suddenly you are starting in the scariest of horror flicks WHILE literally paralyzed.Yes there are meds, which help, but there’s no cure. BUT I discovered a trick!!!I *CAN* control my ambient noises!!! (Btw: This is my third Bluetooth headband- 1 and 2 are still going strong (since 2018/2019)**IF YOU HAVE A SLEEP DISORDER- TRY THIS!!** N/OSA/IH/RLS/insomnia, etc. #mysleepypeepsDownload Librivox (free books), Abide, and/or Audible app(s). Listen to calm, but interesting books as you go to bed. If you have a hyper-lucid dream, you are painting a fence with Huck Finn or walking around Pemberly with Darcey *sigh*. If you wake up through the night, you hear the nice person reading to you and then you drift back off to sleep.Try it!!! You will be so glad you did!!!Now- when I First discovered this technique, I tried leaving the TV on but the light bothered my hubby.I used wired earbuds with my phone- but they would pop out of my ears when I went “walking along the Oregon Trail”. 🥰This headband fits snugly on my head and the earbuds stay in place. It’s made of a body-armor type wicking fabric so I’m not sweating in my sleep, AND it fits under my headgear with no problem whatsoever. My headgear leaves a telltale impression on my face, but the headband does not #bonus.The battery lasts the entire night to about noon the next day playing continually- but I usually take it off and plug it right in when I wake up.CLEANING: there is a small slit in the inside back of the band. The earbuds and controller are connected by wires: all of them easily fit through the slit. Wash the headband by hand or in washer/dryer, then slide everything back into place. There are little compartments sewn in, so you will be able to get them back in the same spot.I’m going on 4 years with my grey headband and the hole is still the same size. The headband fits looser, but that’s to be expected considering I wear it nearly every night.The teal headband has a white inner panel: not ideal because makeup will rub off on it- but no one sees the inside but me. My grey headband was the same color inside and out.My first Bluetooth headband is made of fleece: different manufacturer. It’s great for outside in cold months, but not for sleeping.BASIC USE: They are great in the daytime as well while doing housework, exercising, etc 🙂 because they stay cool and in place. Not sure about water resistance, however, they were not affected by sweaty workouts (hiking, jogging, Jazzercise).PHONE: the sound quality is really good- way better than holding my phone to my ear and as good as or better than Bluetooth ear phones – plus they don’t make my ear sore!! Easy to answer and hang up.The buttons also allow you to go FF / RW by tracks/chapters and to control your volume.THIS IS THE ONE YOU WANT. So this is the longest review I have ever written, because this headband has truly increased my quality of life. I get better sleep because I don’t suffer from the super scary nightmares. The headband is comfortable and stays in place. The Sound quality is great AND the the headband is at a price point that I can easily justify buying more than one.I’m so very grateful for finding these headbands. Summer is fast approaching- I think I’m going to get another color :-)Thanks for reading.

  60. Bean

    I bought this after much browsing and skepticism while looking for additional protection from my boyfriend’s sometimes intolerable and incessant snoring. I have to wear ear plugs I’m able to fall and stay asleep. However they haven’t always done the trip despite the pretty good noise cancellation on my earplugs even with them in they aren’t quite enough to block out his snoring on some nights. Poking prodding and otherwise waking him up causing a middle of the night blow out and doing so wasn’t going to work and I certainly don’t believe in sleeping in separate rooms so talking him in to see if there are any medical options for his snoring problem not an option, I figured I would try these too so that I can use white noise. I have found in the past like if I’m doing homework or something I have a few favorite white noise videos on YouTube that are incredibly effective at drowning out any background noise when I’m trying to focus but wearing headphones to bed wasn’t an option because then I wasn’t wearing earplugs and they’re not really that comfortable. So here I am I find I usually get two nights out of these before they need to be charged or die in the night. It fits comfortably over my earplugged ears. I find it’s kind of a little bit too loose and usually hours after I fall asleep it’s somewhere in the bed or stuck on my hair that plus with a looseness it’s kind of hard to keep the earpieces snuggly over my ears where they’re most effective (they’re around inside the fabric and there is a little bit of flexibility and where you can position them under the fabric but it’s hard to keep them in that one spot).At some point someday when I finally to get up to all my backed up little projects I planned to take my sewing machine to my headband and hit it with a couple of rolls of stitching just to tighten it up more. The fabric does have some elasticity so I don’t think it’ll be a problem to get it on it’ll just help it stay in position better. It may be a difficult project of course because of the wires inside but I’ll do my best..I don’t want to risk stitching them into the wrong spot but I’m also going to see if perhaps I can tack them into place exactly where I want them so they stay put. Other than like a bungee cord or something to tie around my head to squeeze them up snugly against my ears that’s probably the best I can do.The noise cancellation difference is huge between just having them sit over your ears and if you were to take your hands and press them against your ears.That being said I don’t use these for any other purpose so the sound quality doesn’t matter cuz all I listen to is white noise. I wish the volume was a little higher but I didn’t expect more than this. They’re not perfect and even with my earplugs not all sound is canceled out but even with the maximum volume up and I turn these on over my ear plugs it sounds very low like it won’t do anything but for some reason I don’t know how we’ve had some pretty bad snoring nights and I’ve pretty much not had a problem blocking out the snoring and finally being able to fall asleep and stay asleep until of course the battery dies or they fall off my head or something in the night and he starts snoring loudly.So yeah I wish they lasted a little bit longer cuz nothing’s worse than being sleepy and getting ready to fall asleep and realizing you forgot to charge them.I would definitely buy them again if I had to cuz I’m not honestly sure I would find anything louder than this.

  61. Desnie Faile

    I bought this when my son was in the hospital and I was having trouble falling asleep due to the sounds and lights. I connect it to phone and listen to my guided meditation app. I also use it as an eye mask. I don’t use it all night. I wake up after a while and take it off. I am a side sleeper and was able to sleep on my side while wearing it. I could still hear the nurses and my son talking sometimes and the machines beeping, but overall it was worth the price and I use it even at home now.

  62. Gideoniswhoiam

    I originally bought these because my old mp3 player is not Bluetooth enabled. I really like the small speakers. I don’t like trying to change the volume or settings on the front; especially in the dark at night. My suggestion is to charge your phone and get a fairly desired volume you like.


    The sound quality of these is not spectacular but it is about what you should expect from this price point. Not suitable for wearing while mowing the grass or taking off in an airplane (tried both) but just for lounging around on the couch or using them to fall alseep with they are great. I had to reposition the cord inside the band to make it comfortable. I don’t feel it is fair to take away stars for not getting professional grade sound from a product under 20 bucks.The main reason for my 5 star review is that I accidentally put it through a load in the washing machine. I thought it was a goner but they started working again a few days later. Overall I am satisfied with the product, but remain dissatisfied with my chronic carelessness.

  64. Morelia

    I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical of this product, but it was just what I wanted. These are very convinient for those sleepless nights, I can just let a playback of relaxing nature sounds and it wont bother my ears like my headphones, or get tangled if I toss and turn. The sound is very clear, as loud as you want it to be or as low. I have also used it for work outs, I dont have to fix it every so often and the music quality is good enough for the outside. Loud enough to enjoy music but not so distracting to the point of being unaware of my sourroundings. Also the fabric is washable, just get rid of the electronics of course, no hassle. Very cool and innovative product, love it!

  65. Small town gal

    Love this. Great for runs and to sleep on nights you can’t fall asleep, but don’t want to bother your SI.I listen to books from Libby/audible and music. Charges fast, LOVE it.

  66. Shay

    It’s very comfortable! On the first night, I was not used to it at all and had to take it off my head in the middle of the night for relief. But after that, I’ve settled well with it. It’s so nice to be able to sleep without worrying or getting annoyed with earpieces jabbing me etc. The downside I noticed, is that the sound quality and volume are just average or below what I expected. However, given the comfort and convenience it provides for sleep and providing ear relief, I believe it’s worth it. It’s fine in my case here, because I still have my previous wireless Bluetooth earbuds with ear hooks. I prefer the ear hooks half the time during the day, and the other half with the band, depending. My earbuds are higher sound quality, but starts to jab me when I wear them too often. The headband has poorer sound quality, but provides necessary comfort and relief when needed. Also, the band doesn’t last as long as the earbuds – I have to charge the band more frequently. All in all, I think it’s a good idea to have 2 pairs of Bluetooth sets for alternating backup. I rate the band a 4/5 🙂

  67. Jennifer Eschrich

    Comfortable headphones- perfect for listening to audiobooks in bed without disturbing my partner or for putting on releasing music if I can’t sleep. It took a couple tries to get used to the buttons – you need to press down rather than just hitting the buttons. If you’re looking for noise canceling or great quality headphones, these aren’t for you, but they fill exactly the need I bought them for and the price was right.

  68. Chloe Macdonald

    I wouldn’t necessarily call it noise canceling, as in just having it on without any music or noise cancels outside sound. But with the music/noise on it works really well to block out my partner’s snoring (& that is loud!). It’s pretty comfortable, the controls are super easy to use. I haven’t washed it yet, so I can’t comment on usability afterwards, but so far so good! It does usually end up off my end by morning, but I don’t wake up during the night & am able to fall asleep with it, so all in all I’d say it works for me.

  69. SelmerOrchards

    I fall asleep listing to news and audiobooks. In the past I used apple airpods, and samsung buds which become uncomfortable after 20 min or so. This headband is much more comfortable. They are not perfect, but they are much more comfortable then airpods.These are a game changer for me. I would highly recommend these if you sleep listening to audio books.

  70. Tracy Marchese

    I love using this at night with white noise to help drown out my husband snoring it’s comfortable it stays on I only wish I could adjust the band cuz it’s just a little too big but I make do

  71. Stacia N. Lingo

    I struggle with not being able to sleep because of stress. Over the years, I found that falling asleep while listening to podcasts helped me relax. The problem was that I couldn’t play them outloud because it would keep my husband up. I tried earbuds, but they were uncomfortable to lie on. That is when I found this product. I use it every single night!This is my second set. I accidentally washed my first ones. Note: Not waterproof. They have made some improvements since then. The charging cable used to be at the front and sometimes it was noticeable when lying down. Now it is situated in the back so they are even more comfortable than before. Also, the fabric is even softer than the previous ones. The battery life is great- I can wear them 4-5 nights without having to charge them.Pro tip- Buy 2 of these so that you can charge one and wear the other one. It is truly a tragedy to try to go to sleep without these once you are used to having them.

  72. Jennifer B

    I got these on prime day after having looked and different sleep Headphones for several months. These are fantastic as they fit lightly over my ears but provide great sound quality for listening to music or podcasts or whatever as I fall asleep.I also have slept with a sleep mask for several years as any light tends to keep me awake or wake me up. I like these because I can just slide them easily over my eyes and they double as a sleep mask, or I can wear them higher to keep my hair out of my face. The controls are easy to use and the volume adjust easily. This is really changed how I sleep at night and has helped me fall asleep, and stay asleep better.

  73. JSPBCG

    Oh my goodness… i live in a house full of kids, animals, and a husband that snores like a he is Mufasa on Pride Rock! This headband is so good at putting me in Ky own world of music or white noise. As a side sleeper, it is the most comfortable solution I have found to block out the world. If you are questioning if it’s worth it? Don’t. I promise it is. The only downside is that it is so great anyone who has access to it will want to “borrow” it. This is the third one I have purchased because my kids keep stealing them!! My daughter wears one when she works out because it catches her sweat and stays in place when she does burpees.

  74. SandiMacDSandiMacD

    I am writing this one day after delivery.I searched for a product to wear while reclining on my side and wearing glasses. I have long hair often worn in a braid or pony tail and have a narrow face and odd shaped head because headbands tend to slip backwards and off.I often watch instructional videos in bed or on the couch and turn on my side or do other things and want to listen to something on my side because I can’t stay too long laying on my back.Sometimes I am lying down and follow relaxation audio. Other times I am sitting in the room while hubby watches TV and I do a puzzle and listen to podcasts. I don’t fall asleep to music and plan to remove this headband before falling asleep.Things I wanted in a headband are comfort and function. It is too early to review the electronic quality and endurance. So far I am impressed. The headband is 2 pieces of very lightweight, soft, “performance” stretch knit fabric sewn together with components in between. The outer fabric is variegated blacks, whites and grays. The inner fabric is a fine mesh light gray. It fits comfortably on my small head size and readily stretches over my eyeglasses and bulky pony tail or braid.The center back seam inside is open so that the recharge cable can be connected. I posted photos of the inside. The charging cable tucks back inside the seam when not in use. That needs to be connected to another (included) cable which has a USB connector at the end. You will need to buy the USB power convertor that plugs into the wall if you don’t already have one that accepts a USB port. Or you can plug the USB end into anything that is capable of reaching a USB device.It takes 2 hours to charge before connecting to Bluetooth. It charge in about 90 minute for me. I had no problems connecting it to my iPad even with an already connected BT pen. I can use them both together like if I want to play a puzzle using the pen and listen to Pandora piano music.The control component is located in the front (power, volume, play, pause) and is easy to remove when laundering, as are the 2 flat audio ear speakers and recharge cord. The stitching is around three sides and the corner of the fourth side to hold the components in place. It stretches easily to push the ear and control pieces out so the headband can be washed.At first I only heard sound in my right ear so I had to adjust the headband a bit lower and rotate it to hear in both ears. But it sat comfortable and it didn’t cover my eyes.The volume can be adjusted in the headband or with my iPad. Either way works. I was concerned because an earlier post said it was too quiet but I think it is fine. I have tinnitus and minor hearing loss in one ear. I turned the volume up as high as it would go. It is not blaring, but it is as loud as a typical voice conversation. I even lowered it a tad because it was too high much for my liking. I think for the purpose of relaxing in a quiet room it is quite loud enough to hear without any problems but not loud enough that it will block out all noises like a barking dog or fire alarm or someone shouting for help. It will block out gentle snoring or maybe a bit louder snoring and will block quiet conversation and other ambeint sounds.I found the quality to be clear for voice relaxation tapes and the music is not tinny sounding. It’s not an audiophile sound offering all the treble and bass ranges of course, but it works quite well for my needs.Update June 2020:I discovered the reason it was “too quiet” was because I of an iPad setting. It isn’t found under “Sound”. It is located under the “Music” app and is called “Volume Limit” It was set to some sort of protection mode so music would not get loud enough to cause hearing loss. I needed to turn that setting to “off” so that I can hear dialogue.So far I am extremely pleased. Even if it lasts only a year, it seems well worth the $20.

  75. Christina Stately

    I have such a tough time sleeping. I can’t ever shut my brain off! These are perfect! They don’t block all noise out. Which I personally like because then I don’t feel like I’m going to miss a break in, smoke alarm, someone calling my name, etc. I’m sure you can raise the volume enough to do that, if that’s what you’re about. No judgment here.These truly helped me sleep though. I put some ocean waves noise on my phone, and I was out pretty quickly! And stayed asleep for a lot longer than normal. I was honestly surprised at how well this worked for me. Every time I use them I get a really great nights rest. They’re very comfortable. I toss a lot when I sleep and every which way was comfy. Didn’t hurt my head, wasn’t too tight. Easy to charge as soon as you find the cable lol there’s a tiny slit towards the back on the inside of headband and you have to maneuver the wire a bit to get it out.10/10 recommend and would definitely buy again if these broke.

  76. KL

    Actually comfortable to rest with this on. I am a super sensitive sleeper and have foibles when we travel as a family and all have to sleep together with a lot of noise at various times.Give them a try! For the price they’re worth it.

  77. Danieloff Florexil

    Great headphones comfortable to sleep with also. Great customer service as well great buy A++

  78. STornton

    Last night, I used this for the first time, to combat severe insomnia. Using a sleep app from my phone, I used a fan sound. The sound quality is very balanced. My spouse was overjoyed as he did not have to endure the sounds from my phone nor a real fan (he hates cold).The only downsides to this, is that it slipped off my head a few times and this morning, I was 2 hours late waking up!

  79. Cat

    I was honestly surprised when I opened the package and saw this headband despite the pictures and description of it online. Seeing it in person it looked pretty cheap not, gonna lie, but I shouldn’t have judged so quickly. These sleep headphones have pretty good noise cancellation and I can sleep comfortably with it on all night. The only con I can think of is that it is that the headphones are flat pieces around the ear for the music to play and that kinda hurts my ears throughout the night, nothing one can’t handle though.I say, if you’re looking for noise cancellation headphones, then it’s worth it.

  80. Rosita

    I love falling asleep to different sounds / affirmations and every morning i would wake up with one or both airpods somewhere on the bed. This headband is GREAT. Super comfortable and battery lasts throughout the night.

  81. Yoimer

    It feels great to be able to feel like you have headphones in while laying on your side. You barely notice that they’re there. The only downside is that if it’s hot and you wear these your forehead will start to sweat. Other than that the product is good for the price.

  82. Kristine Agostino

    If you like to fall asleep watching a show with headphones so you don’t disturb your partner, look no further, these are for you!There are no cons I have found about this product. I have been using these headphones headband for 3-4 months now. It is an amazing invention and I’m so glad I found it.HISTORY ON MY OLD BERY EXPENSIVE HEADPHONES: I have always (10+ years) had a pair of BOSE wireless $400 noise canceling headphones. I can’t sleep comfortably with them because when I roll on my side the BOSE headphones hurt my ears so I end up having to take them off in the middle of the night. This is very disrupting of my sleep because it is unbearable to sleep through the night in them on.So that said I decided to order these headband style noise canceling headphones and are hands down are the best! You cannot feel them at all or the speakers, especially when you are sleeping on your side. I was pleasantly surprised by this comfort!The headphones also are wide enough to double as an eye mask. If you want to take a rest during the day, worries just pull the headband down over your eyes while still listening to your music or show and take a nap.The charger is easy to use, it connects into a USB port and has a C cord plug, the cord/ connecting part on the headband itself goes up inside in the back part that goes under your neck so it is not visible. They hold a charge when left on for about a day and a half to 2 days. They hold a charge longer when you turn them off after using them, appropriately a week. It takes them a few hours to charge them up to a full charge.I have gotten so accustomed to them that I wear them all the time whether I am listening to something or not. The headband headphones are so fashionable, anyone who sees me wearing them compliments me on them!These headphones headband are everything! I highly recommend that you buy these, trust me you won’t regret it! I will be buying them for all my friends and family for Christmas. They are very affordable, practical and a life sleep changing product. Because of this product, I can now sleep through the night!

  83. Katherine

    The title says it all. My partner snores to wake the living dead. He blissfully snorts, gurgles, gasps and snuffles while I lay wide awake imagining all the ways I could murder him because I cannot fall asleep due to his ridiculously loud bellows. Enter Stage Right the most perfect of sleep headphones. I had tried my earbuds before but they hurt like hell when I tried to sleep on my side. I was also worried that in a fit of rage I would wrap the connecting wires around my partner’s neck just so I could get some silence. I found these headphones and at 3 in the morning I thought, well why not. They. Are. Awesome. I can sleep comfortably with the headband on. The volume control is great. It doesn’t 100% drown out the thunderous bursts issuing forth from the partner but the stream of sleep music I listen to combined with the comfort of the headband allows me to concentrate on my own private island of happiness and eventually I can fall asleep and stay asleep. I cannot recommend these earphones enough. They rock and they have kept me out of prison. A win-win.

  84. Daniel

    Sooo I used this to listen to sleep casts and similar things while trying to drown out my snoring husband. I’ve tried ear plugs of course, but they hurt my ears. These headphones are not noise canceling. But he snores really loud and these definitely helped a lot regardless, when i was playing something. They also shift around your head a bit. Or maybe I just have a small head? Ok. Just measured my head circumference and it’s about 23 inches around over my ears. I’m not sure if that’s small or not. BUT! The reason I bought them was to sleep in them and they are infinitely more comfy to sleep in than normal ear buds. Oh! But also they can make your forhead a little warm but it’s been really hot lately so I blame that, and the fact that I’m not used to sleeping with a headband on. Anway, they’re ok for what most people are likely to use them for, but they really saved me because of my specific situation.

  85. KC

    For the price point these are fantastic. However, be prepared to buy a new one every year since the battery starts losing significant capacity within four months of nightly use. Fit is good but occasionally I found the microphones bother my ears when I slept on my sides. Still, will likely buy again.

  86. Kindle V C

    The first pair I bought are no longer charging. I bought a second pair before the first pair died they’re still going so I’m not sure if I want to buy another pair or not. I enjoy listening to audible and TV with them.

  87. April Elton

    The head band isn’t as comfortable as advertised, also not really meant for someone with a small head, they even kinda hurt if using them for sleeping like I sometimes do, could use a little more padding where the headphones are for sure.

  88. jaedyface21

    love using this product for my meditation sessions to help me sleep .very comfortable to wear,and does the job of blocking out noise from the streets,and I live on the first floor

  89. Justine Smith

    So recently my tinnitus has gotten really bad. Every night without fail it starts up. So I throw this on and play a podcast or white noise while I sleep. This has saved me from constant headaches. Sure you look a little silly, but if you’re using it to sleep it’s fine. I personally don’t feel the headphones when I lay on the said and have pressure on it. You sometimes have to move the little earphones to your ears, but that’s not a big deal.

  90. Amanda

    These are comfortable and sound great. The volume could be louder but overall, the quality is mostly on par with the cost. I don’t like that they don’t turn off automatically after not being used. I have other headphones like this that turn off when my phone is out of range which is great bc sometimes I just take them off in the middle of the night and don’t turn them off then forget in the morning. Well, these stay on until the battery drains. It was frustrating when I couldn’t find them and they were forever on bc my phone kept connecting to them when I was in my room or close to it. I couldn’t hear any notifications every time it did this. I’d disconnect them and they’d just reconnect. I could have forgotten them in my Bluetooth settings but they could also have an auto off feature like my others that were the same price.

  91. Tanya Willhite

    I intended to order a set of sleep headphones like my husband’s for myself. I thought I had selected the same pair, but these are a bit different. For instance, these have the speakers kind of semi-loose in the band so they have to be adjusted frequently. There is also no padding around the speakers so they can be a bit rough for side sleepers. Overall they are comfortable though and stay on well. My only real complaint is the sound quality. These kind of sound like those old metal over the hand bands that would come with old walkmans.

  92. Lannah E.

    I’ve had these for almost a month now and I have to say that they are some of the best headphones I have ever bought. I keep them on for hours at a time and have used them almost daily for a month with no discomfort. Using them to sleep has been a game changer for how much sleep I get at night. Usually I’m woken by sounds at night like thunder or the tv on downstairs, but those things haven’t even bothered me since I’ve started using these headphones.The buttons are super easy to press to control your music or sound, and the noise cancellation is pretty ok. They’re not really marketed as canceling out all sound but they do a pretty good job at making background noise quiet. I’ve used them to listen to audiobooks quite often which is a major test for me to see if I’m going to like headphones I buy. Usually if they can’t clearly distinguish an audiobook, then they won’t be good for anything else, but these sleep headphones handled this perfectly. I could hear everything the narrator was saying even when the book was sped up. The music sounds great as well, and for white noise and stuff like that at night they are awesome.I highly recommend these to anyone needing a comfortable pair of headphones for lounging around if the house or sleeping.

  93. N. Gill

    My spouse often keeps the TV on after I go to bed. With these headphones I can put on some relaxing music and comfortably fall asleep with the TV on. I also used them recently on a plane and found them more comfortable than in-ear headphones for the long flight. Also pulled them down over my eyes to block out light and catch a quick nap! Well worth the money spent. Not top tier sound quality but good enough for me.

  94. Eileen Camporeale

    I sleep with this on because my husband snores so loud. Works great but needs to be charged each day. Keep that in mind when using and it automatically connects to my phone so that incredibly helpful.

  95. jen_shines_

    I’m really happy with these headphones – so far I’ve only been able to use them at home, yet it’s been helpful to minimize the loud birds here in Hawaii when I’m trying to sleep in on the weekend! The headband fits nicely and isn’t tight. Can’t wait to try them on a flight, since I’m never able to fall asleep. I’ll come back and update this after my next trip. Great customer service, too!

  96. Niya Davis

    The band stretched out after a few uses, but the earphones themselves are great!!

  97. M. M-S

    I love this headband for listening to ocean sounds through the night. Very comfortable. Good sound. I can move throughout my home and still hear very well. I can sleep quite comfortably with it. Easy to use with two small dissatisfactions: The blue light doesn’t always come on when it’s fully charged. I wish there was a means of knowing how much charge it hold. When I connect on my phone, it shows % of battery power left, but I don’t know if it’s accurate. It shows 100% charged despite blue light not showing. It shows 90% charged after a full night’s use and will make it through the following night, but not the third night. So either the amount indicated on my phone as being available is inaccurate or the amount of battery power used isn’t even. Lastly, I’m either doing it wrong or it’s not easy to do is use volume control. I have to control volume from my phone, can’t do it from the headband. I would definitely recommend this and would buy another should the need ever arise.

  98. Tom K.

    It’s comfortable enough to wear all night. Not the best quality, but when I’m tired, I don’t care.

  99. Teresa Wright

    I bought these because I use the Calm app to help me fall asleep, which helps a lot until my husband starts snoring, and I can no longer hear it. These have helped so much! You do need the volume up a bit to cancel out the snoring completely and they could be a bit more comfortable on the ears, but overall I’m happy with the results. They’ve also helped when staying away to block out other sounds in a hotel or home, as well as light if you put them over your eyes.

  100. Victoria Richardson

    I cannot figure out why ANY type of earbud hurts my ears with unbearable pain. I’ve been looking for something I can use for long flights and not be bored out of my mind. These headphones SAVED my ears! They don’t go inside your ear at all but the sound is heard perfectly and they aren’t super loud to where others can hear what you’re listening to. I’m able to sleep with these too with no pain. They are great for low impact workouts too, another problem I had with traditional earbuds. Love love love!

  101. SF shopper

    is it perfect? No. But they it is also priceless! I use it as both a headband to cover my eyes and as earphones to listen to audiobooks or sleep sounds at bedtime. It holds charge well, feels comfortable, and was life changing for trouble falling asleep. The earphone parts do slip around in the band and require frequent readjusting, and the band has gotten a bit loose with wear, but those are minor issues

  102. Kimberly Scott

    I am not a fan of in ear headphones/ earpods. I find them uncomfortable and painful. I also don’t enjoy wearing large airplane/travel style headphones around the house. I was looking for an alternative to earpods and large over the ear headphone. These have solved that problem! These aren’t noise cancelling in my opinion, but i didn’t want that. I wanted to be able to hear the dogs, kitchen timers or a knock at the front door. I am very happy with my purchase!

  103. Edwardsburg, MI

    It’s a bad habit but I like to listen to podcasts in bed as I fall asleep. I keep them running through out the night. I use to use ear buds but they were uncomfortable unless I laid flat on my back. With this head band, I can easily sleep in any position. The sound does not bother my wife.The sound is really good for what I use them for.I recommend this product but it is adding to my bad habit of listening when I should be sleeping.

  104. Ardenwalker84

    These are wonderful for sleeping. The ear pieces slides around a bit but that’s good for me.

  105. Grace

    I’ve had this product for three months. An issue I’ve had with similar headbands is the speakers are uncomfortable to lay on. This headband has the softest padding around its speakers that I’ve tried. However, the wiring, speakers, and control box are always sliding around inside the headband, so I need to rearrange it all back into place with every use. The pocket stitched in for the control panel is not very secure, so it slips out of place regularly. If you don’t care about manipulating it all back into place every time you use it then you won’t be bugged like I am. The headband itself has also become looser with time and tends to slide down my face as I sleep. At least once a night I have to push it back over my nose and onto my forehead because it has slid around so much during my repositioning. A full charge will last me at least two nights, but can last me up to four or five.Bottom line: it works and is quite comfortable, but I have to adjust it all the time in order to fall asleep with it on.

  106. Lauren

    My fiance is a VERY loud snorer. Ear plugs weren’t cutting it. The first night I tried this headband I had the best sleep! Still wore my earplugs, and also played white noise, but there was not a single sound of snoring I could hear through the headband. I also love that it doubles as a sleeping mask & the headphones still line up with my ears perfectly when used that way. Very comfortable and the charging cord is the same as my phone. Easy to use, haven’t touched the directions. Interested to see how this can function on winter runs as well. Buying a 2nd pair.

  107. D B.

    This is my second purchase of these specific sleep headphones. My previous set eventually lost one of its speakers after maybe 2 years of use. The sound is the best I have found for sleep headphones that is comfortable to use. I do find my ears are sore in the morning after using them, but perhaps I have large ears.There are three control buttons, on/off, “+” and “-“. The plus and minus buttons both adjust the volume when you keep them depressed, or skip forward and back which you press them briefly. I find it hard to remember which button is which when you are wearing them.Eventually the fabric needs to be washed and getting the electronics out takes a lot of time and is tedious.I would buy these again, but would first shop around for a better sleep headphone solution.

  108. Meehan

    I’ve dealt with insomnia for years and am always on the search for something to help. A friend suggested a product like this to me. When I received them and tried them the first night, it was honestly a bit life changing. The band is soft and comfortable, I normally struggle with sensory issues, especially when trying to sleep, but these didn’t bother me whatsoever. In fact, I feel it is comforting to wear. These have even helped me relax during moments of emotional overload in the daytime. The noise cancelation is surprisingly effective as well, I couldn’t hear my partners intense snoring over even some gentle piano music. I love that I can also scoot the band down over my eyes to help block out light. The soft pockets that the ear pieces are in are easy to rest on as I am a side sleeper as well. No annoying pains to wake up to like I would have with regular in ear buds. Excited to try to use these on my next flight as well!After a week, the band stopped taking a charge. I contacted the company and was immediately sent out a new product, free of charge and without question. Amazing customer service, and I couldn’t complain with such a low price point anyway! If you have sensory issues like me, and deal with insomnia, or just want a comfortable way to listen to media at any time, give these a try!

  109. LB

    I like these. I prefer the fact they don’t cancel noise because if they did, I’d be worrying about not hearing an alarm, and I didn’t get them to cancel noise. I got them to be able to listen to sound therapy music without having a pair of headphones pull out of my ears whenever I turn over in bed. The speakers around the ears are adjustable, which I like. I think the sound quality could be better, only because the material isn’t tight enough around the ears. At the same time, I prefer the fact that it’s not tight because if they’re not comfortable, I’m not going to use them. All in all, I’m glad I made the purchase.

  110. Katie Marek

    I bought these headphones so that I could listen to binaural beats when meditating. Over the ear headphones are too bulky and I get a headache from earbuds, so when I found this headphone headband I ordered it right away.It has two little farm speakers one on each side that worked perfectly fine for my purposes. I am not an audio file, though they are probably not useful if you are.The controls are a little weird, so I just use the volume on my phone.These headphones work perfectly for my needs… Excellent for sleeping and meditating. 5 stars for the innovation!

  111. pjh

    I’m a light sleeper so it doesn’t take much to wake me up. I already sleep with a fan on high power plus an ac window unit. I originally tried some ear plugs but they didn’t stay in my ears very well & it drowned out the white noise sounds of the fan & ac which help me sleep. So I found this sleep headband & thought I’d give it a try.Overall it’s definitely helping me sleep better. I turn on a white noise app on my phone & turn the volume up as loud as I can stand it. I normally would have woken up at least a couple times during the night but now I sleep all the way through most nights. The charge time is pretty good. I’ve had 12-14 hours on one charge.If I had any negative things to say it would be that I wish the charging cord it comes with was longer. Also, some of the wiring sometimes eases it’s way out a bit & since the headband can get a little turned around from switching sleep positions I’ve had marks on my forehead from sleeping on the wiring lol. Thankfully it doesn’t happen too often.I can generally sleep on my side wearing it but I do have to position the ear buds in just the right spot or it can be uncomfortable & eventually will irritate my ear. I usually just position them a little further back from my ears so that way I don’t feel them as much.

  112. nicole howard

    These headphones are awesome. I got these on sale for a low price and did not expect much. They are great. I really haven’t used them for sleep but I have put them on when I can’t sleep and they are not bulky and allow me to drift off. I have been using them for a week and I haven’t had to recharge them yet. I did have to Google how to use them. The instructions aren’t the best.

  113. The Lyons

    I’ve been using this headband for a few months and so far it’s been a great night time listening alternative to my earbuds! The headband fabric is soft and breathable. The power, sync, and volume buttons are easy to use and identify once on your head. The battery life is wonderful, holds a charge for days! You will have to manually sync to your phone or device every time you turn on, but it only takes a few seconds to sync! The only complaint I have is due to the speaker locations the noise canceling is t as powerful as it could be if I could move the speakers an inch. Still a good product though!

  114. Myrna Rodriguez

    My husband is an avid snorer and I am incredibly jealous at the ease of his sleeping capabilities. I seen these sleep headphones and thought I’d give it a try as the bose ones didn’t really fit properly and were a bit much for sleep time. Figured for the price it was definitely worth a try. This sleep headphone head wrap fits beautifully and is really soft. I was worried that the headband would come off during the night but it stayed in place. The noise cancellation while not the same as headphones or AirPods works!

  115. Jessica Cooper

    I bought this product to try when I travel. I sleep with the TV or some sort of noise on in the background. Let’s gives me the perfect way to watch a show on my phone or tablet while laying in bed. I would recommend!


    This work decent. They could use a little bit more padding over the ears if you are laying down but otherwise they work good.

  117. Viktor

    These do exactly what I needed them to, which is be comfortable enough to sleep in, since my in-ear headphones hurt when I sleep in them. I listen to audiobooks at night and these headphones are perfect for that.

  118. Shari Armstrong

    These have been great at night, as I often have difficulty sleeping and I can listen to something to fall asleep to. It will also be great walking our dogs when it’s cold out. I had gotten some other wireless earbuds, but they either fell out of my ears when bending down to pick up after the dogs on our walks or they hurt.These will be great for traveling, too. Not bulky like my wired gaming headphones and easy to pack.But they are not noise cancelling. I can still hear other things, but for me, that’s good. I want to be able to hear what’s going on around me, especially when walking our dogs.I’ve used these almost every night since getting them and haven’t had to charge it again yet. The sound is surprisingly good.

  119. Melissa Nickerson

    I like these a lot for sleeping! I like to listen to ASMR videos of soft sounds to help me fall asleep at night, and regular ear buds can be uncomfortable since I am a side sleeper, or they can fall out at night. These are a great alternative to that! Easy to use and work fine in terms of sound. I also wanted to be sure that whatever headband option I chose would be machine washable, and these are. So that’s great. My only concern is that they are a tad too big. My husband has a big head and they fit him snugly. I wish they fit me that snugly! For me, they are a bit too loose and can slide down if/when I roll around or if I don’t have them on my head just right. I’m hoping that they shrink a bit the first time I wash them. If not, I may had a safety pin or a few stitches at the back to make them very slightly smaller/tighter. It would be nice if they had a youth size for those of us with smaller heads! Haha. Overall though, happy with this purchase and what I expected for the price.

  120. Rebeca C.

    I bought it as a gift for my father, who likes to sleep listening to videos. My mom loved it!

  121. Susan Y

    I bought these for my daughter who was sharing a room and wanted to listen to her podcast at night. She said they worked great so I borrowed them for a night.I liked them so much I bought some for myself and another one for my other daughter.I don’t like to wear headbands usually because they tend to give me headaches. But this band was comfortable, no headache! The band stays in place though so you can enjoy your audio.

  122. John Garcia

    I did not have high expectations for this I was just hoping it would have decent sound quality (not too tinny) and not have too much trouble connecting to bluetoot. Oh, last more than a month. Well, it exceeded all that!. It fits comfortably on one’s head, the sound is very good, warm and clear, and it pairs to my my computer or phone almost instantly. I use it at night before falling asleep listening to a podcast or music and it fits comfortably over my eyes if I choose to pull it down that far. It takes a bit of adjustment to get use to the small headphones resting between one’s ears and the pillow but it is fine. And it has been several months and it is still going strong.It is a little tricky putting the headphones and wires back into the bandana once you remove them to clean and the instructions are not very forthcoming in that regard. You just have to feel your way and try to remember the spaces you inhabited when you slid them out. It does not go back exactly as it was before but that is a minor adjustment. They still work great.

  123. James

    I got these so that I can have an alarm go off without waking up my wife. They seem to work fine, but also having to have them on all night seems like a waste of battery just for an alarm. Sleeping with it can also be uncomfortable, but definitely better than regular headphones. Some of the other sleep-specific headphones are also super expensive so at this price point, it’s not bad. Seems to do what it’s supposed to do but not sure if I’ll use it long-term.

  124. Katherine

    The title says it all. My partner snores to wake the living dead. He blissfully snorts, gurgles, gasps and snuffles while I lay wide awake imagining all the ways I could murder him because I cannot fall asleep due to his ridiculously loud bellows. Enter Stage Right the most perfect of sleep headphones. I had tried my earbuds before but they hurt like hell when I tried to sleep on my side. I was also worried that in a fit of rage I would wrap the connecting wires around my partner’s neck just so I could get some silence. I found these headphones and at 3 in the morning I thought, well why not. They. Are. Awesome. I can sleep comfortably with the headband on. The volume control is great. It doesn’t 100% drown out the thunderous bursts issuing forth from the partner but the stream of sleep music I listen to combined with the comfort of the headband allows me to concentrate on my own private island of happiness and eventually I can fall asleep and stay asleep. I cannot recommend these earphones enough. They rock and they have kept me out of prison. A win-win.

  125. AR

    Great product. Effective for side sleepers

  126. Ellis

    I bought this to help me block out sounds and have a way to listen to white noise while I sleep, without putting on my headphones, which are uncomfortable and impractical to wear to sleep.Being just a headband, there’s no noise cancellation feature inherent to it, but you can play some white noise for that purpose. There are two ear pieces that sit over your ears inside the headband, and are removable for easy cleaning. The sound quality is fine, not fantastic but decent for the price. There are button controls (power and volume) on the forehead. It connects via Bluetooth, and I usually use my phone as my music/white noise source.All in all, a good investment for better sleep! Consider pairing these with a decent sleep mask.

  127. M. Minnoch

    I’ve been using when my husband is already sleeping when I watch YouTube at late night. It’s easy to use and good product.

  128. Princess

    This was such a good find! I love being able to use these while I’m at the gym or even at night when I lay in bed so I can watch my TV shows and not wake up my husband easy to use!

  129. foofoodog

    Charge port is USB C, so yay! Not uncomfortable to wear, quick test shows I could get to sleep listening to the history of the earth unabridged audio book while tossing and turning. Maybe not as loud as I might want, I will have to see on a plane. Nowhere near as good sound and noise cancel as my greasy in ear buds or my gamer headphones. Looks dorky as heck, but I am going to put them in the pouch with my matching fabric inflatable travel neck pillow to complete my coach class travel ensemble. I did take a big sharpie to black out the obnoxious print on the control panel and the buttons are still easy to discern and use.

  130. Emily

    They don’t do a great job of noise cancelling, and if you have a tiny head like I do, that can make it hard to hear. However, the sound quality is very good, not tinny or hissy at all, and the band is comfortable even if it’s a little loose.Protip: proper over-ear headphones get uncomfortable for me after a while, but these make a pretty good cushion, and putting regular headphones over these helps a lot with the lack of noise cancellation!The one other criticism I have is that the battery lasts much less than nine hours for me, but I’m sure some of that is me turning the volume up so I can hear it. If you have a bigger head and they fit you more snugly, you might not have that issue.Overall, none of the drawbacks were unexpected for the price point, and they do what I need them to!

  131. A. S.

    Can listen w/o disturbing others. Comfortable, but falls off while sleeping in bed…

  132. Matthew Garrett

    I really loved this product so much! It hits a huge market, and I literally was thinking how nice it would be to have something like this about two weeks before I discovered this! The headband is comfortable and it honestly fits my head really well (which may not be a great thing for others). I love how comfortable the speakers are in the band, and they really do a great job of making something that doesn’t leave your ears feeling bruised the next morning. The one thing I don’t love is how free-floating the speakers are within the head band. They constantly tried to push up toward the front of my head and it is a little annoying. I think this could be easily fixed if you flipped the pocket stitching direction from keeping the speakers from pushing backward to where it would keep them from pushing forward. The wiring would keep the speakers from going backward while the stitching would keep them from going forward. I would actually repurchase these headphones if that change was made. Everything else is perfect though.

  133. Tierra

    These are really great! They’re perfect for sleeping, I’m not a side sleeper but I’ll turn my head to the side and when wearing other headphones it’s really uncomfortable but with these, it’s completely comfortable! I’ve also used them for yoga they’re so convenient, they don’t move so that’s helpful. Also as they’ve advertised I’ve used them to cover my eyes and it’s super helpful with naps while it’s still light outside. My only complaint would be the volume control, it took me a while to figure out how to control the volume. This is because even though the controls are marked as + and – to change the volume you need to hold down the buttons. Tapping the (+ or -) button without holding it down will skip the song, they do mention this in the description of the product. Holding down the button makes turning down the volume less exact but it works that’s why I rated it 3/5. It would make more sense to me to have to hold the buttons down for skipping a song. Everything else works great, the pause and play button works also holding that down powers on/off the device. Connecting the device was super easy.

  134. Kelli Tracy

    Being a side sleeper, these headphones were comfortable to use and the sound quality was good and found them to be a good solution to wear at night. Not to bulky or tight and I was glad to have purchased them.The biggest concern I had was cleaning them. After you use them for a while, you will want to clean the headband. To do so, you need to first pull the electronics out through a little slit in the band. This slit is small and you guide the earpieces and unit around the band and out through this opening. I had a hard time getting the components out. I considered getting some scissors and expanding the opening but was able to finally get them out. After cleaning the cloth headband, putting it back together was far more difficult. Trying to put the component back through the slot and sliding them in place took a long time.

  135. Kerry Huang

    I love these things! They fit my head nicely and they don’t hurt my ears. I have small ears and they get really sore when using headphones. These eliminate that problem, after I’ve tried probably 10 different brands and types.My husband snores. Not super awful, but bad enough that at times I’ve had to leave the room. These don’t ‘cancel’ the noise, but because they fit snugly to my ears I can easily ignore what does come through. I have a white noise YouTube video that I use to sleep because, more than the snoring, I have tinnitus. I have since I was a child, so sleep and I have never been friends. But the “space ship” sound at a moderate-low volume with these earphones is enough to blend out other distractions. Since I’ve had these…I ACTUALLY SLEEP. And that’s saying something. These make my sleep more consistent. I don’t wake up every hour on the hour, anymore.You can take calls with these, too, but I haven’t. After all, I bought them for sleep.The sound is fine. Not Bose quality, of course, but perfect for what they are meant for. I’d say they’d be good for walking or running activities, as well.Honorable mention – the battery life is outstanding! It takes very little time to charge and after 8-10 hours of sleep I still have 70% charge left! That’s convincing enough for me!I’d recommend these to anyone.

  136. TroubleHots

    I use these to listen to my bedtime meditations/soundscapes without having to worry about moving around and not being able to hear it still, or it being too loud and distracting. They were comfortable and lasted the whole 2 hour meditation!!! I fell asleep before the end but when I wake up, they still have power! I charge them every day anyways, just to be sure, but they’re great! The only reason they have 4 stars is the directions we’re NOT clear on how to charge them, and where to find the cable to connect. It’s in one of the pockets with the earphones. Just a heads up!

  137. Virginia

    I just love how great it was to use. I was able to connect easily. The sound quality was great along with the volume control. Sometimes the headphones would move around so every time I moved I had to adjust. I did spill something on it and it was hard to get out the headphones and put them back in. Overall I am satisfied with them.

  138. Talon Turner

    The product is pretty comfortable, material is soft, and the speakers work well. Speakers are covered in foam and go up to your ear without pressing into them. These are good if you like to fall asleep to sleep stories or listen to sleep sounds, but they are more for listening than blocking noise. They can hold a charge through the night, and die maybe a little before waking up (depending how long you sleep). They need charged every night.

  139. Jay Yarow

    I have trouble sleeping at night so I was looking for a headband that would muffle outside noise. These do the trick. I run white noise sounds, so I am not looking for state of the art audio quality. The battery life is good and they’re pretty comfortable. That said, I can’t control volume from the headband, I need to use the phone itself to do that. And while comfortable you still feel the hard plastic of the headphone push against your ear, which can take some getting used to. If you’re looking for a pair of low cost headphones for night or even in the winter, these will work.

  140. KyraC

    The main reason I purchased this items it because my boyfriend snores like a trumpet. I put these on and listened to white noise on the highest volume. It didn’t completely block out the noise but It did help significantly. The headband was more comfortable than I thought it would be, I was able to side sleep without issue.

  141. Pixurman

    This headband works well in cool weather. Trying to wear on a hot evening to listen to late night podcast is rather uncomfortable otherwise it works great to not only provide great listening enjoyment but also add some heat to potentially cold head considering I’m nearly bald. The volume control is excellent. However the placement of the speakers is a bit off for my head size. Regardless I make it work. As far as noise cancellation is concerned I did not buy for this purpose and I am glad that it does not block out all of the ambient noise as there are times that I actually need to be able to hear odd noises that might otherwise or normally not be there.

  142. Reanna

    These headphones are ok. Nothing too special other than they’re Bluetooth. I thought I would like them more than I do. The big selling point for me was that I wanted to use them when I sleep. I’ve been using earbuds for years now and I wanted to try something new.Headband – good and soft. I thought my head was big but the headband it actually kind of loose on my head, so I’m not sure they would really work if I was exercising. Just like my earbuds, if I have to constantly fiddle with them, then I’m not going to use them. The headband actually falls off a lot when I sleep. This isn’t really a problem since my earbuds always fell out while I slept.Speakers – they are not noise canceling. They tend to move around a lot in the headband and I have to reposition them if I wake up in the middle of the night. Earbuds actually do a better job of blocking noise. My husband gets up several hours before I have to and that’s when I turn back on whatever I was listening to so I don’t have to hear him brush his teeth or get dressed but with this headband, I can hear everything going on around me and I just try to ignore the outside noise and focus on what I’m listening to. They are also not all that comfortable to lay on. I have to position the speakers to be toward the bottom of my ear since there isn’t really any pressure on that part of your head/neck when you’re laying on your side. The good thing is you can lay on your side and hear both speakers. When I used my earbuds, I typically would only sleep with one earbud in since laying on your side with an earbud in would kinda hurt. And when I rolled over, I would move my earbud to the opposite ear. I feel like I still do something like that when I rollover with the headband on since I have to reposition the speaker so I’m comfortable.Battery life – I charge this thing every day. It doesn’t have an auto off if there isn’t anything playing so after a full night of being on, it has to be recharged. I was able to get it to last 2 night but that was because I physically turned them off in the middle of the night. The good thing is that when the battery dies, it doesn’t tell you, it just shuts off. That’s good if the battery dies in the middle of the night, bad if you try to turn it back on and can’t figure out why it’s not staying on.Bluetooth – super easy to connect.Volume control – I use my phone to control the volume. I tried to use the buttons on the front but didn’t really like it, plus one time I pushed the + button and it skipped to the next song. So maybe depending on what app you’re using, the buttons are either volume or skip.I haven’t had to wash the headband yet, but taking it apart looks really simple. So for the price and what it does, I think it’s a good buy. If they broke, I would probably buy something like this again. Honestly one of my favorite things about the headband is it can be used as a sleep mask. When my husband gets up, I pull it over my eyes and rollover. And it does a really good job of blocking out the light. I’ve overslept a number of times because the sun didn’t get a chance to wake me up.

  143. JCMobile

    I use these exclusively for sleeping, so I can’t really speak on how well the noise cancellation works out in the world, but they are super comfortable to lie on and hold a charge for quite a few nights. The material of the headband is soft and the speakers are effective. I’m a little surprised that there are not more choices for sleep headphones, but this company really delivers.

  144. Christine

    These headphones are inexpensive & get the job done. I purchased them as my ear buds have been hurting my ears. The head band is nice as the speakers lay outside the ear and the material is soft. I ended up getting a second pair as my kids each wanted one (& now I get none). They are a little big for my four and six year old; however, they still work fine. My only problem is that they don’t connect to the kids’ Kindles. I would prefer not to hear their cartoons during road trips!

  145. Jay B.

    The thing I hated about the previous model I had was that it was still utilizing a micro USB port for charging (which was also damn near impossible to reach). However, this upgrade improves on that and so much more!The port used is a USB-C cord which neatly tucks away in the back for when you’re wearing it. And no, you won’t feel the thing at all. Also, the battery life is significantly better. I used to have to charge my old sleep phones every single night. This one will last about 3 nights worth of 6-8 hours of slumber.Sound quality is decent, but it’s important to note these headphones don’t offer much in the noise cancellation department. They make for a decent eye mask and block light almost perfectly.If I could improve one thing, it would be the audio discs embedded inside the cloth. They’re flat enough, but can start to hurt your ears slightly after leaning against them for a long time at night. I’m a side sleeper, so this is more noticeable to me. But otherwise, I highly recommend these sleep phones, especially if you’re upgrading from the previous model.

  146. Angela

    I love this head phone headband. I listen to binaural beats at night and when studying. This headband has been awesome in letting me wear headphones but not having to deal with wearing head phones. The only thing I don’t care for is when you first turn it on or connect to Bluetooth the volume is automatically at 100%. So remember to turn it down before putting on!

  147. I am a Goddess

    So… my best friend sleeps with bulky beats on because her husband snores loud enough to wake up the dead. So I bought her this because I thought it would be more comfortable. Before I could even give it to her, my son‘s girlfriend saw it on the kitchen table and exclaimed “oh my God I have been wanting this! So of course I gave it to her and we immediately explored it…. Was charged right out of the box. Volume is not too loud but perfectly acceptable for sleeping. So so comfortable. Exactly what she wanted, as my son stays up gaming and she has an eye mask, but was looking for something to put sleep music on and drown out the sound of him and his friends gaming, lol….Checks all the boxes. So I’m ordering another one for my girlfriend, and me….LOL.…Just get it….

  148. Em

    I have an intense hatred for earphones, because they all hurt my ears, but I’m not a headphones fan either (picky af or wha? 🙄), SO when I saw these, I was skeptical, but why tf not? When I TELL you these be changing the GAME, 👏they👏Be👏Changing👏The👏Game. Super comfortable, great sound quality, hell I wore these to sleep and they didn’t budge. 10/10. Wore these for my lil morning jog too, I was THRILLED they kept my ears warm too, love a multifunctional product.

  149. Terry

    I’ve used this type of headband for years because my partner is a loud snorer. I just leave some white noise playing and I sleep like a baby. I sleep on my stomach, and it’s still super comfortable unlike headphones or earbuds.

  150. Ren

    Bought these on a whim. Have been wanting a set of headphones that I can wear while im laying down without hurting my ears. Was entirely expecting low quality, cheap sound, and i was wholly willing to make that tradeoff. Put these on and was VISIBLY shocked by how good they sounded. They’re no bose or anything, but for the price they are EXTREMELY good quality.

  151. David Bryan

    I like to have some relaxing music, white noise or noise canceling when I sleep. These headphone fit comfortably and the volume goes as high as I would want when I sleep. They don’t really serve as noise canceling as they are essentially inside of a headband and simply rest on top of your ears. The only noise canceling is the volume of the music. They were very comfortable to sleep in and the sound quality was better than I expected for such thin speakers. There has been no distortion at any of the volumes I’ve tried. Connecting them via bluetooth was quick and easy. Charging is a little on the slower side – roughly 60-90 minutes. I can make it through 1-2 nights on a single charge. The buttons on the device allow for power and to change tracks (forward and backwards). I’ve only had them a month, so I can’t attest to their durability, but so far they’ve worked well for me.

  152. Wanda Jones

    I bought these for sleep. The volume is really low and it’s not great. I’ve had these for a few months, and I’ve had trouble seeing when the headphones need to be charged before they lose power. The headphones are soft and comfy for sleeping, but they’re not great for wearing with a satin bonnet or scarf. The battery life is great.Customer service is solid, and the company is very responsive.

  153. Lilly

    Very low on noise cancellation. I could still hear noises while trying to sleep. Sound quality is good. I didn’t have any problem with volume since it was connected to my phone.It’s comfortable to wear to sleep. However, this product is one size fits all. You can’t adjust it therefore, the speakers may not be correctly positioned for your ears.Overall, I use it often and was a good product for the price.

  154. Amy MacKenzie

    Not only am I comfortable and happy with these headphones, im happy with the impact on my relationship. My partner knows that I’m struggling with sleep when she sees me wearing them. If you can’t sleep, buy these, find out what make you sleep and warn your person.Thank you and goodnight

  155. Austin McGowan

    These headphones are an awesome addition to any workout! It helps keep my hair out of my face, as well as, plays my music loudly. I’m very happy with this product!

  156. Kacey

    I really like how these headphones work. Nothing inserted directly in my ears, just a headband that I can wear (which doubles as a mask). The sound quality is great, and the price point is wonderful for what you receive.I do wish the controls were a bit easier, as I sometimes attempt to control volume and end up skipping songs instead. However, this could more be because I can’t see what I’m pressing when wearing the product. Once you get the hang of which buttons do what, it’s not so bad to control.I have recommended these to multiple people already, and I’m really glad I decided to purchase during Prime Days!

  157. Ashlee

    I live in a very noisy neighborhood and have developed nighttime anxiety. I had been using standard earbuds with white noise playing in order to sleep peacefully but could not have one in on the side I was sleeping on. This headband makes it very comfortable to sleep on my side and still have my white noise playing. It also only lost 50% battery after playing all night. My earbuds only would last 4 hours at a time. I highly recommend this product for sure.

  158. Dawn Cooperider

    I purchased this product to be able to listen to affirmations as I fall asleep. It has been great for that and has also been very beneficial on long airplane flights when my ears hurt from the air pods being in for so long, also a great option when you are sleeping in a room with someone who snores! My kids keep stealing this from me so I purchased two more to get them for Christmas!

  159. Tom Metcalf

    I don’t like to have my eyes covered with a sleep mask, so this is a great headband with headphones, which lets me drift off to soothing sounds without bothering anyone else. It’s even worked with the bluetooth music source in another room!

  160. Andromeda Eve

    Everyone who has ever been on a cruise knows that the cabins are small. When we cruised to Alaska with our 16 year old, we shared a balcony cabin. He had the upper berth. In order to give him some privacy and noise cancellation from his parent’s snoring, I brought these for him. He loved them! He wore them every night to bed, and it gave him the ability to escape from the close proximity of the cabin. They do not use an apple charger, but a C charger, so there was some drama when the included charger broke in the middle of the cruise. Luckily, we had a C charger with us, but just be aware that an apple charger won’t work.

  161. Liz BoguckiLiz Bogucki

    I am going on a cruise in a few weeks and I love my husband but he snores. At home I normally spend a few nights a week on the couch because I can’t get him to stop. Unlike at home, I think it will be frowned upon to fall asleep naked on a couch so I realized I needed to find something. Traditional ear plugs are not comfortable to me. I pondered buying these for probably 3 weeks think oh these will be crappy, or they won’t fit to my head. But as I have approached vacation I’m realizing I was running out of time. So I decided to buy them. They arrived in 1 shipping day!! I got them home and charged like reccomended and then put on a sleep meditation album from my phone and was out asleep. When I woke up in the middle of the night to him snoring, I happily turned the music back on and dozed off. Now it doesn’t completely cancel the noise but it makes this more prominent so I can fall asleep. It was surprisingly comfortable too. The bass actually sounds really good on these by the way! All in all, if you’re looking to drown out your partner due to snoring this is a great, affordable, and quality product that you too should buy.

  162. Customer

    This headband is very comfortable to fall asleep wearing. I will say that after several months use I’m noticing it’s starting to get a little stretched out so I’m not sure how long it will last. My biggest complaint is there is no auto shutoff. Since I wear this to listen to audiobooks to fall asleep this is a big deal and requires that I recharge it all the time. Unfortunately you cannot use it while charging. The buttons on it are awkward and hard to locate while wearing. With all of that I’d still purchase it again because it’s so much better to sleep with than the big bulky headphones.

  163. Lee N.

    Ok, I’m a kid with adhd and I find it hard to sleep unless I’m listening to my music (and my music taste is a bit too much for my parents lol) so I would always listen through my mini Bluetooth speaker. One day I suddenly remembered that a vacation trip was coming up and I was going to be staying in the same hotel room as my parents (obviously because I’m a minor). Of course I didn’t want my parents to be falling asleep to nudisco and j-pop and then waking up in the middle of the night to funk rock and hyper pop so I searched up “sleeping headphones” and found this genius item 😀 I bought it about a month ago and it’s been working really well so far. It’s comfy, the sound quality was better than I expected and my parents couldn’t hear anything coming out of the headphones which was great! There is one small thing that when the volume is turned up to the max it makes this really startling beeping noise but it’s not that bad for me cause I don’t listen to anything that loud but still. Anyways I’ve been using these every night and so far they are all good. Also, the battery lasts about 2 and a half nights for me (I sleep for 8-10 hours) if anyone is curious how long it lasts until it runs out of batteries and you have to charge it again 🙂

  164. L. Roam

    Absolutely love these headphones. The headband is very soft and lightweight and the speakers offer decent sound quality. Unfortunately, after only 7 months of very gentle, at-home use, they will no longer charge. If you’re looking for a headband for a trip or other limited use, I highly recommend. If you’re looking for a reliable, long-term product, you should probably look elsewhere.

  165. T. SIMON

    Only one night wearing and it was a good night sleep. Noise canceling not really, however they worked nicely. I can’t use my headphones NC mode because I always hear a weird noise. This worked great as a night mask & headphones. The sound was perfect as are the controls. Simple to operate. I will buy other colors now too because of how compact it is for traveling.

  166. Maddie

    I’m shocked. I ordered this not for sleep but just because I thought it looked cool. I didn’t think I would like it because I have a big head and headbands usually scrunch up and fall off on my head. I also figured the battery would last two hours max because I didn’t think it would last longer than my AirPods. I also just recently pierced my daith, so I’m only able to put one AirPod in at a time and it can only be in the ear I didn’t pierce. The only headphones I can wear comfortably are over the ear ones which are bulky and impractical for my job.It worked right away without charging (even though you really should, I just was impatient and wanted to try it). I put it on backwards so I didn’t look like an idiot with a control box on my forehead and tested it out. The sound is SO CLEAR. I don’t know how or why but I was so shocked. The speakers are also moveable so I was able to adjust it so I could hear better. I turned them on at around 10 am and they lasted until 6! Without turning them off once! I might try them tonight while I sleep.It was also sooo comfortable over my pierced ears. It snagged on my lobes a little bit, but they snag on everything so I didn’t expect anything less. I couldn’t even feel it over my daith. I wish I had known about this months ago!!!All in all I highly recommend these. They last for a long time and are very comfortable. I was worried my big head was going to make it hurt but it actually fits really nicely. This will be perfect for my 6 am job where we wander around an empty store for 4 hours doing marketing. I recommend these to anyone!

  167. Sarah N

    I bought these for my 7 year old son who shares a room with his 3 year old brother. The 7 year old likes to fall asleep listening to music but my 3 year old has lullabies playing rather loudly from his sound machine, so these are the perfect solution for my older son! I had previously purchased a pair of kids sleep headphones but they were a heavy fleece material which was way too hot and the earpieces were hard plastic that hurt his ears. This pair is super lightweight and the ear pieces are very soft and cushiony. He sometimes pulls it down over his eyes like a sleep mask as well. The only minor problem is that the volume button and the song skip button are the same. Press and hold to increase volume, press quickly to skip song. Seems easy enough, but for a sleepy 7 year old it’s sometimes frustrating to inadvertently skip the song when trying to increase the volume.

  168. BlainandSheri C.

    I can’t find comfortable Bluetooth headphones no matter the style. They really hurt inside my ears. And headphones over the head end up cupping and squuezing my ears. I use this headband, not only for sleep but around the house during the day. My ears appreciate this headband. Sound quality is OK. A little echo at times but I honestly don’t mind. The inside of my ears are so relieved with this Bluetooth headband!

  169. Mariah

    I wanted to be able to listen to music without sticking earbuds in my ears, especially when trying to sleep. This is much more comfortable than having earbuds in, I do have to adjust the speakers though so that they set on my ears better.The material is also comfortable, it can just feel a bit weird sometimes to have your hair down wearing it.The sound quality is good, if you’re wanting it to go super low though it doesn’t do the volume exactly like earbuds do. The lowest the sound goes before it doesn’t come through the speakers anymore is shown in the picture.You have to hold down on the volume buttons for a few seconds otherwise it will change to a different song. So you have to remember that, but it’s also pretty easy to just use your device to change the volume too.The battery life and quality has been good so far as well.Overall I’m pretty happy with my purchase. I’m glad I bought it.

  170. D. Garber

    I bought these because I like to listen to audiobooks at night before (and to aid in) going to sleep. Earbuds and headphones are dreadfully uncomfortable. THESE headbands, however, are GREAT for sleeping in.I would NOT recommend them for use in the daytime world. The maximum volume level is not great. Adjusting the volume requires a long press on the control buttons, and skipping ahead 30 seconds takes only a brief press on the buttons. But for their intended purpose, to use in bed before and during sleep, they are TERRIFIC.Also, this model does NOT LOUDLY ANNOUNCE when the charge is low. They will simply shut down, requiring a recharge. Beware: Some other models have a cavity-rattling “LOW BATTERY!!!” that wake the dead and really jar the heck out of you. This model is great in that it has no such annoyance!

  171. cowboy

    So, my husband snores. Loudly. I tried wearing earplugs to bed but they triggered my vertigo. I switched to wearing wireless headphones to bed so I can listen to shows on Netflix to keep my mind off of the logs my husband loudly saws while sleeping. The first pair I had worked ok but they closed with Velcro and my hair would get caught in it from time to time. Also, the speakers were large and made of hard plastic so they were somewhat uncomfortable to lay on (I’m a side sleeper). These wireless headphones solved all the problems that my other ones had. I love these. The volume does not go super loud but I don’t have a problem with that. I’m not trying to rock out with them, just trying to drown out my husband. I would definitely recommend these!

  172. Petro Pupil

    Wish I would’ve found thes a lonnnnggggg time ago. Bought them for my wife to combat my snoring and what used to be every night me going to the couch or her because of my snoring has now gone to zero nights. They’re comfortable and don’t hurt your ears after hours of wearing. So good I’m about to buy a second pair for myself when I work offshore

  173. Michael Kral

    This is the 3rd of this type I’ve purchased. 1st was poor quality, second one got ran through the laundry (don’t’ do this!). This one has been working great since. 3rd time is the charm?They are indeed comfortable enough to sleep with, as a side sleeper. If you’re a back sleeper you probably aren’t looking at this type anyways, as you can get away with more, but these will work of course.I also use them for light workouts: holding up well vs sweat. I’m unsure how they would perform for multiple heavy workouts though.Overall sound quality is exactly what you expect from this price range, low, but fine enough for the task.The volume does not get very high at all. Likely high enough for most users, I’ve got mild hearing damage from all the live music over my lifetime and could use a little more, but that’s really the only negative.Overall good product

  174. Robert

    I mainly use these sleep headphones to gain sleep every night. Since I’m a side sleeper I have been using one at a time of my set of 2 Bluetooth pieces. The problem is that when I change sides I have to change ear pieces either left or right during all night.I was looking for something like these…Now I don’t interrupt my sleep when changing sides!The quality is good and controls are really friendly.You will used to them in a couple of nights.

  175. Silvana Gaitán

    I bought this not long ago and now I cannot use them any more. The battery has died. I put them to charge and I turn them on and connect them and after a few seconds they just just off and won’t even turn on again. I was happy with them but now I feel like o lost my money.

  176. nancy semenko

    Update: After the one side stopped working I continued to use them and would rotate the headband to whatever side I was sleeping on. That worked, but was annoying. The headband charge used to last for 10 hours, but progressively got shorter and shorter until it was only about an hour. Then the last speaker’s wires got disconnected from the power source, so ultimately these lasted about 10 months. Tempted to buy a nicer pair, but figure they’ll all die in less than a year, ugh.Original: These lasted longer than the last 4 pairs of wired and bluetooth headphones I’ve purchased, so I guess that’s a plus. Probably won’t buy this brand again.Sound is pretty good. Can still feel the speaker when I sleep on my side but it’s not too bad. I hate that the speakers move around so much though ‐ I’m constantly adjusting them.

  177. Within A Quarter Inch

    I’ve been using sleep phones with a cord for years which meant I needed an adapter for my iPhone. They don’t last – so I’ve been trying various Bluetooth versions for a while. I returned all of them because they were big, bulky with large hard discs next to the years and the controls were also really uncomfortable. Then I read the reviews for these and figured I’d give them a try. So glad I did! They aren’t bulky at all, I don’t even notice the sound discs and the front panel is much less annoying than the others. AND it holds a charge! I listen all night long and the battery hasn’t died on my yet. Give them a try – hopefully they are just as comfortable for you too. As a side – the sound is pretty good too but I’m listening to friends reruns, not music so there’s that.

  178. Patricia N

    I’m not going to say they have no room for improvement, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality! I sometimes get overwhelmed with the sound of leaf blowers early in the morning, and used paired with ear wax or foam earplugs these are perfect. The actual part where the music comes out sometimes moves a little, but it’s easy to move so I don’t really have a problem with it.

  179. Niquey

    I’ll admit I was a little disappointed in the noise cancellation because my (now ex) boyfriend is a loud beast in both the snoring and getting ready for work in the morning department. And not exactly courteous about keeping his volume down on podcasts and such… you know what, there’s a reason I kicked him to the curb.These also worked amazing for a girls trip I went on with friends. As the host, I wanted to sleep in the main room but knew it’d get a little loud with people using the bathroom and such throughout the night. Put these babies on, turned on some lullaby jazz on Spotify, and off to dreamland I went. Bonus: the headband is wide enough that I use it as a sleep mask so double the pleasure! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  180. Olivia Zaragoza

    Purchased this item for my surgery stay at the hospital. I have AirPods but was afraid that I would lose them while I’m sleeping. My AirPods tend to fall out of my ears no matter how I place them. So this item was a life saver. It’s easy to pair to my iPad and iPhone. The sound is amazing and I’m able to control the volume from my devices or from the headband. The dual use as a headband and eye make is genius. I don’t know how I would have gotten through multiple days in the hospital without this item. It also holds a charge for hours. I will be purchasing another for my husband who’s a long haul truck driver.

  181. tct

    This is my second pair of these headphones: the first pair stretched out and I had a hard time figuring out how to get the speakers out to wash it. However the sound is really good and it’s really really easy to sleep in. I use these because I have insomnia and it helps to listen to music or podcasts as I sleep without disturbing anyone. Good value for the price!

  182. Katie Williamson

    This headband is really comfortable and works as designed. I was hoping for a bit more noise cancellation, but I did use these on a flight where noise is naturally a little louder. Regardless of the noise, I am really happy with my purchase. This completely eliminates my fear that an airpod is going to fall out in my sleep or something. If you’re looking for a way to listen to white noise or music while sleeping or working out, I would recommend this product!

  183. Christine St. Clair

    Ok folks, if you are looking for headphones you can sleep with, look no further!I bought these headphones because my husband snores and I need to sleep. I bought these to put on and listen to white noise. They work GREAT! In fact, they work so good, I bought a second item when I lost my first one while on vacation.Another bonus…you can put them down over your eyes to block light.As you can tell, I’m a fan! If you are looking for headphones you can wear at night, you found them!

  184. ADE

    This is the second time purchasing these; I wear them *every* night. First ones lasted about 2 years before the plastic on the wire near the plug finally gave way. By that point the headband was a little loose as well, but that’s to be expected.Sound is good for audio books, but don’t expect rich sound for music unless you are listening as a side sleeper with the speaker pressed to your ear. They just aren’t that kind of speakers.My only qualms:-Watch out- Bluetooth automatically maximizes volume and says “CONNECTED” very loudly right away! No other Bluetooth I have does this. Just don’t have anything playing while connected and don’t have the speaker pressed to your ear when that happens, then you can lower the volume.-Button actions are opposite most devices I’ve used: long-press for volume, short press for skipping/rewinding. This means you have to “catch” the volume at the right point, which is impossible when I’m sleepy. I just use the phone volume instead.However even with these issues, they are very worth the price!

  185. AbbeyNormal

    I originally bought these for my husband but decided to give them a try when my daughter began complaining about the TV volume. She frequently works nights, and I am a little hard of hearing. It’s been a learning experience. At first the band was too large, but I washed and dried it, and it fits more snuggly now. I had no problem removing the speakers and control unit before washing, but I was a little concerned about putting them back after reading comments from others who had trouble replacing them. I had no trouble at all. The pieces all went back in to their proper places with no difficulties.With the band a little tighter now, I hear much better. I have at times had to put my hands on either side of my head to hold the speakers closer to my ears to hear better, but now that the band is more snug, I don’t have to do that.I use these with our TV. Without the headband, I usually listen to the TV with the volume set at 6 and use the closed caption to understand the words better. Raising the volume doesn’t help me understand the words any better and annoys family members who can hear the program clearly in other rooms. When I connect the headband to my TV, it automatically adjusts the TV volume to the mid30s, which is just right. No on else can hear the sound, and when I disconnect the headband or turn it off, the TV volume returns to its usual setting of 6.When I use the headband, there is less background noise, the sound is more clear, and the words are easier to understand. I cannot hear anyone talking to me while it is on and have to mute the TV or stop the program and flip up the headband and a speaker on one side to have an actual conversation.One problem I found when adjusting the volume on the control unit is that it emits a terrible piercing sound when the volume is as high as it can go. I’ve solved that by not touching the volume control on the band and use the remote to adjust the TV volume.The only real complaint I have is the control unit rubbing my hairline. It’s not really uncomfortable, but it is parting my hair weirdly and rubbing a thin spot. Today I tried pushing the headband farther back on my head with the control unit near the top of my head, and that seems to relieve the friction without moving the speakers off my ears.I would absolutely purchase these again. It’s really nice to be able to hear the TV and know you aren’t disturbing anyone–a win for the entire family!

  186. Robert May

    These headphones are perfect for me. Can’t stand anything in my ears. Can lay in bed & listen to my books & it doesn’t matter if I fall asleep. They’re very comfortable. Purchasing some for hubby now.

  187. Vicente

    I love this product already. It is powerful with music and so comfortable on my head. I can’t wait to try it out when I exercise and sleep in the bed. This is definitely a keeper in the long-run!

  188. Nicole

    This has replaced my AirPods at night. I can’t sleep without noise and my husband has to sleep in complete silence. I used my AirPods but they tend to hurt a while, this was a great replacement. Sound is perfect and doesn’t bother my husband at night. Best part is I can fall asleep and my ears don’t hurt later on. I also used it for the gym, also a great alternative.

  189. Toya

    It worked perfectly for what I needed it for. It was comfy and I could wear it all night with no issues. I have only had it for a few months and used it for a few days on a cruise. So as for its longevity, I can’t speak of but it is currently working and I love it.

  190. Ash-b14

    I love to use this for sleeping, I like to fall asleep while listening to a podcast or sleep story and these are perfect for that-I’m able to lay on my side and fall asleep to whatever I want without bothering my sleeping partner beside me. They are also great for working out and doing errands around the house. They don’t get very loud if you like to blare music- I would recommend different headphones for that and while you’re listening you can still hear your surroundings so they don’t cancel or noise which I don’t mind for what I use them for-being able to hear my surroundings while using them makes me feel safer while at the gym or during the night just in case you know

  191. Watts Prusha

    Got this for my birthday and love it! Nice for laying down in bed or doing housework, walking the dog on cool days 👍

  192. Valentina

    I had been looking for the longest for a pair of earbuds i could wear while i sleep, as i like to drift off to asmr or music, but i would eventually be so uncomfortable I would have to take them off or they would fall out while I was sleeping. This headband is amazing, it solves those issues, has good sound quality, and does a good job of noise canceling. One charge lasts me about 3 nights. It also has added bonus that I could put it over my eyes to block out light when I want to.

  193. Pattep

    I have to listen to music or an audio book to fall asleep but my sleep partner doesn’t want to hear the noise. Regular earphones hurt to lay on & fall out of my ears. This headband with embedded flat speakers and bluetooth controller solved my dilemma. They are reasonably comfortable and give me decent sound quality. The controller’s volume control & other functions seem to work well. My only complaint is that if you want to wash the headband, you must carefully manuver the components out of their tight pockets before washing the headband. Electronics & batteries don’t like water. Then you have to delicately fish them back into their respective tight pockets without stressing the wire connections between the speakers & controller which could possibly result in breaking the wire connections. So my advice is…don’t wash the headband unless you have to. Make the connections last as long as possible. Plus this headband is priced low enough that you could buy a new one & save the frustration of removing/replacing the components without breaking them. Overall, good product for the money.

  194. Skella

    I really like these headphones? they are super comfortable and great for sleep! I got theses because my wireless earbuds hurt my ears when I slept on my side. so bought these and they’re great. I can listen to music and Rain ambience. the sound quality is surprisingly great! I was skeptical at first but after playing some of my favorite music. the sound quality is super clear and the bass is vibrant. overall these headphones are really goodthe only downside of the headphones are is that the blue tooth device inside is hard to remove for washing but once you get used to it its pretty easyover all I highly recommend these headphones if you are looking for a very comfortable solution to head phones or earbuds

  195. DC BIGGS

    Bought as a gift, but thought I should check them out before gifting. The sound is clear and good and I think comfortable where someone could wear it to bed/sleep. Also I think it would be great for gardening, reading and craft projects. Setting up was very easy also and glad to see directions for washing. I think my friend will really like them!

  196. Lynzi Henderson

    Love this! Great for wearing when going to sleep. Good sound. Internal headphones do move around a bit but can be adjusted quickly.Charge lasts for many days. I haven’t figured out how to wash it yet. I make sure I don’t get it wet because I would be afraid it could be ruined. I am planning on getting multiple pairs. Recommend.

  197. Danielle

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! I LOVE these headphones. Unique -yet very versatile. I use different kinds of headphones depending upon what I’m doing. These could be comfortably functional in any instance though. I forget I’m wearing them!However, I purchased these specifically because some nights I sleep best accompanied by sound; and had been buying a new pair of headphones monthly because sleeping on them shorted them out quickly -not to mention they were uncomfortable.Finding these were like, “Eureka!”. A cure all and perfect match for my use. The design solves things I hadnt even thought of -So comfortable when sleeping, lounging…and doesn’t strain the headphones at all. -Short charge time as well.I would consider myself a picky purchaser, but these have not let me down. Order with peace of mind.

  198. Average Consumer

    Comfortable. Decent sound and quick charging. Nice for casual use around the house and bedroom when lounging or for exercising or wearing outside to do chores. Occasional issues with dropped connections and the speakers are thicker than they appear in the pictures. Happy with this purchase for the price.

  199. shiva-woman

    So, I got a Halo watch. And the thing about the Halo is it comes with a year’s worth of cool sleep programs, meditation, stories, etc. (Honestly, it’s the best thing about the watch). I was having trouble resting on my side with regular earbuds, listening to “Tales of travel and adventure,” and had to kind of rest with my face up to ceiling before going to sleep at night. This product showed up during the Prime days in my feed, and it was on sale and I thought, “What the heck– I’ll try it.” It is so worth it. First, I don’t wear it as a headband but an eye covering because I’m super sensitive to light! I do admittedly have to wriggle the flatter buds into position to get the full sound, which is much less than regular buds, but once I’m settled, off to dreamland I go, listening to my relaxing meditation or whatever. Don’t expect these to be super loud, but there is moderate sound cancelation of snoring spouse! The sound quality is overall good. You do have to adjust to put in place. I’m pleased with my purchase!

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