GameSir T4 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Controller for Nintendo Switch, Switch Pro Controller with LED Backlight, Turbo Gamepad Joystick with Dual Motor, Programmable Game Controller for iPhone/Android/PC

Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $35.99.

GameSir T4 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Controller for Nintendo Switch, Switch Pro Controller with LED Backlight, Turbo Gamepad Joystick with Dual Motor, Programmable Game Controller for iPhone/Android/PC 7
GameSir T4 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Controller for Nintendo Switch, Switch Pro Controller with LED Backlight, Turbo Gamepad Joystick with Dual Motor, Programmable Game Controller for iPhone/Android/PC $49.99 Original price was: $49.99.$35.99Current price is: $35.99.
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  • 【Switch Controller】GameSir T4 pro controller built-in 6-axis gyro, which can also more sensitively and let the player’s movements and reflect it more accurately in the game. Support Apple Arcade And MFi Games.
  • 【Wireless Gamepad】Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows 7 or later, Android TV box. Connections: via 3 main connections of Bluetooth, 2,4 GHz receiver/wired. Note: Not have 2.4Ghz dongle, works for Switch or Switch Lite only by Bluetooth.
  • 【Turbo & Double Vibration Function】Built in dual motors enhance gameplay with vibration feedback, android controller provide the most appropriate vibration strength for game feedback. Press Turbo+D-pad’s up&down to adjust the intensity of 5 levels motor vibration.
  • 【Programmable Buttons Controller】GameSir T4 pro Mobile Controller create your own personal configuration and conquer other players. GameSir T4 pro still supports users to customize the four buttons on their backs with simple settings.
  • 【Colorful Led Backlight】T4 pro wireless controller has colorful LED backlight. Stunning colorful LED backlight on ABXY buttons and right joystick glows even in the dark, Which bring outstanding gaming experience feeling for you.
GameSir T4 pro Controller

Additional information

Brand Name


GameSir Model

T4 Pro

Compatible Brand/Model


Compatible Nintendo Model

Nintendo Switch







Model Number

T4 Pro

Compatible Platform

Nintendo Switch, PC, Android, iOS, Steam

Interface Type

USB, bluetooth, 2.4G


Wireless / Wired

Wireless Technology

Bluetooth / 2.4GHz Wireless

Working Platforms

Nintendo Switch / Android / iOS / PC

Battery Capacity

built-in 600mAh rechargeable Lithium battery



Vibration Motors



  1. Susan

    Love this controller when I ordered it. I mostly use it to play games on my Android tablet (Samsung Tab S6 Lite), playing Titan Quest or other games with Controller support. Only problem is it won’t remember the Bluetooth connection to my phone as well, only the tablet, which is just fine, it’s a bigger screen to play the game.It connected great to our Switch, only thing I wish I could do is pop open the top and move the buttons around, because the Switch buttons are different and it’s a little confusing if you try to follow the prompts.But it holds a charge for a long time and recharges just fine. The additional piece that clamps in to hold my phone is great.Can’t quite get it to connect to it’s own dongle on my PC, though, it keeps erroring out, but I have a different controller for that if I need it.

  2. jjksun

    I recently purchased this controller for my phone and to play with on PC. It’s been fantastic! Easily connects to my android phone and to my PC. Can turn off the lights as well so battery life is pretty solid. Not bad for $35.Quality of the build is pretty decent and the included phone bracket is a nice touch. Highly recommended.

  3. Seb

    Très satisfait. Je l’utilise avec ma télé intelligente UHD 4K. Je joue aux petits jeux qui viennent avec la télé et je suis très satisfait de mon gamepad.

  4. Jamie and Heather Hejduk

    This controller does not work well with our Switch. It does work with other game consoles we tried. It’s comfortable to hold and the buttons are responsive.

  5. PabloPablo

    Diseño cómodo, sincronización inmediata. Lo mejor es que viene con botones scuf cosa que desconocía.

  6. Michael L. Jenkins

    Paired great with both an Amazon Fire Stick and a Nintendo Switch Lite. No perceivable lag.

  7. LukaB

    It wont charge past one bar for some reason tryed multiple chargers dont know what the issue is or how to fix it but if anybody can help that would be apreciated

  8. D. Chan

    When I first got this controller I connected it to my PC via bluetooth and it worked great! Gyro and everything was working perfectly on Yuzu. But then I decided to see how it worked on the 2.4GHz receiver. It worked fine, however, when using the receiver the controller connects and behaves just like an Xbox controller. So that means no more gyro controls. It also worked great when I connected to my phone with bluetooth. Now the problem starts when I try to reconnect the controller to PC via bluetooth. It no longer connects to PC properly via bluetooth and when it does manage to connect I get a driver error. So basically I’m stuck with an Xbox controller with no gyro on PC, which is a deal breaker when it comes to Yuzu. Unfortune because this controller felt great. Also, the extra buttons on the back are not independent buttons. They are just redundant x,y,a,b buttons with the option to program them as combo presses. They are also easily pressed when holding the controller. I was excited about these extra buttons at first but after using the controller I kind of wished they weren’t there.Update: +1 starAfter trying over and over again I finally started to see connection to my PC bluetooth again through Switch mode (Home + Y). So I decided to give the controller a full charge to ensure good signal strength. After it was fully charged I was able to fully connect to my PC bluetooth again through Switch mode pairing. When paired as a pro controller the gyro and everything works again. (Note: PC bluetooth will see controller as “Pro Controller” not “Gamesir T4 pro_400D”, I kept getting driver error when it connected as Gamesir T4 pro.) So everything works perfect now…just -1star still for all the hassle it took to get here.

  9. Allahdad

    Comfortable grip. As of now, one of the back buttons is unresponsive and the left analog stick has quirky input.Replaced it with a second, only this one has unresponsive bumpers. No customer support as they’re based in China. I am done with this brand

  10. Marco

    Che schifo, lo vendono come un joystick sensazionale ma fa veramente pena, la qualità sembra buona ma non funziona!Io l’ho preso per IOS e con iPhone 11 Pro Max e IOS 14.5.1 non c’è modo di farlo funzionare!Chiederò il reso.

  11. Dale Allen

    Color: GameSir T4 proI’m always skeptical about buying brands like this. I needed something wireless for my PC so I didn’t have to keep using my corded Xbox one (V1) controller.It works perfectly! Pop in the 2.4 dongle and pair it. Good to go! I would love to use it on my switch but the button B and A and X and Y being backwards always messes with me. (Even though you can change that on the switch, a lot of games like Monster Hunter don’t play well with that button switch)Comfortable and cool looking! Seems sturdy after 200 hours of game play so far.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Let me just say up front, I’m not a hard core gamer. We do some lite gaming on our Android TV so I can’t say how well it would hold up thrashing some FPS. For what we use it for, it was a snap to pair and use. We just charge it, use it, set it down until we’re ready to rumble again. The reason for four instead of five stars? Some of the buttons are just way to easy press, meaning you can trigger them accidently. They need more resistance. I want to lay my finger on the button without doing things I don’t want to do, until I want to do them. That my story, and I’m sticking to it!

  13. Dr. Evil

    everything is great except that when pairing with my iphone 11, I always have to manually connect it thru settings. if someone has an answer on how to automatically connect it when I turn on the controller, please let me know.

  14. cjmmoi

    I can only compare with a refurbished bluetooth Microsoft controller bought from JB HiFi for $68 ($99).This controller is amazing – a much better experience, easier control, more accuracy. Feels better in the hand, but same plastic as the MS version. There are lateral controls for accelerating and breaking (Forza Horizon 4). I prefer this control type.The only negative, it was significant at first, but I have come to accept it, is the fact this device foes not blue tooth to Win 10. I believe all good for Mac OS and consoles. It makes little sense, but a reciever is need for Windows, I did check with the company before purchasing it, so I knew what I was buying. Lightening fast response. Great fun.

  15. David Morales

    Todo esta excelente pero, deberia de tener una app el mando para la programacion de los botones ya que, si es muy facil programarlos pero, solo cambiar de lugar cualquier boton o hacer combinaciones de ellos en unos de los 4 podria no ser suficiente, ya que se podria tambien programar teclas del teclado o botones del mouse en juegos de pc con una app que te permita hacer todas las combinaciones ya que si el boton no funciona no podrias programarlo, con una app estaria muy completo, similar al Steam controller y su app de Steam donde puedes hacer un sin fin de combinaciones y remapear los botones a tu gusto, ojala la implementen en un futuro y sea facil de descargar porque el SO lee el mando como Xinput y no lee los botones programables por lo que, si no es desde el propio mando es imposible programarlos. Todo lo demas esta excelente, es un mando superio en todos los aspectos, indispensable para los que usamos mandos, es una excelente compra

  16. No Name

    UPDATE: I’ll leave the original review intact below because it’s a great controller while it lasts, but seventh months after my purchase it now has trouble connecting and staying connected and not only are my inputs laggy, sometimes the controller will keep inputting them after I let go (as in, it thinks I’m still holding down Y after I only tap it, something like that). I’m disappointed.I’ve used the T4 for a little over two months now and it’s edged out the Dualshock 2 and 360 controllers as my personal favorite (and I don’t say that lightly; those two are really well designed). It’s just a very, very solid controller that feels good to use and has excellent battery life (and doesn’t take long to charge either). I finally figured out how to use the gyro controls too and it’s working great so far!

  17. Emir Memi

    Not good .Please don`t waste your money .

  18. Ryan H.

    Awesome. The only problem is sometimes I accidentally hit the buttons that are underneath the controller. Other than that it’s been really great. You can use it for almost anything

  19. optimummindoptimummind

    _____*Pros:-Worked very well with all of my devices (e.g., Switch, Win10 PC, Galaxy S20+ Android phone, iPad).-The controller is light, easy to grip, and comfortable.-All the inputs worked well and were responsive (buttons, joysticks, D-pad).-I like the bright & colorful LED-lit buttons.-I appreciate the extra four buttons on the back.-The 2.4GHz USB receiver was quickly recognized by Win10 and maintained a solid connection to the gamepad.-Comes with a phone holder._____*Neutral:-The USB receiver seems to be unnecessarily big.-The USB receiver continuously blinks red when the gamepad is not connected to it._____*Cons:-NoneAlthough I had never heard of GameSir before, I’m glad I took a chance to try it out. To my pleasant surprise, it turned out to be a very competent and versatile gamepad, working well with all of my devices. My iPad recognized the gamepad as an Xbox controller, whereas my Win10 PC and Samsung Galaxy S20+ labeled it as the “Gamesir-T4pro_7040.”Unlike other third-party Switch gamepads I have, this one arrived in an attractive package and not just inside a plain, brown cardboard box. Inside, all the parts were well-organized and neat. I really appreciate that the charging port is USB-C instead of micro-USB.The gamepad is light, comfortable to hold, and great for long-term gameplay. All the input options worked well, offering a responsive and tactile feel. The extended grip handles aren’t very grippy but it shouldn’t slip out of your hands too easily either. The front side of the extended grip handles are smooth but the backside has some texture that offers a decent grip. It would’ve been better, though, if the company had applied some soft silicone or rubber coating to the front and the back.The gamepad cannot connect wirelessly to a Win10 PC without the use of the included USB 2.4GHz adapter, which was a slight disappointment. It’s better than only having to use a USB-C cable though. Although I experienced no technical issues with the USB adapter, I wish it were smaller.Whatever game I was playing, the gamepad handled it very well with tactile and responsive buttons and joysticks. Having four extra buttons on the back is a nice touch that many similarly-priced 3rd-party gamepads don’t offer.All in all, I’m very happy with this gamepad. 5 stars. 👍

  20. Jackson Gabriel Morais Becker

    Great controller for the price.

  21. Asma C.

    Reste à tester la durabilité de la manette

  22. XanXan

    Bought the controller came broken with most of the buttons stuck and analog stick unresponsive (edit) i bought another one and the right control stick stopped workingAgain…

  23. Juan Fernando Tirado

    I was not able to make it work wirelessly, I have to use the cable all the time.Overall it is a good controller, I have only tried it on my pc.

  24. Lucyd

    The latency in absolutely terrible.

  25. Jared

    “X” button stopped working after 2 weeks of use.

  26. Adam Meszaros

    Coming from the Gamesir G4S I was really surprized at how good the performance of this controller is. Next to no latency on wireless. I do a lot of sim racing (away from home where I don’t have the luxury of using a steering wheel) and this controller is more than up to the challenge. If you want Xbox rivalling performance, but don’t feel like forking out £75 I highly recommend this one. Overall a massive improvement on the Gamesir G4S, but it is let down a bit by a gigantic and flimsy usb receiver. I cracked the receiver after only a week. Also the auto shut down is annoying. The device turns itself off in what feels like mere seconds. You cannot put it down, and get a drink without having to turn it back on when you’re done. But of course nothing in life is perfect, and you get the benefit of not having to pay full price for an original XBOX controller, but still get similar perks. Do yourself a favor and at least try it.


    There is no blue tooth for the PC.Only USB connection.

  28. Marlene Deimert

    A cheap looking and feeling controller. The main XYAB buttons were nice and effective, but some of the other buttons were mushy and very unresponsive, particularly the bumpers, and the triggers felt very loose. The turbo feature is really nice except that you can not turbo the back paddle buttons, which feels like a severe limitation. The back paddle buttons are also only mappable to buttons on the controller and are not sent as separate inputs, so software like Steams controller remapping, JoyToKey, or REWASD are unable to use and remap these paddles, which was the real deal breaker.

  29. Rob E.

    I’ve had the controller for about a week now and love it. I’ve been using mostly for Apple Arcade on my phone and iPad so far and it works perfectly. It almost feel like cheating because the controls are so precise compared to fumbling around with holding the phone/iPad and trying to tap the screen. It was super easy to setup and it look sexy as hell too! 🙂

  30. Amazon Customer

    Bought this for my PC after letting someone hold onto the PS4 controller I used to use. Feels great to hold and the buttons are all just fine. Played some third person games like Assassins Creed with it and it worked perfectly. But getting into more precise shooters like Warzone or Halo is when it got a little bit off. The analog sticks have a slightly larger deadzone (compared to higher end controllers) making precision aiming much more difficult.Still great for the price if youre not using it for aiming in games.

  31. alliya

    Giant piece of crap. Bought 2 of these on for my daughters switch and one for my tablet. I get it to connect to Bluetooth but when I open up any game pad compatible games it doesn’t work. I’ve messed with settings for over and hour, trying to find support online and nothing works. Now I’ve got a 35$ paper weight. My xbox controller works great though on my tablet.

  32. Taz

    Beautifully refined gamepad.

  33. Kristina N.

    The extra buttons on the bottom of the controller are a little tricky, since they replicate some functions but all in all this is a great controller.

  34. JT Hernandez

    The first gamepad I received worked great on USB, but would disconnect from bluetooth every 2-5 minutes. I’ve seen a few other reviews complaining about the same bluetooth problem.Supplier provided me with a replacement right away, and the new one works great!I’m also disappointed that this gamepad cannot connect bluetooth to a PC. Others brands can, why not this one? Oh well. 2.4Ghz USB port works ok, but sadly there’s no storage for this dongle either, making this a not-very-portable gaming device for my laptop. I think I’ll go with the 8BitDo N30 Pro 2 or an Xbox controller next time.

  35. Madison Seymour

    I bought this controller to use for genshin impact on my iPad and it’s perfect. It also works great on the switch just takes a bit longer to connect. It’s a great controller and worth the money

  36. Frank M

    Works well with Nvidia shield, fitestick 4k, raspberry pi.Auto shut off works

  37. Jim Johnston

    it works great – my son is really enjoying it

  38. Diane


  39. Hifan

    The item I received has obviously been used with dust and obvious finger prints .

  40. danilo


  41. Henry Garcia

    Excellent Product

  42. Just a regular Amazon customer

    I honestly thought this was going to be a bad controller because of the price, but the quality surprised me. It’s really durable and has good battery life. The holder perfectly fits all phone sizes. It easily outperforms controllers 3x the price. It also comes with GameSir stickers which is a nice bonus.I used it with Windows 10 and Android and it worked flawlessly. I haven’t tried it on Xbox, PS4, or iOS, but I bet it works on there too.Overall really satisfied with the quality and price! 5 stars

  43. luca007

    Belle manette avec boutons lumineux.Rechargeable par USB (câble fourni).Compatible Apple.

  44. Cathy

    Easy Setup for use on switch , no issues good battery life and the lights are great.

  45. Pit

    As above

  46. François

    Jai acheter ce controller pour jouer a des Jeux FPS et tout allais bien, Apres 3-4jours le controller avais de la difficulté a ce connecter a mon PC quand je demarrais mon PC, maitenant elle ce connecter mais les couleurs nallume plus, sans faire la manipulation pour allumer ou eteindre les couleurs. 2e: le LT RT de la manette ne marche plus comme si il y avait quelque chose pour debloquer cela

  47. Amazon Customer

    If your buying this for your switch look elsewhere. Will not pair with the switch at all. All the instructions say is go to change grip/order and hold y + the home button but nothing happens. It will make a fine addition to my garbage can.

  48. MarynaMaryna

    This is a amazing controller for any platform and it’s very easy to use and control. I love the extra paddles under the controller and it’s so much easer to play games with and controll the character. It’s very comfortable when holding and the different textures make it feel better to the touch. There is zero delay and I had no problems using it. Last thing is that I had no problem setting it up and using it. Altogether this Is a great controller and I highly recommend it.

  49. Marshall

    pretty solid. doesn’t remember devices that use bluetooth, so you’ll need to manually reconnect. buttons are a little loud.

  50. mathieu

    Really good no lag love it

  51. JosephJoseph

    This works flawlessly for my android. 🎮😎 I have yet to explore every feature but it’s great so far for SNES and N64 emulator. 👍

  52. Ethan Hoorman

    Pain in the butt to get it to connect to Bluetooth. Takes me several tries before it actually connects to my switch or my pc. Not worth the hassle, get a better name brand controller

  53. Misty Parra

    I ordered this for my son. He loves it!

  54. Juan Carlos

    Awesome product!!! Will buy again.

  55. GreenChaos

    Hardware wise this controller is good value. However I bought this mainly to play games on Android and it doesn’t work at all for that. Tried multiple controller mapping software and nothing works. Worked fine with included receiver for PC if you are only using one controller at a time.

  56. R Noel

    Coming from an old logitech f710 whose rubber had started rubbing off, I wanted a decent, non-rubber, wireless, xbox-style controller. I found this, and thought “eh, it’s probably some cheap Chinese junk.” While it might be Chinese, it isn’t junk.I find the design a little odd, since they made it based on the switch pro controller, but gave it the Xbox style lettering scheme. It connects natively to four different devices: Computer, Android, IOS, and Switch. To connect to your PC, you have to use the attached USB dongle, which I personally don’t mind. I know some people have a problem with that since they want to use Bluetooth, but it doesn’t use Bluetooth to connect to windows or Mac. I dont know if the dongle allows it to work with Xbox, but I wouldn’t bet on it.Other than that, the product is fantastic for the price. The triggers have a little leeway, and aren’t the best for anything requiring precision triggers, but chances are if you’re looking at low price controllers, you don’t care too much. Buttons feel like proper controller buttons, and the battery life is very long. I’ve never had this thing die on me mid-game. So long as you plug it in every couple of days, you’re good to go. The programmable functions seem to work, though I haven’t found much of a use for them. If you have different games, you can’t switch between any profiles of any kind.The plastic is nice. The top has the grainy texture, and the bottom of the grips has a diamond-shaped texture. It does get a little slippery if you have sweaty hands like me, but otherwise very nice. I haven’t noticed any cramping in my hands either.

  57. Kemstone

    I’ve been using this controller for a couple of months now and it has not let me down. It feels great, controls perfectly, and the battery has yet to run out on me while in use.I had a really hard time shopping for game controllers due to all the options and mixed reviews out there, and while I really only needed it for my PC it was the Nintendo Switch compatibility that put this one over the top for me. It paired perfectly with my Switch and I particularly enjoyed Mario Kart due to the trigger buttons which are more fun to press than the ZL and ZR on the standard Pro controller.The only downside is that it’s a bit of a pain to go back and forth between the PC and Switch because you have to repeat the procedure for pairing it every time. But if you’re only using it for one or the other or if you have the patience to deal with it, this controller will serve you well.

  58. Chris Contreras

    Comfortable but instructions not as clear as they could be for linking to various devices(kindle, iPad etc)

  59. Stephanie P

    These are too flight controllers for an incredible price and seem to never lose their charge. I could not be more pleased.

  60. Nathanael

    Does not work as an xbox one substitute on pc mbuttons are analog buttons

  61. Hugo

    The reason I did not leave 5 stars is because of the short idle time it allows. In other words, if you leave it idle for a few minutes, it automatically turns off, needing to reconnect it, and at times, pair it up again. Other than that, once it gets going, it works wonderfully.

  62. R. B

    works well with PC no lag good battery life nice illumination works like my Xbox one controller

  63. Matthew

    I bought this for use with an Apple TV 4K.It comes with instructions for iOS and Mac, but not Apple TV specifically. Both modes work – I ended up using the Mac mode as it allows the Home button to function. Curiously, a short press of the Home button brings up Control Centre and a long press returns home – the opposite of what the Siri Remote does.The controller works well and the battery life seems excellent so far.It has a “rumble” feature but that does not appear to work with the Apple TV.

  64. Nancy Lajoie

    Fonctionne super bien avec Apple TV

  65. M

    Really wanted this controller to work but the backlight is too bright at night and can’t be turned all the way off. Also, the mount clip/holder doesn’t fit a Switch and the buttons are not labelled for Switch. Physical profile is slightly larger than the Pro, built seems good, buttons are slightly more elevated, so pressing buttons sound louder than the original joycons or Pro. Unfortunately this isn’t for me since I would use it for Switch, but I can see how it could work for PC/mobile gamers that likes bright LEDs at night.

  66. Daniel Sunther

    Ok, for iPhone, you have the bluetooth connection, same for Apple TV, it will appear as XBOX Controller. All in all its not bad, the one thing I HATE is the stand, it doesnt go back far enough, you have to hold it at a funny angle, but, if you can just mirror your phone to the Apple TV, your all good, much better that way.To connect to NVIDIA Sheild you need the dongle that comes with it, and the dongle is a bit large, but all in all I cant complain, for the price and for the functionality, there are button on the back of the grips as well, so its got a nice layout.Tested oniPhone XSApple TV 4th genNVIDIA ShieldLaptop (Win10)I cant see this thing not hooking up to something. Its a bit crude, but better than dumping money on different controllers for different thingsOne thing I dont like but its really no big deal, is that if you go from your iPhone to say NVIDIA shield you need to pair again, not a huge deal, but this is really for iOS I would say.

  67. The Dude

    I still have my afterglow! xD! but I’m hoping this well out last it, I just noticed the seller emailed me and never thought I ever had to get into my messages, but everything made it and so on.The controller after a few sessions in a few games showed little to nothing problems you would see in branded and nonbranded devices, it was easy to plug and play with most of my games.. but some well need you to remap all the buttons depending on the platform and launcher you got the game from, so far so good!Note! if you return the thing! leave a list of what you found wrong with it inside the box! not there was anything wrong with mine but, its a practice so that broken products don’t get back into circulation.

  68. V O Y T E X A M A Z O NV O Y T E X A M A Z O N

    The media could not be loaded.

     I like GameSir but the controller as soon as it came out had only one bar charge and it turned off in 10 seconds so decided to charge it first. After 2 hours of charge the charge bar (blue light) was in the same spot. Controller turned off again in 10 seconds. I couldn’t pair it woth my note s20 so im returnig it and try to buy one more from Gamesir. Different one. I want Gamesir T1 back i think. Even though its lagging little bit when connected on Bluetooth.

  69. Ramon

    nice touch and many functions

  70. Davide Ballabio

    Lo sto usando con iOS e Android, funziona perfettamente, molto reattivo , rende l’esperienza di gioco più immersiva e diretta. Super consigliato. Inoltre batteria eterna, dura diverse ore di gioco

  71. Amazon Customer

    Wireless, lightweight and feels great in your hands. T4 Pro also has added grip buttons which many controllers don’t offer for this price. Battery life is long lasting and charges quickly. However, the left stick has begun to move on its own when the right stick is moved. Quite frustrating when trying to line up that perfect shot on any FPS. I want to love this controller, but it seems to have broken after 3 months of use.

  72. Jean-Sébastien Souligny

    Bonne manette pour le prix elle est bonne et fonctionnel mais justement ne vaut absolument pas une manette à 80$ (DS4 ou Xbox). Le ressenti des boutons et surtout des gâchettes ainsi que la précision des joystick (point mort au centre avant l’activation). Vaut son prix sans plus.

  73. Juan Estrada Marquez

    So I have bought a total of four of these and 2 don’t turn on or take a charge. Am I doing something wrong??? I can’t find a reset button either.

  74. Baretta

    It is not at Xbox controller quality however it is very versatile. Triggers are not deep enough but battery life is good. If you need to use with several devices I recommend it.

  75. Xeon+Xeon+

    No se van arrepentir en general, es mucho mas liviano que el control de Xbox One, los botones son suaves y los análogos no tienen nada que envidiar al de MS, las luces led y la vibracion se pueden configurar….. en resumen lo que me ha gustado:Pros:Larga duración de bateríaBotones y análogos con buena sensibilidadLuces led y botones “macro” programables.Contra:Requiere “dongle” usb para conectar al pc.La carcasa no se ve resistente a una posible caída.

  76. Alice

    Very good, Bluetooth to my sony google tv and my iPhone

  77. Patricia Ferguson

    Excellent for additional members of family. Easy to use.

  78. W. G. Deery

    I bought this controller for use on my PC and latest gen Apple TV streaming device. Yes, there is a dongle that you have to plug into a USB port on your PC. Not a biggie for me. Overall, I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

  79. Wendy JurgensenWendy Jurgensen

    If I could give it no starts I would. Will NOT work with Nintendo Switch as advertised. Also beware the A B Y X buttons are in a different order than every other controller. So IF you get it to connect to anything you’ll have to relearn how to play. I wanted it because of the backlit buttons.

  80. Rūku Sama

    i bought it because in the comments some say it works with the fire tv stick and it doesnt work at all ! i google 10000 times to find out how to connect it with my fire tv stick and i find nothing

  81. SaeHim ChungSaeHim Chung

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     For less than 40 bucks, T4 Pro is the way best.Out of the box, you get the well built controller. It is about the sane size with the XBOX one controller but a little smaller.The buttons bound good and sensitive enough. The vibration is pretty good too. As soon as you plug in, it connect immediately and ready to use. You can use it with computer and smart phone and gaming console via USB port.Overall, i will give this controller 10/10 for it price and features.Pros:> well build material> Use with many platform (PC, Gaming Console)> Beautiful led backlight.Cons:> A little light weight, if you familiar with XBOX controller, you will feel it so light.> The triggers is bit short. Only good for shooting game, not suitable for racing game.

  82. michele lavecchia

    Rispetta le aspettative ,ottimo prodotto,ottimi materiali,alta compatibilità.

  83. livinitcountry

    The controller worked quite well with the gaming PC setup in our living room. Excellent responsiveness and honestly felt more like one of our console controllers. We were even able to use it with our Nintendo Switch, which was nice to have. We did have some trouble adjusting to the buttons underneath the controller. Eventually your hands do get used to avoiding those areas, but before than you will have a lot of accidentally button presses.The biggest downside is that the battery only lasted about two hours or so before needing a recharge. Sadly, after about ten recharge cycles the remote has stopped working and no longer charges. It lasted less than 6 months.

  84. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    I bought this for the turbo button feature to use on iOS. Works okay. In the end I ended up not using it bc of the inconsistency. Rapidly pressing the fire button was enough. The controller is small despite looking like an Xbox controller. I have small hands and it’s small for me so beware. I give this a two star not bc of turbo button inconsistency or size but for the latency. The latency from the controller to my iPad is bad. Every time I am experiencing latency I have to turn off the controller and turn it back on until the latency problem goes away which is annoying. When it works it works. But when it doesn’t it sucks. You get what you paid for in the end. There is no other MFI controller out except this one but too bad latency is a problem.Update: Turning it on and off no longer works. I banged it on the chair a couple of times and knocked something loose then it started to work again. Now its just straight up latency. NO WAY TO FIX . DO NOT BUY

  85. Bambi Sloan

    Ok, take my original feedback back. The buttons do work. You just need to roll your finger across the left toggle to move correctly. Not just move it around but it rolls in your fingers. So far, good gaming experience with an Xbox PC game. Love the shake when something happens.

  86. Mahgan

    I was very excited to receive this item, but very disappointed. The analog stick is very bad, already experiencing drift on the second day so I’m guessing controller is one that was returned and seems to be a refurbished badly.

  87. Lamon

    I’m having trouble with steam finding this controller thru parallels… anyone with answers to solve this??

  88. Rod Mailhot

    Great controller for android/xcloud. Love the extra grip buttons. Kinda wish that each wireless profile kept its own keybindings for the grip buttons, bevause I switch devices a lot, but its a small gripe overall. This also has one of the better phone clips out there.

  89. William Farrell

    Pairs easily with Bluetooth, including Nintendo Switch, Android tablets and PCs. Comfortable and has a good weight to it.

  90. andre , Quebec

    La manette que j ai reçu ne se charge pas même après 8 heures de chargement.

  91. robert castaneda

    awesome controller with all features and can be customized. can be played on all systems

  92. Amazon Customer

    My Grandson thinks this is brilluant

  93. James B

    Great little device. Worked well with both the dongle and blue tooth mode.

  94. J. Mulligan

    Doesn’t pair with my nintendo switch; doesn’t seem to work with anything.

  95. jeffrey wonnocott

    Good product

  96. DeRocket

    So far this controller seems like an excellent value for the money. I was looking for a controller to move from MacOS PC to ipad. So far I’ve had no connection problems and the controller seems great! The back buttons are great for various games as well. Overall very satisfied. Thanks Gamesir!

  97. Cliente Amazon

    Bel prodotto facile utilizzo. Peccato la mancanza delle istruzioni in italiano…. Si configura facilmente

  98. R.E.D. III

    Let’s say you have a couple of devices you want to use this with, perhaps a phone via Bluetooth and a PC via the dongle. The controller makes this very inconvenient because It forgets any previous pairings when you switch modes. Each time you want to use it with your phone, after using it with your PC, you will have to re-pair it by telling your phone to forget about the controller and then pair the same controller again. This is slow and tedious.If only this controller could remember the last successful pairing FOR EACH MODE (i.e. Android, Dongle, iOS, and Switch), it would be perfect. Here is my suggestion. How about updating the firmware with the following sequences:D-PAD DOWN + HOME = turn on and reconnect to last Android deviceD-PAD LEFT + HOME = turn on and reconnect to last 2.4G dongleD-PAD UP + HOME = turn on and reconnect to last SwitchD-PAD RIGHT + HOME = turn on and reconnect to last iOS deviceThis modification to the firmware would probably be easy to implement and would make the controller far more convenient for those who wish to use the same conroller with multiple devices.

  99. VivaZapata

    I couldn’t get this to be discoverable by my iPad Pro or iPad running IOS 13.7 or IOS 14. my iphone 8 and iPhone Xs both couldn’t see this either. Really dissappointed. I checked all instructions and tutorials multiple times. Still looking for an iPad Pro controller if anybody has suggestions

  100. Sean

    Kids and pets wrecked my corded Logitech controller and a 1st party PS3 controller I had been using with a Steam Link. So I wanted something inexpensive and wireless so it’s be less likely to get busted and be less painful to my wallet if it got chewed on. I picked this up for the price, but I’d happily grab another even if cost wasn’t a consideration. Feels VERY much like a Switch Pro. Heavy, sturdy, and great action from the sticks and the buttons.

  101. Giuseppe Caiazzo

    Buon prodotto.

  102. Jonny Negation

    Came back almost a year after use just to give this review. I’ve never had any issues at all even after heavy use. This is the Xbox clone you want, trust me.

  103. Chris Couch

    Great controller

  104. CDK20CDK20

    Had this controller for a bit and its a great working controller overall. But having the same issue some people are. It will disconnect randomly most of the time and thought it was a battery issue. Left it alone for a bit and went back to it and it some how still disconnects outta no where. Pressed the tiny reset button on the back of the controller hoping it would make a difference, but seconds later it still continued to disconnect. In conclusion, I’m stuck with a controller that dosent stay on very long (Sometimes some of the buttons will stop working too)

  105. Christopher A.

    This controller is simply perfect, I can easily connect it to ALL my devices, iPhone, android tablet (also android phones), pc, etc.Totally recommend it, super worth it.

  106. M. Adimora

    Not compatible with IOS 14.4. So would not work with iPhone 8 or iPad Air

  107. Rogerio Sandro Gomes Junior

    Excelente controle, mas não respondeu no bluetooth do celular conecta mas não dá os comandos

  108. Joe

    The thumstick deadzone is about 50% of their travel length so playing anything like cod or racing games is impossible with this. Poor build quality.

  109. SSingh

    I am using it with RetroPie/Linux and Android Fire TV stick. Works great on both platforms.

  110. Siva Subramanian

    Its working well.. thanks

  111. sianspheric

    Didn’t connect to Bluetooth on my Samsung Galaxy S20 FE phone. Said it was connected but it didn’t trigger anything. Button re-mapping didn’t work. Nothing. I’ve used bluetooth game controllers before and it was just an entire defective device. Should not have passed quality control standard. Had to return the item and I wouldn’t buy a Gamesir product after this experience. Be wary of the high reviews on here.

  112. Jorge Arcia

    so far it works with any emulator, specially with cemu, which is the reason why i got it for, i use it with the 2.4 g adapter, to save battery life, but it works great

  113. Jack

    Pairing buttons need to be forced to work. It’s really annoying and is sure to shorten usable lifespan.

  114. Jorge

    Gran controlador me encantó recibí más de lo que pagué.

  115. Jason.R

    The controller is compatible with all the platforms including IOS, Mac, Windows, and Android without a doubt. The flip-up phone holder can hold up to a 7-inch tablet like an iPad mini or so. The connection is instant which supports most non-intensive games. We love using this controller to play Sky and Creaks on our iPad. The ambium lightening of the device also adds to the fun. Super comfortable to hold in hand as well. Overall, I couldn’t think of any negativity about the item. The value of the item is way above its price! Highly recommended.

  116. Jc Torres

    This has to be one of the best controllers I’ve ever used. As a pc gamer/ streamer I always look for a good controller when gaming and I’ve tried many and I have to say that in my own opinion this one was better than the steam controller and ps4 controller and its half the price. I love the colored light especially when playing in the dark and I really love that they added the turbo mode button. I use it a lot on FPS and not having to go to the game options to enable turbo and just hit a button is so good. Thank you Game Sir

  117. sokha peou

    Love it

  118. brian j paajanen

    This Controller does all the things a controller should do. Easy to pair , ive used it on my pc windows and linux(fedora) and with my android phone with absolutely no issues. bottom buttons are easy to set up. clear instructions on pairing and settings / connect and play i didn’t have to install a silly app or install custom drivers. ill probably get a couple more because the price is just right .

  119. Amazon Customer

    Feels good in the hand, start, home and select buttons in slightly odd positions if you’re used to a console controller, but easy to get used to. Thumbsticks and trigger buttons have light and responsive movement.Using the included 2.4Ghz USB receiver works very well on Ubuntu 18.04/20.04 linux systems. The system sees the device as an Xbox one controller.I’ve played multiple steam games with this controller and all have buttons mapped as expected. Long gaming sessions have yet to see the battery run out before I finish playing.

  120. Raymond Arnold

    GameSir has made a fantastic controller. Currently using for my Android gaming PUBG,GTA SAN ANDREAS, FARMING SIMULATOR 18, FLIGHT SIMULATOR EX_EDITION, DEER HUNTER, HITMAN SNIPER……LOVE THIS CONTROLLER!!

  121. Amazon Customer

    Bought for the Apple TV; however, this will work with most gaming platforms.The nameplate on the back shows the button combination to connect with the PS or Xbox.Pretty universal game controller.

  122. rsxsgirl24

    Purchased two of these for gaming with my Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, and while it can be used for gaming on cell phones, computers/ laptops, and anything else you can program and sync with this controller! Works well, and has held up to my inadvertent prolonged button mashing as well as a few of the firefighters from work! I get surprised expressions when I mention that the controller also works on phones, but I’m a touch too old to video game geek that hard. Great size for small to large hands!

  123. alexis henriquez

    on both analog stick there is a deadzone so if you try to press them in the up direction it would be as if your only pressing them slightly up, so for games where you press up to the extreme to run and only slightly up to walk, you could only walk. would not register as your pressing/ pushing the sticks all the way up

  124. Tavo

    Good as the pro controller

  125. fabiocar74fabiocar74

    Sulle altre piattaforme tipo Windows non l’ho provato, ma su Android, la connessione è rapida, lo uso per giocare a calla of duty mobile su tablet lenovo M10 Plus, e funziona alla grande, inoltre, il controller è dotato di una staffa compresa nella confezione, che si può montare o smontare all’occorrenza, in modo tale, che ci si possa inserire uno smartphone.Direi che è universale, quindi va bene per tutto, ed inoltre la sua estetica ricorda l’ergonomia del pad xbox.

  126. Brian T

    Very good controller. Great feel and really like the lighting. Recommend highly.

  127. Pankhil Patel

    Great controller as per my experience. I have played many games on my pc, till now not get any issue. easy to pair with pc, mac and android as well and very smooth. The most important part is its price, its very cheap compare to other controllers. I personally recommend this controller if you are a true gamer.

  128. Jerry-Wong

    Very colorfulDislike the d pad is flat very hard to do haadoken.

  129. Mayron Cobo

    I am able to play all the games I was wanting to on my Android TV, and Android Phone. I can play Oceanhorn, Roblox and others and it is flawless! Love that it came with a phone stand too. One thing of note is that to use it on the Android TV, I had to plug in the USB connector that came included, and same would go for PC, however for phone you can connect with just Bluetooth. Maybe one con for me was that the angle for the phone holder I wish went back further, I feel like it’s a bit too upright for my taste, but I could buy another one on Amazon to probably solve the issue.

  130. Jack V

    Works great with my iPad pro 2020

  131. Boolok

    The battery’s quality is pretty bad. The controller won’t get charged after 3 months. This is hardly used. I think I can get a replacement because it is under warranty but no idea how to proceed. Anybody can help.

  132. Guru Likith Reddy

    I just LOVED using the controller when playing deathrun on minecraft, only thing i dont like is that there is some input lag when i turn on turbo modeEdit: I am changing this from a 4 star to a 1 star because the controller stopped connecting, it didnt even register any buttons i pressed when it was connected, i would HIGHLY recommend buying the REAL gamesir T4 pro from the Gamesir Store on Amazon

  133. Dylan Sinnicks

    Good Buy

  134. Nicholas

    Directions have poor english

  135. Shirley Fizzle

    Three months later.Everything still works. Analog sticks arent jammed or gunked up.It is mildly light and you may accidentally hit buttons you don’t intend. Especially the D pad.The back buttons are placed right at the ring finger and pinkyNobody wants to use their pinky for a button.So it ruins the grip during excited moments where you have to be mindful about the buttons.Having a software kit to actually manage the controller would be amazing.That does not exist.The start and select buttons are shifted to the high top. And its weird. It feels. Weird.The plastic is well designed. Id suggest getting some decal pads to help with slipping and enhance the look.It is a useable controller that you have to adjust a bit for. But still the better option than the other controllers at this price range.It has a dongle. It is A bit big and squishes the usb port frame when the other is being used and it isn’t toooo friendly with USB3 but it works and its fine. For YOU. Not as a gift. Dont be that person.

  136. Marlon dos Santos Oliveira

    Controle excelente, atende todas as minhas necessidades, o acabamento é lindo, tanto no celular como no computador funcionou perfeitamente.

  137. Amazon Customer

    Very comfortable and well built controller. Feels almost as good as a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. It has lots of great features like the underside buttons, and gyroscope.There are a couple of things that make using this controller a little difficult. It can not wake up the Nintendo Switch from sleep mode. Also I can’t figure out how to use the turbo button on the Switch because it is also the screenshot button. One other minor Switch issue is that the buttons are labeled for PC/Xbox use and not the same for Switch. Ex A<->B.Overall this is a solid and versatile controller with a couple annoying issues. Reading the manual is a must if you want to get the most out of this controller.

  138. Matthew Callejo Mojares

    Everything you need for a great controller for consoles, PC and for your switch. Battery life is great. Buttons and overall feel of the controller is great for its value.

  139. Jennifer Deane

    Bought for sole purpose of turbo for Nintendo switch, all it does is take a picture.nice scam putting the word turbo over a button but not cool man.

  140. Leo

    Il prodotto in se è ottimo. Do 3 stelle perché sul mio iMac non funziona come dovrebbe. Sul pc invece e’ impeccabile.

  141. Powpow

    I bought this controller mainly for use on my Android Phone and so far it’s working great. I even tried it on my computer with the included wireless receiver and that works, but have not tried wired but I think that will work as they mentioned.Only faults I find is the triggers are a bit different from what I am used to on a xbox One Controller but can get used to and the back buttons on the back of the controller also will take some getting used to as they are resting on my ring finger all the time when using the controller.Overall this is a very lightweight, comfortable analog stick grip, comes with smartphone attachment and rechargeable battery with USB C cable to charge it. Recommended if needing one controller to play them all.

  142. Carl Simard

    The controller works perfectly with an Apple TV+ 4K. No issue and pairing was fast and easy. Great controller for the price.

  143. anonymousY

    All non-OE sticks can be a little fiddly to connect and reconnect after a period of non-use, but once you get past that this controller works great. Comfortable in the hand. Responsive.

  144. irobonxtirobonxt

    — Pros —Works on PC, Android, iOS, and Switch.Bluetooth and 2.4 Ghz connections are fast and reliable.Solid build.Adjustable rumble motors.Adjustable ABXY LEDs.Turbo mode.Comfortable hold.Includes phone holderCustomizable M1, M2, M3 and M4 buttonsPlug and Play functionality, no need to install drivers.— Cons —The blue status LEDs bleed through the case, making it hard to tell which one is on.— Devices Tested & Working —Asus Custom Desktop (Windows 10 Pro 2004) – 2.4Ghz Dongle and WiredApple iPhone 6S (iOS 13.3.1) – BluetoothAmazon Kindle Fire 8 HD [2016 Gen] (Android 5.1) – Bluetooth— Games Tested & Working —Minecraft (Windows) [Microsoft Store] – Works natively. If wanted, remap using game’s configuration.Persona 5 on rpcs3 (Windows) [website] – Remap using game’s configuration or from within Windows’ game controller configuration.Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap on Delta (iOS) [website] – Remap using game’s configuration or from within Delta’s game controller configuration.Fire Emblem on RetroArch (Android) [website] – Remap using game’s configuration or from within RetroArch’s game controller configuration.— Thoughts —After buying and using so many game controllers, one has to ask if there is ever going to be a controller that can work on (almost) all platforms wirelessly?Well, GameSir released their T4 Pro, and I guess this is as close as of right now to a One-For-All-Controller.Build quality is the same as their T4w controller: solid and sturdy. In fact it shares the same form as the T4 series controllers.Weight is good but light enough for long gaming sessions.The buttons press and click nicely, no lag was noticed on wireless or wired connections. The joysticks takes a few minutes to adjust to as it isn’t the rubber sticks like other controllers.The rumble and LEDs are adjustable, which is a nice touch. The back M1-4 buttons are programmable, just follow the instructions in the manual that comes in the box.Pairing to my Switch and Android are as easy as connecting to a Bluetooth device. To connect to the PC, just plug in the included 2.4 Ghz USB dongle; the PC will see it as a Xbox controller.Unlike GameSir’s older controllers, the T4 Pro works on iOS 13+ natively. It just works, provided that the game/app has support for controllers. It might not work on older iOS versions, you have been warned.One small problem I had was when I was using RetroArch on Android, my L2 and R2 Trigger buttons aren’t recognized. It’s probably a Android issue, will update once I can confirm.Some other minor issues I found was that the moveable phone holder cannot adjust the angle at which the phone is held, and the transparent case makes the status LEDs bleed, making it hard to tell which one is lit.In conclusion, the GameSir T4 Pro just might be the controller to control all consoles.

  145. OumarOumar

    Molto facile da collegare senza troppi giri ed è molto soffisticato , devo dire che dopo tanti joystick che ho cercato e ho reso su Amazon, questo ennesimo è stato bellissimo

  146. Chesty McClure

    This controller was great until it wasn’t. No longer holds a charge, no longer connects to Bluetooth. I’ve tried resetting it, connecting to my PC with a cord, it keeps disconnecting. Makes it impossible to use for pvp. I’ve done all the troubleshooting, it just gave up. Connects for a few seconds (even when plugged via cord ) then disconnects , reset doesn’t fix the problem

  147. Michael Perri

    I like it for the price, I wanted something cheap that works fine and that’s what I got

  148. SpAzMaTrOn

    Battery last a long tome my 4 and 7 year love the size. Works on the Apple TV and our windows 10 pc

  149. (CFH)Mackey


  150. JK

    I’ve been trying to find a universal controller for some time which works with the Switch, PC and Nvidia Shield TV and this is it. Also has pretty colours and good build quality feel.

  151. Rodney Keough

    Met my expectations

  152. CJ

    Awesome controller very versatile my son got it for his bday got a promo on it for a bonus he pretty much uses it everyday. I connected it to an emulator front end on tablets and cell phones only thing that doesnt work is call of duty mobile for android which was a bit of a letdown given that apple cod works. Good controller none the less.

  153. Andrea

    Il Joy è molto carino, ottimi materiali e si interfaccia tranquillamente con tablet e smartphone Android e pc. Ha una buona durata di batteria. Io lo consiglio.

  154. Rory G

    Using on both PC and Android device – pairs up easily. Works best when plugged into a PC directly, but connects easily enough wirelessly. Removable phone holder is definitely a great bonus.

  155. Amazon Customer

    Works so far. Haven’t had any connection issues.

  156. Matthew Valdez

    I thought overall the T4 Pro was a decent controller. It felt pretty good in the hand with a weight that I did feel wanting more. The lights is a nice touch and didn’t feel overbearing. Standout feature is the fact this can be used for multiple different applications such as the Switch, PC, and Mobile. However, the biggest disappointment of the controller is the fact that the buttons are all wrong for the Switch. The controller advertises switch first but it uses the Xbox layout. This is confusing since A is B and B is A. I think for a controller to advertise as a Switch Pro alternative it should at least have the right layout.As a PC or Mobile controller, this is great. The controller again feels pretty good in the hand, however, I got this as a Switch controller and it falls short in that regard.

  157. RDarkstormRDarkstorm

    It works great for pc gaming when using the dongle it came with. For me though, it did not work on android when I tried it (it connects, but does not work). I’m using Android 10 on an LG G8X. Did not try it with switch or iOS so I can’t comment on how it works with either of those.Overall, it’s a good wireless controller for pc. I continue to be generally pleased with GameSir products over any other third party controller I’ve tried. It just doesn’t work on android for me.

  158. Matt

    It would be a perfect controller except for one thing. The analog dead zones are horrible. It must be a 75% dead zone before the analog engages any movement in the game. It makes playing 1st person shooters near impossible. But for any other type of game its a good buy. Maybe just buy this strictly for indie games or something.

  159. SahilSahil

    Great controller as per my experience. I have played many games on my pc, till now not get any issue. easy to pair with pc, mac and android as well and very smooth. The most important part is its price, its very cheap compare to other controllers. I personally recommend this controller

  160. Mad Man Freddy

    I have this controller connected to my PC as a Switch Pro controller via bluetooth. Is amazing and since is connected as a switch pro controller, the gyroscope function can be turned on. Great controller with a great proce and more versatile than a $60 xbox one controller

  161. Amazon Customer

    We have a few free video games for the kids on Apple TV like Beach Buggy, etc… and these game controllers sync to our TV marvelously! You can’t beat some free games and affordable controllers! 🙂

  162. Joel

    Does not connect to iOS devices

  163. Amazon Customer

    The controller drivers wanted a ton of permissions on my computer, more than any other controller or Bluetooth device I’ve ever seen. I have no idea if it is malicious or malware, but the only software descriptions online are by the company & Reddit posters have been suspicious of the amount of permissions requested by the controller (through steam). Returning because I don’t quite trust it

  164. Ben

    On my iPhone 11 Pro, playing call of duty mobile, there is a lot of input lag if I keep WiFi turned on. I have to turn off WiFi and use only my data plan to eliminate the lag.It works for me with unlimited data and good service coverage, but beware.

  165. John

    Does not work with Apple TV. The review that’s says it does is incorrect.

  166. Dina

    Absolute GARBAGE. Don’t buy it, I bought 2 of these and after 1 month both controller batteries stopped holding a charge. Should have returned it when I noticed that it wasn’t connecting very well at times and there was a bit of latency in the responsiveness in the controller vs the original XBOX controller I have. Checked to see if I can get replacements since it would be under warranty … discovered strangely that the SN is wearing off. Seems like a scam product. Tried to save some money, but obviously not since I will have to now go and buy an original XBOX controller. Very upset with this purchase.

  167. christian

    Nice and working

  168. SEMDI

    Works perfectly for Apple TV 4K, all the controls and customizations work

  169. jerry

    I really like this remote works well ND no lags ,I use it for pc gaming so no lag is a important thing, the only con I’d say is the remote gets kinda sticky as it’s plastic she’ll wish it would come with some rubber around it, besides that’s it’s a great controller

  170. Chris

    Works perfectly for Nintendo switch, good battery life.

  171. Gus Sacrey

    Barely syncs, doesn’t stay synced.

  172. Akshi Talwar

    The product has very great quality and excellent grip all controls are comfort and good quality. Multi-platform and easy to customize controls. The price worth the product.

  173. Mary Gallant

    Worked great at first but then wouldn’t connect to pc. We will see if refund policy is accurate, waiting for refund now.

  174. Sarah AlAmri

    This controller works great with my Switch and TV and gives great control. It has a good grip and is comfortable to use. Connection was very easy and quick and the family is enjoying using this.

  175. Scott Burke

    Randomly disconnects while you are playing games on a fire stick. Other controller by another brand doesn’t randomly disconnect.

  176. ZianneZianne

    For one I am happy it worked with my pc and I was surprised to find there is so much you can do with controller when you press the home button. The colors are great 👌. I love it ❤️

  177. WillBeGoodJ

    My PC can detect this controller immediately. I have no problem to play any games in Steam.

  178. Damian Konopka

    Being able to play Apple Arcade games with Apple TV is very, very cool and this controller is what to have to make them play at their best. The driving games in particular are heightened by the smooth operations in this gadget and it works seamlessly with the Siri remote.

  179. Cindy in the 6ix

    Buttons are big enough, so easier to use.

  180. Dimitrios Passalis

    Not work with mobile pubg

  181. Tommy Davis

    I’ve used it with an Android tablet (tried FPSE PlayStation emulator, Mupen 64 N64 emulator, and GTA Vice City) and PC so far, and it works perfectly. I really appreciate the ability to select what you want to pair to when you first turn it on, so it won’t accidentally connect to your phone or tablet when you’re trying to connect to PC, Switch, etc… You can also use it as a wired controller if you’re low on battery. It feels very solid and high quality in the hand with a nice texture on the back of the grips, and the buttons/sticks work like they should and don’t feel squishy or cheap. I still want to try it out on a few more things, but so far overall I’m already very impressed with it.

  182. Samuel vergara

    Nunca Pude recibir ayuda del soporte técnico y nunca pude conectarlo ni mucho menos jugar Call of Duty esto solo me hizo perder tiempo le pido a soporte técnico que conteste llamadas ya que es miércoles y no puede ser que no pueda Haber alguien para contestar no recomiendo este producto mejor recomiendo otro el que sea pero este no

  183. Scott Hunter

    I bought two. I use them primarily to play games on my tablet in the car while I am parked or with friends. It has been amazing in retroarch. I then tried it on my modified PlayStation classic utilizing the included usb dongles and much to my surprise retroarch again recognized it. This is honestly my new favorite controller.

  184. Derrell Fennick

    This controller I’ve practically searched for has finally came to be and has met all my expectations. The vibration is so unreal, it’s not HD rumble like Nintendo it’s a mix of that vibration like Sony or Xbox. I just wish it had NFC but other than that this controller packs a real punch and I’d be happy if this review helps this product be bought more, gamesir has done it again!

  185. doris

    Super bon appareil.p

  186. DLJ456

    Amazing controller ! Seamless interaction with my iPad. I’m playing call of duty mobile as if I’m on a PlayStation. Buttons and joystick are responsive and sturdy. Go with this if you want to enjoy your gaming experience.

  187. Kevin Dong NguyenKevin Dong Nguyen

    Assuming if the controller had a dedicated macro button, that would allow m1-m4 to include (-) and (+) to be assigned which was the biggest issue for me. I don’t really like to have my thumb reaching all the way over to press the (-) and (+) button, especially the (-) button which has a lot of play use for the games I play. If i could macro that key to be on the backside, it would make playing a bit more comfortable and useful, but that’s just a personal preference.Another issue for me would be the lighting and mild-translucent casing. In the attached photo, the lighting kind of gives the illusion of the analog stick and power LED display to kind of mesh together. I could just have bad eyes.In general, the buttons kind of feel a little cheap (big surprise). I think it’s definitely bang for the buck. I specifically got it for the macro system, so if you’re like me and was looking for something that had full scope of macro, then I would advise not to get this controller and keep searching.

  188. PJMartinthemom

    My nephew tried this out for me since he has a Nintendo Switch. He really liked the way it looks first of all. He says it is “cool” :)He said he really has been liking the thumb sticks. On the right one he says there is a small input delay but it doesn’t really change anything. All of the buttons are nice and in working order.The pairing he said was a little difficult but he believes that is because you can use it with a ton of different things. Also he told me he likes the stand that comes with it . Overall he says it is a really good controller and it is great how you can use it for so many different things. In his words, “It’s awesome!”.*If this review has been helpful to you please let me know by clicking the Helpful button below. Thanks!*

  189. Laze

    I purchased the 4T PRO model, witch is wireless, and I’m playing in PC. I don’t know why the link shows the T4w model witch is wired.Really good controller. Easy to pair. Not tested with Android but it comes with support for mobile.Totally recommended.

  190. Kenneth Zhao

    The media could not be loaded.

     I never used a gamepad before this. So I’m not able to compare it with competitors. But regardless, I have to say the money is well spent. The buttons are sturdy to press. The analog joysticks are responsive. The LT/RT buttons work amazingly well in racing games. The d-pad buttons have a consistent feel. It is comfortable to hold and not slippery. 2.4G and Bluetooth work perfectly for PC and Android. I don’t have an iPhone or a Switch so I can’t say about those.Some downsides: the Y button is noticeably more mushy and soft than the other 3 buttons. When toggling off the backlight, the backlight of the right joystick is still on, unless I decrease the backlight brightness to 0. When turning off the controller you press and hold “home” for 5 sec, but it opens the game overlay in Windows as soon as I press down the home button. So I need to close the overlay with my mouse. Also, the manual mentions in the last few page the key “R3”, it doesn’t say which key it is until I did some trial and error to find it is when you press down the right joystick.I also found that when switching to Bluetooth mode and back to 2.5G, it fails to pair with the receiver until I unplug and plug back the receiver in.I have been using it for a few hours and have not yet need to charge it. I’ll update the review once I need to recharge so I know how well the battery performs.Overall, the product is totally worth it.

  191. Tedi Bare

    Programming extra buttons is super complicated and for no reason it stops working the lights stay on it doesn’t need charge but it just doesn’t work after the third time I said that’s it it’s going back

  192. Lee Black

    Likes1. fits the hands well.2. works on Windows 10 and plays well with stream games.3. can play games as it is charging.4. play well with Switch.Dislikes1. shuts down too soon. When I’m setting up a game, the controller will turn off. A few times I have had to restart loading the game. I KNOW you are trying to save battery life, but can you make the controller’s starting shut down time longer, say another 5 minutes? For that reason, I gave it 4 stars.If you can live with the early sleep mode or shut down time, then yes get this one. I do like it, but needs more time before it turns off and you have to start over.

  193. William

    Wow! Very satisfied! The battery life on a casual charge may need improvement but it plays while charging, vibration levels & x,y,b,a lights are optional as well as laptop connection through bluetooth or usb receiver, usb-C cable, & other device connections, etc. Its sturdy and simple smart tech and the downside-sometimes it may forget how to reconnect to a previous device after switching to different ones. It brings a smartphone holding clip which is sturdy, too!

  194. Lewis

    I used this on my Windows 10 PC.I bought this to complement an EasySMX controller that operated using 2.5GHz. As I’ve discovered, two 2.5GHz controllers do not play well together, so I needed something that could use Bluetooth. I also wanted USB-C charging and a built-in battery, which this controller has.The controller comes with a dongle for 2.5GHz operation, and a peripheral that attaches to the controller as a phone holder, for mobile gaming. I didn’t test mobile gaming but I can confirm the peripheral is sturdy enough.There are multiple modes of operation for various devices, and you should consult the manual to learn which startup mode you need. Thankfully the array of eight lights on the controller itself make it very easy to tell which mode you’re in.As for usage, it feels good and not cheap, and it plays great – and the fact I don’t have much else to say on that front is very positive. I don’t have the numbers saved but I tested out the deadzones and error rate for the sticks and they were very low, even better than my EasySMX (which I never had an issue with). Maybe for some hyper-specific competitive gaming you may want something different, but if that’s your use case you should probably increase your budget.I had a bit of a faff trying to get both this and the EasySMX working well together, but I got there in the end and now I can have four people playing on two wireless and two wired controllers. I don’t think it would be fair to deduct points for the difficulties I had because there were a lot of moving parts. My only advice if there are issues is to get rid of any Microsoft Xbox 360 applications and drivers you have, because for some reason the T4 makes them crash. You won’t need them though – as soon as I uninstalled the software, everything worked great, including the 360 controllers.A few minor points I’ll deal with quickly:- The right stick felt a bit wrong when I got it. Turns out there was a tiny bit of rubbery plastic, presumably left over from manufacturing, causing the issue. It came off easily after I pulled on it with a pair of tweezers. Now it works fine.- The controller light is very bright on the factory setting, but you can dim it or turn it off completely, which is great.- The controller goes to sleep after a while, but it’s a *long* while. You won’t find yourself without control after a long cutscene.- If you’re like me and find yourself pressing the buttons on the back of the controller by accident, you can disable them completely.- Unfortunately you can’t re-assign the back buttons when using the device via PC. This was disappointing as I was hoping to set it to some button combinations like L1+R1 for quick use. However, considering programming the buttons *does* work on other modes, I’m not going to deduct a star here, because I’m not convinced the issue is with the device here because as I say, the feature does work elsewhere.I’ve searched high and low for a controller that would fit my needs, with all the features I wanted, and I have to say that I haven’t come across anything else that has. I may buy another of these in the future – if so, I’ll update this review with notes on how well two T4s work together. But certainly with my one device, I am very impressed and have no hesitation in recommending this as a wireless PC controller.

  195. Alika B.

    It’s a bit light on the weight motors don’t work with mobile emulators. It being a Gamesir it doesn’t work with all mobile games, it was built for emulation. Can’t power on the switch with the home button. Works pretty well other than that.. I use a Huawei Mate 20 X so using the phone holder it’s really top heavy.

  196. Nathalie H

    My Niece loves this game controller. It synced seamlessly with her tablet and makes Minecraft way more fun!

  197. Juan Jose Serrato Orduz

    best gamepad ever, easy to connect with any device and long use battery

  198. Vito

    Excelente producto calidad precio

  199. IS_Eng

    Amazing remote, I used it with my Apple TV with no issues. Similar to Xbox controller.

  200. Customer from Canada

    My son loooves the controller! He says it is smooth and compatible with many games. He uses it on laptop and tablet (but needs to reset it every time the switch happens which is done by entering my a key combination). It has additional vibration effects which is cool (same as the Nintendo controller) and the lights add a nice aesthetic touch

  201. Nhan

    With the wireless 2.4G connection on PC, the controller works great. There is a bit of input lag on the Nintendo Switch when I play games like smash or any action-heavy games.Overall good for its price

  202. GKaufmann

    Nice controller over all but really needs to have a way to turn off gyro on the controller itself. Returned.

  203. Adrienne

    It took 2 different computer savvy individuals hours to connect 2 brand new controllers to our Apple box for games. Controller now works well.

  204. SWN

    Connects to everything


    Pour joue sur pc je trouve quel est formidable la batterie à voir plus tard mais je recommande ce produit fortement

  206. Et1

    Motors/vibe doesn’t work, packaging obviously has been opened. Last purchase ill ever make of GameSir is that’s for sure

  207. Joseph Muela

    I liked the funxtion. It really is a good controller. The bad side is the advertising and support. It does NOT work on COD, which is their fault tbh, on apple or android. Get this for GTA mobile and Minecraft. For that, this is great

  208. marco garza

    I bought The controller feels cheap after 2 days of using it got rid of it…my advice to anyone is if your going to spend money on a Bluetooth controller get the 8bitdo sn30 pro .

  209. Ferrari A.

    Facile connessioneOttimo funzionamentoBatteria con carica a lunga durata

  210. waseem r.

    Great controller for the price. Going to buy second one for PC gaming. Definitely recommend for casual gaming.

  211. Ruben Silva

    I can play on computer and on Xbox

  212. allen moreno

    Very difficult for it to stay connected.Also had a bad response time.Also would register wrong button select.From what I got its fair to say needs a bit more work.

  213. Ben C

    Thumbsticks feel good, super precise but on the loose side if that matters to you. Similar to ps4 sticks. No stick drift after 2 months which is great for a $50 controller. Back buttons are holding up too. 2 of the back buttons are very easy to get used to, the other 2 are a bit awkward. No linear/analog triggers. If you want paddles/back buttons but don’t want to spend $150+ this controller is your absolute best option.

  214. Justinmh1634

    This controller is great. Sturdy but not heavy. It feels well made. Have put several hours of play in in this with no issues. I haven’t been able to play long enough to drain the battery yet. I can tell you the battery will last over 6 hours of play no issues. Easy to pair with PC, android, switch. The vibration is strong and adjustable to your liking.The buttons on the back aren’t separate inputs. They are the same X,A,B,Y inputs and there is no way to remap it. The one thing id like different is if these buttons could be separate inputs.For the price you really can’t get better than this controller.

  215. amazoncustomer

    just received it it works very well with iPhone and iPad , very easy to pair , works perfectly with steam connect , which is what i bought it for and so far no issuesbuild quality is great feels solid and preminum < as premium as clear plastic ever feels > very sold buttons are smooth and responsive , no sticking no issues .packageing is quite nice , comes with manual , stickers , usb c to a

  216. VS

    Excellent controller with decent battery life. Easy connect to PC , Switch , Android TV ( Stadia ).Slight lag with stadia observedOverall very good in this price range

  217. Jamie Veinotte

    Someone mentioned they use this for PUBG & COD Mobile.It does not work with iPhone X and PUBG Mobile.It’s a paper weight now

  218. Alfabrena

    It sucked. I don’t know if I just got a defective one or what. It did connect to my iPhone no problem, the lights worked so it looked cool, but only 3 of the buttons worked. Sent it back after a couple days of trying.

  219. Kokusho

    I bought this to use with bluetooth to my PC, but I keep getting random input lag. Its so bad that I have been able to press a direction, release, wait a second, then see the movement. At first I thought it was the game, but after testing around with other computers and controllers I’m pretty sure its the controller.It does come with a dongle, but its freaking huge. I did try it with that dongle and wired and there didn’t seem to be any issues. Other thing I noticed was with their dongle or hardwired in, my screens never turned off.

  220. N

    First off, I’d like to clear the air on this glaring false advertising. This is NOT a Bluetooth controller. It has Bluetooth capability, but NOT FOR WINDOWS. This controller can use it’s Bluetooth capability for iOS and Android. It will NOT work on Windows 10/11. You must use the giant dongle and connect with the 2.4ghz signal. Secondly, if you leave this controller untouched for one minute, it turns off COMPLETELY. Most controllers will go to sleep and can we awoken with a button press, but this one requires a full reconnection to the dongle. In addition, if you have two controllers, with two dongles in two USB ports on your computer, as soon as one disconnects due to being left untouched, it will continually disconnect the other. You can not have both dongles plugged into your PC if two people aren’t playing. The LED lights on each dongle stay on and blinking after you’ve shut down your computer meaning they’re still drawing current. This controller is blatant false advertising, it does not and can not use Bluetooth with any windows PC.

  221. DC

    This was the fourth controller I purchased having sent back the other three as none of them worked well with Apple TV (2 of them couldn’t even connect and the third one struggled to retain connection). I ended up getting two of these – they are both connected and are consistent in their connection, meaning the kids can enjoy (in between the rants at each other!) games on Apple Arcade. We are on a free trial and while we may not continue with it after that, these also connect to the kids Amazon Fire tablets. Connection to various devices is achieved by pressing different button combinations so make sure you don’t throw the instructions away. Very versatile. Very impressed.

  222. JJE

    Not compatible with IPad

  223. Amp

    The controller overall was nice, but overtime it has had issues with connecting wireless with my PC

  224. S&D

    Seriously — it pairs with my desktop bluetooth but won’t actually work, then my PC will not pair with it, then our Fire Tablet won’t even detect it in bluetooth, then my new Lenovo tablet pairs instantly and works great.I cannot recommend this controller. I’ve spent hours troubleshooting and I finally downloaded the Gamesir app and it said it detected viruses in it.Skip this one. This might be my only one star review of anything in years.

  225. Korkidog

    This controller works well and connects to my laptop via Bluetooth, but the turbo function, which I really was hoping to use won’t work with PC. Controller is light and easy to hold. If the turbo function worked it would be great

  226. Robin

    Ho provato il pad solo utilizzando il dongle in dotazione e funziona benissimo, il pairing avviene in un attimo.Testato su Android Tv box con build di Emuelec.

  227. quinton rhinehart

    The controller works great for my games and is very accurate for movement and tight quarters game when it is needed for the game play

  228. Cliente Amazon

    Non si collega a nessun dispositivo a casa sia android che switch

  229. Ryan

    This fantastic controller operates better than expected. I say this as when it comes to buying off brand items it can be risky. With potential trial and error. That’s not the case for this great piece of equipment.The buttons are fast, and accurate with no delay. This is essential to gamers with high FPS expectations. An absolute delight for online campaigns. In short this controller will work for a demanding gamer as well as a casual user.Key notes:The USB dongle is required for PC use (Even if you have Bluetooth already.) The controller is recognized as a Xbox 360 controller but don’t let that discourage you. It will get the job done. There are separate paring options for Android and IOS. It’s essentially pair and play. There’s no need to do manual button assignments.The phone adapter is a great addition. I personally don’t use this controller for that option. At the same token it’s not to have that option. For those that love to game in the car, bus, etc they can use the exact same controller. With the same comfort.The weight is ideal with premium comfort. Love the lights and brings a new element to gaming.Another great positive aspect is that you don’t need to go to a gaming store to buy this item. It’s brand new and you receive the controller the very next day.Rule of thumb please charge for a few hours before use, and best in your computer or game console. Don’t use a phone charger power outlet. If you don’t have PC/ console buy a reliable usb charging hub.It works incredibly on Steam. If you like to game around the house, different tv’s, and consoles. This controller deserves your consideration.I love the price! I am sure you will as well. It’s worth it!!!!

  230. Carlos

    Excelente control, buen material y eficiente en todo el sentida de la palabra.

  231. Ava Sinclare

    I really like this controller! Works good, confortable , and good battery life

  232. DeeCee

    Controls drift otherwise solidly built

  233. Forestrial

    Cheap controller, works OK with Android.Will not work properly with Windows 10.

  234. Amazon Customer

    Every aspect of this controller is great. The buttons feel good, the sticks feels good but the overall size of the controller takes getting used to due to it being so freaking small. Would be perfect for those with smaller paws.

  235. greico

    work really well on my pc

  236. DudeDude

    Left Bumper “LB” doesn’t always work, for some games it’s not a problem but in others it’s a major issue.

  237. Bilal Ahmed IjazBilal Ahmed Ijaz

    I loved this controller as this one can connect to my Xbox, PC and my cell phone at the same time. Mobile holder provided with it is a bonus. Built quality is very good. There was no delay when I played games with it. Also, button on the bottom side makes combo which is excellent for me and it improved my gaming. Im happy with it.

  238. James W.

    Works great with my phone. Android games work flawless with it. Also works with games on Amazon

  239. James Huffman

    This is a good little gamepad with a decent build, typical battery life, and the lights are a nice touch.I had an awful time getting it to pair with Windows 10, however. It required a lot of trial and error, unpairing and repairing, to get it to take properly. Once paired, it works smoothly, though the range is not great–it may not work across your living room, for instance.Pairing and distance issues aside, it works well.

  240. Bob

    I am not a heavy game controller use and after 6 month, the left joystick stop working. mainly I use this controller for nioh2 and I used for 200 hours. I am now need to buy a new controller.

  241. Elroc

    Like the headline says, for the price, excellent. For my personal grip, just slightly too large, but still very workable and plenty comfortable.

  242. mitch

    X button collapsed after an hour of playing

  243. Giselle

    Great for pc gaming for steam games. Yeah I’ve only charged it once so far and played maybe 20 or so hours.I really like how these auto turnoff if it isn’t used for 30 secs. Really saves my battery if I forget to turn them off when I take a small break while gaming.I haven’t tested the Bluetooth connection but the stick works fine once you pair it to the computer the first time. After that it auto connects to the controller when turned on

  244. Robert FerrerRobert Ferrer

    This control is surprisingly comfortable in my hands! I just got it and I’ve already tested it on m iPad Pro (2016) and my gaming pc. Both work flawless and I had no problem mapping the keys. Most of all the price is practically giving it away! The analog sticks feel amazing, although some rubberized Kontrol freaks will really set this unit up right! I’m ordering my kontrol freaks for this. I watched all vid reviews and they raves about this thing, I was skeptical, but not anymore. Worth every bit of its money

  245. D. Medina

    worked fine. I have small hands and they fit well. Two of the buttons on the controller did not match the Nintendo switch though. So i returned it for that. Rumble worked good as well. Just hated the buttons being wrong.

  246. John Dunkerley

    I use this controller with Amazon Fire 10 tablet and have had no issues. It also works with my LG V20 phone. The button layout is perfect. Pairing it was a breeze.

  247. Humairaa

    Liked this controller for awhile but it is really bad after a couple of weeks. Contacted gamesir and they have not fixed the issue. Do not buy, Bluetooth connection is bad too.

  248. ClienteCliente

    Aggiornamento dopo 8 mesi di utilizzo saltuariamente: la levetta sinistra si è starata e non risponde ai comandi in maniera pronta. Sicuramente l’uso l’ha rovinata ma dopo molto poco tempo. Quindi ritengo che i componenti costruttivi degli stick analogici non siano proprio di alto livello. Il gamepad è diventato pertanto inutilizzabile.Aggiornamento: il GamePad viene visto da iOS come Xbox Wireless Controller, però non sono riuscito a giocare a PUBG e Real Racing 3, sicuramente va configurato con un’app tramite jailbreak (che non intendo fare sul mio iPad). Testato anche su Linux Ubuntu 20.10 con RetroPie ed è perfetto usando il dongle USB.Il GamePad è di buona fattura, materiali buoni, ottima ergonomia, quasi paragonabile ad un controller Xbox 360 e l’ho utilizzato su PC, Smartphone Android 10 (MameDroid) e Nintendo Switch senza problemi. La batteria non si è mai scaricata e sicuramente aggiornerò la recensione non appena giocherò su iOS e Linux Ubuntu (Retropie). Forse l’unica nota da fare è che il dongle USB per PC è un po’ grande, ma di contro possiede un LED rosso che avvisa a connessione avvenuta. Gamepad promosso a pieni voti, quindi 5 stelle più che meritate. Se ti è stata utile la recensione puoi cliccare sul tasto “Utile”. Grazie.

  249. Noby Philips

    Was unable to connect to bluetooth for both Android phone as well as iPhone.

  250. Brian

    I wouldn’t waste your money on these. If you get 2 they can interfere with each other wirelessly, and the buttons on the back are super easy to press accidentally and honestly have no idea what there going to do. My primary reason for getting thse was to play mortal Kombat with friends and family on PC but they were so frustrating to use, accidentally turning on turbo mode so combos won’t work, and pressing the random button on the back having no idea what will happen.

  251. jianbinzheng

    the part of phone holder is wrong that ii funny

  252. Ellie

    Pretty good gamepad for the price. Sticks feel good, the triggers are great, and the gyro is a great bonus. Sometimes has issues connecting to the dongle on pc, but usually just unplugging and replacing fixes it. Would give 5 stars, but after only a month of use the X button has already gone mushy, and will sometimes register input without my touching it.

  253. Harman

    Garbage didn’t work on ios or any app

  254. JamelJamel

    Solid built. Bought it use with my Sony Tv X85J 75’’. Don’t wanna spent $100 for Xbox one so hot this and serving the purpose. You don’t need to use the usb dongle. Simply connect with the tvs Bluetooth as well.

  255. Rebecca

    I works for computer game but even i follow instruction to press Home+Y, it doesn’t pair with my switch. Besides after take off USB connector, the controller seems to have no battery.

  256. Dave

    took a long time for me to get my6 PC to respond again after plugging this controller in I’m not going to stress myself out of this crap that’s not even fully programmable its worthless

  257. Giovanni

    il miglior pad a 40 euro

  258. Choncho Bacheecho

    This is proving to be an excellent solution. I needed a controller that would work with an Android tablet, Nintendo switch and iPads. Although each type of device requires a unique pairing button combo, this is small price for the versatility. My only suggestion would be to put the pairing combos directly on the underside of controller so they are readily available. Have already had to hunt a few times for the instruction book to get connected.Fits well in my 8 yr olds hands, she loves the lights. Smaller than a Switch Pro controller so perfect for kids.Just be advised that the Buttons (X Y, A B) may need to be remapped within your games as different devices vary. Again, not a limitation of the unit but could cause frustration when the buttons don’t work the way you expect when using across diff consoles/devices.

  259. dsds

    Will not connect to iPhone. Wasted my money! I have done everything like restart my phone, delete other Bluetooth items with no success.

  260. Derick

    So far they work well, slightly different from the joy con but no issues so far.

  261. Pierre-Étienne Lapointe

    Amazing controller!

  262. Jayson Young

    Runs great on my PC which is really nice but it also works with your phone (There’s an adapter to attach you phone to) your Xbox one or your Playstation 4. Great product. May even work on the new consoles like the ps5.

  263. Evan Hou

    Nice product ! Very comfy in hands !

  264. NoodleOfDoom

    I got this mainly to play Minecraft mobile with my kids. I put at least 2 days of gameplay in like it was my full-time job and didn’t need to charge the battery. The Bluetooth pairing to Android was simple. Wireless connection to a PC via the USB dongle thing was easy. I will say that the M buttons on the back can be a little annoying at times. It’s advertised that they can be customized but the instructions don’t elaborate on how. The removable phone holder keeps everything in place. Yeah it’s top heavy with a phone on it but that just physics. No lag unless you have multiple Bluetooth devices connected at the same time. Overall I’m happy.

  265. Amazon Customer

    It’s good an Xbox controller basically cheaper and you can use with your phone.

  266. Asadarbi

    In few day phone holder cracked

  267. Jess Ln

    Best Controller i ever had, it all works on every console i ever had.

  268. Madan KMadan K

    Nice and Stylish! Works for multiple OS +point

  269. Amazon Customer

    The controller has the buttons set up for an Xbox.

  270. Xial

    Unfortunately, this controller had an amazing amount of joystick drift. Only controller connected to the computer and where my character should have been standing still, he was walking.Disconnect the controller, and he stops moving.Change games, and my TVR Sagaris pulled to the left consistently.Connected a different controller I had on hand, both times, and that behavior didn’t exist on that controller.

  271. QcMythyBeast

    The controller is a little light, when it is low on battery the “RT” does not work well and the buttons on the back sometimes decide for no reason not to work but otherwise the controller is really good for the price paid.I totally recommend it to rocket League players who want a good PC controller and don’t want to pay 200 for an elite controller.

  272. Federica

    Funziona sia con pc che con smartphone…mio figlio lo usa sempre

  273. Jacob

    There are many moments during gameplay that the controller stops responding. Really annoying, especially when you really need to respond.

  274. Christopher constine

    Doesn’t work on Apple TV

  275. Dana BDana B

    Works well with Apple devices (iPhone, Apple TV and iMac). Comfortable design (similar feel to Xbox one controller) Good quality and battery life. My only complaint is the triggers are a bit cheap feeling.

  276. kaitlyn ramos

    This product shipped within two days of ordering, such fast shipping and opening up the package it’s exactly like the picture works amazing joysticks a little less smooth then a Xbox controller but works amazing with my iPhone!

  277. Scott Pucyk

    Decent controller, it’s labelled as a controller for Nintendo Switch but has the YXAB button layout of an Xbox controller. It connected quickly and the battery lasts

  278. SScott

    Works great with the new IPad.Comfortable in the hand.

  279. david acosta

    Wasn’t sure it would work but it works perfect for playing Xbox games on galaxy Z fold 3 phone.

  280. Nathan T Ostrye

    I bought this thinking I could just have it connect to the bluetooth on my PC. No where in the description did it say that the only way to do that is by using the included USB dongle. Frustrating that it can connect to Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch directly via bluetooth, but I still have to use a dongle for a PC. That limitation can be found by an internet search, but it not listed in the description. Seems alright otherwise.

  281. Andrew

    Works as it should but feels cheap

  282. Amazon Customer

    Easily paired up with Google tv. Using with Stadia and emulators.. so far so good!

  283. Yachao


  284. Kane

    Great stuff, good quality build, not the best but good quality and feels pretty solid.Works great on my Switch, PC, S20 and Nvidia Shield and my iPad Air Pro iOS 14.4 without any issuesOnly downside is the home button is really close to the start button so it’s easily pressed and shuts down what you’re doing if you’re not careful or have sausage thumbs.Overall though happy as it works great on all my devices flawlessly.

  285. C. LaparraC. Laparra

    *Ignore the users that say it dies seconds out of the box and the battery doesn’t charge or last. Those people are illiterate morons. The blue light is not a battery indicator, it’s a mode indicator.* To connect wirelessly to a PC, plug in the USB receiver to your computer, then press and hold Home+X on the controller (home button is the one directly to the left of the X button, above the right joystick, see photo). This controller feels exactly like the Switch Pro Controller in your hands, but does not have NFC. Rumble and gyro are present. I personally like this better because of the backlighting, and the extra programmable buttons on the backside are the icing on the cake, I’m used to extra programmable buttons being on computer mice not gaming controllers, so that was a nice addition. I would highly recommend this controller for PC/Nintendo Switch use. Make sure you unplug the USB receiver when not in use if you have pets or children, as these types of wireless receivers can bend easily.

  286. Iulian

    Pro: La batteria dura tanto, e la ricezione è ottima, mi posso allontanare senza problemi. La connessione è semplice e veloce.Con: le levette di manovra hanno un puntinato in rilievo di contorno e sono in plastica dura. Per sessioni prolungate di gioco potrebbe dare un pò di fastidio. Ha dei tasti aggiuntivi sul fondo, che però vorrei disattivare perché non usabili in molti giochi. Su Fifa per esempio mi capita di premerli per sbaglio ed il giocatore entra in scivolata. Rileggerò il libretto, magari si possono disattivare.Nota: Per la connessione con il pc va messa la chiavetta e premuto contemporaneamente il tasto home e X. E per cambiare o diminuire la retro-illuminazione dei tasti c’è un’altra combinazione. Alcune cose insomma si trovano soltanto leggendo il libretto.

  287. Cliente Amazon

    Il controller funziona bene. L’ho provato su un PC Linux e tutti i controlli vanno benissimo. Purtroppo con Android non è facile abbinarlo. A volte è Android a non riconoscerlo, altre volte Android lo vede ma i giochi no. Ci sono troppe variabili in gioco ed è impossibile saperlo prima.

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