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✔A handy tool that helps

Great assistant by providing a 3rd helping hand when you working in the dark. It’s handy when no one is there to hold the light for you.

✔Ease of use

Bright LED light set in the head of the finger and the battery can be replaced by yourself. Magic strap to wear removal more quickly and easily.

✔Comfy feel with durable fabric content

Lightweight and comfortable material makes you feel soft and fit your hand perfectly, good elasticity makes the gloves move freely don’t worry about it will be loose when you working.

✔One Size Fits Most

The adjustable Velcro can stretch to fit even big hands, no matter what size your hands are, you also can find a suitable length for your hand. The strong Velcro strap can stick the gloves on your hand tight

✔Perfect as a gift for your man 

Suit for fishermen, gadget lover, law enforcement, network engineer, plumber, maintenance equipment, mountain camping, cycling, and other outdoor activities or work lighting,..any man would need, and love. 


  • Package Dimensions: 7.44” x 4.88” x 0.83” 
  • Power: Batteries 2 CR2 batteries required. (included)

7 reviews for Led Flashlight Gloves

    I bought these for my husband because he is notoriously difficult to shop for, mostly because he just buys things he wants, so we have to search for obscure things that he wouldn't see or think to buy for himself.He opened the gift and said "wtf is this," but then I helped him put them on correctly and when he turned them on he stared at his hands and said ".....hmm." I explained that since he has a lot of tech and he "tinkers" a lot, it would be great lighting for when he has to rummage through the 23 million cables that are behind the tv, freeing myself up from holding a flashlight up for him. He tested them out and confirmed that they do indeed light the way very nicely.I later caught him wearing them and cleaning out a storage space under the bed.Then I found him using them in his studio painting some eyeballs on some figurines. "Helps me see the details and the tip of the paintbrush."Finally he excitedly came up to me wearing them (and blinding me) to explain how he could use them in for a cosplay "like Ironman or something."Just get them.
    I bought a pair for my son and husband for stocking stuffers they both laughed at first thinking I’ll never wear them however they use them frequently as the lights shine exactly where they need to see when working in small areas, wiring, car motors, in dark areas .. would definitely recommend them
    Mt Ma
    This product just changed my life! I have worked outdoors, in the dark for 30 years without adequate or effective lighting. This product is genius and I had the best day of my career using them the first time, so happy! I have slender fingers and am putting a stretch knit glove on underneath these for a better fit, excellent. I bought a second pair, as with most of my equipment, it will not last forever... I am so thrilled someone thought of this and made them. =)
    Cory BergCory Berg
    So disappointed ! I bought this for my husband’s 65th birthday yesterday. I was so excited to find such a unique gift but then you took that moment of excitement away. They came used and broken. You can see the wear on them in the photos. I thought it was strange they weren’t in a plastic bag, we took them out of the box and they did work, now I know why. Where is your quality control? Somebody use them, broke them, return them and you re-sold them to me. I’m outraged. Why would you do that? I obviously couldn’t truly rate this. can’t rate something did even get a chance to used.
    I bought these to wear when there is not enough light for my knitting. Perfect! They are thin and secure. They adjust to fit any size hands. Probably great for fishing too. HAha.
    I purchased these for my husband last year as a gift. I've seen him struggle in the past when doing things in dark places. When he first got them, he sort of rolled his eyes at me, but I knew that there would be a point where he'd be glad he had them.He finally found use for them this weekend (and yes, he said they were much more helpful than the "head light strap" thing). He also balked at me taking pictures and says "Tell people no judging on what i'm doing here, and say it's never recommended to use power tools in the dark."I asked him for his review today. Here is what he said:PROS:They are really handy (no pun) to have - when you need them. Having a set in a "car safety kit" would be excellent, as well as a set in a toolbox or house "storm kit" (they are nice and bright and would be great to light your way when the power is out).CONS:They were too small for him and not comfortable. The velcro popped off a few times as he moved his hand around which he said was annoying. He removed a star for this. Another size would be good for people with larger "man hands" (his words).The light is nice and bright, but hard to keep focused on the areas you might need them focused on. Perhaps having lights that had a 'broader range" in addition to the "spotlight" would have helped.MY THOUGHTS (as an observer)I kept thinking these things would be great at a rave or party while dancing. They are super bright and looked pretty cool when he was walking back and forth and moving his hands in the dark. I suppose some people would be annoyed by this because the lights are super bright, but pretty much people are going to be annoyed anyway no matter what you do. Also, they would probably just be jealous they didn't have fancy "light up dance hands."SUMMARYUltimately he was glad he had these, and with some improvements, they could work really well. Unless these stretch, they aren't comfortable for long-use for larger hands. A broader "flood" type light (maybe on the palm side) would help as well. That said, overall, they are nice to have around and do the job in a pinch.In my opinion, the price-point to value of having them is high. I can see several reasons to have a pair or two to have around, and because they aren't very expensive, I gave back a star for that, trumping his initial assessment.RATING:Husband (who used them): 3Me (who purchased them and observed): 4. Because I'm writing this, my rating stands :)RECOMMENDATION:I'd recommend these - if for anything to have around for 'emergency' situations. A pair for the car (i.e. a flat tire at night) and in the house (if power is lost or need to see "hands-free (need two hands and therefore can't hold a flashlight)
    My husband uses them to be able to see when he is fixing something in a dark spot, like under the kitchen sink; I bought them after a woman recommended them, she used them to see better when she was knitting. I'm sure there are a million other ways to use them. Such a great idea!

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