M6 Sport Activity Tracker Smart Watch, Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate, Sleep & amp; Stress Monitoring, Fitness Watch for Men Women Kids


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M6 Sport Activity Tracker Smart Watch, Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate, Sleep & Stress Monitoring, Fitness Watch for Men Women Kids 1
M6 Sport Activity Tracker Smart Watch, Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate, Sleep & amp; Stress Monitoring, Fitness Watch for Men Women Kids $49.98
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  • AMAZON ALEXA BUILT-IN: Talk to Amazon Alexa on your M6 Sport watch activity fitness tracker. Ask Alexa questions, get translations, set alarms and timers, check the weather, control your smart home devices, and more.
  • 14-DAY BATTERY LIFE: Say goodbye to daily recharge. With a fully charged M6 Sport, you don’t need to bring a charger for a two-week trip. On a single charge, it has enough power to get you charged for 2 whole weeks mind-free.
  • BLOOD OXYGEN SATURATION MONITOR: You can measure your blood oxygen saturation and understand your physical state with M6 Sport. Ideal for high-intensity workouts and sports such as marathons and gym workouts.
  • 24/7 HEART RATE, SLEEP TRACKER: With M6 BioTracker optical sensor, this health tracker performs 24/7 real-time heart rate monitoring and high heart rate warning. M6 Sport can also professionally interpret the sleep characteristics at each stage and analyzes sleep quality, to help you adjust your sleep habits. It even monitors your 20-minute daily nap.
  • YOUR SMART SPORTS COMPANION: An ultimate easy-to-use activity fitness tracker with 11 built-in sports modes, enables you to record the distance, speed, heart rate changes, calories burned, and other data during your workouts. With a water-resistance grade of 5 ATM, M6 can withstand all your daily activities and you can wear it while swimming.
  • WOMEN’S HEALTH TRACKING: With the female period tracking system, M6 records and predicts the female menstrual cycle and sends smart notifications reminders.

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Passometer, Fitness Tracker, Sleep Tracker, Message Reminder, Call Reminder, Remote Control, Push Message, Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate Tracker

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91 reviews for M6 Sport Activity Tracker Smart Watch, Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate, Sleep & amp; Stress Monitoring, Fitness Watch for Men Women Kids

  1. TeresinaTeresina

    I don’t wear watches, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a fit bit (or other brand) then not wear it. I also wanted something small, for the same reason. Didn’t want to notice that I was wearing it. I picked the AmazFit 5 because it did everything that I wanted it to do, and more! Really, all I wanted was a step and calorie counter. But I really like that I can set a freestyle workout and it tracks everything for me. The Alexa part works well. I can turn the lights on/off etc. (FYI, don’t say “Alexa” to the watch, just say “turn on light” when it is in listening mode. I like the music play option. Comes in handy. Even when I’m at work and listening to tunes at my desk. Boss doesn’t catch me with my phone in hand every few minutes lol There is even a little Breathing exercise that you can follow to relax. Overall, I really like the watch. For the price, it’s well worth it.

  2. Reader

    I have had a multitude of exercise watches in my time as a strength coach. I have done multiple of garmin and polar brands, but I was looking for something a bit more simple, so I got this band. For the price point, it is great. It tells time, let’s me know when my phone is ringing or i get a text, and helps me find my phone when my toddler hides it. I believe the sleep tracking to be pretty accurate…it at least knows when I am up with my kiddo at night or I had a great night of sleep. The heart rate is as accurate as any of the other watches i’ve had with no chest strap. I honestly have not used it really for runs because I use my Garmin running watch for that. The biggest reason I did not give it 5 stars is the watch doesn’t love to use all of it’s features if your app is not open on your phone. If I have the Zepp app closed out, Alexa and weather do not work. As soon as I open the app, they work. This is more annoying than actually critical to watch function, but I liked the idea of having Alexa on my wrist.

  3. Andrew

    I buy these fitness bands as a silent alarm to wake up in the morning. I needed the button type band over the metal buckle type to sleep comfortably with it. My previous bands’ band eventually fail and I had a hard time finding replacements. The Amazfit band is a well supported product and replacement bands are easy to find. I was reluctant at first because I was in search for a band with a built-in USB charger to make charging nearly anywhere easy. The Amazfit band doesn’t have that but does hold a charge for WEEKS. I would buy this product again. My only complaint is the Alexa feature not working consistently.

  4. Moodicus Maximus

    So I genuinely enjoy this watch, especially because of the value (price vs. functionality). It reads heart rate well, calculates stress and my ‘sleep score’s (a fun feature that my gf and I compare each morning). I don’t believe the calories burned are accurate but that’s not based on anything empirical, just my perception.I will tell you that I originally had huge issues with finding Alexa and that is why I’m posting this review as I expect many of you have shared this experience. I returned my original order because I couldn’t find the Alexa feature and why it wasn’t a deal breaker, I sincerely am never okay being misled and it stated on the product page and box that this watch had the Alexa feature. I complained and then got a replacement that did the same thing – no alexa. Here’s the trick: Go-to your Zepp app, next go-to Profile and finally got Add Account. Then add alexa account. To test it after it updates your interface, swipe right on your watch face until you see Alexa. It has no wake word, you have to swipe. It functions at a basic level but is connected to your other devices. Hope this helps anyone having the same issue.In conclusion: absolutely great watch for it’s $35 price. It doesn’t impact my phone battery despite being connected the whole day and it last for about a week without needing a charge. I can’t make the 10-15 days advertised with all the features I have activated but it charges within an hour. Oh and the watch face options are awesome – you can go minimalist or get all the data. Currently I have my own custom background which is super cool. Anyway, I do recommend this. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll provide honest feedback.

  5. YoBee07YoBee07

    Update 6/26/21. So….the band design is awful. This watch comes undone constantly and I’m afraid I’m going to lose it. I work 20hrs/wk in retail and it’s a very easy job (unpacking small boxes, stocking shelves with small grocery items, and cashiering), and this watch is forever coming undone. I also find the green light underneath actually wakes me up a lot so I’m not longer tracking sleep. I am a women’s size 5 wrist so it’s on one hole before the last on the band. Often can’t get BPM because it says it’s not right enough. Unfortunately for me, I’m downgrading my rating.As far as it’s functionality, this band hasamy features my Fitbit didn’t. I don’t find the app very helpful though just because it doesn’t seem to sync as quickly and I get bored fast. I do think that some watch face options for less than perfect vision would be helpful. The numbers on the face options are just too small so it makes it difficult to read especially in a sweaty moment. But. If you’re 20/20 go for it. I wouldn’t buy it again just because I find the Fitbit more user-friendly, but it’s really not a bad tracker at all. Just not for me but it does what they said it will do. Be sure to take your phone on trecs or you won’t be tracking mileage.

  6. MickeyFan

    I have owned 5 Fitbits, but none of them lasted over one year. I got tired of spending money on those flimsy cheaply made Fitbits, so I decided to try this inexpensive Amazfit Band 5.For starters, the set up was frustrating and unnecessarily complicated. Pairing it to my Android took several attempts. The Zepp App settings was very limited in what it lets you do.While I was able to get the Amazfit Band 5 to view incoming phone calls, there was no way to view text messages.While scrolling through the screen of the device, I kept getting a message that read “Couldn’t authorize. Try again later”. I gave it all the necessary permissions in my phone’s settings, but it still gives this message!I’m going to give it another week to see if I can work out the glitches. If not, it goes back and I’ll change my rating to one star. I really dislike companies that advertise their product to be so spectacular when in fact their product doesn’t perform anywhere near what they advertised.

  7. Suzette Hanover

    I was just looking for an inexpensive way to track steps and boy does this do the trick and more! First, I had no problem downloading the phone Zepp app and pairing my watch to my phone. Using the watch right out of the box was easy as it came with a manual that was simple to follow. The watch band is very comfortable and stays on my wrist. Easy to charge and it charges very quick and the battery last for days. I am on 93% on day 3. Step counting is accurate, which was the reason I purchased this so I am happy but even more impressed by the additional things this watch does! The sleep tracking is amazing and has me rethinking my sleep habits and I appreciate the heart rate monitor. It will vibrate and give me notifications if my phone is ringing or if I have a text message and I have the ability to read the text message. I haven’t begun to use the calorie counter or exercise tracker or the many other things it can do. I am beyond happy with my purchase!

  8. Rhonda

    I have had this band for a couple of weeks and am not happy. It seems to track about half of my steps. I have the google fit app on my phone and its tracking was very close to the previous band I had. This one shows about half of what google fit shows and I know I walk many more miles each day at work than this band reflects. The sleep is also very inaccurate. It has been getting worse by the night. This morning it says I had light sleep for 39 minutes. That’s it. Even though I went to bed around ten, asleep before eleven and woke up at six feeling rested. Not sure if anyone has had these issues, but I am very inclined to just return it.

  9. rebeccaleigh77

    I used to use a Fossil smart watch but when I switched to an iPhone it didn’t sync as well. I recently moved back to Seattle and live downtown, so I walk pretty much everywhere and I wanted something to track that and help me stick to my goals. For the price, this is a great tracker! The sleep tracking is spotty as far as accuracy goes, but that’s my only real complaint after a couple of weeks. The app is easy to use and so far syncs pretty seamlessly. I also really like the heart rate monitor and breathing function because I know when I’m effectively exercising and the breathing is great when anxiety sets in. Overall I’m pretty satisfied with this purchase. It does what I need it to do.

  10. Fleseastorm

    My product had many issues with notifications, SMS alerts, call alerts, etc. I tried reaching out to customer support by phone and email and never received anything back from them. I finally got something through email, but it was just a link to their general troubleshooting page which did not work for me. If you are expecting help from Amazfit in any way you will not receive it, so be sure this product will work for you before you buy it.I also find the step tracking to be a bit on the wonky side. If your pace isn’t fast it tends to think you aren’t even walking. Its a below average product, but I guess that is why its so inexpensive. Perhaps investing in a more expensive product is worth it.

  11. Thornlily2

    Great for basic pedometer and heart rate. All the other features are a plus. Like realizing you really don’t get the amount of sleep you think you do. Also knowing I have a call coming in even when my phone is not close by has been an unexpected benefit. Didn’t know it did this when I bought it, but once I set it up I actually like it a lot. Update, I was loving this little gadget till the battery life decided to take a nosedive, I can barely make it through two days without a recharge. This is an absolutely irritating setback. I am so used to having these cool features on my wrist, and now it spends more time on the charger than my wrist.

  12. gn

    I have a Mi Band 2 and Amazfit Bip and now I have this one. These things barely work. Always have connection issues no matter the phone or device combination. The app and devices are extremely buggy. Alexa worked once and now says ‘Connecting” and “Please check your network” all the time even though it’s connected via Bluetooth and “Find your device” works and vibrates the band on demand.The Zepp app is buggy. It needs to be open in background for most of the features on the band to work. Syncing takes multiple tries to getting work due to reported connection issues (even though find band works most of the time regardless, so there is indeed a bluetooth connection, the app just complains it can’t find anything still).Alexa on the band is not usable. You cannot tell it to play music – it’ll respond with “not supported on this device” — even though the device itself does support music controls for your phone. You can’t use the back to control the phone.E.g. you cannot tell it to play usable to start up audible on your phone with your most recently played.– use voice to play/pause/switch. etc. It can only display snippets from Wikipedia for you on the band’s screen.

  13. Mrs. Higgins

    My husband bought me one of these for my birthday, and I really liked it so I bought him one for Xmas. It didn’t record his REM sleep so we were worried he wasn’t getting any. Last night he had the idea that we should switch devices before bed to test whether it’s him or the product. His device did NOT record my REM sleep but mine recorded his (so he is getting REM sleep). Neither device is accurate as far as waking up during the night; there are times when I awaken and am up for an hour or more but the device thinks that I was sleeping for all or most of that time. Everything else seems to be fairly accurate as far as steps, heart rate, etc. Also, I would like to have more activities included in the workouts (elliptical, for instance). I’ve not worn mine swimming so I don’t know if the water resistance is true. I like that the band is comfortable and easy to clean. Overall I’d say this isn’t the best fitness tracker but it’s okay for a baseline. I can’t say I recommend it.

  14. Myryguy

    I have tried for several days now to get this thing to pair, to sign up on their multiple sites that they have which makes no sense. With no luck & with absolute frustration. I tried calling the number that it says for help and all it does is just tells you the hours that they are available and then hangs up on you tried going to the website no help there either everything it tells me to do doesn’t work. I’m baffled and really disappointed.

  15. C Kay Hill

    For the price this is a really nice fitness watch. The screen display is pretty small and unreadable most of the time but I can overlook that issue because I use the phone app to track status. The biggest failing of this watch in my opinion is the band. It’s uncomfortable and very difficult to properly tighten. I bought a replacement nylon band and now it’s much easier to deal with. I’m ready for a watch with more function but this watch has served it’s purpose at a really low price.

  16. DJG

    Overall a pretty good app, especially for the money. Dislike that it lights up when I turn over in bed and oftentimes have to hit it several times for clock to appear and tricky for me to get to different applications from the wrist unit. So rarely use it for anything other tracking steps. Look at my phone to see oxygen levels and sleep cycle.

  17. JaquieRave

    I really wanted to like this watch. I wasn’t expecting super accurate heart rate or oxygen reading but those were actually decent compre to the step tracking.I don’t know how they measure it but I had a sed it for a few days and noticed an astronomical difference from my phone vs the watch. I was expecting maybe a few hundred steps off but nope…it was off by several thousand steps. The watch recorded my 20 steps as 1,000 and it only got worse throughout the day. It got to the point that I just took the watch off and tossed it into my junk drawer.Like I said, I really wanted to like this watch but if the most basic this as the step tracker doesn’t track correctly, what’s the point in using it?

  18. Will

    The Amazfit Band 5 is a pretty good device, but it has some shortcomings.The good: It can check your heartrate throughout the day, and even during sleeping. It has a decent sleep quality feature and graph in the app that breaks down your 5 stages of sleep (light, deep, rem, awake, nap). It can check your blood o2 level. It has a PAI fitness score tracker which I like very much. Tracks steps all day. Has vibrational alerts. Lightweight and not too uncomfortable. Stress tracking using HRV method. Good Android app though it has issues.The not so good: The sleep tracking gets confused with light sleep and awake stages. Sometimes I’m awake and it thinks i’m in light sleep. While other times it doesn’t properly identify my REM stage. I’ll wake up from a dream and it’ll show i was in light sleep but no REM sometimes. A major issue i’ve had is if i’m wearing long sleeves that cover the band, i find a workout will cancels on its own in just a few minutes. A sweatshirt or jacket that covers the display seems to create the problem. Not sure if the capacitive display is so sensitive that the humid sweatshirt somehow cancels the workout, but this happens all the time. So workingout in the colder months means you wont be able to track statistics of your walks or runs, or whatever. If it vibrated 3 times when it thinks i’ve tried to end the workout, that would alert me to not let it end the workout, I think it only vibrates once which would go unnoticed during a normal workout of even walking. The display is just too small. I struggle to read all the tiny and mean tiny details in the display. The display times out too quickly also. The Zepp app has a lot of potential but it fails in some areas. Vo2Max is not being tracked in the app even though there is a section for Vo2Max. The Amazfit Band 5 has all the sensors needed to calculate your Vo2Max and could track it. Why isn’t this working?? I’ve even noticed my heartrate being classified as Vo2Max territory during an indoor workout on the band display. (over 150bpm) The movement of my arm can sometimes trick the band into thinking I took some steps when I didn’t. I really wish it had a body temperature sensor. It really could use that.

  19. ameliapond

    Starting the 3rd day – yesterday – it only records about a third of my steps. Also, I sleep unusual times and it keeps telling me to go to bed at 10pm, etc. It also says I get zero deep sleep, and I seriously doubt that. I emailed them yesterday, and still haven’t heard back. If I can figure out how to wipe all my info from it and unlink it all from my info, I’ll probably return it and just fork over the extra money and get a basic fit bit. I thought I got a great deal, with it on sale for $29.99. I guess you really do get what you pay for. I feel like I threw away $30, plus the cost of different color replacement bands I bought in case I got bored with black. At least it was only $30, I guess. Maybe they’ll still contact me with a way to fix it, but I won’t wait very long. I need to be able to use it.

  20. Lisa

    This fitness tracker offers a lot for the price point. But I could not find detailed specs on the features to see if it would fit our primary need, to be able to view the real-time heart rate via the app. Unfortunately, the way the device sends data to the app or the way the app retrieves it behind the scenes does not result in real-time heart rate data in the app, even when the user manually syncs the app with the device. The heart rate will remain whatever it was, labeled “1 minute ago” etc even after manual sync because it seems heart rate data transfer or packaging is on a fixed minimum interval and can’t be fetched continuously on demand. This is a lot to ask of a device at this price, but I would have liked to be able to find this information before buying. Also, I tried to use Amazon tech support, but it results in a phone call button in the browser which seems to lead to a “call ended” screen without having initiated a call.For those looking for live heart rate tracking in app, we have had success with Garmin Vivosmart 4.

  21. Kristine

    I have completely fallen in love! My photo shows no justice. The band is light weight and very comfortable. The band snaps and there’s plenty of holes so anyone can wear. Before I bought this I read a lot of mixed reviews on Amazon. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t love this! Its not a fit bit or an apple watch, which maybe those people expected. This is powered with Alexa, which I don’t use or need. But she will do anything for you. In the sun its a little hard to see, but so is a cellphone. It lets you change the main display for free. All if which show your steps for the day and the time. Once it arrives you have to download the app, and pair your band. One big free hint, its a BAND not a watch! I couldn’t figure the Bluetooth for hours and I was so upset! Well it shows up as a band, lol. The app is as accurate as they come. I measured my pulse and pulse ox on the band and on another device, and they both were the same. Its always checking your vitals, even when you sleep. The sleep recordings are just amazing! Shows your REM, pulse, awake, deep sleep, and light sleep, including your breathing. It tells you how difficult your breathing is all night including the times. I have sleep apnea, and don’t use a machine so I know I snore. It tells me when, how long and what type of breathing I’m doing. It measures it as low, medium, mild, and high risk. I mean I could keep going on for this for hours but the description is right on and its waterproof. This is 1000% worth it. 

  22. Robert B. Tetzlaff

    First off, understand that these Chinese brand smart bands are not going to have the feature set you get in an Apple Watch or similar name brand smart watch. You are not going to be able to receive calls on your watch or use it independently from your phone for phone features. But on the plus side this device is a fraction of the cost of one of the aforementioned watches.I have been using a variety of low cost smart bands and watches (MiFit, Wyze, Amazfit) for the last 4-5 years and I am really impressed how far they have come for this low of a price. New features on the Amazfit Band 5 include the ability to use the watch as a camera remote for your phone; and you can control your phone’s music playback from the band. And the charging connector is now magnetic contact rather than an actually plug. And the addition of the O2 Sensor is a plus (so far seems fairly accurate). Other key phone features include vibration notifications of text messages or incoming phone calls as well as the ability to read a text message on the band and terminate or pickup an incoming phone call. The watch face is customizable with a variety of designs available from their theme store (all free) to please different style desires.As for fitness features, the step tracking is straightforward and accurate. Heart rate and O2 seem accurate however sometimes it can have difficulty reading levels if the band is not pressed solidly against the wrist. Initially you might feel that it doesn’t provide the level of tracking that a Fitbit provides, but it’s all in the customization of tracking frequency. The level of tracking it provides for sleep, O2, and heart rate by default records every hour or so for heart rate and O2 on demand, but it can be set to monitor at regular intervals. But note that the more frequent the interval, the shorter the battery life. The phone app is Zepp and it offers pretty decent info display; it seems to be a little lacking for historical data compared with the MiFit app or Fitbit app. However it does integrate with the Apple/Android health apps which allows for more data analysis.I’ve tried larger Apple Watch / Samsung Watch type devices and here’s what I like better about this smart band design. 1) The thinner band is much more comfortable for me than the larger watch design. 2) The battery life is much better than those other watches. The Amazfit battery lasts anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks depending on what features are turned on. 3) The cost – much easier to budget one of these and upgrade whenever a new one comes out. Also, replacement watch bands are very reasonably priced.To sum up, if you want a feature packed fitness band with phone features and you are on a budget, the cost/feature ratio is very good with this device and I don’t think you will be disappointed. Just don’t buy this device with the expectation that you will get the high-cost features you find on the expensive smart watches.

  23. Jordan

    I bought this for longer battery life and tracking compared to an older smartwatch. It is much lighter and more comfortable to wear all day and while sleeping. The face is easy to customize. Interface is fine, except for a few weird quirks– can turn alarms on and off on the band but have to set the actual times in the app, for example. Zepp app shows data well, and syncs to Google Fit, but PAI doesn’t work simultaneously with Polar (PAI gets overwritten), which brings up my only real gripe: the heart rate accuracy leaves a lot to be desired.I know that wrist-based optical sensors are not as accurate as other HR sensors in general, but… I’ve found that when I’m exerting myself (usually rowing machine), the band significantly underestimates my heart rate by 20-30 BPM, especially in the higher range (confirmed against a chest strap HRM and a Samsung smartwatch). It sometimes even dips down to say I’m “relaxed” at 80-90 BPM, when I am decidedly not and more like 140-150 BPM. Sometimes it will pick back up as if to recognize that I’m exercising after all, but I have not been able to replicate consistently. I have tried wearing it tighter, looser, higher on my arm, lower on my wrist, on top of my arm, on the bottom of my arm, holding my arm flat, cleaned the sensor…I’m going to give the earbuds a try, because I like the PAI methodology, but it’s frustrating not to even be able to come close with the Band 5 for exercise. I can’t complain for the price, I guess.

  24. M Knight

    Let me say when I first got this watch I was excited to use it for tracking steps and sleep. It is not very accurate on either. I walked with my phone in the same hand I wore the watch and it was a few steps behind. Also I try to track sleep. It’s not accurate about that either. The band is loosing up as well. It doesn’t stay latched.

  25. A. WhalenA. Whalen

    Well, I’ve had my tracker for a few weeks now and I do love it. It’s pretty accurate. It tracks my work outs, my sleep, how many times I wake at night, my heart rate, blood oxygen levels heart rate, stress levels (don’t ask, I have no idea how). What I wish is that it would connect to more apps though. Like my fitness pal or my app for my eliptical. Now that would be amazing. I havent figured out how to add in workouts or steps to my account. Not sure if you are able to. Otherwise what you get for the price is downright amazing. If you could check blood pressure with it too…. now that would just be the icing on the cake. However I am in love. I now feel naked without it. Oh, apparently you can access Alexa with this thing too! I haven’t tried that yet…. but I will eventually lol.

  26. Skylover

    I have given up looking for a tracker. Maybe I have gotten duds and this is the universe’s way of telling me to FORGET IT!The MAIN reason I wanted one was for the heartrate feature, not to check after exercise but to watch throughout the day. I’m having issues with a slow pulse (48-55) and irregular heartbeat. I’m getting testing done, but I wanted to know what time of day it slows and speeds up. I have another device and I cross reference the results. This item routinely has my heartrate at 90 when my bp monitor reads 62. I NEVER have a 90 heartrate unless I’m exercising. I realize this isn’t a medical device, but it could be CLOSE to what my heartrate actually is. Also, the band is HUGE! It is still loose on my wrist.

  27. Leilani

    This watch thinks I am asleep most of the time. Maybe I am, and this is all an elaborate dream. Perhaps the watch is pushing me towards self-actualization by suggesting I am currently sleepwalking through life. The heart rate readings seem reasonable, as do the spO2, although I haven’t verified either. The step counter likewise seems accurate. It takes it a while to notice when I go for a walk or work out, but I can set them to record manually. I like being able to see my heart rate when I exercise. Overall, a good watch for a cheap price, just don’t rely on it for sleep tracking. Also, the band leaves bumps on my arm because of the odd strap design.

  28. Bobwoofer

    I bought this to monitor my sleep and my blood oxygen level. It took a good half an hour to get it to pair. The instructions are next to useless. I had to basically figure everything out for myself. It would not pair out of the box….I finally had to do a factory reset to get it to pair with the Zepp app. The screen time on the band is set to 2 or 3 seconds when it arrives, which made it very hard for me to go through the band’s menu.I was able to get one blood oxygen reading in the three weeks I’ve had it. I could never get it to read it again no matter what I tried. It did monitor my sleep nightly for awhile but stopped a week ago. I made sure all the permissions were set correctly but it just won’t work anymore. So I just did a factory reset and lost all of my settings and workout data.Now it won’t pair. I have gone so far as to delete the Zepp app and download it again, set up a new account. My phone (moto g play) says it’s paired but the band says otherwise. If it won’t pair in the next 15 minutes it’s going in the garbage, and I will spend some more money to buy a REAL working fitness band.

  29. Lennox

    It is impossible for me to remember the last time I bought something, particularly at this price range, that was as good and as impressive as the amezfit 5.I am extremely happy with this, as are the other 3 people we that I got it for.In some ways it has been life changing as it has motivated me to track my fitness (the app draws a map of where you jogged and biked, with speed, heart rate, and other data, as has the sleep tracker; I knew I was not sleeping well, but to see how and why is amazing.Truly a wonderful product, well made, and so full of features….at an unbelievably low price. The app is essential and works well too.Very happy.

  30. greg

    The profile settings are incomplete. There is no entry for a person’s height. I thought that might be the reason steps and calories burned were so terribly inaccurate. Tried to use customer service to find if there was an entry place. They wanted too much information for a simple request.The sleep study was ok, kept good time, I liked the battery life. The measurement selection was cumbersome at best and it didn’t measure blood pressure like most other fitness monitors. The mobile phone app did not allow profile edits, only weight goals. I agree that the text on the watch could be larger, but I could have lived with that.The exceedingly poor customer support was a good enough reason to return it!

  31. Rookie Cookie

    I have had this watch for awhile now. It’s become part of my daily use even in sleep. It’s so light sometimes I forget I have it on. It does not hinder in my sleeping.I sue this more for small notifications from my messages since I forget to check phone directly and I miss out when I’m working. The small vibration keeps it at point to notify meBattery life on a single charge is ridiculously good. Depending on my usage I can get away with using it for 8 to 13 days without charging.The app is a little lackluster but there is another app you can get that has plenty more configuration to your liking.Overall this watch tells me time. Gets notifications and is light. Hits the mark for all I needed. It is a good starter for those want to jump into smart watches without breaking the bank.

  32. Geno

    I can’t get it pass pairing… the app says its paired but the watch says no..

  33. shirley vanscoyk

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     Everyday I discover something new on this gadget! After literally a decade of being physically disabled and mobility challenged I’m going through a period of operation that are restoring my mobility. Because of that I have to teach myself to move again. Four years I have been making every trip up the stairs count, but now I have to move to get these new joints moving. This watch reward to me every single step of the way. I started out with a goal of 1000 steps a day and 10 days later I’m up to 3000 steps a day. This may not seem much but it’s really important to me and this watch helped me make this change

  34. Nick

    This review is for the Amazfit Band 5 Fitness Tracker. I’m returning this because it didn’t work as promised. I couldn’t control my music from the tracker, and it never notified me of a single call or message. The GPS insists I’m in Wilmette, Illinois, which appears to be a beautiful town, but most certainly is NOT where I live in California. The Alexa functionality is incredibly limited. All I could get the Alexa to do is start a timer, which, after starting the timer, blocked me out of all other watch functions.The watch did track my steps and my pulse rate. I was also able to get it to measure my stress levels (which are higher than I’d like thanks to living in East Oakland). But I was disappointed overall by this watch failing to deliver on several promised functions. I do give it credit for introducing me to Wilmette, Illinois, which, in light of my aforementioned stress levels, seemed pretty nice. But that’s not what I bought this for.

  35. Ron C

    Overall this is a good product. It is ver comfortable on the wrist and the battery lasts a log time. The setup was easy and the app has a lot of information. I like the way it integrates with Echo (Alexa). I find the step count accuracy to be spot on. Other features are the weather data, heartbeat and blood oxygen levels. I would give it a five but there are a few minor quirks. Although it is waterproof I would say do not wear it in the shower. As the water rains on the screen it is the same as being touched and it changes settings and sets alarms, etc. At times the main face screen just changes to a different style and I have to go into the app and make changes. The oxygen sensor can be tricky to get it to work. Overall I recommend it and it’s much cheaper than the other name brand fitness trackers.


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  37. Aaron

    You just cant beat it for the price. It’s very basic, it has no speaker, you can’t respond to messages on it or read the whole thing. That is where the cons end. The heart monitoring is great and very accurate! The o2 measuring is also excellent and accurate. The battery life is amazing!! I love it for the price!!!!!I can’t say anything bad about it. I am returning it because I would like something with more options and I am probably going to end up spending well over $200 to get what I want.. But I cannot take anything away from how great it is for the price!!! If you are looking for a simple fitness band or simple smart watch START HERE!!! It’s great!!!

  38. SueBee

    Coming from a Fitbit Charge 2 to this is a big change. I like the look and fit of the band. There are plenty of other bands/straps available to purchase if you want other colors, and it is super easy to snap the device into another band. It was always a pain to change out the Fitbit band. Of course, the Amazfit Band 5 is only a fraction of the cost of my last Fitbit, and what’s not to like about that? I also like that you can shower with the 5, although I stopped doing that because I suspected it was affecting the device’s accuracy for sleep tracking (maybe it is just me). Sleep-tracking stopped or was totally inaccurate for a week or two, but seems to be working again (no longer showering with it). It is fun to change out the various programmed-in faces but some I tried were really hard to read. I don’t think the mobile app is very good; I find it very frustrating to try to use. Inscrutable would be the word I would use. Another good thing is the band is so lightweight that you literally don’t notice that you have it on. I haven’t been motivated enough to read up online manuals about all the features. The band came with zero instructions, so you are definitely on your own.

  39. GeMaCGeMaC

    I have had this tracker for about 5 months. It is a lot more comfortable to wear than the ones I have had before. It is a smaller size ( it’s smaller than it looks in my picture) and I like the way the band fits around the tracker and I can easily switch the color of the band with the extra bands I purchased. The charge lasts several days and the magnetic charger is easy to attach. It charges quickly. I mainly use it to track my steps and stay connected to my messages and phone. The notifications on the tracker give me freedom from having my phone on me all of the time. I also enjoy the sleep monitoring function. There are a lot of features I don’t even use, but would probably enjoy if I did. It’s fun to change the face design for the seasons or colors. The app has worked well for me. For my simple needs for a tracker, this has been great and the price is very affordable.

  40. Steven C. Simmons

    I purchased this because it was rated high for accuracy on data collection. But in use when exercising strongly, it would show my heart rate jumping to 180+ while my treadmill monitor showed 120-135. This high count messed up the validity of PAI and other tracking data. In addition, it showed my heart rate dropping to the low 40s overnight. I figured it was a lemon and returned it for replacement. The replacement unit has exactly the same problems. It could just be me, as others seem to have better luck. But after two tries, I’m not pursuing this further.As an aside, I will say that the Zepp app for android phones is one of the most opaque things ever. Much of the things is measures you have to enter manually, and there’s no way to correct an error either manually enterd by you or bad data generated by the tracker.

  41. Barbie S.Barbie S.

    This should be a tool for every person who has severe anxiety. It instantly helps me calm down. The sleep part of the watch and app are pretty accurate. The stress feature needs to be adjusted. It instantly tells you your heart rate — that is what I find most valuable about this watch. The band caused a chemical reaction on my skin. At first they thought it was a skin allergy — then they thought it was an infection. I was treated for both. As it turned out — it’s a chemical burn. Get a different band for it (there are leather or metal bands available.) I love this watch. If it weren’t for the band — it would be a solid five stars.

  42. Kellina

    So. I originally only needed a pedometer and chose this watch since I needed a new watch as well… And it was like getting two for one with a few extra toys attached.The watch itself is super dang cool. Considering it’s more than what I originally needed…I did love all the extra features. Sleep tracking, stress tracking, the app is super cool.The cons I have to list are….The pedometer is off.It counts ‘steps’ pretty much any time you move or shake your arm. So the count can be way off if you work with your hands… Or literally do anything at all that causes you to move your arm the watch is on.Careful with the Sleep breathing Beta!It (for me at least) screwed up my sleep reading. If you habe turned it on and notice a green and red light lingering on the watch in the morning, it’s because you need to turn the beta OFF. This light will stay on until you do… It took me a while to figure this out. So hopefully I can save someone else the confusion I face.Battery drain!Especially at night. The app seems to drain my phone battery a good 25 to 30% over night while it’s logging my sleep. I combat this easily by keeping it charged. But this is just fyi.I’ve had the watch almost a week now and I’ve not had to charge it yet. I do see it lasting a good 10 to 15 days at full charge and with minimal messing. So that’s super cool, since I did not want something I’d have to take off and charge every single night like my hubs watch.All in all I love this simple lil watch. <3

  43. Peter W. Van Derpas

    I purchased this Amazfit Band 5 to track heart rate while doing Zone 2 training to improve my mitochondrial flexibly. The YouTube reviewer WesKnows tested the Amazfit Band 5 against several other fitness bands using a Garmin chest strap heart monitor as a standard. The Amazfit Band 5 proved to be quite accurate and beat all others handily. So heart rate accuracy is great.I am intrigued by all of the other features but don’t know how useful they might be. The blood oxygen percentage reads low on my wrist. I do like the Zepp ap however and find the alarm system when exceeding a target heart rate to be particularly helpful. I also like the walking feature which maps your walk and provides milage, pace, and other useful information.Overall a good value for what I need.

  44. mother suburb

    The only thing that I needed to adjust to with this Amazfit band is the smaller size screen. I wear glasses and the smallest data on the screen is difficult to read without stopping and really focusing. Otherwise, I think it is a fantastic value. I primarily use the band to monitor my steps, keep time, and set timers all of which I can see just fine at about 15 inches from my face. It’s very user friendly and it is packed with many features that my other much more expensive tracker did not have. I replaced my old tracker with the Amazfit band because the touch screen feature of my old tracker quit working. The tracker was only two years old. The battery life on my Amazfit band between charges is great. The band on the Amazfit is comfortable and really easy to put on and take off.

  45. Y. C.

    I use it mostly for 2 things, sleep tracking and blood oxygen measurements. Minor uses: generic watch face, step counter, timer, camera remote.Initially, I could not use it pass 5 days without a charge. I contacted Band 5 support, ran a test they recommended. Turns out everything is fine.The longest without charging was 14 days (at 10%). To stretch out battery life I changed my settings to:-turn off bluetooth from phone: Band 5 not connected. I only turn on phone bluetooth if I have something else connected and Band 5 automatically connects.-health monitor setting: sleep assistant only-lift wrist for info: turned off-night mode: on after sunset-everything else offWhat’s the point of turning everything off? I don’t feel the need for it. Sleep data measures well. Not sure how REM, light, deep, nap are measured, but seems to coincide with how I feel after waking up.For the price, it’s very good.FYI: women’s cycle tracker on the app is very strange. Recorded dates will change on their own. They need to fix this in the next update, otherwise the interface in app is pretty good. Data issue makes it useless.Currently 11 days since last charge with 55% left.

  46. A. A. River

    The Battery charge last 5-7 days for me. The biggest reason I think is that when I sleep, I tend to bump it on my face, arm, or chest and that wakes the screen up. There is a night brightness setting, it’s not easy to find as it’s hidden in the app and not of the device. Even with it, at night I still find it very bright and need to turn the brightness down more than the night mode does.The band material is odd to say the least. The tightness changes with humidity. Some times it’s uncomfortably tight, and some times it’s too loose. I find that I have to adjust the tightness 2-5 times per day.Water activates the display so I don’t wear it in the shower. When I’m in the rain (or shower) the water interacting with the display makes it do all sorts of things like opening the settings or changing the clock face.I’ve had no issues using the Alexa, HR monitor, or exercise tracking. The Sp02 has some issues. It often is inaccurate or can’t get a reading. I’ve never had an issue with the tracker syncing with my phone, unlike my previous Fitbit device. The app lacks a food log and doesn’t connect to the most popular 3rd party ones.Take away: Don’t wear it in the shower, buy a different strap or be fine adjusting it a lot, and don’t rely on the Sp02.Otherwise it’s solid.

  47. Mz. Hyde

    The only reasons it gets a 4 instead of a 5 is because you can’t find different styles of wristbands and customizing the face is confusing.I have a Mi Band 4 and have had to have a health monitor on both wrists, because I wanted the rainbow iridescent metal mens watchband that I have been able to get for the Mi Band. If they want to compete better with Mi Band, they need to up their wristband options.Plus customizing the face is more confusing than the Mi Band 4. So, maybe making that a little bit easier.Otherwise, it does what I want it to do.

  48. First Tram

    Wife has fitbit and I do not like it. I tried this and very glad I did. No idea what a PAI is but it keeps me motivated. Tracks sleep but I do not believe it. Seems to know how long I am in bed. I lay awake for hours and it does not know. Not sure how it would. Heart rate seems to work. I check it with my other monitor and it is pretty close. Step counter is mostly close. I have tracked and it is close. The workout part is really good with one exception. Sometimes it turns off. Not that big a deal. I am not training for the world cup. Overall a pretty good device for what I bought it for. Would like something that monitors my sleep, but that would just cost way too much. Nice watch would recommend.

  49. Samantha CraigSamantha Craig

    I work as an MRI tech and wanted a watch/step counter I could use around the magnet without it immediately being ruined. I figured a $35 option was cheap enough to try and I know the expensive ones have way too much inside that immediately die near a magnet. This has been great! I only use it for step counting and the watch portion, so I’ve never hooked it up to my phone. I downloaded the app and did connect it to my Apple health which was super easy. The battery lasted a month! The magnet at work did mess up the charging port which is normally connected by magnetism, but this hair tie did the trick. Only took an hour or two to charge and ready to go a while more!

  50. Nikki

    I bought this for my husband to keep an eye on his heart rate, this will alert you when your heart beat is too high, you can set it to a particular rate. He wore it for a week or so and then quit wearing it because he gets bored with things quickly. So I started wearing it. I absolutely LOVE it!! It does all it promises. Text alerts, pairs with Alexa, weather, period tracker, blood oxygen, sleep tracking and more. You are able to change the face of the watch with the available themes. There aren’t a ton of options but enough to keep it fresh. I charge it once a week. For the price it’s an amazing value. I have a galaxy s8, pretty ancient phone so I was surprised it paired so easily!

  51. D. Cox

    (New review) If you need a reliable watch this one is ok. If you need any health info, buy another kind.I use the band (5) for a watch, counting steps when I walk, and for sleep analysis. It may be because the band Is a little large for my wrist but the steps, distance, and calorie count are wildly inaccurate. Heart rate seems to be the only stat I’ve found so far that is pretty accurate. I like how it looks snd it’s way more comfortable than my F*tb*t was. Hopefully they’ll improve the app so it functions better.

  52. mojoron

    This band tells time! It doesn’t matter if it’s AM, PM, daylight savings, or if you cross time zone lines. With a vigorous shake of my wrist I can answer the age old question of “What time is it?” Every. Single. Time. Just this afternoon while I was wage slaving I thought “Man, this place sucks. When do I get to go home?” I started vigorously shaking my wrist then I looked down AND SAW WHAT TIME IT WAS! After doing some simple math I concluded it was way too long so I said I had diarrhea and my neighbor called saying my house was on fire so I had to leave early. With a little ingenuity every day can be a half day. I may soon be unemployed so my whole “what time is it?” won’t be as important. TLDR: knowing the correct time on your wrist is totally boss.

  53. Peter Prim

    The GPS function works through your phone (mine is Motorola G7 Play running Android 10). In order for the watch to track mileage, your screen has to be on CONSTANTLY. If you turn your screen off, GPS does not work, even if the Zepp app is open and you’ve set location permission to “allowed all the time.” This might not sound so bad, but when cycling without GPS active, for some reason the watch denies that you are exercising and reduces your reported heartrate! When compared to my Fitbit Charge 4 which accurately tracks cycling activity, the Band 5 reduces the reported heartrate by 20-30 BPM. And the reported steps varies wildly from about 25-75% of the Charge 4’s reported steps. I have no idea if the Band 5 will report activity correctly for cycling if the phone screen stays on constantly to allow GPS. I should think that GPS would not be required for accurate activity tracking, but behold. During running, not having GPS only results in lower distance estimation. But this too is odd: the estimated distance is half of the actual distance. The estimate should be quite close to actual distance given that you enter your height into the app, and stride is highly correlated with height.Aside from these issues, the Band 5 has a nice color display and gives you TONS of options which you cycle through on the touchscreen. I found the plethora of options rewarding as I like that level of control on electronic devices. But I suspect that most users will be annoyed by the seemingly endless options and multiple menu levels. Surprisingly, there are very few options through the Zepp app as most settings have to be controlled through the Band 5 touch screen – good close-up eyesight is required.The initial charge was substantial and lost less than 20% per day, and the charger is very easy to attach.

  54. HPPTT

    I have to write this review because I was misled by a lot of negative reviews and waited for long time. I almost decided to buy the Fitbit verse 3, but wanted to give this band a try first.I have owned two Samsung smartwatches, one Fitbit, and a new Apple watch 6 for wife, but I am looking for a simple, light, long battery life particularly with Alexa control function smart device. I finally made decision to try it. It took less than 5 minutes to setup EVERYTHING. The screen is beautiful, super crisp text. The Alexa function works perfectly even without the ability of speaker. I can read text message, and get phone call notification. It has a lot of basic health fitness tracker features that are very useful. I would give it 5+ stars.Now, why I disagree with some of the negative reviews which is misleading.** Simply the most important: set the right/realistic expectation for a $35 smart device that can do Alexa control1. Not accurate: come on… is the xx steps difference really that important for you which will destroy your whole health tracking plan? If yes, go spend $400 to get an Apple watch. what’s important is the trending: did you exercise consistently, do you have a surge or drop in the heart rate suddenly.2. Buggy software: I set it up and forget about it. I am not really sure what buggy is about. Are you doing a stress testing for a $35 device?3. if you are pulling out each feature and compare with a dedicated device or apple watch or Samsung watch, why don’t you buy all those devices to make sure you are happy with everything?Last comment/warning: the screen is small, the text may be too small for some users. For me, it is really trivial comparing with what I am expecting from this smart Alexa band.Thanks.

  55. Adam B.

    Pro:Relatively inexpensiveCon:Very thick, not contoured to the body. You always know it is there, it interferes with sleeves, and can be uncomfortable when sleeping.The underside where the lights and sensors are located bulges out and leaves an impression in the skin.Cumbersome phone ap that takes some time to configure properly. Non-intuitive interface / navigation.Ap persistently asks for phone location to be turned on when started.Included bracelet is cumbersome to size.Charger is a non-standard two-prong magnetic USB of flimsy construction. If lost a replacement is not easy to find.No wireless charging.Conclusion:You get what you pay for. There are much better options out there. The only real benefit is that it is cheap, but features do not stack up against better quality models.

  56. tad

    The display is super bright and easy to read, the integrated Alexa feature works well for simple commands, after a while I could no longer change the watch face it stayed hung in sync mode and wouldn’t switch due to syncing other data. I mainly use it for the step count which seems fairly accurate for the most part, goals can be set with a challenge to meet them, fun, and a plus. Unfortunately, like my last band, the charger played out, its super thin cord came apart from the charging apparatus rendering it useless until the replacement arrives, the good news is I am ordering a new charger and will continue using the band for the step count feature and occasional use of the Alexa features.

  57. Simply UrsulaSimply Ursula

    This watch reminds me of my Fitbit without the burnt arm.I purchased this on a whim and I’m beyond satisfied with the options it offers. I’ll mention a few of my favorite features.Sleep tracking is very important. I am fully aware that I don’t get enough sleep but the app encourages me to take a 20 minute nap which has improved so many aspects of my day.Step Counter is not the most accurate but it keeps me motivated to get my 20000 steps in. I compare the steps on my watch to my android which I feel is a bit more accurate.Heart Rate and stress are important things to keep track of on the watch. It allows you to become fully aware of when you are stressed and offers you advice on how to lower your stress levels.Breathing: Allows you time to close your eyes and focus on your breathing. With everything going on in the world when was the last time you sat down in a quiet spot with your eyes closed to just breathe.:Cycles” are important to keep track of for us women and the app allows you to keep track of when you are ovulating etc. It will notify you of when your cycle should arrive as well.Give the watch a test run and see if you like it. You can’t beat the price.

  58. Lisa

    for the price it does exactly what it claims. However, it will not connect to other apps or systems. it says you can customize the face, i have done so, but each time i do i get a vibration and the new face gets a x over it and then changes to one of the two default faces. there have been times when it logged that i took a nap during times i was doing things such as washing the dishes. It does connect to alexa but there are no commands that allow you to do anything with it, it will not accept voice commands. i hope there is an update and it fixes all the issues, but for the price i do not see that happening .

  59. E

    I bought this watch for my soon to be 7 year old. It’s just a tad big, currently. I made an additional hole to help it fit. I know it’s an adult watch; but, I’m over Fitbit and their horrible customer service, so I needed to get us new fit watches. The watch advertises a 15 day battery life. Well, that might only be true; if you don’t have it monitoring anything. Which would beg the question, what’s the point of having a watch that monitors so many things, if you don’t use those features? We received this watch 8 days ago. It just died this morning, while my son was sleeping. So, it looks like the battery life is 8 days, if you use all the monitoring features. This is still better than my son’s Ace 2 Fitbit battery life. So, I’m pleased with the watch thus far.I also like that it monitors stress levels and has a breathing exercise feature.The mobile app can be improved. It seems a bit busy. The layout can be improved greatly.

  60. RobertH

    I find the band very comfortable to wear all the time. It’s waterproof enough that you can shower with it.It has more features than you might expect from such a low-price device. I’ve verified that the Amazfit distance measuring is accurate enough (agrees with Google “measure distance”). The heart rate seems accurate enough. The more I exert myself, the higher it goes.The sleep monitor is eye-opening (sorry!) LOL but it is. It shows where you’re getting light sleep, REM sleep, deep sleep, etc. It shows if you wake up at night too. Again, I have no idea how accurate it is, but it gives you a nightly score, and my score tracks with my subjective perception of how good a night’s sleep I got.It also calculates calories burned, but sad to say, it’s not accurate at all. Today, it tells me I’ve walked 1.95 miles (true) and burned 350 calories (nope). Impossible. That amount of walking burns at most 200 calories. At most.I also found a curious bug — you can change the info in your profile, your name, your birthdate, and your height, but you can’t change your starting weight. So be careful when entering your weight!Overall, I’m very satisfied. It’s excellent value for its price and what it offers.

  61. OrionRex

    The price is nice, and if you’re looking for a step tracker, or heartbeat counter, I think you’ll like it. I can’t tell you how it performs during work outs. I liked that it would vibrate and tell me I’ve sitting too long. I would get up and walk from the desk to the kitchen and get a doughnut. Nice. But I bought this primarily for sleep monitoring and it is not worth a hoot for that. Apparently the device cannot fathom the concept that a person might go the bathroom at 2 am and then go back to sleep. The device dramatically miscalculated my sleep time about 90% of the nights. So I have moved on to something else. The app was okay.

  62. Dave Johnson

    Noticed what looked like interesting sleep tracking… first night it was way off. Then suddenly it “Appeared” to be generating sleep data.However… the data is a joke, made up, not real, imaginary in origin. I was 100% awake, band was snug and the app showed I was in DEEP SLEEP for over an hour, then briefly awake. Throughout the entire “event” I was awake and typing a report on my laptop. I figured it burped or something.Next night… I was up late working on things again… reading and writing notes. App said I was in deep sleep.Next night… was awoken at 2am with a “family thing”… was awake till 6am… app said I was awake for a few minutes then put me as sleeping all the way to 6am… then again a few minutes of awake…Pulse Ox does not match my O2 Ring Oxygen sensor that has been calibrated.

  63. Wayne Michael

    I thought this fitness tracker was pretty good as far as accuracy and features. But, why in the blue blazes, did the manufacturer go cheap with the strap mechanism that kept on coming off whenever I was doing chores around the yard. Yes, I kept on saying I needed to find a way to secure this and not lose it as it came off my wrist plenty of times. Sure enough, on Christmas Eve, I noticed the fitness tracker was no longer on my wrist and I could not find it around the house, the yard, and even checked the stores I visited with no success of finding it. File under be very careful with this tracker especially if you are an active person.

  64. NW Witch

    This is an accurate fitness tracker. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and I am rewriting my review to reflect what I have learned. This tracker is equal to or better than other trackers costing 5 times as much. It is feature rich and the app provides detailed data. I raised it from 4 stars to 5 stars. To get the few features it lacks you have to go to a $175 to $250 device. For that you get a speaker, GPS, and more memory maybe one or two other things. I’ll wait till Xmas to upgrade when those trackers drop in price. Compare this with it’s 2 week battery and Alexa, all it’s fitness measures, sleep tracking and you will see which tracker is the best for less than $175. I highly recommend.

  65. Don R DelawareDon R Delaware

    First off, I will admit I am very concerned that this harvests data for China AI development. Seems cheap for what it does, at sometimes does well. It CONSTANTLY prompts for access to not only location, which I understand, but also my cell phone call logs and history, contact lists, camera functions. Why does this need access to my phone camera and call history?Bought it for fitness (run) tracking, pace vs. heart rate. H/R monitor seems to work very well. The mileage sometimes works okay, and sometimes off by as much as 50%. Will return it if that remains the case…. unusable if not consistent.The sleep monitor is interesting if what it’s saying about my sleep patterns is true. Will update if I decide to keep it. And that’s another thing… they glue the shipping box together in a way that you need to totally destroy it to get it out of the box. Sheesh!UPDATE: have had this for several weeks now and it’s useful for heart rate and one or two other things, but generally useless for running pace and distance functions. More than half the times I use it, the distance and Pace are wildly inaccurate, even though the fitness function on the phone itself, running at the same time, using the same GPS, works fine. See screenshots for an example from recent run. Actual pace showing under 9 minutes/mile on Samsung Fitness tracker, where thisone ted device was showing 45 minutes plus for the exact same run.

  66. Kindle Customer

    So I got this after having Open Heart Surgery. I wanted to track my improvement, exercise duration, intensity, Heart rate, O2 etc…. I started cardiac rehab and it’s been an absolute failure at tracking my treadmill workouts and dismal performance on the bike. From what I can tell the O2 sensor is accurate enough and the Heart rate is pretty close (tested against Heart rate and o2 monitors at the hospital) the sleep program is pretty good as well. But if you need this for gym workouts like me? Probably should go with something else.

  67. Noah L Waller

    I spent under $40 for this, and my expectations were pretty low. I just wanted heart rate tracking and sleep monitoring, and this does those very well. The Zepp app is a little busy at first, but provides solid data, and integrates with Google Fit nicely (took a minute to figure that out). The SpO2 and stress monitors are solid, the available faces are great, good battery life, accurate step tracking, and I’m just getting into the notification and reminder features, camera and music control, etc. It’s not an Apple Watch, but it does everything I would want it to do and more.

  68. Avery

    I was really enjoying this fitness tracker that I’ve had since September 2021. There are several monitor options from sleep to steps to heart rate, etc. My only two complaints are: First, the date on the display is very small to see. There is an option to change your display but both options focus on the time and your steps. The date is small in both. Second, the little button that snaps into the holes to “lock” the band pops out of the holes on occasion. Its a good thing that there is also a loop that holds on to the band too. So the band will get loose but not entirely fall off your wrist. That being said my button just broke off completely the other day so now though the tracker is in great condition, I cannot get the band tight enough to track anything.

  69. Kindle Customer

    I have had it for 2 day — Pairing with the Samsung was hard – Lack of documentation and totally useless book that comes with it.I tracked steps with an iphone and samsung and amazfit band 5 .. they all were nearly identical.Heart rate, it can monitor but in my opinion is a bit slow.SpO2 — it struggles .. many a times it can’t even measure but I am not sure it’s much off .Sleep — From one one night the data is not inaccurate — though question it’s designation of some sleep as REM sleep. There is really no sensory information for it to declare that unless it monitored the heart and breathing and extraploated — but overall it did record when i woke up in middle of the night and when I was sleeping.I don’t know how good it is with PAI .. but i don’t even know what good means in that category.Overall I am satisfied . .. wish the pairing/linking wasn’t so horribly convoluted and cumbersome

  70. Moodicus Maximus

    So I genuinely enjoy this watch, especially because of the value (price vs. functionality). It reads heart rate well, calculates stress and my ‘sleep score’s (a fun feature that my gf and I compare each morning). I don’t believe the calories burned are accurate but that’s not based on anything empirical, just my perception.I will tell you that I originally had huge issues with finding Alexa and that is why I’m posting this review as I expect many of you have shared this experience. I returned my original order because I couldn’t find the Alexa feature and why it wasn’t a deal breaker, I sincerely am never okay being misled and it stated on the product page and box that this watch had the Alexa feature. I complained and then got a replacement that did the same thing – no alexa. Here’s the trick: Go-to your Zepp app, next go-to Profile and finally got Add Account. Then add alexa account. To test it after it updates your interface, swipe right on your watch face until you see Alexa. It has no wake word, you have to swipe. It functions at a basic level but is connected to your other devices. Hope this helps anyone having the same issue.In conclusion: absolutely great watch for it’s $35 price. It doesn’t impact my phone battery despite being connected the whole day and it last for about a week without needing a charge. I can’t make the 10-15 days advertised with all the features I have activated but it charges within an hour. Oh and the watch face options are awesome – you can go minimalist or get all the data. Currently I have my own custom background which is super cool. Anyway, I do recommend this. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll provide honest feedback.

  71. Jessica JonesJessica Jones

    Upon unboxing, the size of the instruction manual is daunting. Usually these devices have a quick set up guide that is a quick fold out and its super fast to get going. The device had initially set up in a foreign language and mad navigation a bit tough. The app upon initial set up is not user friendly and doesn’t give a tutorial. The picture I added to my review is of the heart rate info sharing screen. I have not seen this on fitbit or any other major brand apps, so its a bit off putting especially with the language situation upon set up. The app had stated my phone needed to have the app run in the background but did not provide the accurate set up information for a Samsung Galaxy Note10. Overall the device looks great and the band is versatile in size versus the fit bit where you aren’t required to buy a larger/smaller band. Its mainly the app and set up that make my initial impressions a 2 star. I will update once I get some usage in.

  72. ToyFoxLady

    Maybe my expectations were too high? I am used to Fitbit products but I had high hope for this due to the reviews and features offered. If it functioned the way they said, I would be thrilled because the hardware and Zepp app are really nice.- sleep tracking is totally inaccurate. I compared to my Fitbit and it was off by hours and said I never had deep sleep- step tracking also terrible. Says it tracks based on arm swings but again, tested multiple ways and it was not ever close to being right- doesn’t properly recognize exercise- band doesn’t secure tightly enough and the little nubby thing pops out easily.- the app is really nice and full of information- the color screen is really pretty and overall functional- works great with Alexa and I miss this feature with my Fitbit InspireI wouldn’t buy again due to the accuracy issues, not even their higher end models. I really wanted to like it and hope they’ll improve in the future.

  73. NotADog

    No comment on the fitness/sleep functions, as I haven’t really compared it with a fitbit or any of the other fitness watches I own.Display is small and has a lot of wasted space with tiny fonts. Clearly nobody over 40 was involved in developing it. Same for the thick but tiny manual with a font size too small to read without a magnifying glass.Big problem is the band. It pops off at the slightest move. Put a coat on or take it off? Pops off. Wear a long sleeve shirt and pull the cuff back to look at the watch and put the cuff back down? Pops off.I’ve had to search stores for it and then wait until someone found it and left it in lost and found.”Zepp app”? What the heck is that? From what I’ve seen, I can’t find an SPO2 function, the heart rate reports as zero periodically, and you have to manually set the sleeping window. Which would be nice if I went to bed at the same time every day.Just a matter of time before it comes off and my dog eats it, or its grabbed by someone else off a store floor. At least I wouldn’t feel bad about it if it happened.

  74. Chris

    This watches battery life is amazing. The watch interface is a bit tricky if you have typical guy hands but it is manageable. The app that they recommend is good but I have it running with another app called Zepp. Between the 2 I can manage every possible notification, settings, themes or whatever. The watch is comfortable and IS WATER PROOF as it says in the details. The pulse rate monitor is nearly 100% accurate. I had 1 or 2 beats less than what the free blood pressure machines at stores stated.Definitely worth the money! I spent over $100 on “smart” watches from other sites and all were great except for their batteries. Which lasted 2-4 hours. And a full charge took nearly 2-3 hours. This watch has lasted roughly 7-9 days with my usage. And takes 1 hour to fully charge!!The band is great! I somehow became allergic to any metal in any watch band. Including the hypoallergenic bands. This one has not bothered me once in the past month that I’ve had it. And that’s wearing it 24/7, including in the shower and swimming.Absolutely impressed! I may even upgrade to one of their bigger smart watches.

  75. J. Wild

    This has really great functionality and great battery life BUT the screen is almost impossible to see in daylight, there is no button with too many finger swipes to get to things, no speaker or sounding device, the screen is SO small it makes it very hard at times to read information even in the dark. I hope they come out with a better usable device that has a larger screen area using a bright AMOLED display. Don’t get me wrong, I really think Amazfit has some GREAT smart watch devices, GTR line for sure, even though the newest GTR 3 Pro has lockup issues currently when scrolling through messages, that I have reported. The Band 5 has reliable notifications that I have really enjoyed. I advise customers to wait for possibly a Band 6, even though the Band 5 is amazingly affordable for what it does!

  76. sarsar77

    I got it on sale so for the $30 I paid, it’s okay. For me, the screen is small and hard to read, the DND feature is temperamental and sometimes it flashes when I move as I am trying to fall asleep, keeping it connected to my phone drains my phone battery, I don’t know if it or my phone drops the Bluetooth connection out of the blue, accuracy on distance and other measures seems a little off. I’ve had it stop tracking my workouts and not realized it till I was done. Sometimes it tells me that I have been sitting too long, while I am moving. It’s touch screen is sensitive, shower or even bath can change screens.Plus side, changing the watch face is a fun feature, and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

  77. Annie Bakaleinikoff

    I loved this when I received it. Paired easily, worked very well. After a couple months, I stopped getting notifications. I got frustrated after a while, so I looked up the troubleshooting tips. Nothing helped, so I did a factory reset. Big mistake. Cannot get it to repair to my phone. And the issue isn’t with my phone – I also installed the app and tried to connect on my son’s phone. No big deal. I emailed support. Ugh. 24 hours later I get an email to tell me to do what I’d already done. This has been going on 10 days, with zero help. They tell me to try something I’ve already done, and then I respond and it’s another day or two before I get a response. Yes, the price was great, but I’ve only had it a couple months and it’s now completely unusable.

  78. Lucas Bossio

    If you are looking to buy this to keep track of heart rate, I have bad news. Its absolutely useless and simply spits out a number that it thinks is acceptable. Which is dangerous for sone people, to be honest. I tried resetting, adjusting band tightness, standing statue still. Never accurate. Not one time.I bought this because I need to monitor my heart rate frequently and this tracks it basically all day.I have POTS.When I stand up my heart rate skyrockets, making me dizzy and prone to fainting.This told me my heart rate was 72.Do you want to know what it actually was??167.My heart rate was 167.And it insisted all day that my heart rate was between 50 and 90.Laying down my heart rate is 90 on average. When I at sit up it is usually 110 or so.When I stand up it is usually between 150 and 170.Thats how I know it was feeding me bullshit numbers that sound good on paper.

  79. Jake23

    I am very happy with this tracker. It does seem to be quite accurate and the battery life is about 10 days with my settings. I was only getting 7 days with the sleep breathing monitor on. But that did not give me any interesting data and I turned it off. I did turn up the brightness from the default setting and I see the time OK in the daylight. But the smaller numbers are harder to see with the face I have chosen. I would like to see some faces that look more like a analogue watch. But there is a pretty good selection that are easy to install. I would like to see syncing to my app during exercise and it’s pretty touchy about measuring blood oxygen. I would certainly buy it again for that cost.

  80. Leilani

    This watch thinks I am asleep most of the time. Maybe I am, and this is all an elaborate dream. Perhaps the watch is pushing me towards self-actualization by suggesting I am currently sleepwalking through life. The heart rate readings seem reasonable, as do the spO2, although I haven’t verified either. The step counter likewise seems accurate. It takes it a while to notice when I go for a walk or work out, but I can set them to record manually. I like being able to see my heart rate when I exercise. Overall, a good watch for a cheap price, just don’t rely on it for sleep tracking. Also, the band leaves bumps on my arm because of the odd strap design.

  81. Mr and Mrs CruzMr and Mrs Cruz

    Update: 01/28/2022Unit has worked great thus far. My only complaint is that the sensors have burned my skin a few times. Twice it has woken me up from a deep sleep and 3 times I’ve had visible burn marks but not to the point where it hurts.Received my order on 11/23 and have all the features turned on and today is day 10 and watch is at 10% battery. First photo at 3:25pm was right off the charger and 2nd is today. I have developed a rash on my wrist from the band but I doubt it’s from the silicone as I have an autoimmune disease & my skin has a mind of it’s own. Thus far I have enjoyed the tracker and would recommend. It’s not a Samsung or Apple watch (I own a Samsung smart watch) but it’s slim & gets the job done at an incredible price point vs others on the market.

  82. Pam M.

    I love this, provides all the info I want and I don’t have to pay a monthly fee for the app. The only things I would change is the display and size of the face… the time shows big enough… but all the other info is very small and difficult to read. I know I can see the info on the app on my phone… but it would be nice to read some of the info at a glance.My only other wish would be that the instructions were a little more detailed. I am always learning more that it does… and there really isn’t anywhere that clearly explains all that it does.Overall, excellent for the price. A few adjustments would make this a five star in my book.

  83. Stacy School

    I’ve been using the tracker for one month, and overall I’m pleased with it for the price point. My primary purchase was for tracking steps. The accuracy here is good with perfectly swinging arms, but activities like mowing the lawn (walk-behind mower) or holding the dog leash while walking really undercount steps. I have found the sleep tracking and heart rate monitor to be highly accurate. The stress level and oxygenation meter readings are not at all accurate, but I really wouldn’t expect a wristband to measure those very well. I haven’t had any problems with syncing. There are some things I miss about my Fitbit, but given what this band can do, I can’t justify the cost difference (I switched because of syncing issues between Fitbit and android).

  84. JMD

    My 10 yo daughter asked Santa for a “smart watch” and we aren’t ready to get her a communication device, so this watch fit the bill for being smart but not that smart. She absolutely loves it for:- telling time (!)- setting timers- setting weekly reminders to bring stuff to school- changing the watch’s background screen to different views, including photo backgrounds- counting steps- checking the weatherThere is a lot more to this watch, of course, but we love it for these basics. She feels very grownup! It is tethered to the Zepp app on my iPhone, which means for configuration and setting changes we have to use my phone. I can also see battery level, her activity and sleep stats. We’ve had it for 3 weeks and haven’t had to charge it yet.We (Santa) also got her a pack of 20 different colored bands and that is a huge part of loving the watch – it can match outfits and moods.Her wrist is small and the band fits on the tightest setting.

  85. Jody T

    We purchased this item, hoping it would be an easy way for my father in law to track the distance and pace on his walks. It was not very user friendly, especially for a senior. It was difficult to scroll to the feature he wanted, and it does not hold the display for more than a few seconds, so he could not quickly glance at the watch for an update on his progress during his activity. We bought him a Garmin product to replace this, and it works much better for his needs.

  86. Jezebel

    Another planned obsolescence situation. I really like almost everything about this band. The app is pretty terrible and not intuitive. But the band itself is awesome. It has many functions that I feel are accurate. It has a great vibrant screen and you can change screens. I even like the actual band. The sleep function is my favorite. However, I’ve had 2 of them within about 9 months and they have both broken. I swore I would never buy a Fitbit-they all break right when the warranty runs out. This is a similar situation. I’ll try something else…. (by the way, I only write reviews when something is really good or really bad) This is a mixed bag. If you want longevity, don’t get it.

  87. Bridget

    The steps are not accurate BUT the spO2 & heart rate are pretty consistent with my pulse ox, which is a huge plus!!Comfortable & overall wonderful

  88. C. PetriC. Petri

    I love this fitness tracker! It works exactly as it should, and it’s fairly accurate as far as I can tell. My favorite thing is glancing at my wrist to read my notifications; it works great with my iPhone.Now the bad: The band doesn’t fasten well. It pops off constantly and it’s a very poor design. It’s only a rubber peg, not an actual snap. 25 days in and mine already needs replacing.The other bad: app crashed on me last weekend and I lost all of the data I had recorded which was very frustrating. Luckily it sends that info to the iPhone Health app otherwise it would be lost forever.

  89. matt77

    I bought this for one reason: Sleep tracking. I wanted a device to accurately monitor my sleep cycles. I found that the watch would confuse my laying down in bed for light sleep. It also seemed to say I was getting deep sleep when in reality, I don’t think I was because I had just woken up or had just fallen back asleep. The REM sleep seemed a bit spotty too.Overall though, the sleep tracking was still pretty good and honestly more than I’d expect for a $37 device, so I can’t complain too much.Now I can say that this device overall is a great value for the money. The heart rate tracker and everything else seemed to function properly and I did not have any issues.I was a little disappointed in the sleep tracking because that was the only thing I cared about, but if you’re buying this for all the features put together then I’d think you’d be happy with it.

  90. John R.

    The display is nice and the basic functions all work as advertised.The users manual is a joke. it is not much bigger than a postage stamp, and if you are an older person, it is unlikely you have the eyesight necessary to read it, and It really don’t tell you much. (I’m still trying to figure out how to set an alarm.) Nowhere in the manual does it mentioned. I guess you’re supposed to learn how by osmoses.The heartbeat monitor sensor occasionally gets lost and you get some outrageous readings. I don’t trust the o2 readings at all. It doesn’t come close to my clip on unit.the form and fit of the unit is good, and it is reasonably comfortable to wear.

  91. CrystalCrystal

    I loved the various backgrounds, especially the jellyfish one. It seemed to monitor sleep very well which I found interesting and the app lets you know the details which was cool. Unfortunately I stopped wearing it after a couple weeks due to feeling an electric zap on my wrist that was slightly painful every now and then. Not sure if it was taking a reading or what but I got to hate that zap feeling on top on my wrist. The battery life was good, lasting about 4 days. I didn’t have all the features turned on which helps battery life. I was working on construction projects and it held up to getting whacked occasionally and didn’t crack the screen although it did scratch it. Also, it’s water proof but in the shower the drops make the screen flip to all different stuff and tries to turn on a camera link to your phone which was weird as well. For the price point it’s a good watch and value if you don’t mind an occasional zap that feels like a static electricity build up touch.

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