Military Grade 303 Laser Pointer


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Military Grade 303 Laser Pointer $49.90 $24.95
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What’s Included

  • Laser Pointer
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Charger (For Battery)
  • Two Safety Keys
  • Star Cap

30 Mile Range


This military-grade laser pointer emits out a bright green laser that has a range of up to 30 miles. This laser has a power output of 5mW and a wavelength of 532nm.

Rechargeable Laser Battery


Every laser pointer you purchase comes with a charger so that you can recharge your laser’s battery and use it over and over again.

Safety Key


After all, this is a military-grade laser. The laser beam is very bright and strong, so it’s important to use this product with proper safety measures and caution. The safety key enables/disables the laser pointer.

Star Cap


Every laser pointer comes equipped with a star cap that can be put on and removed. This allows for a cool star-like pattern to be made. Simply twist the cap to adjust the pattern.



15.9 cm by 2.3cm. This laser pointer will fit perfectly in your pocket, making it easy to carry around and travel with.

66 reviews for Military Grade 303 Laser Pointer

  1. 44mcole44

    Me and my son love this lazer. It projects further than your eyes can see, and is super bright. As my header reads, at night you can actually see the whole beam which is extremely cool.

  2. Amazon Customer

    We all know that this is a laser and not a flashlight of course, but they don’t warn you that you need laser safety glasses with these. Also they don’t tell you can burn things with it, including your skin. These lasers should have a set of keys to prevent a accident. If you don’t mind a lack of keys and want a green burning laser this one does what it’s supposed to to do. Also please don’t use these around your pets unless you would like a blind cat or dog.

  3. neil cannon

    I use it to scare birds away on my property. Has very long range, powerful beam. Thank you.

  4. Frank U.

    Only had it for two days, haven’t even charged it yet. This thing is bright….it can pop balloons and you can see it shoot up into the sky at night.

  5. Jenniecp

    Good value. Works great

  6. Mike g.

    .has to warm then batteries dead

  7. Jacob

    Works fine but after first charge it seems to die sooner and sooner.

  8. ANGIE R

    My ten year old son loves this little laser. It’s really Kool n it reaches farrrrrrr . We scared some folks with it.. lol

  9. Todd Dunnavant

    I use this to support some volunteer work I do at a local astronomical observatory. On Saturday nights, local residents are able to tour the three domes of the observatory and also examine the skies using the personal telescopes that we members of the local astronomy club bring out for the enablement event. I use this laser to point into the sky to show the viewers what they are seeing through my telescope. Wit this device, there is no doubt as to where I’m pointing!

  10. Mark

    Strictly used for our German Shepherd mix to chase down over 50 to 100 yards. Worked beautifully for 6 1/2 WEEKS. Went to charge it yesterday and the Mini B female connector in the light will no longer “fasten” the male connector. Charging is now impossible. $27.00 for 6 1/2 weeks usage is outrageous. Ordering another brand today.

  11. Ryan

    This is my 2nd pen, works greats, it’s bright and goes far.

  12. Madison Family

    I couldn’t be happier with this laser pointer, I use it in my classroom all the time. I can even use it to point to my t.v. screen. It is really bright and I love it. If you leave it pointed at the suitable materials I am pretty sure you could start a fire, which brings me to my next point it is really bright, that is precisely what I wanted but if you are looking for a child’s toy this is not the laser pointer for you. I pointed it out the window and could literally see it shining on the top of a hill a mile away! I would highly recommend it.

  13. Tiffany

    I’ve always use these for my pets but the battery kind. Since October, I’ve purchased the USB kind and literally every one of it broke down quick. Got this about a month ago and it stopped charging. Same problem happened to the last one. I used to purchase once a year. Now it became once a month. For the price you pay, it’s horrible quality. I’m back to looking for battery ones.

  14. ADEN

    I have only had this for 1 week barely used and it has stopped working it charges but the diode has burnt out. I would look into another laser this one is a waste of money.2 people found this helpfu

  15. CLYDE

    I would like to think that this was a isolate quality control issue-I only had one holster-the switches on both of the lights were loose and only worked once in several punches. The covering for the switches would not stay in place. When trying to recharge the attachments were not solid and moved around not making contact. I did like the concept of the lights but was not impressed with the quality control.

  16. Adam Voss

    Great quality kit, comes with battery charged and ready to go!I bought this just to screw around with and use as a toy for my dog but i think its too bright for a dog toy. Even just shining it on the wall i’m seeing spots after just a few minutes of playing.But if you want to use this outside for pointing at things VERY FAR away i think this will do the job quite well!Can’t speak to water resistance.

  17. Peggy Marr

    freaks out squirrels

  18. Donald S.

    This laser pointer is so bright you can see the Laser beam in low lighting. It’s so bright it will shine from mountain top to mountain top. I like it because you can recharge it from USB.

  19. Matthew Dillon

    It is bright and works good but I wish the button had a better way to stop from being pushed when not using or in your pocket etc.

  20. Gabriel

    If you need a bright laser for outdoor use, this is perfect. It’s probably a bit too bright for indoor use (I.e. presentations, teaching, etc.). It’s also a bit bigger than it looks in the images.

  21. Cassandra TERRA

    Very cool & works great

  22. Joe nuts

    The beam is very bright and has a very long range, I wouldn’t recommend using it indoors it can reflect off of glass or other objects and hurt your eyes. Great for outdoors though

  23. hubinsc

    Very bright

  24. Steven Brousseau

    The media could not be loaded.

     The smoke from the fire is the reason you can see the beam in my video.The green dot is bright and the star pattern lense adapter is neat, but you cannot see the beam in daylight much less in a completely dark closet. I can’t speak to the longevity of it, but so far I’d recommend buying a cheaper one or trying a different brand. This is just a green version of a cheap red laser pointer with a big battery.

  25. Mjajdkar05162021

    I bought this for my kitten to get his zoomies out easily, and he loves it. The light can be a bit bright and you’ll want to be careful with reflective surfaces. But it’s a great laser pointer overall.

  26. Jsalts

    I bought this for my cats- big mistake. Its too bright and too big. Great if your purpose is to blind God or signal other planets.

  27. Jessica FJessica F

    Very bright , great landscape pointer

  28. Amazon Customer

    WOW, it’s extremely bright. The on/off butting could be better designed. Overall…pretty good value.

  29. Thomas Theis

    Chasing geese off my lake.

  30. Chanel

    My son is loving this!

  31. niffer16

    The media could not be loaded.

     Charger port is not the greatest, but works as described. Very fun, DO NOT BUY FOR YOUR PETS!!! I REPEAT THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FOR ANIMALS IT IS TOO BRIGHT!!!!!

  32. ralph lee shields


  33. photo frame


  34. brian early

    It’s every bit as bright as I’d hoped

  35. Umar Suleman

    The laser pointer is really detailed like the laser it come out of it is good but the range is the best it can go really far!! And so I love this product.

  36. Ernesto Cavazos

    Muy bien por el precio y si es de larga distancia

  37. S. M. SachsS. M. Sachs

    This is a great tool to repel geese and discourage them from returning . When battery life wains the laser power diminishes. I found it helpful to use this laser while plugged into a battery. This gives you maximum laser power to harass the geese from a further away . I can often repel geese from a window without going outside. Very satisfying.

  38. Las Vegas NaturistsLas Vegas Naturists

    This is bright and has a neat second lens that does special effects. But no instructions. Until I looked at the picture of the “flashlight” again where I noticed at shows to remove the outer lens to get a good pointer.

  39. Mushtaq N al azzawiMushtaq N al azzawi

    I have to charge it multiple times and still don’t lastAs you see the front part com apartAnd after that was not so bright

  40. michelle

    Exactly wat I was lookin for

  41. ALYSSA

    Worst product I have ever bought on Amazon. The flashlight is awful. Seriously. A horrible, horrible product. Stick with Mag light etc. It is a shame too. Because the flashlight is heavy. The outer shell feels like a Mag Light. The inside is junk. The light flickered once and then went permanently away. It is a shame because of the natural resources that went into making this flashlight must of been immense. The mining, the metals, the copper etc. No wonder our planet is changing. Terrible product and I would imagine a terrible company.

  42. Rob Goggin

    I like it.

  43. Buffy

    Super strong laser pointer. Does not get hot when pointed at the skin. Has very good long range. Does what was needed to do.

  44. James F. Hannon

    I use it for class

  45. Chad Biauce

    Only ever work once it charges for days then only works 5 sec… kinda waste of cashmoney

  46. Critter RanchCritter Ranch

    After removing the light diffuser cap, this is a *very bright*, focused, green beam light. I would guess that this is in the Class 3R Laser light category? It has at least a 1/2 mile reflective range on things like street signs, highways signs, and most likely a visual range of a few miles?The built-in 18650 battery is USB rechargeable but not replaceable? Size is about 6″ long X 1″ wide.I found the following two (2) dysfunctions with this light, 1) The 18650 battery is not replaceable. 2) The on-off button is not recessed or shielded from accidental use? Other than those 2 minor flaws, it is a very powerful, very bright focused beam of light!Picture 1 is at night on back of my storage shed @ 100+ ft. away. Picture 2 is pointed at open sky.

  47. Kim Gossler

    It is very powerful as soon as you take it off charge but looses its power fullness with in a minute of use. It still will shoot a beam but it’s noticeably weaker

  48. MoisesMoises

    The lazer worked perfectly when I first received it but now the light from the lazer isn’t as focused and not as bright very disappointing.

  49. WWS

    Laser was great. But Amazon CHEATED me by charging 44% more in Citibank credit card cash reward points than if I had paid in cash! Don’t use Citibank reward points to pay for Amazon purchases!

  50. Dave Black

    This laser is easy to use and lots of fun. You can project beautiful, multiple pin points of light and geometric patterns by turning the front dial while pressing the on button. Twist off the front dial, press the on button and it project’s a very focused, VERY bright pin point of green laser light. The unit is encased in a sturdy aluminum tube. It has a usb charging port and comes with a charging cable. It’s not one of those cheap laser lights that you find in other places. I’m very happy with this high quality item.

  51. Kindle Customer

    I got this for my husband for his birthday and he LOVES it!! He’s like a little kid playing with ut every night!

  52. Kindle Customer

    Compact and seems like battery life is good.

  53. wade

    So powerful you do not want to shine in any eyes. Works great in the construction environment where things are spread out over great distances, for pin pointing objectives, great in plant work!

  54. Matthew D.

    definitely worth the money

  55. Damon Adkins

    I wasn’t expecting much for the low price but the brightness and the battery life are outstanding. The light has an incredible distance and the battery is long lasting.

  56. Sue M.

    This is a real good lazer!

  57. Daniel W

    This isn’t a laser pointer…. It’s essentially a light show

  58. SoCalDave

    Great tool for use on the construction site to pin point areas that are sometimes hard to just point out with a finger.


    Very strong beam, can be seen in daylight in a very impressive range!Overall very happy with “bang for your buck”Next purchase I’ll be looking for a more durable feel

  60. Guadalupe Franco

    Very bright. You can use it during the day. Battery is not the greatest though.

  61. Andrew Harrison

    You can see the beam at day but its very faint, during the night it is very bright

  62. Keith

    This one has better optics/focusing lens than the cheaper ones, therefore a tighter beam. Get this one.

  63. duncan culver

    A powerful laser for the price; visible over hundreds of feet in daylight. A plastic clip on the body can hold the “on” button down for continuous output. Focus is fixed, not adjustable as advertised. With the front prismatic lens-cap in place, rotating the lens just changes the pattern of the star array. With the cap removed it shines an intense single spot that is fixed in size, but works great as pointer. The USB cable supplied is low quality and only 9-inches long. But the standard connector on the laser accommodates longer cables for charging. I am using this a budget laser-level for outdoor projects, together with a mount and a target that I made. Well satisfied with the purchase.

  64. Amazon Customer

    Working upon delivery. Took a charge for about 3 hours. Nice, bright green.

  65. Samantha West

    This thing is so bright it will point to an object a mile away. Love it!!!

  66. Steven Smith

    Works great. Wish it was a tad brighter but it’s certainly bright. Works for my purposes.

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