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mini Projector $119.98 Original price was: $119.98.$59.99Current price is: $59.99.
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SLEEP WHILE WATCHING YOUR FAVORITE SHOWS ON YOUR CEILING! Grab a tasty snack, snuggle up in a blanket with your loved ones and make movie nights amazing again, thanks to your new HDMI portable mini Projector! Watch your favorite show, movie, series or play your latest game on a screen even bigger than a TV!


  • Engineered to fit the palm of your hand
  • Ultra-HD 1080p display and resolution
  • Use it once and you’ll throw away your $300+ TV!


Mini Projector


The MiniProjector™️ is not just the best phone projector, but the BEST projector on the market! It can connect to almost any and every device, ranging from iPads, consoles(PS/Xbox/Nintendo Switch), any laptops, PCs, Fire/Roku sticks, and much more!


✅Watch Your Favorite Shows & Movies
✅Make the Screen As Big or Small As You Want!
✅No More Need for Expensive TVs
✅Perfect Gift for A Spouse, Friend… Or Yourself!

Mini Projector


Well now you can! With the MiniProjector™️ you can take your room to any place in the whole world. Anywhere from Paris’ beautiful Eiffel Tower to Dubai’s great views all the way to Fiji!’s gorgeous beaches! How you may ask? The projector can connect to any phone and mirror any device via HDMI! Watch the video below to view the Mini Projector transform any room into your dream vacation! Not to mention, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows on your wall or ceiling!



  • The Original MiniProjector™️
  • Manual to Help Set It Up
  • Power connector
  • Extra Cable (if needed for your experience)
  • Projector Remote



🔆Bright and Vibrant Quality: Accurate colors and rich contrast with deep blacks and bright whites that make everything really pop. At 900 lumens, our MiniProjector is the best of its kind on the market! You can always change the settings of brightness, contrast, color, and more within the MiniProjector™️

🧳Compact & Portable: 4.9 x 3.3 x 1.7 inches and weighing 8.6 oz😱 The perfect grab-and-go MiniProjector!

💡Lamp Lifetime: 30,000 hours of lamp life!

📏Projection Size: It can project up to 80 inches😳 (incredible) and as small as 24 inches!

🔉Built-in-Speaker: Our MiniProjector™️ has it’s own built in speaker! It also features a special port to use your own external speakers!

⛺️Outdoor Use: Your MiniProjector™️ can be powered from anywhere. Perfect for camping, business meeting and travels!

🔌Connect Anything: The MiniProjector™️ can be connected to almost anything that has HDMI, USB, or AV connections! Perfect for anyone!

Mini Projector

103 reviews for mini Projector

  1. Blewfie2007

    Love this product! Fantastic quality for what it’s priced and works just as well as ones advertised for home theaters. It’s small so it’s space efficient, and since it can be powered by a powerbank or it’s power chord, it’s very portable. I’m surprised that it has the sound quality it does, I use mine to play with my switch and it connects and works great! No lag from what I can tell. The fan can be a bit noisy at times but It isn’t too much of an issue for me. Greatly recommend for small spaces!

  2. AKAK

    Picture quality is fairly good for the price and size of the item. Very easy to use and can be convenient for traveling. It does make a sound like a sound soother but other than that I am happy with the purchase. I would recommend getting a stand and white screen to further the projector experience.

  3. Kim Brown

    At first it was a great little projector. The picture was clear at night and it was very enjoyable in our bedroom for watching movies. But right after the return date it all went wrong. The projector is not well sealed and we immediately started seeing big dirty spots on the lens about 4 weeks in and they have just gotten larger. Then the color started going out. First the picture in a circle turned blue and then an ugly yellow. Now 4 months in it just died completely. I would not recommend this product. It is just not well made. If you do get it make sure to get the protection plan because it will all go wrong after 30 days. Also be prepared to have to take it apart to try and clean any dust off the lenses. I am currently looking for a new projector to enjoy in my room.

  4. Limon

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     For the price you will not be disappointed, I have it hooked up to an xbox series x and it’s able to play every app through it.The picture is not the best but it’s great enough to enjoy a movie or play video games when you don’t have any other option or are going somewhere temporarily. I only purchased this due to the fact on being stationed overseas for 3months.the video shows the projector about 10ft from a white wall giving about a 80in tv radius…the quality is best at about a 60in tv radius thoughhope that helps

  5. Anthony MarinAnthony Marin

    What an amazingly simple little projector that works very well and is super easy to set up! Plugged my laptop into the HDMI input and it automatically mirrors the screen! Built-in speakers are very simple, but works just fine for the kids in their bedroom. I wouldn’t use the speakers as primary audio if you are using this as a primary screen for living room, but more than adequate if you just wanted to break it out for entertaining kids or having guests over. The resolution is surprisingly nice, even against just a regular walk. I imagine if you get a projector screen, it would look even better.Overall, extremely satisfied with the quality, size, and especially price with this projector! Definitely plenty of bang for your buck!

  6. H. Crocker

    This little projector is amazing. I’m actually shocked. I expected an impressive toy for $50. The picture is great. I’ve used Chromecast and a USB with ease. The menus are easy to navigate. Currently it’s being used nightly to project Santa dancing in the window for the kids going by. If I had a criticism it would be the lack of ability to connect to a speaker by Bluetooth. That would make this perfect even if it cost a little more.If you are contemplating with a small budget, don’t, buy this projector.

  7. Drea

    This is a fantastic product for the price. The projector was easy to set up, and had an excellent manual for trouble shooting. The volume on the projector is loud enough to hear from a good distance away, and can be controlled from the remote. It has great focus and is easily adjusted. We have tried it on both white and dark backgrounds and found success with both. Would buy again in the future as a present for someone.

  8. J. MoriJ. Mori

    I’m pretty amazed that something so small can produce such a clear image! Of course, you won’t get crystal clear HD quality but for the size ( and price!) you really can’t complain! I was able to connect this projector to my Nintendo Switch, iPad ( with an adapter) and my fire stick with no issue! I like that I am able to toggle with settings in order to enjoy the projector under different light conditions. I was also surprised at how loud the sound goes. All in all, I am quite pleased with my purchase.

  9. Rebecca adamsRebecca adams

    I bought the projector with the fire stick that plugs right in the projector and wow! This is awesome. I am able to watch all my shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime etc. this is a great alternative to save on a tv! (My toddler broke the last 70in) lol going to add another in the spare room!

  10. Briana ☆

    If your sound isn’t working, and your using all the stuff the projector provided you..Change the HDMI cord for a 4k HDMI.*this fixed my problem*Also I bought THREEE CORDS to mirror my usb c phone to my projector and they don’t work 🙃Lmk if yall find a cord that works please and thank you

  11. Shay Williams

    I highly recommend you buy this projector. I live in a dorm room and I bought this instead of a TV and it’s great. I have a Apple TV so I used a HDMI cord and hooked it up to the projector and it works fine. The speaker quality is great and the pictures look amazing.

  12. Stuart

    I’ll try and remember to upload a picture. But I was genuinely surprised by this projector. I think there was a coupon or a sale at the time I bought it so it was a bit cheaper than the current price.Anyway, super easy set up. Controller is simple. I have it viewing across a room, from left to right side walls. With the focus lined up and a dark room, it provides a pretty damn clear image. But it’s a projector so recall the room needs to be pretty much blacked out. I also have it set up to a couple nice computer speakers for audio. But even the audio out of the unit itself is pretty decent, but not great. That was the risk I was willing to take because I knew the speakers would work.Very pleased so far, a few months in now with almost daily use, at maybe a couple hours at a time (for my puppies).

  13. Anthony

    This projector was awesome best bang for your buck perfect size great for all events good color very clear loudspeaker my kids love it play it inside outside on the ceiling on the floor on the walls on the screen works anywhere especially for a size I hook up my fire stick and let it go watch movies all day long works best on the screen but definitely works I wanna clear

  14. MiLLYJaWN

    I wanted a big screen but didn’t want to buy a large tv. This was my perfect solution. This little projector cast beautifully, is less harmful on my eyes than a regular television, and is easy to operate. My only complaint is my Roku remote doesn’t change the projectors volume

  15. Bryanna Weathers

    I love this projector. So small, easy to use. I got it to project my artwork I draw on my iPad, onto walls and other large surfaces to paint murals! This is PERFECT for that. Also great for movies with my baby boy, and games with my husband. The picture quality is great, shipping was fast. So easy to use and the manual is very clear and easy to figure out. If you are an artist looking for a projector, this is a great investment!! I can’t wait for everything I will make with this!

  16. SarshelYam

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     I had been looking at one of those all-in-one holiday projectors, but they’re always out of stock, or have a ridiculous shipping estimate, so I did a little more research and settled on this PVO 300Pro Mini Portable Projector & the AtmosFX Zombie Invasion! DVD. I ran it through an old PS3 I had stored and the effects are great against the sheer on our front window. Super spooky, we love it!

  17. PaganiMCPaganiMC

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     This projector is amazing, a few months ago I purchased a higher quality projector. But I couldn’t take it anywhere I wanted, nor could I use it when the power went out in my house. So researching I got this one that has what I needed. The main thing is that it works with a battery bank, that for me is incredible since I can use it anywhere. The image quality is decent, for the price really more than I expected. I used it on a Projector Screen and the quality increases considerably. The control is complete and fulfills its function, the only bad thing is that it requires pointing directly at the projector to work and not at the screen like others. It has an easy to use interface. It does not have Bluetooth or battery, but for the price it is understandable. I would really recommend it for children and adventurous people, obviously for a little more you get better things. But overall it exceeds expectations. I recommend that you buy your tripod as it is not good with angles. And if you can afford a screen, also buy it since it improves the quality a lot. I attach a video and some photos of how it looks, what you see in the photos is at a distance of 10 feet and the screen is 100 inches.

  18. GabbyGabby

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     Great little projector. I actually got this for cookie decorating (#dork?) and while I haven’t actually had a chance to decorate, I have tested the setup and it’s great.If you are looking to get this for cookie decorating, the projector will need to be 34 inches, at a minimum, from your table. For this purpose, a tabletop/small tripod likely won’t fit the bill. Because of this, my one gripe is the length of the power cable. If you’re a normal person, not looking to decorate cookies with a projector, the power cord length is absolutely not a problem!So far I’ve tested this with my iPad, fire stick and N64. All hooked up with no issues. I was worried that the room would have to be really dark in order to see the projection, but all the attached pics were around 9am on a sunny day with the curtains closed.I was also surprisingly impressed with the built in speakers. I thought they would be junk, but they’re really not bad. Video attached to show sound quality vs projector fan. (You can choose to use external speakers)Overall, very happy with the purchase!

  19. MariaMaria

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     This was an impulse buy that turned to be a favorite! We were not expecting much with the price but was surprised with the quality! Sound on the video was from the actual projector. Its so much better in person though. Although getting a speaker would make it perfect for sure, we have just been using the projector’s built in speakers and never really had a problem. Picture quality ✔️ Brightness ✔️ Price ✔️ Would def recommend!

  20. mollymolly

    I bought this to replace a different projector that I very much liked. I chose to try this one instead because of its small size and how cute it is! Overall, I’d give it a 4.5 if half stars were an option.Why I like it:-It’s small/compact-Easy for travel-The built in speaker gets good volume. If you want good sound, you definitely want to use an external speaker via aux cord, but the level of volume on this is better than other projectors I’ve used.-The remote is light but solid and controls the volume (my old one had one volume setting)Issues:-The first one I bought came with scratches on the lens (see last photo). I didn’t notice it on the picture, but you expect a brand new projector to be clear of scratches. I exchanged it for another, and it was perfectly fine. I also exchanged it for the next reason to see if it was a fluke.-The right side of the image (on both projectors) is slightly blurry and smaller. It’s like the image or lens doesn’t sit straight. It’s hardly noticeable and most people probably wouldn’t see it. Basically, if the left side is perfectly clear, the right isn’t quite clear and vice versa.Ultimately, I am keeping the projector and am very happy with it. It’s good quality for the price. The image is great. It’s bright and clear (apart from the weirdness of the right side). I have an Apple TV that I use with it, but you can use anything that connects via HDMI. It comes with an HDMI cord, remote, red/white/yellow cord.It is basic, and you can’t tilt the image up and down, so you pretty much have to have the projector and the height of your screen/where you want it, which is kind of a bummer but mostly not a problem for me as I am using it inside and can set it up high. I imagine that it will work well outdoors, though I can’t speak to that and you’ll need to have it higher up than others.

  21. CarinaCarina

    I bought this for my husband and he is very excited to use it for work. The projection is on a wall not a screen but everything is pretty legible and this is projecting 10 ft away from me. The brightness is so/so in a room full of sunlight but will work great in the dark. It’s basically the size of my hand a bit larger. My only gripe is that the power cord and HDMI cords could be longer for certain settings. Also you should opt for getting their mount/tripod for this as a standard table will leave it slightly low since it’s so compact.

  22. EmilieEmilie

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     I have been wanting to purchase this littleprojector for awhile now, and I’m so beyond happy I finally did. It was easy to setup, but if you have a MacBook Air, you will need to purchase a separate HDMI connector cord to be able to connect. The quality is amazing and I’m so satisfied. The only thing that is tricky is figuring out sound. The projector sound is loud which is great, but I’d highly recommend a speaker to connect because projector sound is known for being muffled and harsh. Amazon Alexa does not appear to work with this, even with the auxiliary cord. I love this product and recommend it for anyone on a budget who wants to watch movies cozy in bed

  23. Nicholas S.

    My partner and I are living out of a rooftop tent traveling during this lockdown and this little projector works perfectly to watch a movie or some TV on the wall of our tent on rain days. Haven’t tried it for my Switch yet but expecting it will work just as well for that. Years ago I went through a bunch of different projectors trying to find one that worked well but wasn’t ridiculously expensive. This one is less expensive, smaller and has a better picture than the best one I found then… Very impressed with how the technology has come along. Even works pretty well in low light as opposed to complete darkness. Normal on a computer screen would be tough to read with this but when the display settings are adjusted appropriately subtitles and basic headers are easy to read, which is really all we need to read on it.

  24. Laurie Gafford

    All was good but I hooked this up to a fire stick. It took a long time to figure out the sound and to make it work. If you set this up with a fire stick and no sound comes out finish set up and adjust sound on the fire stick setup menu(the wheel symbol with spokes on the outside). Do not set it to dolby but just the basic sound and it should work just right. If I had known how simple it would be to have a television in my room without loosing a bunch of space I would have done this a long time ago. The only thing I do not like is there is no lens cap but this is completely minor.

  25. Mama22busyboys

    I bought this for our 14 year old for Christmas. He loves it. Has used it to project games and browser on his bedroom wall. He has no complaints and is using the remote without a problem. The picture is nice a vibrant when plugged into a wall outlet. We’re already planning fun things to do outside when it gets warm (movie night on the deck!). I purchased this item on sale and the price point was good considering that I still needed to buy a HMDI cable to connect the projector to iPad/ iPod. I’m pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to others.

  26. Neel D.

    This is by far the best mini projector I have bought for the price it comes. Great for kids to project movies, pics from their phone. Highly recommended.

  27. Nikola Kolakowska

    The product works amazing and me and my family love it. We sit by our little pool and enjoy a nice movie together in our little backyard, even though we all live separately now but this product has help us reconnect for such a amazing price as well! Definitely recommend this to family and friends who want basically least costly alternative to having your own movie theater at home 🙂

  28. Steven WurstSteven Wurst

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     So I bought this specifically for the Halloween holographic dvds. And it works great it is compact enough so it won’t take up space where I put it. It is bright enough to see from outside the window from the street. The speakers aren’t very loud but I have it hooked up to a separate speaker anyways. The picture is adjustable and clear once you get the right distance away from where you are shining. And the remote is simple and easy to use. And this was reasonably priced.

  29. Katrina CroubalianKatrina Croubalian

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     Not going to lie I was skeptical. But WOW! The projector is tiny and works great. Set up and instructions were easy, comes with the HDMI and remote. AND the speakers are surprisingly loud and not pitchy. We initially got it for watching movies out on the patio but we are definitely going to use it for so much more! Very excited and happy with this tiny projector!

  30. Chance Valentine

    This has been a great addition to my computer room for relaxing or screencasting. I attached a chrome cast to it so that I can just stream what I want, when I want and attached a portable speaker for volume.

  31. wilder

    I ordered this with 4k Fire Stick (overkill…I know) to plug into the HDMI port to make this thing a smart tv, and because my entire house is on the Alexa platform. At first, nothing I did could get the sound to play on the tiny internal speaker. The picture looked fine, I have an Optoma 4k projector in my theater room and this is definitely not that, but this is surprisingly adequate for the price and purpose. After a frustrating hour trying to get the sound to work, I unplugged it, put it back into the box, and was about to do a return. However, I looked over to see one of my two Echo Dots in the room, a stereo pair that I created in my Alexa app…that sounds fairly decent for music. Anyway, it occurred to me that maybe there’s a way to connect the fire stick sound to the Echo Dot pair, wirelessly via the Fire Sticks existing bluetooth signal. So I opened my Alexa app, found the new Fire Stick, navigated to the sound menu and saw that I could indeed assign the Echo Dot pair as the speakers. I was shocked that it actually works. Fantastic. Even better, I don’t even need to use the PVO remote anymore, since I control the volume by voice with the button on the Fire Stick remote, which also navigates through all my channels and apps. The reason I’m giving 4 stars is because I think this audio solution needs to be described in the manual, since many people would never be able to figure it out themselves. Definitely recommend this little projector. For what it does for the price, it can’t be beat.

  32. Christopher S.

    This really did exceed my expectations. For starters you can run this projector off of a portable USB battery pack so long as your pack pushes out at least 2.0 amps (2.4 recommended). You would do this by using a usb A to micro B cable which is not included. What is included is a wall power plug. This projector only works well in settings where there is almost no light which makes sense as the projector does not require a lot of power. My room is about 12’ long and at a 12’ display distance the horizontal width displays at around 8’. Great little projector for the portability. Please note this projector does have a manual focus adjustment in the side but does not have a keystone setting. The USB port on the side is also capable of powering a fire stick or roku stick, both of which I have tried successfully.

  33. BenjaminBenjamin

    I did not expect much from this little projector because of the price, but so far I am blown away! The picture quality is great in a dark room but not so great in a room with light leaks. Right now I’m using it on a plain white wall but I expect the picture quality will be even better with a dedicated screen. I included photos of how I have it connected to a Google Chrome and a small tripod (not included) and I use it to watch Netflix and YouTube. I Also plan on using it for upscaling artwork from a sketchbook and backyard family movie nights.

  34. d

    This projector is so easy to use! The brightness is great if you are running it off wall power, you can run it off a battery pack but it has about half the brightness. If you are getting it for a portable projector, it would work better at night or in super low light settings.As a projector you plug into the wall it is perfect for what we need. It isn’t wireless but the main reason we would want wireless is for steaming off our phones to the projector and many of the wireless projectors out there will not allow you to cast the major streaming apps (Netflix, Disney +, etc.) from your phone. So we just bought a firestick for $30 and use the USB port to power the Firestick and we have a great portable entertainment center for under $100! Would highly recommend this projector!

  35. SRR

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     This product was great for the price, considering it was only about 60 dollars. It is cute and small, which makes it easy to prop up. I did not get a screen, but I have a large beige wall which works pretty great. It isn’t the brightest, which would be the only thing I would change, but other than that, the picture quality is pretty good. The audio is also great from the projector itself, and it get pretty loud. However, if the audio quality bothers you, you can attach a speaker. It is easy to work and comes with a remote for viewing.

  36. Ana Herrera

    Gracias por superar todas mis expectativas con este producto, puedo ver vídeos de YouTube y la fiesta no termina, también logre hacer presentaciones de cumpleaños y las cumpleañeros quedan encantados con el detallazo. Muchas GraciasThank you for exceeding all my expectations with this product, I can watch YouTube videos and the party does not end, I also managed to make birthday presentations and the birthday girls are delighted with the detail. Thank you

  37. M. Thompson

    We used it last night for the first time and I thought it was going to be such a pain to get working but it actually was so super easy. I did buy the Apple lightning cord adapter. And I just used the HDMI cable that came with it although I’ve ordered a longer one for more length. I just plugged it into my phone and use the apps already had on my phone and we had zero problems at all. I do find the remote you have to be just the perfect angle for it to work so that’s irritating, but aside from that everything else worked great. I managed to watch Hulu, Netflix, prime, Disney+ no problem. Can’t get it to play Peacock channel which was a huge bummer. I don’t really have any other apps to try yet. I have an iPhone 11 so not sure what problems other people are having but I would say the Apple lightning adapter is key. I haven’t tried using it with just data from my phone and not the Internet so I’m not sure how that will work.

  38. Andrea

    My daughter has been asking me for a tv in her room which we are not ready to get her. So one night I realized she has a blank wall that would look great with a projector. I bought this as it had the best reviews for what I was looking for: small, easy to use, and good quality. It’s amazing! So easy to use and set up right from the box. We have movie nights that last all of 10 minutes because the kids knock out so fast. Can’t recommend enough. Great idea for small kids who want a tv.

  39. Roland J. GonzalesRoland J. Gonzales

    This thing is strong and compact, easy to carry, with good sound quality, clear projection images and full colors. It’s also very simple to set up. A really great cost efficient projector and it will be great as a present. It fits in the palm of my hand so its very portable and also lightweight. The image quality of the projector is actually really nice for something that’s under $100! We don’t have a projector screen yet, but we haven’t noticed any discrepancies or image issues with projecting onto a light beige wall. I really appreciate the fact that we can also focus the image with projector itself. Overall, this is a choice for those on a budget! I absolutely would recommend this projector to others.

  40. Diana OrtizDiana Ortiz

    I was so excited to get this projector in! It shipped out fast! it was well packaged 👍🏼I used my projector in my bedroom wall, and it was perfect!the quality is great! I watched 2 movies with my son, and now he wants movies on the BIG screen! 🙂It does work alot better in a very dark dark room and the white background.I highly recommend this lil projector.Another good thing is that it is small and not bulky!I quickly hooked it up to my laptop it does come with the cable for the laptop but you need to order the other cable to connect to your phone.OVERALLmy family loves it!!!! 👍🏼


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     I decided to buy this LED projector because I would like to used to go camping and nights movies at home.I just received it and I set it up. It was super easy and the size is a great one to travel with it all the time.The size of the screen and the resolutions are perfect to enjoy a movie at home or at any place.I so exited to go camping and used it outside.I LOVE IT..HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PROJECTOR.

  42. A. G. Biggs

    My wife does presentations around town, which involves connecting her laptop to various projectors of various lineages. Which means I get calls to come over because they’re not talking to each other correctly. I decided to save myself some time by spending some money — very little money, as it turns out — to get a projector of our own. The projector is tiny compared to what I’d been used to and hooks up easily to her computer, which will let her carry it around. The package came with cables, power supply and a remote control. Really, I can’t complain!

  43. Joanna

    This projector can’t be beat, especially for the price. The set up was really easy. I have been using it with my Roku and purchased an HDMI/USB adapter so I can use it with my phone. The picture quality is fantastic. I originally planned to use external speakers but there is no need – the sound is great. We have had a lot of fun projecting movies onto the ceiling and outside against our garage. I am really impressed with this product and after seeing it, several of my family members plan to buy it too. It’s a great gift – I actually bought it for a gift exchange and ended up choosing it for myself!

  44. Ramen0830Ramen0830

    I 100% recommend this product! I got this as birthday gift for my girlfriend and she absolutely loves it! The picture quality is very clear and is very easy to adjust/focus. The remote works well and is very convenient. The sound quality is also great! It is easy to plug in and set up a fire stick in the projector as well. It is also easy to set your phone up to the projector, however you must have/purchase a hdmi/lightning adapter in order to properly project your phone screen. However, this product is great! So simple to use and very convenient!

  45. JcJc

    I’m very pleased for this pvo mini portable projector. I have used on the patio and at night (is not too visible if you have light which is a con. But expected). I added a blue tooth transmitter do i can use it with my blue tooth receiver (idea) and pair it with a chrome cast and an old Apple TV 3rd generation that I had lying around with no use and that allowed me to cast directly from my phone apps . As mentioned is a bud je the proyector but very pleased so far on how it works ..Another small downside is that it does not have a correction for tilt so is the projection is not from the front then you won’t be able to fix that .. but i can live with that for the price range.I used mostly so far in dark walls, as I haven’t bought a screen yet, so it works good will update when I get a screenI mounted it on my camera tripod with no problem so if you have one you can use thatVery simple to use once you understand what it needs so good for kids tooI believe is a good affordable solution if you are not into high definition and want a nice solution for movies in the patio

  46. YanellyYanelly

    When I first received the PVO projector I was really impressed by how small it was and compact. Looks really cool! After that, I was blown away by how good the picture quality was when I installed in my kids room. It was so good, I had to buy another one and put it in my room! We no longer use regular TV’s in my house, we carry the PVO portable projector wherever we go!!

  47. Gabby Narvalles

    Absolutely love this projector! I didn’t want to buy a GC because it takes up too much space in my room so I got this projector and do not regret it one bit! The picture quality is great once you focus it and the sound is awesome! The brightness is really good for most movies, but it’s so so when it comes to movies/films with darker lighting. You could also attach your own speakers if you want that surround sound movie theatre kind of vibe. Only thing I wish is that I could connect it to my iPhone but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. I bought an adapter and it still didn’t work. I usually connect my Roku or my laptop with the hdmi cord they provided! It’s very small and portable too!

  48. DesireeDesiree

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     I purchased to replace a more expensive mini projector that did not last a year despite not being used often. I was in need of a mini projector and opted to go with a different brand. I read the many reviews and opted to go with the PVO. I am pleased with it so far. Easy setup, the hardest part was searching for the AAA batteries in my battery bag. I have this connected to my peacock streaming device in my bedroom. Will update in a few months.

  49. Tailor

    I absolutely love it. I had to buy a couple of adaptors for my laptop and my phone so I could connect to it, BUT once I was able to get everything set up and connected I absolutely love it.10/10 would recommend if you’re not trying to buy a TV at the moment and need something for a smaller room!

  50. Codemonkey Brian

    I use it for projecting my sketches. It does a great job at that, and at the price it can’t be beat.Could you use it for movies? Yeah. I guess. I can’t speak for the sound, I never used it.Linux saw it natively, I had no trouble setting it up or using it and the focal distances are appropriate for me.

  51. Cody ThomasCody Thomas

    I absolutely love this product. The price was unbelievable for what you get. My 14 year old boy loves carrying around this in his backpack when he’s hanging out with his friends. He hooks up his iPhone with an Apple adapter we bought online, a portable speaker and streams a movie through his phone on his new PVO projector. Great product. For an amazing price. For a great quality. We love it!

  52. EJ OTTO

    love this! took a minute to figure out why i was getting the “source not available” screen but followed the steps from one of the questions asked. plug in the hdmi cable to the projector, then the power cable, turn it on, then plug the hdmi into your source (in my case, macbook). would recommend!

  53. Christine

    I didn’t expect a groundbreaking picture or sound for a projector this cheap. I bought it because the battery pack operated feature seemed cool and made this projector more portable than most. I wanted to take it backpacking.It exceeded my expectations by a longshot. I can run three movies at least with my 27k mAh battery pack. It is so small and lightweight. Creates a very decent sized picture for a small watching crowd.I love this thing and it’s my favorite purchase of 2020. I’ve been showing off running on the battery pack to anyone that will listen to me geek out about a tiny little projector. If you want to watch movies anywhere on something bigger than a phone screen, buy this.

  54. AJJ

    This projector is tiny, perfect if you’re constantly on the move, the quality of the image is ok, great if you consider the size of the projector. Highly recommend! Doesn’t have great speakers though (but then again which projector does…) so make sure to connect it to external speakers.

  55. gman

    I got this projector for my dorm room. It’s very compact and you can carry it around anywhere. The remote uses AAA batteries that you will have to put in yourself. You can adjust certain aspects of the video presented by using the remote. I needed an extra cable to connect my MacBook Air to the projector, but luckily I already had one handy. After finding that cable, set up is a breeze. Make sure to go into your MacBook’s settings and select “Detect Displays.” I was able to play Netflix on it, no problem. The image quality is pretty good. All in all, it’s got some bang for your buck, and I am happy with this purchase.

  56. Elise Gutekunst

    This projector is so convenient in its size and portability! I do a lot of art and needed a projector to help me sketch out ideas and it couldn’t work more perfectly for this. It’s also perfect for backyard movies, which my nieces and nephews loved. If you’re thinking about it, do it and you won’t regret it!

  57. SteffystefSteffystef

    This mini projector does pretty well on a plain white wall. I use this with my roku stick & it has clear picture. The only thing I’m not used to is the heat that comes from this mini projector as well as the generic sound that comes from the speakers. This is the perfect mini projector though, in a room with tall walls as well as the backyard bricks at night while floating in your pool (as long as it’s not extra hot outside.) Time will tell if this projector lasts because of its natural tendency to get hot. Verified purchase.

  58. Jonah

    A great little projector!It’s surprising how clear the image was and how easily I was able to set it up. Great product in my opinion.I also love how compact it is. It is child-friendly and super easy to take with you.For reference, it’s about the size of a jewelry box.

  59. Damaris

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     I absolutely loved it! I really like the quality of the picture and also that it has an inbuilt speaker. I did have to purchase an hdmi for iPhone but as soon as I connected it, it was projecting clear on my wall.

  60. minmin

    Has been great fun projecting it on the side of my house for backyard movie nights, and on my bedroom ceiling for sleepy tv watching. The image quality is fairly good for the price point! Not enough to read website text, but enough to read movie subtitles. Size and weight is great too, so portable.My set up is: powered by a portable battery pack via micro usb, display from my phone via USB C – HDMI adaptor (not included, a regular hdmi-hdmi cable is included which I use when I want to connect my laptop), speaker connected via Bluetooth to my phone.The projector fan is a little noisy and competes with its own built in speaker, so wouldn’t recommend using the built in one unless in a pinch.

  61. Eric

    So I bought this for my dorm at college with my roommate. It was sort of a joke as we really didn’t expect much and just wanted something to light up the room more. Turns out it was pretty fun to use and try and figure out how we could use it most effectively. We put it about 5 or so feet from a screen that was 5 by 3 feet, and it worked about as good as you would expect a portable small projector to work. We have a window in our room so we needed to wait until it was dark to really get the full experience witch was fine with us because that was the only time we really planned on using it. But other than that, definitely a cool little gadget that was great for late night movies and video games.

  62. ConnieConnie

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     So hands down for price, amazing! Seriously the sound quality is great, the picture is great, the connectors are awesome as well. I used my roku to connect to it. And it’s perfect. Easy and simple.

  63. Sicily

    This is a great little projector and it’s so fun! I love that we can plug our fire stick into it and play movies. We’ve only used it indoors so far, but it works great. Picture quality is good. Sound is a lot better than I even expected for this tiny machine. It’s also great in lieu of putting a TV in the kids room as we can easily set it up in their room when they have friends over to watch TV or play video games and then it comes down immediately after!

  64. stephen

    This little projector is awesome for the price the picture quality is also great for the price the interface was very simple and the Manuel was easy enough to understand set up was a breeze inorder to use phone you must purchase lightning to hdmi or c port to hdmi. Cable about $12 bucks. But other than that roku hook up was easy love it for a portable take anywhere devise

  65. Mj Roth

    WOW!For something that’s marketed for a child I will say,1. Way better quality than a “toy”2. Delicate as in, don’t trip over the cord and launch it.3. Depending on the audio you choose may involve lots of cables. I see it a little old school but hey, we’re ok with that. We chose to put the speaker under the screen. We used a boom box with a line in. From the 90s.3a. We used projector (power cable) Roku (power cable and HDMI cable) Boom box (and power cable) Mini Jack cable from projector to the boom box.So that’s a lot of cables. When we do a legit movie night I will be using tape to secure it to the ground. If a kid trips on a cable the projector is pretty much done.We used a bed sheet in our patio against the siding. Worked perfect. I don’t think it needs to have a “real” screen if you’re going drive in theater in the patio. We placed it 10 ft from the screen so I can’t speak for bigger distances. Perfect for a small patio.Overall, this is a great bargain for just a little fun on the patio. I’d recommend for family movie nights.Not professional quality as far as quality of modern technology. No blue tooth and requires extra cables to convert phones and computers to hdmi.We have roku and Nintendo already HDMI so it was an easy connection. But If you have a roku or stick or whatever, you really don’t need to use a computer or phone. But roku needs to be plugged into projector.I can’t speak to brightness yet. We’ve only watched Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s a dark movie in general. But it was a good brightness for that.

  66. M

    I’m a painter and projection drawings help me work faster and more accurately than sketching. This projector works very well and it’s clear and fairly easy to set up. Be advised you’ll need the proper HDMI to lightning for Apple. It won’t work for Apple with out it.It’s seems to stream anything off my screen no prob.

  67. Georgia

    I was literally not expecting this projector to be anything worth writing home about…..but After family and friends saw what an amazing picture it had they were all dying to know where I purchased. I don’t have a tv in my room but sometimes on rainy days I’d like to be able to relax in bed and watch something more than an iPad. The picture is great. I know a lot of people complained about the sound but honestly I didn’t have a problem with it. If you want better quality sound I suggest getting a cable to connect a speaker, but for me the sound with the devise is fine. So glad I impulse bought this. It’s been great!

  68. T Jones

    My daughter has been asking for a projector for awhile now. I finally gave in. Decided to go with the knockoff version, since it seemed similar. (and I’m cheap) The price was the only good thing, so back it went.Ordered the PVO. Simple set up. Immediately noticed the difference. No longer had that annoying dull blue tint. A clear colorful picture was visible. Using my Chromecast, cell phone and just the wall.. watching Space Jam was great. Decent sound, but will probably hook the speakers up next time for the full movie theater experience. Might get one for my son’s room too and ditch that never used cable box. So glad I spent the extra 20 bucks!Definitely recommend.

  69. JeshJesh

    I needed a mini projector to put up a webpage from my laptop or iPad that interacts with a laser and a camera phone, but I didn’t want to spend a lot. I found this projector, and looking past the “for kids” marketing I found a LOT of value packed into this little guy. Now that I have the projector, here’s what I found:1. It powers from my Ravpower powerbank perfectly. No issues, just plugged it in. How cool is that? Time for some videos with the fam out in the woods.1. It’s small and light! Easily carried in a backpack for those hike-in overnighters.2. The brightness is definitely much brighter when powered from a wall outlet. Maybe even 50% brighter. A very noticeable difference, so I’d recommend using the wall outlet as much as possible. The closer to a surface you set the projector, the brighter the picture will be, but also smaller. The closest I could get this to a wall and still get a focused picture was about 2 feet, which produced 1.5 foot picture. But the brightness definitely surprised me!3. The projector has a little speaker on the back that can get really loud, in a good way. Obviously not a Bose stereo system, but does the job well without needing an external speaker (although there is a headphone jack for just such a use-case, but no bluetooth connection). Use the included remote control to adjust the volume.4. The remote control is very responsive (and required for many of the menu options in the settings as the projector itself doesn’t have up and down arrows, just left and right). You’ll need 2 AAA batteries for the remote which are not included in this product.5. There’s a little screw mount (standard size) on the bottom of the projector for a tripod. I recommend picking up a small, cheap tripod so the angle of projection can be easily adjusted. Keep in mind tho, there is no keystone adjustment.5. I got my Roku Stick, Chromecast, and Apple TV all to work through the HDMI port without issue. Again, just plugged them in and switched the source to HDMI. Looks and sounds fantastic. And from either the Chromecast or the Apple TV I was able to wirelessly cast my iPhone and iPad screens to the projector. Super convenient!6. The picture quality and brightness will not match a more expensive projector. The edges of the projected screen were noticeably darker and fuzzier than the middle, but nothing that gets in the way of an immersive experience once media is played. I’ve really enjoyed using this little guy!All in all, you can’t beat the value and features on this little projector. I mean, it works great, but if the kids drop it or hypothetically after a couple years it stops working, you’re only out a fraction of the cost of typical projectors. I highly recommend!

  70. Haruka-J

    I already have owned 2 of these and they are amazing to carry everywhere or to replace a tv for a child or occasional “family movie nights” or camping. Good quality build and picture & brightness are acceptable for most situations in semi-dark to dark environments – will soothe most needs tbh… you can plug pc/mac/chromecast/roku/firestick they all work via HDMI.However, after owning 2 and recently upgrading to a different brand i can tell you they need to step up and make a v2.0 soon; because image quality is VGA-Svga resolution (acceptable but not great); it does not work out of a power bank – this isn’t true; and if debree or dust gets in your mirror or behind lens, there’s basically no way to clean it and it has focus but lacks keystone. Competitors are already doing this for cheaper… so pick up the pace PVO!

  71. Irais Michelle Jimenez

    Overall the projector in it self, is amazing super lightweight great quality great picture OK audio. However I purchased this item to use with my movie streaming apps which I had to purchase a separate HDMI to iPhone cable for and the apps do not work with the projector. I am able to use YT APP but not NF NOR Prime. It didn’t have anything to do with the separate wiring that I purchased it seem to have been the same problem whether you got a generic wire or an authentic wire.

  72. Laurie Lee

    This product is super awesome and super easy to use and set up. You do need an hdmi chord if you wanna use it with your phone. But other than that it is very perfect and compact and a great gift. Very pleased and so excited to use. Will be great for movie nights. Great product 🙂

  73. ashley doughertyashley dougherty

    We bought this projector to use with our wall tent when campground camping with the kids. It worked SO well!! I was using my iPhone so had to purchase a lightning to HDMI cable-I went apple brand and the picture was excellent. I would highly recommend this projector-it is small, and very easy to use!

  74. Sam

    This is my first mini projector, and this little thing did not disappoint.It comes with everything you need (HDMI included). The picture quality is sharp. My wife and I already watched 3 movies using the projector without any problem. We are planning on taking this projector to camping this winter as well. I was little worried about the projector sound that it typically makes, but this thing makes minimal sound.It’s very easy to control to make the picture look sharp, bright, or whatever you want to do with it. It even comes with the remote controller, so it’s very convenient to play/stop the movie.I strongly recommend this product to anyone. I am buy this for my little sister for her Christmas present this winter as well!You will not regret it!

  75. Mike(The Union Underground Podcast)Mike(The Union Underground Podcast)

    Super cheap alternative to larger projectors ($$$) or tv in bedroom/kids play room. I would suggest an alternative means for sounds if like your movies loud.Easy to use, just plug and play. Nothing fancy to it to confuse the buyer. Kids love it and it’s great for family movie night in the backyard come spring time or living room to add that extra fun factor.With it being so small(and this little guy packs a punch) is easy to store, take out, and set up!

  76. BassetMomma

    Perfect gift for a Movie loving teen. The picture is amazing, even surprised me with the quality. Hook up was easier than I thought, one of the only things that we have that works with everything…even a chromebook. Very pleased.

  77. Fermin MartinezFermin Martinez

    This PVO LED projector is awesome. By far the coolest thing I have ordered. It is small and simple, and most definitely gets the job done. It comes in clutch when you just trying to do something different other than your tv. The graphics are more than perfect, it is easy to connect and use without technical difficulties. Most certainly a great use of entertainment, kept everyone fascinated just watching family movies from our living room wall, or funky ways such as in the bedroom ceiling! Great product 👍🏾 ‼️

  78. Amy WilliamsAmy Williams

    I’m a college student and am very satisfied with this purchase! I don’t have a TV in my living room so this worked perfect! I am able to play games with my friends on our wii. If you are wanting to buy it for movie watching I would recommend getting a speaker with it as the sound isn’t too loud. But the picture quality is clear and it was easy to set up and use. I will say, the chords are a little short so we did need extension chords, but other than that it was great!!

  79. Michelle1981

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     When I first received this projector I wanted to try it out by connecting it to my iphone. Then I needed to order an adapter. It wasn’t user friendly to use it with my phone but then I thought to try plugging my fire stick into it and that worked great. In this vid it’s projected onto my wall. You can see how big it is next to my bedroom door. I’m quite pleased with this purchase.

  80. JohnJohn

    The projector was a lot better quality than I expected. The picture quality and brightness were both great. It was super easy to set up and work. The sound is OK but if you hook a speaker up to it there’s no issue at all. Would recommend for a smaller room. The projector itself is also not that loud when running

  81. Matt JensenMatt Jensen

    Ordered this projector to fill in the gap as I’m traveling without a guaranteed TV in the AirBNBs i stay at. It arrived quickly, two days ahead of when i expected, and works great. The picture quality is nice for the price, and it can get make a large screen while still looking nice. I currently have it at around 40-50 inches display on a wall without a screen, and the picture is clear enough to read websites, watch movies, etc. no problem. It came with an HDMI cable, remote, power cable, component cable, so with pretty much anything you have can plug it in and start using immediately. Very happy with my purchase so far. The speaker on the projector isn’t great, but has an aux out cable for my Bluetooth speaker. The fan in the projector is a touch loud, but never affected anything when using a speaker.All in all, a very nice little toy, and seems to be great value for money.

  82. janniejannie

    My kids really like this. They use it to watch their videos while hanging out on their bunkbeds, and we’re looking forward to outdoor movies this summer. The sound isn’t the greatest, but we expected that, so we use a Bluetooth speaker with it. The picture is pretty clear, the remote works good, and it was very easy to set up. We ordered the HDMI to Apple AV converter as well, which made connection a breeze.

  83. WeebyBeeBeeWeebyBeeBee

    This was a purchase I’ve waited over a year to get and I have no regrets what so ever it works perfectly! I got a little shelf to set it on from target and it connected to my roku perfectly fine I did purchase an adapter for iPhone use but otherwise it works easily you can adjust the quality, picture size, and the volume is pretty good for the size and price. This was an easy replacement of my tv without the high cost! <3

  84. JaimieJaimie

    Great projector. I received this projector today in the mail. So far so good. It is very compact in size. I wanted a projector for outdoor movie nights or sleepovers. The picture quality was descent for the price. I hooked my Roku right up to it with an HDMI cord and was watching TV in minutes.

  85. MikeMike

    Compared the my “miroir” micro projector, the PVO projector is phenomenal, and much much better in quality! First of all, I love the packaging. In my picture you can see the projector in the plastic tube like bag worth keeping to protect it from bangs and bumps.The picture quality is AMAZING. It is easy to zoom in and out with the lens lever, and the brightness was excellent even in my room with twighlight coming through the window.I bought this primarily for my art projects (I don’t have kids at the moment, but I’m sure they would love it!) to do pics/collaborations off my phone using the lightning to hdmi adapter that I bought from Apple when I bought my last projector. This is NOT included with the PVO, so if you’re looking to get that, visit feature I like most is when I pick a picture on the phone and the screen goes black when I’m not using it…the PVO STILL portrays the photo I last selected!!!! On my last projector, the screen would also go black, so you might see why this is such a big deal to me.Sound quality is poor, so you may want to hook up to some speakers or plug in your headphones through the jack. Enjoy! Worth every penny!

  86. NyurieNyurie

    This is the quality aimed at my ceiling with one light on in the room. I don’t have room in my tiny apartment for a TV, and I usually just stream things off my computer anyway. This little thing did exactly what I was hoping it would. The sound from the speakers is very quiet, so I usually have to have my headphones plugged in. Other than that, it’s nice to have a little projector to watch TV with in bed. Projecting on my ceiling is also perfect for me.

  87. chupeta

    This projector is the best idea and at such a great price! The quality is amazing for the low price point and it’s the best option for someone that’s looking for a good projector without spending too much. The instructions are easy to follow and the remote control it comes with makes usage simple. I cannot wait to watch movies with my own DIY at home movie theatre with this projector! Highly recommend you buy this!

  88. Buyer93

    Amazing Projector I used to want one as a Kid now I finally was able to find this mini awesome gadget with so many adaptable plug ins for all my devices. I literally use every slot! Wonderful gift I got for myself this month after all the pandemic stress. Can’t wait to keep hooking up more gadgets to have even more fun when it gets dark.

  89. Jai’Dah cody

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     I bought this for my partner and she loves it! She connects her gaming system to the projector and play video games. The quality is awesome. Not blurry at all and the projector have the range to cover the entire wall. When watching a movie it sound like you’re in a movie theatre. Definitely would recommend buying for your home. I just bought another one for my sister lol

  90. Kim Urban

    I am really surprised by this projector! I bought this to travel with. It was a gift for my boyfriend and I thought we could take it with us when we travel. Today, we set it up and tried it out for the first time. We projected a movie in our daughter’s room, basically turning it into a movie theater! A perfect snow day activity! The picture quality and sound quality were great! It is really cool and works really well. We used it with Google Chromecast so we could cast a movie from our phone. This is a great little projector at a great price!

  91. Ellie

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this projector. It is a great size for traveling and I like the ability to attach it to a battery pack to use when away from home. My only complaint is that it is difficult to project content from streaming services with this projector. I got an adapter so I can connect the projector to my phone to find out that I am not able to project content from Netflix or Disney+. No fault of the projector but just something to keep in mind if you are buying this. I may purchase a fire stick to see if that will allow me to project from streaming services.

  92. Jordan HubertJordan Hubert

    I’m honestly impressed. When I saw the box I was like wow this is small, when I took out the projector I was like holy crap! It’s so compact. So yes the projector is compact but also packs a punch. You get a pretty nice picture quality, a built in speaker, a remote control, and for a very affordable price. You also get a lot of interface options from HDMI to MicroSD and even AV. I haven’t tested it but there is also a USB port I believe you can power/charge a mobile device with. While the internal speaker is pretty good I do recommend using an external set though, especially for movies. Overall very nice, compact, well performing product. Only other thing to note is the fan on it may bother some people, it’s not incredibly loud unless you are right beside it but I know some people can’t stand fan noises.

  93. Keyur Parikh

    I’m not sure if I’d say get this because it’s so tiny and cute and cheap. But I would be fibbing if I told you this was absolutely the best projector I’ve come across for the price.For the price this can not be beat. I love the color combination especially when I pull it out to watch with the kids.Again I can’t emphasize enough how much you are getting for the money. Absolutely fantastic and highly recommended.I have 4 stars on the review because there’s room for improvement but I’d like to give it 5 stars [updated stars prior to saving the review ] for the item you’re getting for this price.I couldn’t have asked for anything better for this price point.

  94. Elle

    I bought this lovely little thing as a supplemental tool for making art. I project my sketches onto canvas as a simple way to transfer my work onto a bigger space. The nice contrasts of my sketches work perfectly when shown through the projector. The remote is simple and effective and easy to understand. I’ve tried using it a bit for video projection as well and am proud to say it can hang with most other low end projectors that reach far higher prices than this one. This is an excellent purchase for anyone in need of a projector as a tool. Even though it’s not the quality you would want for long term viewing, as a super portable and light weight option that has ease of use in mind I would recommend this little thing to anyone!

  95. LydonLydon

    Finally unboxed and set up the projector to test it out. So far it has been very user friendly. Just threw some batteries in the remote and connected the projector to my laptop. I’d never used another monitor or projector with this particular PC, so I googled very quickly how to do that (for me it was as simple as pressing f8, but varies depending on the computer), and it was good to go! We didnt have anything to project it onto so we hung a sheet up and it worked like a charm. Picture is excellent once the focus is adjusted which is easy as moving the dial up or down. Very happy with the purchase so far.

  96. Ann

    I like this product because it works well and I decided to use it for personal use and personally, I think it works well for the price that this stands for. The color is nice and the product does look like the picture on here. I guess if someone would ask for a mini projector I would recommend them this one since it’s pretty good and I personally like it.

  97. christy sanderschristy sanders

    I was really amazed by this projector. I originally bought it to magnify designs but have now mainly used it for family nights. I love that it fits my tripod. I did have trouble getting it to mirror my phone however my fire stick works perfect. I definitely would recommend.

  98. Joseph Stump

    I put up a projector and screen on our deck for outdoor movie nights many years ago. I just replaced the 5 year old projector with this one and I can not believe how great it is! Two of the pictures I included are outdoors in daylight – though the screen is shaded, it was still very bright outside and the picture was very clear and totally watchable. Once dusk rolled around though, WOW was this something! Upgrading to full 1080p made a huge difference, and the color balance is s WAY better than my old projector. Such a great deal too, hard to believe you can get this much of a great projector for so cheap!

  99. CGSMom

    FIX FOR PS3 PLAYSTATION 3 AUDIO PROBLEM: These budget projectors don’t receive Dolby audio so the sound format must be in something like WAV/MP3/AAC. To fix this, go to your sound settings ON YOUR PS3 (not in the project settings, but in the actual PlayStation settings) and go to the area to select your sound format. Here select HDMI and in the next screen, deselect the Dolby option and select a different format. We selected AAC and that fixed it on all the games and it now works perfectly.This is a great little projector. I couldn’t be happier and my 12 year old and 14 year old feel the same way. There is a funky issue we dealt with at first where ALL the PS4 games worked perfectly, but some of the PS3 games wouldn’t broadcast sound. I mentioned the fix above.

  100. Danielle GoldsmithDanielle Goldsmith

    Small but mighty. Still am playing around with the different setting and connections. This is the perfect pocket projector for working in the art studio and creating larger paintings from smaller sketches. Will definitely need a table top tripod to elevate the projector. Tested it out in a fairly lit room and the brightness was still strong. I will have to play around with the focus a little bit more to make sure it is a perfect rectangle

  101. jillianjillian

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     This is perfect for when I am traveling with my children. Overall, the video quality is great!! I think it will be better if I had a projector screen. But, works just fine using my wall. I like how compact it is and not heavy. Fits perfectly in my purse. I highly recommend this projector. You won’t be disappointed. Love it!!!!

  102. Subramaniam Chembai Ganesh

    There were some offers on this projector for black Friday, so I purchased this projector out of curiosity.I am blown away by the quality of this piece. From the unboxing experience to the first time I used it, it has been very intuitive.As far as the picture quality is concerned, the projector is excellent under dark settings ! It even fares well under dim lighting. The manual focusing capabilities are commendable, so I am able to view my content at far and close proximities. As of yet, I find no faults to pick given that my expectations were low after seeing the price !I would definitely recommend anybody with a desire to get a projector for fun to consider this product. For this price, it would also make a brilliant gift for kids or movie buffs coming holiday season !Note: I am not someone with extensive knowledge on projectors, and I comment only from my personal experience of using the product.

  103. joseph

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     This is something that our children wanted so long and finally they got it on Christmas – the best gift for this year we could give them as parents. The projector is really worth its description and the price. We are now planning to get a screen and enjoy some movie night with the whole family

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