Portable Mini Fan, Small Battery Operated 14-21 hours, USB Rechargeable Foldable Fan, Quiet Personal Fan with Power Bank, Flashlight for Indoor, Outdoor


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Portable Mini Fan, Small Battery Operated 14-21 hours, USB Rechargeable Foldable Fan, Quiet Personal Fan with Power Bank, Flashlight for Indoor, Outdoor $31.99
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  • 【Super Long Endurance and Strong Airflow】- Adopted the advanced technology, it lasts for 14 hours with 2-speed, 21 hours with 1-speed after about 3 hours full charge. The maximum rotating speed of the fan is 3400 rpm which is enough for personal use to keep you cool.
  • 【Foldable Design and Mini Size】- The foldable design makes it easy to carry and store. Besides, with the oval shape(1.3*1.3*4.7 Inches, Weight: 4.4 Oz), this rechargeable fan can hide the fan blade, small and easy to slide into your pocket and purse.
  • 【Power Bank Function and Quiet Operation】- 5V/1A USB output port makes the mini hand fan to be a power bank(2000mAh) in an emergency, supplying power for mobile phone, MP3, etc. With no frame design, make the noise low to 50db that causes no bother during work.
  • 【Flashlight and Include Wrist String】- Long press the power button to open the flashlight feature when the fan is not spinning. The flashlight is quite bright and can be used in dark areas or if electricity is out. And with a lanyard included, you can hang it on your hands or travel backpack.
  • 【USB Fast Charge & Gift Choice】- You can use a wall charger, laptop, power bank to charge it. And the handheld fan only needs 2-3 hours to get fully charged. This mini handheld fan will also be a gift for your family, friends. Cute, tiny, and useful gadgets for most people.

102 reviews for Portable Mini Fan, Small Battery Operated 14-21 hours, USB Rechargeable Foldable Fan, Quiet Personal Fan with Power Bank, Flashlight for Indoor, Outdoor

  1. Katrina K.

    I love this fan! It is compact enough that I can carry it in my purse, so I always have it with me when I need it. Very handy in a restaurant, to set on the table if I get too warm. Its quiet, and suprisingly powerful for such a compact fan. The built in flash light is a nice touch too. I have only had a couple of weeks, so can’t speak to the durability, but so far its working great, and I love it!

  2. Bhea

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     I love this product because its 3n1 Fan, flashlight and power bank. I love this specially when i cant breath because I wear a mask a lot. It has some noise but not that much noise. Also the battery life it was perfect. I was using this at work for 5hr and i didn’t charge it when i went home and it’ll long last till 4 days or 5 days. Weight is kinda heavy like when you holding your phone.

  3. Julie

    Easy to carry, battery lasts forever, and fast charging. Great buy for the price!

  4. Chanel C.

    These little fans saved us in Florida on our vacation. We brought them into multiple parks across multiple days and they performed perfectly. We never used the flashlight or phone charging capabilities except to test them, so I don’t know how they perform over time, but the fans are 10/10 perfect performance

  5. E runner

    I love this little fan. It works perfectly for dealing with “power surges.” It’s pretty quiet, slips into a pocket or purse and it cools you off quickly. I’m ordering another one for the car and another one for my office. That it’s rechargeable is a bonus – no batteries to replace.

  6. SE

    I love this product. It doesn’t work well while walking in heated areas, but I will tell you that its saved me while seated outside. It has saved me while seated at my an outdoor restaurant and it saved me while sleeping on cruise ship where my roommate likes heat turned up. It saved me while I was working at a remote location and didn’t have a desk fan.Also, one time my phone ran out of battery while I was at Venice Beach for the day. I connected it to this unit for a few minutes and was able to get back on with life and summon an Uber to myself at the end of the day.Well worth the money. And this is a review that doesn’t even account for the flashlight function.

  7. Henry A. Echezabal, Jr.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of this item! If you live where it gets warm, this fan is a perfect carry-along.

  8. Mark Twine

    Fantastic little fan to help cooling off in the summer. Easy to carry with me; it fits compactly in a pocket in my laptop bag. And I like that it balances so well when the handle is bent back, so I can prop it on any flat surface instead of having to hold it. And it is super quiet! Used judiciously, the battery has lasted for several 20-30-minute stretches (just enough to cool off after walking through the sauna that Manhattan becomes in the summer) before needing a recharge.My only complaint: In the beginning, when closed, it squeezed itself a little too tight, and was tough to open up. This got easier with use.

  9. Erika P. King

    BEST MONEY EVER SPENT! I was visiting someone’s house and spent the night. Room temp was comfortable. But I need cool to sleep. Turned on this fan baby! Ran all night like a champ. Quiet, stayed upright. Kept me cool. Best money I have ever spent!

  10. Donna Chandler

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     I love that I can put this in my purse and pull it out when I’m hot. It’s soo quiet that I was able to use it in church 😀

  11. Joe

    Took this to new orleans, can in handy SO much!The light was a useful feature, and the fact that its a battery pack helped too, lots of use!

  12. Brigget McFarland

    I really love this little fan. I bought it to replace a handheld $5 o2cool battery powered fan. It works beautifully. Most of the time, the lowest speed setting is sufficient for a fairly strong breeze. On the occasion that i’d like more power, the higher speed is amazing.Upon arrival, the packaging was very secure and heavy duty. Inside the box there was a small card with info on contacting customer service if needed. I didn’t find any directions or instructions, but the unit is fairly simple to navigate, so not having instructions was basically fine. The unit itself is sleek and very compact. It weighs less than my iPhone 7+ with a slim case.I a giving the device five stars, but I do have a couple of complaints. Not complaints, so much as where I think the device could be improved. As build, it works beautifully. The first issue i have is how the unit opens. There’s no lip or groove where a finger may be placed in order to flip the fan and blades out. It’s more of a push and pull sort of method, which makes opening it a bit clunky. The other complaint i have is the blades when on. The entire blade is the same color as the device. I ordered dark grey, so the blades are also dark grey. I think the blades should be tipped in an alternate color, perhaps a lighter color, because it’s difficult to see them when working around the fan in it’s propped up position. When the blades are touched, they stop and the unit automatically shuts off. This is a great safety feature, but it would be much easier to prevent accidental tally bumping it and shutting it off if the tips of the blades were a little lighter in color.Overall, very quality product and works as expected, beyond so, to be honest.

  13. Tanner

    This little fan really puts out the air. Pretty quite and the battery really lasts. Bought a second as a gift & they love it too.

  14. Krystal P

    I brought this fan for my 10 day trip to Senegal during the summer and when I say this was clutch. It was CLUTCH! It has two speeds, can be used as a flash light and a charger, all which came in handy. It’s compact and fit in my travel purse easily. It keeps a charge and just an overall good buy. I’m glad I purchased it.

  15. Keith Carmichael

    If you “might” need a battery backup, but definetly need a fan for hot weather, THIS is the one!

  16. Nebs

    I recently picked this up for my subway commute and for camping. The fan isn’t too loud and so far the battery life is pretty fantastic. I just returned from a camping trip where I used a single walled trekking pole tent. Usually condensation would be an issue with such a tent and with temps dropping into the low 50’s Fahrenheit. I hung the fan by the strap in the tent doorway to create a flow, and there wasn’t a single drop of condensation. The sound of the fan wasn’t too loud, and was actually quite soothing. As I mentioned earlier i use this on the subway and it’s a huge help.The flashlight is surprising bright (100-200 lumens) and the power bank aspect is a wonderful added bonus. I’ll update after a few months.

  17. Luz

    I took this little miracle with us to Disney last month and I can not find words to describe how wonderful it is. I was melting but with this the hours in line for the rides felt so more refreshing. The battery life is what I was so shocked about. It will last 3 days, I will use it every other hour for an hour or so but I didn’t have to charge it but 2-3 times the entire trip. Great little gadget and totally worth the money.

  18. J. Clark

    The JISULIFE Pocket Handheld Fan is very handy when those unexpected ‘hot’ flashes hit you. It’s size makes it very portable. The 2-speeds are very adequate for a comfortable relief from the ‘sweats’. Glad I purchased this fan.

  19. JMartinez

    Perfect size personal fan to fit in a purse or pocket. The battery hold a charge for a long time. I’m not sure how well it works as a charger, but as a fan and flashlight it’s great!

  20. P2becole

    I really like this little fan. The light is very effective for at least 25 feet. That’s a littler over a car length. However, it might shine beyond that, but that’s the length I tested it at. I love that is also serves as a power port to charge your phone. It takes a while depending on how dead your phone is. Also, it’s not a “quick charge” port so don’t expect a full charge in 20 minutes. The fan is great. First speed is a little low but gets the job done. Second speed is nice and will probably be the only speed I will use. The things I would change are minimal. I would like a third speed and/or larger fan blades. There is room for the blades to be about a 1/4th to 1/2 inch longer, as well as a little wider. This would produce so much more wind. I feel, making this fan unmatchable; the leader in the industry of small fans. I would also make the lanyard the same color as the fan. Not sure if there are different colors available with this seller, but if there are, the lanyards should be the same color as the fan. Finally, have the lanyard already attached. Not a big deal but if you have chubby fingers, or man hands, this may take you a few minutes to attach. If they were to make these changes, I would buy more just because. Oh, one more thing. It’s a little wobbly as a desk fan and can easily be knocked over. Ok, that’s all.

  21. Allen Nakagawa

    I truly wish I had this product years ago back home in muggy humid NYC! It’s really a handheld, multifunctional two speed long lasting fan that has a barely perceptible hum, a nice 2,000mAH power bank & a very decent flashlight. Everything is designed towards safety. Stick out your fingers, the fan stops. You can operate the fan while charging. On a full charge, you can recharge a smartphone 1-1.5x or any other related sized electronic device. This is great for camping, it’s already standard in my luggage. Nicely designed/ constructed, all rounded edge. I also use it to charge up those tiny 4K cameras such as a Relee, Eken cameras.RECOMMEND: Buy a few, they make great gifts.

  22. Amanda

    I took this on a trip and I was beyond thrilled I did. With wearing a mask on an airplane, I didn’t want to be too hot. It was perfect and helped me stay cool during the flight. It’s obviously not silent, but makes minimal noise. The fan is not light, but that didn’t bother me. It’s many uses were a bonus and why I picked this option. I purchased two and very glad I did!

  23. S. Harper

    As a woman of a certain age, this little device is a great thing to have for those random hot flashes. I love that it has a rechargeable battery that really holds a charge for a good long time. It folds up nicely to fit in my purse and has a nifty flashlight function. It may seem silly, but it is the little things in life.

  24. Maria A

    I bought this as a recommendation to travel with my dog on a plane. This fan was on for a 4 hour flight on the floor, blowing on my dog. The next time I traveled without her, I put the fan in my carryon and used it on my trip. It’s a great item , safe and compact.

  25. Laura Wood

    Okay is this indulgent…no and here’s why. If you have an illness, if you workout and overheat, if you are going through menopause or ANYTHING where your body has two (or more) hemispheres of climate to consider….if you know you know…..then GET this. It’s cute, fits in a backpack, clutch, whatever and acts as both a mini fan and flashlight. I have not used it as a spare charger bc I use it as a fan. This is the 2nd one I’ve bought bc I like it that much. I’ve never tested the battery life in on go but I can keep it in my bag for a week and use it every day for a while before I charge it.

  26. JD

    I absolutely love this rechargeable fan. I purchased it to keep with me when traveling and now I even keep it in my purse for daily use. The fan is very quiet and discreet. The battery life is fantastic. I love that it doubles as a portable cell phone charger but I have not used this feature yet. The fan blades are made of a very soft material so if you accidentally touch them while in operation it won’t hurt and the device turns off. Overall this is great for the price and I would recommend.

  27. Amber eckert

    I love this thing! It is quiet but still powerful enough. It comes everywhere with me. It does not say anything about weather resistance but I forgot it out in a pouring rainstorm and it survived! I thought for sure it was dead and I would have replaced it if it was.

  28. chaswp

    I bought this little thing for my wife when we go to watch our grandson play T-ball in the summer. Charged it up and tossed it in my daypack and haven’t had a chance to use it till last night. We had a thunderstorm roll through and knock the power out. We sleep with a fan at night to keep the air moving around us (old habit). Well needless to say, power prevented us from using our regular fans. I got this little thing out about 2 in the morning, put it on my nightstand and turned it on low. Even on low that little thing moved a nice breeze! I finally turned it off about 6.5 hours later and it was still running very well. I’m pretty picky about giving reviews, but this little contraption exceeded my expectations. So far, so good!

  29. J. Kerr

    Okay, it’s got a 2 speed fan w/built in stand for desktop/ table. A flashlight that’ll light up a room. A usb port to charge whatever needs charging and it fits in your pocket! I bought 2. After I showed the 1st one to my wife, she took it!

  30. FitDaddy

    Lightweight, quiet, and folds up small, great for traveling. I was impressed because it wasn’t pricey.

  31. casey

    We bought these for our Orlando trip in June. They came in handy standing in lines at the park. We haven’t charged ours yet. If your in the fence give them a shot.

  32. SpringdaleMom

    My sister sent me this fan to combat hot flashes. It’s my new favorite thing! I use it to cool off when we’re visiting outside on summer evenings. I turn it on inside to cool off when I first sit down to watch TV. It’s has good air, simple to operate, easy to carry in purse. Our patio fan cut out the other evening and my husband, son, and I each set up our fans as we ate dinner. A few days later, our electricity went out for a short time due to a thunderstorm. We all used our fans to move about the house, without fear that we’d drain our cell phone batteries.

  33. mom of 3

    This fan is awesome. It lasts a long time and charges pretty quickly. I use it almost everyday. The only improvement would be to make it stand on its own a little better. However, if it falls over it has built in protection to stop the motor immediately. If fully charged it will charge my Samsung S9 fully.

  34. Bridgette WolfordBridgette Wolford

    I bought this fan to take to my nephew’s high school graduation. Alabama, late May, means hot and humid. I should have bought a dozen of them because the second I pulled it out my nieces and nephew commandeered it. They really enjoyed it. I used the power bank function while on a layover and it was a real life saver. Buy one. Buy several if you’ll be around kids.

  35. Sarah

    Took this to a theme park for the week and it lasted for five days with HOURS of use! You can hold it in your hand comfortably or fold it and set it down on a table! I will be using this all summer. Very effective and convenient with two speeds to use and a flashlight.

  36. Jason Childers

    I’ve been using this fan in the Florida sun. It moves enough air to make a difference in the heat. It’s quiet. Pull it out at waist level and turn it on and most people won’t notice if you don’t happen to be the center of attention. The fold-up design leaves no parts to be easily broken while stowed away. There’s a cut-off feature that stops the fan if it hits something such as a finger. Battery life has yet to fail me and with the usb charger it charges back to full on the way to and from work.

  37. Veronica

    Worth the price! Of course i wish it came in different colors, but this kept me cool in Vegas a month and a half ago when it was 114! I’m a plus sized girl and glad i got this! Sleek and small, yet powerful. Also love that i can charge my phone need be. Don’t let the size fool you. Get this little fan!

  38. V. A. Mercer

    I love this little fan. I took it with me while traveling and it was a lifesaver. I used it on the airplane, while walking in New Orleans (hot a Heck there!) and even aimed it at me off the night stand while I slept for extra air at night. The battery lasted for days and I brought along the charger but didn’t need to use it until the end of my trip. It fits in my purse easily and even though it’s a little heavier than I expected, it’s no heavier than a cellphone. I am getting these as gifts for my family now. I love it!

  39. JK

    Two speeds, quiet, folds up compactly, built in flashlight, and is a USB battery capable of recharging other devices.Only downside, it is a little tough to get a thumbnail in to get it open. I ground away a little plastic so I could open it a little easier. Now it is perfect. I would still buy it again.

  40. okiej

    my husband has raspatory problems and needs a constant air flow to help his breathing. this small fan works wonders in restaurants and such. sits easily on the table, takes up very little space and recharges with a USB cord.edit to add: we left this little fan in a restaurant so placed an order for two additional units. They arrived quickly, so now we will always have a back up.

  41. DUSTIN

    Took this little gem on a hot destination vacation and it helped allot. Two speeds. It also doubled as a battery source for my cell ph when my battery went dead on my iPhone. Good buy. Comes with usb charge cord and electricity plug 🔌 in.

  42. Drew

    I’m pregnant and this is a LIFESAVER. I have been so overheated, and this little fan is incredible. It has two speeds, the flashlight is great, I love that it can be a power bank, and I use it a lot and have only charged it once…and it’s been almost a month. Best find ever! Oh and the wrist strap is a great accessory! 👌🏼

  43. Jayson

    I bought a few of these for my kids to take camping with us. They were more effective than the big fan I got for the tent’s ceiling. Bonus flashlight and also acts as a power bank. And the kids love the little bear ears too. Better than I expected.

  44. Kelly G V

    Great for Menopausal Relief of unexpectant heat flashes and relief. Full battery charge and full blowing relief. Great price and easy to carry in your purse. It does not take up a lot of space.

  45. Natalie Berrie

    I am a high school student living in Florida. It is super hot all the time and most of my schools hallways are outside. I sweat a lot and am constantly overheated so I bought this portable fan to bring with me. When I say I use this all the time, I MEAN IT. Not only does it have 2 settings for fan speed (which are pretty quiet, just a tiny humming noise), it is also a portable computer and phone charger! It doesn’t need batteries and charges with a USB cord. This is really a good product. PS. My dog loves it too.

  46. IlianaMHdz

    I was a little apprehensive to order this fan. But I needed one so bad for baseball season. It worked really well and gave off a lot of air in the Texas heat. I was super impressed with it that I bought more for Christmas gifts.

  47. Mona al-Kazemi

    I just purchased this fan and used it twice when it got really hot in the movie theater and outdoors! It’s so quiet and powerful, providing a very nice breeze. I really like how it looks too, how compact it is, and how it feels in my hand.Customer service is responsive and well-behaved. I had questions about charging the device, after reading the manual, and I was pleased by how quickly I got my answers. I bought 2 more fans for my other bags.

  48. Adam

    I’m always hot even when others are cold. I need constant airflow and this thing is my new best friend. It’s quiet and I can hold it or fold it into an L shape and set it on my desk.

  49. techlady

    I don’t do many reviews but this has been an excellent tool. I’ve since gifted 2 more. This fan is supper quiet as I have to use it sometimes at night while my husband is sleeping. It’s powerful, needs little charge time and battery lasts a while. I love that I can sit it up to stand on its own. An added feature that I didn’t know would come in so handy. I was traveling and left my phone charger in the hotel – the fan gave my phone a 60% charge all while stored in my purse. It is so compact that I can be taken anywhere taking up limited space and weighs very little. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS FAN. I purchased in navy blue because the color is very nice. I first purchased the brown but it looks like……well let’s just say the blue is more appealing.

  50. Sneaky2013Sneaky2013

    It’s so awesome that I bought a total of 4! 2 whites with the larger battery size. Giving this blue to my oldest child so she can use it when she takes the bus to work. Gave one of the whites to my younger child. She took it with her when she drove to Vegas from California. It’s a “game changer”according to her. 🙂 I kept the other white and a pink one for myself. The description to this item is absolutely true. I kept one on my nightstand all through the night in low setting. The battery last for a long, long time. Best mini portable fan in my opinion. And the fact that you can charge your phone with it is a plus. It’s lightweight and small and easy to carry even in your pants pocket. I recommended it to some of my friends and even a beauty advisor at the mall. No more using the paper fan she said.

  51. Ophiuchus

    I like everything about this little fan. It’s lightweight and can be set standing upward. I’ve been careful with it but it seems pretty durable. The noise is not nonexistent but low and not bothersome. The low-medium, medium-high settings are perfect. It does its job and keeps me cool whenever I need, which is often for me, and keeps my I can take it everywhere. 👍👍 Thanks!!

  52. Ant in Az

    Purchased a few for my female friends who have started to get hot flashes all the time. And not the kind they have from me walking in the room theyused to have. They all just love this thing! Small enough to take along anywhere. Strong enough to cool them down and quiet enough to put it in front of your face while on the phone. Not to mention the flashlight (slash) searchlight that it has on the end of it. A perfect gift for my HOT (flash) girl freinds.

  53. Darlene

    I used this at Disney and it was a life saver. I use it in my office now if I get warm. I will be getting more for my family

  54. Thoth

    I bought this because I sweat a lot even in the winter. No, I don’t have hot flashes like a menopausal woman. It’s a side effect of some medications I take. This fan is portable, small and doesn’t take long to charge. It also holds charge for a long time. The manual said it will the charge will last 14 hours on high and 22 hours on low. I experimented and propped it up on my nightstand and kept it on overnight and by morning time, it’s still running! You can also use it to charge other devices like your phone, tablet etc and you can use it as a flash light. When you open it, you have the option to turn the cover to a 90 degree angle and put it on a table. It works as a stand. If you’re out and about, you can carry it on your hands-it comes with a lanyard so you don’t drop it by accident.

  55. lisa

    I purchased these little beauties when I did a trip to Disneyland with my family. Especially with long wait lines and for it being the summer months, this was a life saver, each child had their own fan, it was nice that it has a recharging usb port and it comes with a small short cord for recharging the device itself. The fan has 3 levels and it is compact. I highly recommend getting a fan.

  56. DH

    My wife and girls love these. This summer with highs in the 100+ they definitely came in handy.They’re small and discrete to carry in a purse or small bag.It’s also a portable charger and flashlight too!I only with they weren’t completely cylindrical, it would make sense to have a flat side you can set it down on a desk or table and not have it fall over.

  57. Pez

    Mr. Perfect Temperature over here has to eat his food at the exact temp otherwise I’ve failed as a dad. Tired of fanning his food, I opted for this mini fan. Works great and the safety feature does its job. I’ve had it for 2 months and still haven’t charged it. Highly recommend.

  58. Natalie Chavez

    I work as a cashier and sometimes it would get really warm for me and the fact that I get warm easily has been a problem of the past. This fan keeps me cool and doesn’t occupy a ton of space. It charges pretty fast too and fits in my fanny pack. A plus that it has is that it can be used as a phone charger and it has a built in flashlight.

  59. tumbleweed_scout

    This item has exceeded my expectations. The run time as a fan is excellent, it charges quickly and is solidly built. My wife and I have both used these during those hot college football Saturday afternoons in Texas. Its worth the money just for the fan capabilities alone, and the light and power cell capabilities just add to its breadth of flexibility and value. Major thumbs up!

  60. PA

    This little guy literally saved me from passing out at a NASCAR race! Sun beating down on me for hours in June at a race. Between using frozen water bottles on my head and neck and using this to blow air on me was great. Battery life is long. I didn’t time it but definitely a few hours on a charge. USB chargeable. Will definitely buy again.

  61. Natalie

    Son is going to overnight camp and will be outside all the time in Tennessee June heat. Thought this would bring him a little relief. He was a bit more excited about the flashlight feature, which is cool and all, but the fan is great to have on these stupid hot days.

  62. Samantha

    I love this so much I use it so many times. It’s in my diaper bag for my daughter and we use this on the hot days and we’ve used it 15 to 20 times and still have not needed to charge it yet… I love the fact that if you hit it it just stops my daughter starting to learn how to use it and I’m not nervous about her having it at all. And it’s so nice and lightweight to just throw in her diaper bag and it doesn’t make a difference.

  63. Steven Chin

    The fan works well and is very functional. I liked them so much I brought them for friends and family as Christmas gifts. The battery is rechargeable and does last a long time. I like it that it can stand alone. My friends uses it at restaurants to keep the air flowing around and away from him. The pricing is ok. I have another portable fan that I like very well but it is larger and bulky to carry around. The smaller size means I will carry it around with me and use it more often.

  64. Meg

    Bought this for work at a hospital. Very warm on the unit I work on. Sits easily on my computer rover to go with me room to room. Shuts off if it tips or gets touched. Lightweight, I can tuck it in my pocket and the light at the end is a nice feature to check patient rooms with having to turn on the overhead light! I love this multi purpose purchase! Easily recharges and a charge lasted multiple 8 hour shifts!

  65. marilee bolak

    Ladies this perfect for the change of life great to carry in your Purse. I would love if this blue was a different blue though cause I had at least ten people who thought I had a weapon lol but once they see the fan blades they knew it was a fan.. it has two speeds and the second cools you down fast.. to the creators please make the blue a better blue please and ty..

  66. Cher Mullen

    I love the 3 functions; battery, bright light AND 2 speed fan!! I wish it was a bit easier to open to access the fan, but I like folding it that allows the fan to be on a stand (which is the rubber tip part of the light). The fan is just a bit louder than I expected – you can’t use it in church ;-)It’s hard to tell when it’s fully charged. Sometimes it’s solid red, sometimes it’s blinking red light and sometimes it doesn’t blink…. but it hasn’t died on me yet :-)I still love this item!

  67. George

    I take meds that cause hot flashes any time, any where. This unit is small enough to carry in my pants pocket and I keep it with me at all times. I plan to buy another one just to have a spare handy if I need it. Great Product.

  68. V. Brown

    Bought this before a trip to the Middle East. I didn’t use it often, but it was a lifesaver a few times when I was in the dessert and felt overheated. The battery life was also very long and I hardly needed to recharge it.

  69. Ruth Rosen

    I am almost always warm even in a/c. So when I feel I’m getting a bit warm in a restaurant, on public transportation or at work I take this small fan out and it does the trick. Plus it has a flashlight which I use when I’m looking for something in my purse or even in the house. Great buy.

  70. Steve-o

    I bought this fan To keep my forehead and neck cool if I’m working in the garage or outside. I wasn’t sure it would be powerful enough, but it is. I measured it with my anemometer and it gives you a breeze of about 4 mph on low and 5 mph on high from a distance of about 8 inches. That’s enough to evaporate sweat and keep me cool. The flashlight is actually brighter Then I thought it would be. I measured between 150 and 200 lm with my Light Meter. Certainly not a powerful flashlight but in a pinch it will do the job. It was very thoughtful of them to include the USB charge option. At 2000 mA hours, it should certainly boost most mobile phones. I Particularly like the thoughtfulness put into The fan design. The blades are flexible yet appear to be pretty durable. If the fan gets stopped by hitting something, it senses that and turns itself off. I also like that the charging light goes solid when it’s done charging. Too many products like this never tell you when they’re fully charged.Th whole product feels fairly well-built and substantial in your hand. Not something you want to carry in your pocket all the time, though it’s about the same weight as typical cell phone. I just don’t think you can complain about a collapsible fan/flashlight/ battery bank At this price. For what I needed, it’s perfect. Very cool little product.

  71. Jake Spencer Hammel

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     This baby SAVED me on vacation! This fan is so small and compact yet super powerful with great battery life. I brought it on vacation to Hawaii, Tokyo, Singapore and Bali and used it everywhere when I would get overheated. In Tokyo everyone was Carrying fans it was so hot but they were bulky and required batteries but now this one! Would recommend to everyone.

  72. Cee

    This little fan is quite nice. I’ve had a lot of other fans and this little one is very quiet and very well built. The blades are also very neat and nice to have as they are soft and auto-fold “flat” when you turn off the battery. And, battery life is, so far, very good. Being rechargeable, I’m sure it’ll slowly go down, but so far it’s been recharged many times and it holds the charge for many days to weeks even (Probably longer, I just use it enough – which is a LOT).I would definitely recommend this fan if you need a small, especially for portable use and so on.

  73. DD

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     This is a good pocket fan for travel because of it’s compact capsule shape and size.It has 2 speeds. It’s ok for warm weather but won’t do much in hot weather. The 2nd speed is equal to the 1st speed of the round folding hand fans w 3 speeds if you are familiar with them. I have both and use both.The biggest and most frustrating down side is opening it. I have to leave it partially open because my nails are not thin enough to get into the very tiny groove to open it. It’s a major annoyance when it closes all the way.It is frameless and because not as powerful as the other, it is quieter. It can be handheld or propped on a table, although sometimes wobbly and can be knocked over easily. The blades are soft and won’t hurt if you come in contact with them. It has a handy wrist lanyard, a USB charging cord and can be used as a charger.You press the power button once for low speed, twice for higher. For the flashlight you hold the power button for a few seconds.When you have limited space and need a fan with you, it’s worth having it. Otherwise, we much prefer the hand fans with the 3 speeds which have more cooling power in the heat. And we don’t care if the fan is a charger or has a flashlight.

  74. Bostwickenator

    There is something about the build quality of this device which makes it feel like one of those great old Sony gadgets. It’s solid, it has a safety cutoff if the fan blades get stopped, the LED is super bright, the handle even doubles as a table stand. Basically it’s been really nicely engineered by someone who cared.

  75. Taylor W

    This is the perfect size for a portable fan. It’s small, but is just as effective as a large one. I thought it had a battery option but it’s built-in so it’s one you just have to charge with a USB, which is fine. Even better, it came already charged! The flashlight is great too (TIP: long press the button for it to turn on). The only problem I have is getting it open; I don’t have any nails and the opening is too slim for simply the tip of a finger. Other than that, it’s great.

  76. vannaruth

    Ordered 3 of these for our Disney trip. Each of us used ours throughout the whole day and never lost complete battery power. It made standing in the heat more bearable. I never worried my phone might die cuz it was also a charger. People asked us several times where we got them. Love it!

  77. Dina Turner

    Bought this to take on vacation during the summer heat. Love the fact that it has 2 speeds, both of which blow considerably strong. Can hold in my lap and still strong enough to blow my hair around. Also like the fact that I can charge my phone from it in an emergency. Will be keeping this in my purse definitely.

  78. Tina

    We took this little guy to Greece couple of weeks ago while their weather were in the 90’s. This little fan helped me through all the outdoor tours. It was not as noisy and the battery lasted 8 hours once I charged it over night. It’s a lifesaver! Buy it!

  79. L Morris

    Where have these lightweight, efficient little coolers been all my life? An earlier review was just spot-on about the minor drawbacks. Slightly difficult to open, slightly awkward button placement, but nothing that warrants avoiding this fan. Easy to carry, very low noise, great air movement. A game changer for all us folks who don’t like to be hot and/or sweaty any time of the year. Love it!

  80. M. Sufka

    Used it almost non stop while at WDW for four days in the HOT Florida sun/heat. Very impressed with its charge life, power and light weight.

  81. Mireya

    Wonderful multi functional pocket size fan. I normally use first setting (has two). Low noise level and long battery life. Can also use a light and charger. Great find!

  82. AndreaAndrea

    I think this is a good product for the price and the function. Between the fan, flashlight, and charger, this is practically an essential item for a Disney World trip! A bit heavy, but the strap helps so much!

  83. singert

    I’ve already bought 4 of them for friends and family. Fan is quiet, yet powerful. Can charge your phone if needed. It even has a flashlight, which comes in handy in an unfamiliar hotel. I got it as a travel fan, which it’s perfect for, but now I even take it to PT or use around the house. It’s small but strong.

  84. J the Vegan

    Much better for hot flashes than grabbing a random piece of paper! I’ve started having hot flashes and wanted something cute and compact. This is exactly what I needed. Has a strap, a USB port to charge up your phone, two speeds and a flashlight. Great little fan to take on the go or have around the house for those awful private summers!

  85. John W.

    This is a very handy little fan to carry around with you in the summer. I like the 2 speeds – LOW still moves a sufficient amount of air, while HIGH is quite a noticeable difference! I’ve had it for a few weeks now & still haven’t had to recharge it, so the battery life seems to be OK, as well. I would get another one (one for the car, one for backpack or purse).

  86. graywoulf

    I am very pleased with my purchase of this portable fan. I find that it is well made and it has a sufficient amount of air flow to get the job done. The only flaw that it has is that the case when used as a stand is works well on a flat surface only but that is a very minor issue as I see it. The built in flashlight is very bright and is very handy to have around. I can honestly say that I recommend it. 👍

  87. Josh s.Josh s.

    I love this product so much I bought a second one this is super quite compact easy to fit in your pocket or a purse has a high and low speed and a flash light pluse it will charge your phone in a emergency if u need it to. Pluse on low it will run for a full 2 days and high for a. Day it real does what they say awsome product gonna buy more in the futur

  88. LINDA

    I have an issue w sweating at unusual times and needed a small fan that has a strong air current to carry in my purse or pocket. I got 2 of these. They charge with a cable to your USB port very quickly and work very well and quickly cool.

  89. lovej

    Oh my goodness this thing is amazing and I love it so much. Both speeds are great for cooling me down and I love that it’s chargeable instead of battery operated. It’s about the size of a tampon case. I didn’t know when I got it was also a portable battery and flashlight but man is that an awesome bonus. The only gripe I have is that it’s a little hard to open.

  90. Keri

    I’ve been sharing the listing this item with lots of friends. This is a must have in the Texas heat. Light weight and fits nicely in my purse. Love it.

  91. Chris

    Folds into a nice and compact little unit, and battery life seemed to be as advertised. The wind output was sufficient & helpful in the relentless humid summer Florida heat we endured while outside for extended periods. Also, good for feeling air circulation while being stuck in an airplane on a delayed departure for a long time! I recommend it for traveling for sure!

  92. Crystal N

    Took it to China on a work trip when the temp was 90-95F and humid. I hung it on a neck strap and used it all through the days. It was awesome! The charge lasted and I recharged my iphone using the USB charger. Flash light is bright. Even my boss wants one now. It is a great little invention.

  93. Nick

    This is a great little pocket fan. It is a little bulky, but not unmanageable. The airflow is surprising for such a small device and the battery life is great. I’ve had several instances where I’ve used this for 3+ hours solid and it worked flawlessly. The powerbank functionality is a nice bonus if you are in a pinch, although with only 1amp output, it would be quite slow to charge your phone. The flashlight is the feature i have a problem with..honestly, I wish it just wasn’t there. I already carry a 1200 lumen flashlight on my belt everyday, which I understand not everyone does. The problem is that I frequently find that the flashlight feature gets turned on in my pocket accidentally. If there was a lock feature, or if the button was recessed, this may not happen, but as it is now, it is very easy to activate the light when you don’t want to. It isn’t very bright and the color is very strange. It has a yellow tint to it, with a white center.PROS:Fan performance is excellentBattery life is greatCONS:flashlight is dim, oddly colored and too easy to activate in your pocketpowerbank output is only 1amp, so it is slow to charge a deviceFINAL THOUGHTS:If you are buying this primarily to use the fan, go for it, it is great. If you are looking primarily for a powerbank or flashlight, look elsewhere.This unit is a great fan, a mediocre powerbank and a crappy flashlight.

  94. Tahoe0102

    I needed to find an easier way to open this…..where the notch is is too tedious. So, on the flashlight end, push in the charger area, the handle will start to open. So much easier. This has lasted a long time. Took it on vacation for 4 days, charged my phone a little and I still have yet to charge it a 2nd time. Great price for a fan, charger and flashlight combo.

  95. Jennifer David

    My sister got married in June, so I bought these for the bridal party. They were amazing at keeping everyone cool, even in triple-digit weather. The fan turns off if you hit the foam-like blades, so I didn’t have to worry about the ring boys or flower girls getting hurt. The fan produced very little sound, so we didn’t disrupt the ceremony. They were so compact that they even fit in the bridesmaids’ clutches and the groomsmen’s pockets. The battery life is great – one charge lasted all day.

  96. J. Ruvalcaba

    Bought this for my trip last year to Greece, and it was a life saver! Made its way around my group on late night trips on the hot train back to the hotel. PROS- Small size with very good battery life; has never died on me. Flashlight and charger are nice to have around just in case and work great too. The only CON would be sometimes the power button gets held down when I stuff it in a full bag and turns the flashlight on by accident, but even when this has happened the fan still had power and didn’t die when using it. Had this for over a year and I still use it a lot and works great!

  97. MACIO

    Well, for the beach PERFECT! In the past on airplanes-heaven sent. Today? Now blowing your expelled air around. Has a convenient light and it’s does top up your phone for a little extra talk time or online surfing! I love this lol fan!

  98. constance dangerfield

    This little gadget was awesome. I took it on my trip to Dubai and it was a lifesaver out in the desert. It ran for 2 hrs as well as charged my phone and had a flashlight so I could see when it got dark. A must have for vacation or anytime you’re hot to cool you down

  99. KeensPurchaseRevs

    I absolutely love this thing. It puts out a great amount of airflow, runs forever, has a bright flashlight, and can charge my phone. Honestly, what more could possibly ask for in something so small and portable, with such a simple purpose? It’s also quite sturdy as a family member of mine dropped it onto concrete several times and it still works and has held up nicely.

  100. Michelle Henderson

    I got this for church camp it knew it would be hott. My 5 month old would fall asleep and sweat. So i pull it out and fan him so he would sleep. Its quiet, blows good, love the charge your phone too.

  101. Stephanie Berge

    This is a really cool little gadget I will be using this for travel such as going to Cedar Point, I can use it when I’m waiting in those long hot lines and I think it’s awesome that you can charge your phone with it! Has a long battery life! Fits perfectly in a purse or fanny pack

  102. kmack

    Amazing little fan, it’s actually throwing a lot of good air, wow I’m amazed each time I use it! It has a charger, and a light, I purchased 2 more for gifts, excellent for people with hot flashes!!!!! Must have, on some of theses hot airplanes, during takeoff):

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