Portable Rechargeable Wireless Mouse USB Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse for Desktop, PC, Laptop, Computer


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LED Backlit Rechargeable Wireless Mouse USB Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse for Desktop, PC, Laptop, Computer 1
Portable Rechargeable Wireless Mouse USB Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse for Desktop, PC, Laptop, Computer $17.42
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  • Silent click
  • Wireless transmission
  • Adjustable dpi
  • Intelligent sleep
  • Light and portable
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Easy to use and connect
  • Rechargeable

Material: ABS.
DPI:800/1200/1600 / 2400DPI.
Wireless transmission distance: 0-10m.
Wireless transmission frequency: 2.4GHz.
Size: 13.8x8x3.9cm / 5.43×3.15×1.54in.

Package includes
1x Wireless mouse.
1x Receiver.
1x Charging wire.
1x User manual.

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27Mhz RF Wireless

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72 reviews for Portable Rechargeable Wireless Mouse USB Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse for Desktop, PC, Laptop, Computer


    Purchased this back in November 2020. Worked amazing. Then now all of a sudden after 7 months it stopped connecting. I use it occasionally only so it is still really new. And I always charged it. For some reason now. It says I need to download a app to use the mouse. Mouse wasn’t found anymore. Only worked when connect it through the usb. Kind of sad about it cause I really loved it. And the weird thing is that it is fully charged too and sadly it doesnt connect anymore on bluetooth.

  2. Ima Pseudonym

    I’m shocked at the number of bad reviews for this product. It’s a fabulous mouse for a portable device, especially for the price! I purchased this to use with a SurfacePro to keep from having to tie up a USB port. The Bluetooth paired perfectly with no fuss whatsoever, it’s precise and compact, and the charge lasts for quite a long time. I’ve been using heavily for nearly two months with no issues whatsoever.The only negative thing I could possibly say would be that I could do without the disco lights, but how often does one look at a mouse while using it?I’d love to try it with an iPad, but I don’t want to risk bricking my tablet by “upgrading” to iOS 13.

  3. Piotr Kaminski

    Contrary to the other highly rated review, this mouse works fine with our Chromebook (Samsung Chromebook Pro, Chrome OS 92.0.4515.162). When the laptop resumes from sleep you just need to click a button on the mouse to wake it up and reactivate the connection. Perhaps the mouse firmware got updated, or maybe the new Chrome OS version fixed issues, who knows… Anyway, it works for us.Switching between 2.4GHz and Bluetooth works well too.The mouse charging port is Micro USB, though, not Type-C as I expected from the description. In the box there’s a Type-A to Micro USB cable, and Type-A to Type-C adapter.

  4. Traci Parker

    This mouse overall is very nice. It glides smooth and the click is quite. However, the internal battery is crap. I get 1-2 hours max before I have to charge it for 2 hours to full. Not great that it can’t even make it through one 8 hour work day. I often end up just using it with the cord to avoid the hassle.

  5. Shari C.

    I only owned this mouse for a day and it has been messing up ever since. When it is able to connect, it works wonderfully. It will often lose connection on both bluetooth mode and when the small adapter is connected. It often will just freeze up as you’re working and you have to click it on and off. It doesn’t bother me too much hence the 3 stars, but for others this may be an issue.

  6. Amber

    If left turned on and not used have to turn off and back on to get it to respond. Sometimes multiple times. Love the blue tooth in it. Not great for guys with large hands.

  7. Cailee Elise

    This is the first Bluetooth mouse I have ever purchased. I needed it for my new iPad so I thought the smallness of it would be convenient for travel. I ended up really liking how silent it is and started to use it everyday. I am a drafter and work on the computer a lot and after a full day of use, my hand HURT. I was using an old standard size mouse before and never had that issue. I do have larger than normal hands and this mouse is just too small for me to use everyday. If your hands are small, this mouse would probably be perfect for you. Everything else about the mouse is great. I have only needed to charge it once so far after using it for about three weeks mon-fri 8-4. Good thing it can be used while charging as well! I still gave it 5 stars because I knew it wouldn’t be good for all day use due to its size and I used it anyway. I wrote this review to warn all the others with larger hands. Hah

  8. Crosstalk

    I don’t have huge hands. This mouse doesn’t fit my hands perfectly. But that’s not why I bought it. It’s small enough to fit in my bag. I attach it to my NexDoc for my Samsung DeX. This does the job. The mouse isn’t horribly expensive. Master of fact it’s 1/5th the price of a Bluetooth mouse at the big box store.

  9. Cwang

    Although the mouse is very pretty and is able to perform the same functions any other mouse has, bringing this mouse onto one trip ultimately broke the functionality of the scroll wheel, and after the final date of return nonetheless. I can corroborate the reviews of many other buyers; the mouse is very easily damageable, and even a slight bump has rendered it completely useless for future use.Very disappointed and will continue to look for another mouse.

  10. jimeo

    The mouse works well, glides over surfaces smoothly, BUT, does not hold a charge for a long time and gives no warning when it will shut down, just stops in it’s tracks. And the charging port on the mouse is on an angle, so finding the right angle to engage the plug is a struggle.

  11. C. Maka

    I had a slight shipping issue with my initial purchase, but Tenmos customer support was great. They responded very fast, were friendly and communicated well, and made sure I got a replacement unit within 48 hours. The mouse is great, light but feels solid. The button action is great, scroll wheel works great. I use it as a travel bluetooth mouse with a Dell laptop and to works great, smooth and responsive. I don’t use it for gaming, so the charge lasts a good, long time. Easily the best mouse I’ve purchased (and I’ve bought a lot) at this price point.

  12. samantha star

    I guess if i want a true bluetooth mouse, i have to look elsewhere. it works fine with usb connection dongle. but i wanted something that wouldn’t steal one of my usb ports. disappointed. several other reviewers have had this issue… unfortunately this occurred after my return window.Update: it seems to be working better now. I disconnected it and connected another mouse and then when reconnecting this one it works fine in Bluetooth mode.

  13. Mr. Review

    Ordered this second mouse to replace my Apple Mouse that came with my 2010 21″ iMac PC. My decision was an easy one when considering my experience with the first TENMOS mouse I purchased for my 2020 iPad Pro 12.9. This mouse charges the first time in about 1.5-2 hours and afterwards, about 45 minutes will get a good, lasting charge done. It connects fast and easy via either Bluetooth or the 2.4G receiver. You can regulate its speed like you can with an Apple mouse. All-in-all, a great value for the price.

  14. Carlos P

    The mouse works great and I love that I can charge it via USB instead of having to swap batteries. It’s thin profile makes it easy to stow in a bag for a laptop or tablet. Only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is because there doesn’t appear to be an option to set a solid color for the LED’s, it’s always set to cycle through colors.Bluetooth connection works great on my Surface Pro 4, I’m happy to be able to free up the one USB port thanks to this.

  15. TC

    I charged it overnight, they say it needs at least 2 hours. The battery only lasts 1 hour with moderate use. The instructions say to contact their customer service if there are any problems but they don’t leave any info on how to do that. You have to plug it in to your computer to use it after the battery dies. What’s the point of having a wireless mouse?

  16. Arlie2

    Used with a windows Galaxy Book S, works flawlessly. I have not noticed anything that would make it a bad buy @13.00. Gave my battery powered mouse to a friend in need, this is the replacement. Makes using my windows book a pleasure. Works well, and appears to be made well.

  17. shannwil

    I’ve had this product for a year now. Works fine and as expected. However I am having to charge the battery more in the past month. I am now charging every 2-3 days (at desk 8hours a day). It use to last at least a month. So I am not sure if it’s not going to sleep and that is what is wrong, or if it’s the battery.

  18. Aida W.

    Great mouse, when it goes on sleep mode just click any button and it starts right back up. Super smooth and comfortable. Only thing I would change is not get the matte one, get the smooth shiny one. My hands are always clean when I work and I don’t snack or anything and there are greasy type marks on the mouse buttons. I also like that it’s Bluetooth with the little adapter or without it, helps free up usb ports for other things.

  19. mh

    Compact and lightweight, works well. The scroll rolls nice and smoothly. Buttons work well. It’s an ambidextrous mouse but it’s still comfortable used by either hand. Can’t beat the price! Also has a cool light feature. Has a place in the battery compartment for the USB Bluetooth thing that you use in the event your laptop or whatever it may be doesn’t have Bluetooth. Also it’s very lightweight. I use the mouse for my Samsung tablet and it works great and it’s compact enough to bring it with me. A case that is made for the apple mouse works great with this mouse.

  20. Liam Craig

    I really wanted to like this mouse. It holds a charge for a long time, paired with my laptop in seconds, and pretty much did everything they promised. But my god, the buttons are sensitive. I’m constantly accidentally clicking the left and right buttons just by resting my fingers on the mouse. I’ve tried everything, but it’s just too sensitive.

  21. Stephen Thoemmes

    First off, it is a comfortable mouse with silent operation. The most irritating fault with this mouse is that the scroll wheel has absolutely no grip. Though the wheel has a machined grip surface, all the ‘nubs’ are flat on the top. Scrolling with the wheel is like trying to get a grip on a non-stick surface. Very frustrating.

  22. Pia C.

    The mouse itself is fine. Paired it to my mac laptop with Bluetooth. Got this mouse specifically since I don’t have USB ports, and this one said to work with usb c ports too even if you don’t have Bluetooth. The way that actually works is that it has the typical usb hub to pair your mouse to your laptop, and then it also includes a UsbC to USB adapter. Although the adapter doesn’t seem to be any good. The port is too shallow to make proper contact with any usb you put into it. Double checked by connecting the usb hub onto a different adapter I had, there it worked fine. The usb c end also seems to dock nicely. Just can’t actually receive USBs into it.

  23. Kelly

    I was so excited when I first got this mouse. Yes, I know, it’s a mouse. What’s there to be excited about? But anyway I loved that it had the option for either USB or Bluetooth. It was a quiet click which I didn’t even realize how much I needed that. And it was rechargeable so I didn’t have to always have batteries on hand.Well I paired the mouse once and then it stopped working via Bluetooth so now I have to use the USB. Which isn’t even that much of an inconvenience jr still annoying. Now after several months the right click no longer works or it takes several clicks to be recognized as a right click instead of a left click. I wouldn’t have expected that to happen at all but in less than 6 months? I’m pretty annoyed.

  24. Alicia Magee

    This mouse works wonderfully, and pairs up to devices easily. It’s super smooth even without a mouse pad. I originally got one to use with my tablet, as I like to carry my tablet around with me everywhere. I love it so much I got a second one for my laptop!It’s a bit bigger than I expected, but still easy on my small hand. Might be a bit small for someone with large hands.It’s also every bit as gorgeous as in the picture. I started with the black one for my tablet. I soon realized it’s also got regular wireless mouse capability, and it’s easy to switch between Bluetooth and regular wireless.I don’t feel like I’ve gotten to test the sleep mode or battery life yet.

  25. Marjorie B

    Love that you can use this with a USB dongle or with Bluetooth. My old work laptop did not have Bluetooth so the USB was great but I can toggle to use Bluetooth for my personal laptop. The battery will last days bit definitely don’t forget to charge periodically. I was in the middle of a presentation and thought my computer froze but little did I know my mouse died because I hadn’t charged it in some time. Oops! Other than that, this is such a great mouse and works for all my intended purposes. It’s also really nice to look at and matches my back-lit white keyboard.

  26. LeleR

    This is a hidden gem. So many other mouse with these features are too much for us to spend. This one is rechargeable (for flying that is priceless), lightweight, long battery life on one charge, Bluetooth, and create touch with the color led lights. Was easy to link to my devices and is used all the time. Great product at a very reasonable price.

  27. Paradox-of-Choice

    I got this to use with a notebook as a don’t care for trackpads. The bluetooth is flawless – connected once and that was it – no drops, etc. Meanwhile, I needed a mouse for a PC and the supplied USB dongle and easy mode switch allowed me to use this mouse when needed for that application as well. I’ve dragged it around the country and it’s taken its share of knocks, and it’s quite durable despite its light weight. A good buy.

  28. Digimon_3DDigimon_3D

    This mouse is perfect for using on my living room PC. I use Bluetooth devices like this Mouse with a Keyboard, Headset, and a Gaming Controller for PC gaming. Bluetooth has came a long way. I have no complaints when I play games like Sim City, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Cities Skylines, plus more. It is a good mouse for a gamer who doesn’t need constant inputs and wants ease of use.

  29. MuskanMC

    Currently it’s five stars, I haven’t had any problems with it yet, but I’ve only occasionally used it, maybe like 10 times? But during those 10 times I use it for a minimum of 10 hours a day, this is because I’m a college student. Battery life is great! It’s very nice to the touch, and what I really appreciate about it is that you don’t need to click on the tab you have opened, just hover over it and do what you need, this is important to me because sometimes I have three tabs on the same screen (like a textbook, word document, and then a website) and so it’s really efficient.

  30. devprocb

    This actually outperforms a red dragon gaming mouse that costs $60. The weight is light and balanced and really easy to maneuver around. One of my favorite mouses.The only con that prevents it from a 5-star review is how poor the battery life is on this thing! Mouses usually last months on the battery. This may last 1-2 weeks with fairly moderate usage. It does work with a USB plugged in to charge, but honestly, if they put in a slightly larger battery, that at minimum pushes the batter to at least 2 months, this would probably be one of the best bargain mouse purchases you could buy.The last major issue of this mouse is the scroll wheel is not as responsive as other mouses. If you can find an upgraded model of this same mouse I would suggest going that route, but if you are looking for something cheap that does Bluetooth and USB wireless, this is a great overall mouse.

  31. Melissa L. Douglas

    This mouse has a great feel to it, and quiet clicking works nice. I am now having issues with the bluetooth connection. Paired it to my laptop, and now it says it’s connected to the laptop but has no control on the mouse. I had to use the wireless connection port. You have to unpair and repair it every time the laptop goes on standby… NOT cool and really annoying.

  32. TinyThomson

    This mouse lasted about 8 months before dying. It was never a great mouse to begin with. The wake up is awful. You have to click multiple times and moved the mouse around to get it to wake up. Its really delayed. Also, the battery life is crap. I was plugging it in every other day. If it died before being plugged in, after plugging it in, it still doesn’t work. You have to wait a couple hours until its functional again. Good riddance.

  33. Stephenie K Wetherbe

    I love that I can keep the usb plugged into my laptop and the Bluetooth connected to my tablet. Switches between the two seamlessly by just adjusting the switch to usb or Bluetooth mode. Weighs next to nothing and is thin so it doesn’t take up much space in my bag. Comfortable to use. Works on any surface including the couch.

  34. Andrea

    So it’s cute and everything but not a type C, not that that matters to me. But also the battery life isn’t millions of clicks, more like hundreds. Also, no RGB lights. Just blue, and they’re not breathing. Just acknowledge movement. It’s a good enough mouse but the bells and whistles advertised are definitely missing

  35. jpajpa

    After trying it out for a few minutes to check if it worked I decided to charge it before more serious usage.The charger shut down as soon as it was plugged in. Tried a different cable with the same results.Got my USB monitor: it shows the mouse it pulling 5A! See the picture.Also within a couple a seconds the cable becomes hoter and hoter to the touch.I would not wait until it melted.

  36. Tom

    I really do enjoy using this mouse. There fact that it supports both blue tooth and a dongle is super helpful with the job I do where I need to switch back and forth from a tablet to a phone while I’m working. There color changing is a fun touch and the rechargeable battery is extremely helpful as if I’m on a job site, you don’t have to hunt for a battery, just plug it in and charge it a few minutes. Would recommend this to anyone who wants a easy quick mouse.

  37. Julian G.Julian G.

    I’m in I.T., and always keep cheap spare keyboards and mice around to use for my crazy shenanigans. I bought this for that purpose. I like the price point, and it’s a great looking mouse. I should point out that the light fades through the various colors at random, and does not look like the rainbow shown in the ads.The rechargable battery life seems good, though I tend to prefer replaceable batteries. I only use this mouse occasionally, but I’ve only had to charge it once.My only real complaint is with the Bluetooth. It is fussy about going into pairing mode, especially if there’s another device around that it’s been paired with before. If you can get it to pair, it seems fine.

  38. A_lady

    I really like this mouse. Connecting through Bluetooth is much more convenient than trying to connect with the little piece. I’m trying to use it with a MacBook and having to using it an extender makes it an awkward fit.The description stated that it has a quiet click and that is correct. The click is so quiet sometimes I’m clicking it and I’m like “oh my gosh” it’s not working. Definitely nicer than the old-school wireless mouse that has a loud click to it that lets everybody know you’re doing something.If you have Bluetooth capabilities I would definitely recommend this mouse well at least for a computer I don’t know about a phone or tablet.

  39. Rocketdog

    Love the knurled wheel for non slip, the sound and feel of the button clicks makes it my go to mouse, much better that my $40 Microsoft mouse. Paired easily with Bluetooth to my Surface Pro and has never lost pairing. Comes with usb transmitter incase you don’t have Bluetooth.

  40. Branda Goshorn

    Works and looks well A+ Can be used with or without light

  41. B. Hardy

    Battery life is sufficient for my needs. I use it mostly in BT mode with my 2021 Vaio Z laptop since it has few ports. The only nitpick for me is the switch; it is very small and has 3 positions; BT, OFF and Wireless and it’s not the easiest to switch it to the middle OFF position. Otherwise, nice mouse. No problems in the 2 months I’ve had it.

  42. Brayden Andreasen

    The clicking noises are very silent which is awesome. The colored lights on the side are fun. However the USB connector slot in the mouse holds loosely and rattles around, and the scrolling feels pretty bumpy compared to the smoothness of the mouse’s clicking and sliding functions. Ergonomically, the mouse is pretty flat and slightly uncomfortable for the hand after long periods of time.

  43. IDN8V

    I was happy enough with this mouse for the price. The Bluetooth connected to my MacBook Pr0 fine for about a month. After not using it for a while, it wouldn’t reconnect. I even tried plugging it in to the USB dongle, which is not a great setup. It appears to be charging but never works.Update: I continued to mess with this mouse every day. Suddenly today it started cycling through its colors (which it never did before and I find annoying) and connected to my computer again. I have no idea why it decided to work, but for now, it is back up and running. Now if I could get it to stop cycling through colors……

  44. Nadine H

    Great product! When my Apple mouse died I feared I would not be able to find a reasonably priced replacement. This mouse not only works just like it but it has a very cool appearance. Love the color options.

  45. Foofsmom

    Oh this was a splurge for me. I was tired of buying stuff for everyone else and not getting any pressies for me. This is so cool. It has a light up band and it isn’t just one color. It rotates . I’ve only used it once as it is my travel mouse. Until I get a new keyboard cuz my house mouse (ROTF) is paired with my keyboard. But this mouse is DELIGHTFUL. Everyone has been so impressed with it. I feel like a celebrity when I use it.

  46. Shoachiwarrior

    I purchased this I think a month ago or longer. I’ve charged this once! My kids use my old wireless batterie one and they’ve flown through batteries. So much sho I’ll be purchasing a second one of these. I love the auto shut off. It quickly comes back to life and is comfortable in my hand. I loop the charging cord around the cord to my laptop so it’s right where I need it if I need to use it as a wired mouse while it’s charging!I’m on my computer a few times a week.Love this product!

  47. Joseph A. Desiderio

    This mouse works fine for the most part. Battery life is decent and it’s small enough to fit into my backpack without taking up too much space. A couple of things that I’m not a fan of:1. Bluetooth connection – if the laptop goes into screensaver mode, the mouse loses Bluetooth connection and I have to turn off the mouse and turn it back on again to get it to reconnect. Other Bluetooth devices connected to the laptop do not have this problem.2. I had no idea what the button on the mouse below the scroll wheel was for and the manual does not mention it at all. I had to Google it. FYI it’s for changing the speed of how fast the cursor moves across the screen in relation to the movements of the mouse.I have not used the wireless transmitter as my laptop does not have standard USB connections, only USB-C. The mouse came with a USB A to USB-C adapter which was a nice touch.

  48. IllyStylez619

    I love this mouse. The battery life on this thing is amazing due to its sleep mode. I have not charged this mouse since it arrived at the beginning of November 2021…it’s December 28th 2021. And it’s still going strong. I love the colors and the feel of it. I haven’t used it for gaming so I can’t comment on that but I recommend it for everyday use for sure. I’m probably going to purchase another for someone else. Super happy.

  49. Cathy Johnson

    I would give this mouse a five star rating, but it’s movement is very jerky. I have adjusted it to the slowest setting, but it still is very sensitive and I have to thump it to be able to position it where I want it to go. Otherwise, I like the looks of it . I have only had to charge it once since I purchased it a few months ago. It’s made pretty well–doesn’t feel flimsy. Not sure I would buy it again, though.

  50. Midwest Mike

    I purchased this as it is bluetooth capable and was advertised as silent. It is almost like any normal mouse that I have ever used. It is quite slim so if you have large hands you will need to keep your hand a a flat angle to use it. I can not use for the setting I had intended.

  51. Cassie Hampson

    Feels great in my hand and the lights are so pretty against the matte black. The sleep mode is also a cool feature. It definitely helps the battery life. I also make sure I turn it off the mouse when I’m finished using it. It hasn’t died on me and I’ve only charged it once.Giving it 4 stars because I can’t get my Macbook to detect it. It did however connect to my iPad so the bluetooth works it’s just not connecting to my Mac. The discover isn’t staying on long enough for my Macbook to pick up the signal. I’ll update if I find a solution.I will say that I can at least still use it. It came with a usb to type-c adapter so I can still plug it into my Mac. But I did buy it specifically to use the BT feature. Hoping it may be a bug in Big Spur that will get fixed in the .3 update.UPDATE: I’m changing to 5 starts. It finally connected with my Macbook. I’m not really sure why it wasn’t coming up on my discovered devices before but now it works great! It stays well connected and wakes up when I wake up the Macbook. It has no tracking issues or really any to complain about at all.

  52. J. Bell

    I like the fact that the mouse is slim, still has a scroll wheel, and the rainbow lighting is cool. I also like that the mouse will work with both Bluetooth and a dongle. But y’all, the battery life sucks. I start my workday with it 100% charged, and by 1pm, it’s yelling that it is at 5%. To be fair, I use my mouse a LOT at work (medical charting) but I would think it would last the whole day. As it is, I’m able to plug it into the computer, but that defeats the purpose of having a wireless mouse.

  53. G S.

    Slim, lightweight & smooth wireless mouse. I needed the USB adapter for my work tablet and it connects great. Long lasting battery goes days without a charge. The Bluetooth capability is also convenient for using with my laptop. The color change feature is pretty cool too The lights aren’t distracting or draining on the battery life. The price can’t be beat.

  54. H

    There are better mice out there that are cheaper than this one. You can’t turn the light off. The scrolling wheel doesn’t scroll smoothly- it feels rough every time you try to scroll. Only connects to 2 devices – there are cheaper mice that can connect to 3. The only good thing about it is the glossy finish and that it’s flatter than a standard mouse. But it’s still the same length (~4 in).

  55. Romel J. Elica

    This mouse would have been perfect if it wasn’t for the scroll knob. Bluetooth works great, it’s a silent mouse and compact but not too small. The issue i have is the scrolling knob end up giving my finger a blister..they should have made it smooth instead of putting patterns in it.

  56. Carlos Arturo Castaneda CanoCarlos Arturo Castaneda Cano

    it just got to me, I put it to charge for 20 minutes or maybe less, be careful why it started to smell like burning, then I looked and the cable was super hot, I think if I had not noticed it I would have caused a fire. The mouse looks very good but I do not like knowing the quality with which its chargers send

  57. Tabs Faulkner

    I was so prepared to love this mouse. First, I was disappointed that the lights are NOT as pictured. They do cycle through colors, but the entire mouse is one solid color, not multiple colors at once. Secondly, I have completely stopped using this mouse, and am looking for a different model. The optics on the bottom are very finicky about what surface you use the mouse on, which can be very frustrating. I have found that unless I have an actual mousepad I run into issues with the cursor tracking, and I do not always have a mousepad available where I use my laptop. Finally, the last straw for me was when the scroll wheel began to squeak. It is such an annoying noise, and breaks my concentration every time! I wouldn’t suggest this mouse to anyone.

  58. Jack in the Green

    Battery life is abysmal, the scroll wheel is flakey.I don’t need all of the flashy lights either.I wanted this because it can pair with Bluetooth, or via the included 5ghz dongle. Both of the options send to work well. And it comes with a nifty little USB to USB C adapter so you can charge it that way too.As much as I want to like this mouse, however, the battery life from a full charge for me was about 3 hours (!) and the scroll wheel really is garbage. I can’t recommend this thing.I did try it on a Chromebook and it does go to sleep quickly, but it wakes with a single click.

  59. A Teacher

    To charge the mouse, you will have to use a micro USB cable because the mouse only includes a micro USB port (connection).A USB-C adapter is provided in case you would like to charge using a USB-C port (e.g., on your laptop), but the connection is unreliable.Other than the above, the operations and shape and ergonomic is pretty average.

  60. Jerry K

    I think I got a dud! Battery level 24% when fully charged. Dies quickly.Hooks up to my laptop via Bluetooth easily. I like the ergonomics of the mouse. Everything works fine but battery only lasts for 10 minutes.Can’t figure out how to contact seller so unfortunately I’m posting this negative review.

  61. Hannah

    This mouse works well overall. It does struggle to come out of sleep mode sometimes and I end up clicking something I didn’t mean to. I wish I could just wiggle it to wake it up, but I understand why I can’t and the way it works is why the battery life is so great. It’s a little low profile to be considered comfortable, but I do use it 8 hours a day and it’s not awful. It connected without issue. The only issue I’ve had is when I’m trying to charge it and use it at the same time. Sometimes it can get a little jerky while charging, but switching it off and back on usually does the trick.

  62. GrumpyGarza

    It’s a little small for my hand, and I am not a guy with extremely large paws (: my only disappointment is that finger (and palm) marks show right away. It’s a challenge to keep clean and gets bad fast if you don’t stay on top of it. Maybe it the color (black) that I chose. I know mice never stay clean long, but this was showing signs after 8 hours of use, where other Dell wired mice did not. HOPE THAT HELPS !

  63. Henry Onserio

    The mouse connects both Bluetooth and USB. However, the mouse has partly died. The roller wheel is rolling freely but the cursor is completely NOT moving at all. Tried everything, remove, troubleshooting to no success. I am in a very remote location in Kenya, Manda Bay, will be for a while, I don’t know how to return this piece of….for a refund.

  64. AKZ

    This is such a great mouse, connects to bluetooth in a snap and very easy to use…except that the track wheel is hard to turn and has no grip to it. It’s hard to turn and basically renders this otherwise awesome mouse unusable. Returning : (

  65. Noam Gonen

    I have nothing but praises for this product at this price point. it’s elegant, build quality is great, it feels good in hand (smaller hands more, less so normal/big hands). The LED lighting scheme is beautiful and elegant. I HAVE NOT used it in 2.4 mode, to be clear and upfront. I bought it for BT (bluetooth) use with chromebook.after I a failed (details next) w/ chromebook I verified it works well with Mac/Windows 10 (At least my surfacebook).THE PROBLEM – once paired w/ a chromebook works great. BUT after chromebook is woken up from sleep or turned on from shutdown – the mouse will not connect no matter what sequence you try (turn off mouse, turn on after chromebook is up or leave mouse on etc – I’ve tried it all) – the ONLY thing that works is removing the mouse and re-adding (pairing from scratch) it.I’ve tested with pixelbook and samsung chrombooks both top notch (good bluetooth chipset) – so I assure you it’s not a fluke – this will not work w/ chromebook annd perhaps the problem is on chromebook’s end or on mouse’ (u can’t tell b/c it maybe mouse protocol implementation is incorrect yet chromebook firmware is less forgiving and implemented to the letter of spec – that can also happen)bottom line, sadly have to return b/c chromebook was my target device.If you are NOT onn chromebook – HIGHLY recommend – best deal ever for the price.

  66. Nicolas RoyNicolas Roy

    This wireless mouse turned out to be a convenient tool for my MacBook pro. The mouse has several unique ways to pair or connect to your devices, used both on Mac and PC. The design is nice, however, the ergonomics feel flat on the hand, therefore, I recommend a wrist pad. The pressing of the right and left buttons have a settle click sound vs the loud clicking of the scroll wheel. Scrolling feels pretty average. Overall, I highly recommend this mouse if you are looking for value, functionality, and design.

  67. Jay_Vino

    I mean, it says rechargeable on the page, I was thinking you would be able to re-charge the battery with the USB cord that was provided with it. It does not charge no matter what setting I have it on, whatever outlet I plug it in. Is this rechargeable? Because it doesn’t charge.P.S. The mouse does not recharge, was “rechargeable” on the page supposed to be some kind of oxymoron?….because this mouse does not charge.It’s bad.

  68. William Moser

    I purchased and returned two of these. The first had a broken scroll wheel. I exchanged it for a new one. I charged it overnight after using it for a bit. In the morning, I noticed that the cable was hot after pulling it off the charger. The metal ends were almost too hot to touch. These are not just junk, but a fire hazard as well.

  69. P C

    Battery Life is horrible! After a full charge gets a low 5% battery notification after less than 15 minutes of use! Purchased to use with Bluetooth connection because my surface Pro does not have a USB port. Have to have it plugged in to charge cord while using it because the battery life is so bad. Not sure if I have a defective one? Or just poor quality product.

  70. K.L

    This mouse feel pretty good for it’s price. Buttons are very light to click, although scroll wheel feels tight to turn. My biggest problem is the battery and customer service. The mouse finish charging in 10 mins, which I thought was good, but it does not last more than 2 hrs. of use. I have to charge the mouse every 2 hrs. So I try to contact the seller to see what they can do to remedy the issue, but no reply. So far they have not contacted me regarding this issue. I am still waiting for their response. I will update my review once they contact me.Update: They have contacted me and offered to send me replacement. I changed my review to 3 stars. I will see if replacement will work well.

  71. Remington

    Great mouse for more reasonably modern devices, laptops, etc., that support bluetooth 4.0 or higher. If you have older computers that may only support Bluetooth 2.1, 3.0, etc., you need to find the version of this mouse that specifies it’s 4.0 compatible, not 5.0!Of course, if you use the really convenient included tiny USB “nano” dongle, this doesn’t matter.

  72. Sheri Boelter (verified owner)

    I LOVE this mouse!! I ordered one for all my staff. It’s so smooth and responsive!

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