Self-Stirring Thermal Mug


Self-Stirring Thermal Mug $32.99
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  • Self-stirring to keep your drinks well mixed
  • Easy one button operation
  • Retains heat to keep your drink warm
  • Easy to clean and fully portable (battery operated)
  • Makes for the perfect gift!

HOW IT WORKS Our Self-Stirring Thermal Mug is great for keeping hot drinks thoroughly mixed. It’s rechargeable and works with the use of a magnetic stirrer that is placed at the bottom of the cup. When you press the button on the handle, the magnetism is activated and the stirrer starts spinning, keeping your beverage perfectly mixed. Pressing the button again stops the stirring and the stirrer stays stuck to the bottom (you don’t need to worry about accidentally swallowing it). When you finish your drink, you can remove the stirrer and place it in its little compartment at the bottom of the mug’s lid. So easy!

EASY TO CLEAN & OPERATE The mug is easily operated – just one button on the handle to turn it on or off. It’s also very easy to clean. Simply fill it with water and some detergent, close the lid, and turn it on to activate the stirrer. Give it a bit of a shake, and voila! The mug is now clean. Just rinse it well and it’s ready for your next hot beverage.

THE PERFECT GIFT This product is super unique and therefore makes for the perfect gift! You can buy it as a gift for a loved one for their birthday, for Christmas, or any other holiday or occasion! They’re guaranteed to love it – who wouldn’t want a self-stirring mug??


  • Capacity: 12.9 fl. oz. (380ml)
  • Material: ABS + 304 stainless steel
  • Power: 2x AA batteries (not inc.)
  • Dimensions: 3.54″ x 5.31″ (9cm x 13.5cm)


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