Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with Multiple Modes, Hi-Res Sound, Custom EQ via App, 40H Playtime, Comfortable Fit, Bluetooth Headphones, Multipoint Connection


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Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with Multiple Modes, Hi-Res Sound, Custom EQ via App, 40H Playtime, Comfortable Fit, Bluetooth Headphones, Multipoint Connection $99.99
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  • Advanced Noise Cancellation Technology: Maintain your focus with Life Q30’s hybrid active noise cancellation. Dual noise-detecting microphones pick up and filter out up to 95% of low-frequency ambient sound to ensure nothing distracts you from your music.
  • Ultimate Noise Cancellation Experience: Customize Life Q30’s noise cancellation with 3 modes—Transport minimizes airplane engine noise, Outdoor reduces traffic and wind, and Indoor dampens the sound of busy offices with people talking in the background.
  • Hi-Res Music: Hear every detail of your favorite songs thanks to Life Q30’s 40mm drivers. The highly-flexible silk diaphragms reproduce thumping bass and crisp treble that extends up to 40kHz for improved clarity.
  • 40-Hour Playtime: Life Q30 active noise cancelling headphones play up to 40 hours of music in noise cancelling mode. Standard mode extends the playtime to 60 hours, while a short 5-minute charge gives you 4 hours of listening.
  • Pressure-Free Comfort: Life Q30 active noise cancelling headphones have ultra-soft protein leather earcups with memory foam padding to fit snugly over your ears. The lightweight build also ensures they’re comfortable for long listening sessions.

99 reviews for Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones with Multiple Modes, Hi-Res Sound, Custom EQ via App, 40H Playtime, Comfortable Fit, Bluetooth Headphones, Multipoint Connection

  1. kc30058

    So there is a mode called transparency. This is just the product of a company doing too much. So with these headphones the transparency mode just activates anytime I take the headphones off for even 20 mins and put them back on. What is transparency mode? It immediately lowers the volume of the headphones because they think that the outside noise is talking so you can hear it. Why in the hell would any company put this as a feature? I can’t tell if the headphones are on or off because nothing happens when you press the power button. Even the reset doesn’t work. There is an app that goes with it but when I downloaded it, it wouldn’t pair with the headphones for some reason. Just don’t. They are just trying to do too much. Headphones should be ready to use out the box. This one requires a lot of instruction reading along with using the app. Just don’t bother. Other than that the sound is really good. I never got a chance to see the equalizer that the app has. I’m assuming it’s there but I clicked on everything the app had to offer and couldn’t find it. No product as simple as headphones should be like this. Lesson learned. Don’t buy headphones that requires an app with features that make no sense.

  2. Joe P.

    I’ve had these for almost four months and purposefully waited to review them as I saw some reviews indicating quality issues and breaking of components around this time frame. I wanted to give them an extended run to give them a good review.I’m happy to say that I’ve not experienced any of the issues I’ve seen others state. To me they have great sound and excellent noise cancelling ability. They are very comfortable. They have an extremely long battery life, and they have excellent range without getting distorted audio. They charge very quickly. With 7 to 8 hours of use, they completely re-charge in about 45 minutes off the laptop USB port.I use these at least once a week for around 7 to 8 hours per session. I never get sweaty or uncomfortable, and I wear glasses, which means anything pressing against my glasses can get uncomfortable. They block out pretty much all the unwanted background noise. It’s almost too good as I really can’t hear much around me when the noise cancelling feature is turned on. I’ve not experienced any of the breaking or cracking of the plastic that many people have noted.They are an outstanding set of headphones which I’m very pleased to own.

  3. Mike Parker

    I’m not an audio expert; I’m just a regular guy who wants good sound but doesn’t want to pay $300 for a pair of Bose or Sony headphones. I’ve had excellent experiences with Anker products in the past, so I gave their sub-$100 noise-cancelling headphones a shot.And I’m very pleased with the results. The audio has good highs and lows, the controls are intuitive, and the noise cancelling is a great experience. This is the first pair of noise-cancelling headphones I’ve owned, so I can’t really compare them to other products out there, but Anker’s implementation of it does an excellent job of completely silencing the background whoosh of the air conditioning at work and home, and it significantly diminishes other less regular sounds. The transparency mode makes it quick and easy to interact with people—just tap and hold the outside of the right ear and surrounding sounds are transmitted through the microphones.Comfort is also very good, with soft padding on the ear cups and the inside of the headband.Battery life has been outstanding; I’ve had these for about two weeks and so far have only recharged them once. The headphones helpfully announce the battery state when you power them on (“battery high,” “battery medium,” “battery low”).The zippered, hard-sided case is also a nice touch for keeping them in my work bag or travelling.

  4. Kimberly

    I bought these to use them in the AV booth at my church where I volunteer. I needed headphones that had noise cancellation as the band is really loud and it’s hard to hear the online stream sound vs in-house. This worked great! In fact, the noise cancellation was so good that even in a concert-like environment, it cancelled out the background noise so much that I had to keep one ear cup off just to hear the band in real time. The cups are also super comfortable on my ears, doesn’t squeeze tight and the material is soft. I get lightheaded from using noise cancellation headphones (it’s an inner ear issue) but these don’t cause headaches or ear aches. They also come with a nice case. I definitely recommend!

  5. Raul G

    Let me begin by saying that I am not an audiophile by any means. I just know what sounds and feels good. These headphones fit the job. I work from home now more than ever and I use Zoom quite a bit. Therefore, finding a headset that will work with Zoom and which will sound good to others I speak with is extremely important. I know there are headsets which are specifically designed for conference calls, so finding one that does good in this area, including sounding great for music, is a bonus.1. Comfort. This headset is comfortable over all and does not cause me to have ear fatigue like some cheaply made headsets I have tried. However, one thing to note is that if you tend to have a larger head, you might find that this headset tends to press around you with a bit of pressure. This is not unique to this kind of headset, so it’s not a flaw, just a FYI.2. Connectivity. I absolutely love the ability to connect with more than one device. I am an Android user and I also love the NFC quick-connect mode it offers. Although, if you don’t use this feature and just use regular Bluetooth pairing mode, it will be fine. I constantly switch between Zoom on Windows and my Android phone with little difficulties. Since I don’t want it connecting automatically to Windows, I do this manually, and this is okay with me. My only wish for this headset, is that it had a quick mute button on the unit itself, like I have seen with others. If it does and I am not aware of it, I will be happy to be corrected. Meanwhile, if I have to mute, I have to do it from the computer or touch screen.3. Music and books. I listen to 70s and 80s music a lot, plus a lot of Pink Floyd and Def Leppard in general. All music that I have put this baby through so far sounds amazing. Again, I’m not an audiophile, but I know what sounds good to my ears and what does not. The sounds are rich and crisp at the same time. The bass is not too heavy and the audio doesn’t sound like I am wearing a tin can on my head. Audio books and podcasts are equally great, but if a headset gets spoken audio wrong, it’s not worth keeping.4. Microphones. Sadly, most Bluetooth headsets suffer in this area. You either sound like you are in a tunnel, or you sound like you have a speech impediment. While these headsets aren’t a miracle worker in this area, they are not bad at all. When I speak on Zoom, others have reported that there is a bit of bass to my voice, meaning it’s not tinny. When I speak on the phone, people report that they can hear me fine, but that it’s nothing spectacular.5. Over all thoughts. Considering that there are headsets which cost 2 or 3 times more than this one and don’t offer 2 or 3 times the amount of features and flexibility, I think this one is a great buy. For my budget, it’s right in the middle. I have purchased headsets that cost over $200 and some that have cost less than $20. These are great right around $70. The only thing I wish was different is that the Soundcore app was better designed. It has a few unlabeled buttons and therefore is not totally accessible if you are blind and rely on TalkBack for Android or Voice Over for iPhone. Other than that, everything else is fine. I especially like the tactile buttons, the ease of charging with USB C, and the ability to fold the headset for portability. In two words, “highly recommended.”

  6. Ryan D McClane

    I always rate with the intention and price point of a product as the reference point, which means that I’m saying these are 5/5 for what they are and not 5/5 compared to every possible pair of headphones. Sound and musicality are highly subjective, and you simply cannot determine experience with a graph. I was tired of not enjoying headphones I bought so I went nuts and bought the 5 pairs most review sites list as best for under $200, along with a budget pick (these) and the SkullCandy Crusher just because. These are the ones I kept. I’m not saying the AudioTechnica or AKG were not great headphones, or that recording artists should forgo those for these. I am saying that these provided the most enjoyable recreational listening experience, despite being much cheaper. I’m sure these color the music and that the bass is heavier than some would like, but they are clear without losing the punch, offer decent depth, and are comfortable for extended periods of time. Well done Anker.Update: after listening to these for awhile and feeling like maybe I was missing something by deciding to stay with these sub-$100 headphones I spontaneously bought the much touted Sony WH1000, and while the bass was a little tighter and richer, they couldn’t have been more than 10% better than the Soundcore, but were 3x the price. They got returned and now I know for sure that I didn’t settle.

  7. Julian Dwyer

    I did not think I would love these headphones as much as I did. I work on an iMac and generally stay away from Bluetooth connections, but since I’ve been remotely working, I find myself relying on a wireless connection more and more- especially since I try to tune out my wife who is also remotely teaching. So nose cancellation is now really important. I have a pair of Sony MDR-XB950N1 headphones and overall I was happy with the sound, although even without the extra bass it seemed a bit unnatural and devoid of a lot of the highs I’d prefer. And it was incredibly uncomfortable to wear after an hour.I ended up buying a pair of Sennheiser PXC 550-11 which I am very happy with- especially the mics. But it tends to be a bit low with the volume. I am happy, but it was pricey.These Life Q30 are perfect. Extremely comfortable. Excellent sound. Excellent noise cancellation. and excellent battery life. Definitely the best bang for the buck.

  8. self-guided

    Bought the Q20s and Q30s. Immediately returned the Q20s after testing both for a day.Noise cancellation and sound quality seemed about the same for both the Q20s and Q30s. However the Q30 had enough advantages to make it worth it.Q30 advantages:- waaaay more comfortable (I had to take the Q20s off after extended periods of use due to discomfort. I can wear the Q30s though for hours and not even realize they’re on.)- wider ear hole cut-outs (important for comfort if you have larger ears)- better, premium build quality- uses USB-C- Soundcore app compatible- dual device connectivityIf you’re on the fence debating between the Q20s or Q30s – get the Q30s.

  9. Mark D.

    I purchased these headphones based on a product recommendation from a YouTuber.To start with, they are packaged very well. The carrying case is a hard shell wrapped in cloth. Inside you’ll find the headphones, an aux-to-aux cable for direct audio connection, a USB-C to USB-A charging cable (USB-C goes into the headphones), a quick start guide, product documentation, and a review card.The headphones are super light and very comfortable. I’m coming from a pair of PowerBeats Pro which are great but I wanted something that didn’t sit inside my ear canal. The memory foam padding is very springy and cover my whole ears.Sound quality is great. There’s a substantial base without compromising the treble notes even on basic EQ settings. For more adventurous audiophiles, the free app always for some detailed customization in the EQ settings.Active noise canceling is a godsend for working in an office or at home next to a busy street. My wife says to mention that the headphones, when ANC is on, are wife-conversation proof. And they do significantly limit the volume of conversations around. Transparency mode is also nice and easily activated by laying a palm on the right ear cup for two seconds.Battery capacity appears to be excellent so far, but I’ve not fully depleted them.The button configuration, primarily on the right ear cup, takes a little getting used to and isn’t super intuitive, but it’s easy to learn with a day of practice.

  10. Deevan

    I have three pairs of Soundcore headphones, both in ear wireless buds, but I wanted some cans to use at the desk. I’ll try to hit the highlights of things I’ve had issues with other brand headphones in the past.Build Quality: Solid, the material feels very high end. The only exception are the ear pads. They are the only thing that I would upgrade if possible. Not a deal killer, but I’m afraid that particular piece won’t last.Sound: These headphones sound great at all ranges. There’s an app that you can use from Android/iOS that adjust the EQ to your liking. I prefer lower mids, higger bass and mid/high treble, so if that’s your profile these will work great.Battery Life: Haven’t had an issue using for an 8/9 hour workday without plugging them in. Haven’t tried to go longer than that.Range: I can go the full 35 feet away from my computer with these without any connection dropping or digital artifacts.Microphone: So far no complaints on conference calls or direct calls. Works well with both MacOS and Windows.

  11. balaji mohandasbalaji mohandas

    Summary———–This headphone is an outstanding value. Not sure why would someone spend 300+ to get a Bose or Sony XM3. I Also have an XM3 and i can vouch for this headphone that it sounds the same.Build Quality—————Its made of plastic (good quality) and the headphone has a metal band and I have a large head and it fits very well. The ear cups are also large enough to completely encapsulate my ears.The soundcore logo is prominent.No Headphone fatigue and it is not too tight and not too loose. Just Right!Charging———–Finally, Anker came out with Type-C charger and i dont have to carry a micro-usb charger in addition to my phone charger which uses Type-C.I always make sure to charge the headphones to 100% before using, please do so.Pairing——-The headphones comes already in a pairing mode, so just turn it on and connect it to your phone or computer. The Q30 headset is capable of simultaneously connecting to two devices.Battery Life————-Battery life is rated at 60H without noise cancelling and 40H with noise cancelling. I was not able to test the claim but it really last a long time!!Best part is 5-Min Charge = 4-Hour PlaytimePhone calls————-I use this phone mainly for conference calls and zoom calls. Love the call quality and non one has ever complained of any issues. The 2 microphones work like a charm.Sound Quality—————–The sound quality is outstanding, Highs, Mids, Low, all are balanced. i had an opportunity to compare it to soundcore Q20, XM3, Sony WH-XB700., Taotronics Soundsure 85.This thing beats everything except for XM3. I can hear the minute tunes which i was not previously able to hear in WH-XB700, Soundsurge 85 or Q20.Noise cancelling has 3 modes – Indoor, Outdoor and transport. Indoor reduces chatter, outdoor reduces traffic noise and transport is for reducing plane noises.I was able to test indoor mode and works great. True test is on a plane.Soundcore App——————Everyone who buys this one should download the soundcore app and it lets you change from Normal to NC to Transparency (listen to conversation outside of your headphone).The soundcore app will also make sure your headphone is upto date with the software and will also let you use the equilizers.

  12. Stuff Lover

    So I had a coupon and decided to take a shot with the Soundcore Life Q30. I had owned the L2P Pro in-ears from SoundCore and while I liked them, decided not to keep them (sold them on ebay). That was more a form factor/fit issue than sound quality. But the Q30s are both comfy (of course, over ears usually beat in-ears) and sound amazing, especially for the price I paid, $63. It seems impossible to match, TBH.I also own the Sony MH1000XM3, which ran $350 when I bought them. Still the best I’ve heard/owned. But not by a lot. And I also own two excellent on-ear BT phones, the Samsung Level On (paid $60 new) and the Status Audio BT One, also at a discount (new for $49, so $10 off). All four are excellent BT phones, I use them all one way or another. But these Q30s are really something.I won’t get into the sound, not an audiophile, just a listener. No issues with bass, mids, treble, nothing harsh, nothing unpleasant. And of course, you have the Anker Soundcore app to fine tune them to your taste, if that’s your thing. My tweaks are minimal, a bit less bass, that’s it.In short, these phones are fantastic. Comfortable, light, decent NC (not as good as the Sonys, but the price difference is massive) and sound is about as good as one could want or expect.

  13. RScott

    First, I’m not an audio expert, so I can’t compare the sound or noise cancelling to other headphones.With that out of the way, I love these. I got them to use when there was noise from children/dogs/lawnmowers/leafblowers (some of which require some music to drown them out completely). But now I watch TV with them, I like the sound quality much better than the sound direct from the TV.The one thing I REALLY wish were different is the on/off button. You have to hold it down for about 3 seconds to turn it on/off. I have no idea why they do that. So I often don’t bother turning them off if I plan to put them on soon (with the battery life, that isn’t an issue).The battery life is awesome. I was away for a week, used them a fair bit watching TV, and didn’t need to charge them once.The only other issues are unrelated to these headphones (Bluetooth with Windows 10 is a hassle to turn on/off, as is volume control for multiple apps; my TV has some Bluetooth glitches).One other thing — don’t buy this for the ambient noise if you want to fall asleep (well, buy it, but find another app). The ocean waves are more technologically advanced than they need to be (obvious stereo, going from one side to another), which doesn’t promote sleep (for me, at least). And the wind — jeepers — about 10 seconds in there is a mosquito that comes up to your ear! It’s like someone was bored with their job and wanted to make the sounds more interesting, but ambient noise like that is meant to be something your mind doesn’t pay attention to.If I ever need another pair of noise cancelling headphones, I would definitely get these again.

  14. Jon V

    Preface: This is the first pair of noise-cancelling headphones I’ve owned, so my baseline for comparison isn’t much different from sticking wads of cotton in my ears.It’s been a year of this: working from home at a makeshift desk in my bedroom; kids on the other side of paper-thin walls talking loudly about school and constantly asking for snacks; the laundry machines are operating 24/7 since my mother-in-law moved in; the dog has decided that any and all movement outside my window is threat. My world is a noisy place.I needed something more substantial than the Soundcore Life U2 earbuds I’ve been sporting for the last year. I trust the brand, so I opted for these. They were at the top-end of my budget and seemed to have the features that I needed.First impressions:- Well-packaged! I like that it came with a carrying case (even though I am absolutely certain I will never use it because I am going to be stuck in this house until I die).- The construction feels pretty solid. No creaking of the head-band as you stretch it, so it seems unlikely to snap under stress. Nothing rattles when you handle them or wear them.- The ear cups and headband are comfortable. Not feeling like I’m going to be collecting ear-sweat in there.Turning it on and pairing it:- About as simple as pairing a Bluetooth device can be. It was pretty simple to pair it to two devices (one PC and one MacBook). There is a little bit of difficulty getting it to reconnect to one or the other after a period of disuse (also not unusual for Bluetooth)- The app (iPhone, in this case) is pretty straight-forward. It allows you to configure the noise-cancelling mode you want (eg: settings ideal for “Transport,” “Indoor,” or “Outdoor”). EQ settings are available as well, which, while interesting, doesn’t seem to add any value for me.Noise Cancelling:Ok, seriously, this is freaky. The persistent ringing in my ears is now the loudest thing in the room. The sound of my typing has almost completely disappeared. I am getting startled by people entering my room without me hearing them. I never noticed how loud the A/C was until I couldn’t hear it anymore. As I am writing this, someone is vacuuming the hallway outside my door and the only reason I know that is because the lights dimmed a little when they turned it on.Transparency mode:This is actually pretty handy. It amplifies ambient sound so it’s like you’re not even wearing headphones. A brief touch of the right ear (and only the right ear) will switch between normal/noise-cancelling (whichever mode you happen to be in) and transparency. My only complaint here (and it has been echoed by others), is that the announcement when you are changing modes feels… disruptive. The announcement (“TRANSPARENCY!”) is kinda loud and lasts long enough that the time between pressing the right ear and actually changing modes is nearly three seconds (I know! Scandalous!). I find myself just pulling one of the cups off my ear if I need to hear what my wife is saying (as opposed to pretending to be busy with a call or something).Audio quality:Pretty darn good. I’ve blown out enough of my hearing using high-quality studio headphones in my distant I-was-in-a-band past that I’m not a complete snob about it anymore. But these are solid.Mic quality:Here’s the thing you should know about Bluetooth – it’s actually not that great for quality 2-way audio. You know that coworker with the plug-in gamer headset that you can tell what flavor of Doritos he’s eating? This isn’t that. Still, the mic quality is good when connected to my MacBook – my coworkers report that I do not sound like I am talking to them via speakerphone in a submarine (I’m looking at you, AirPods…)They do, however, report that it picks up a lot of the noise around me. Independent tests confirm that pretty much anything the noise-cancelling counteracts is picked up on the mic. As a result I generally have to remain on mute unless I am actively speaking (not ideal in one-on-one calls).Verdict: I’m quite happy with the headphones, though I can’t really recommend these for calls. For this reason alone, I am deducting a star.Overall: My introduction into the world of noise-cancelling headphones has been enlightening. I have realized that the trouble I have focusing on my tasks has little to do with my noisy environment, but is rather a result of the terrifying noises going on in my own head.

  15. J Gillespie

    I saw YouTube reviews of these and was curious.I travel a lot and almost always carry a nice pair of headphones. I own B&O, B&W, and several other much more expensive pairs.I will say this.. maybe there is a bit more detail on the others for daily listening, but none of their noise cancelation comes close.I had 4 flights in 3 days and tried these on each. Once the ANC was on, I couldn’t hear the plane. Which is fortunate, since 3 of the 4 flights I was seated by or behind the engine in window seats.These also do have a pleasant sound, incredible bass, and are surprisingly well built for the price.I am Not sure how the long term use will pan out; as they obviously cut cost in more than just the buttons, but as is I am very pleased. Raven the ear cuff is comfortable and doesn’t stress your ear.5/5 for sound quality, features and value.One thing though. GET THE APP. Without it, they are a bit much. But, it is very versatile in its setting options and can tune the headphones to your preferences and musical taste.

  16. painface87

    I initially purchased these at the beginning of June as a second pair of headphones for around the house. Everything I have uses Bluetooth, so it’s nice to have a headset that I don’t have to reconnect manually to different sources, and has a really long lasting battery.For perspective, I daily drive a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 noise cancelling headphones for work and when I’m out and about. They cost me about $300 a year or two ago. They sound great enough, and the noise cancelling is at the top of the class with Bose and a rare few others. But that asking price is much too high for most people, and for a secondary use like mine, there was no way I was going to spend that kind of money a second time for convenience’s sake.I did a bit of research and landed on the Soundcore Q30’s. I eyed the Q35’s for a bit, but determined that even their ~$120 price tag was a bit much for my purposes, so I waited until the Q30’s went on sale for $60 and snatched them up.I opened them up, and they felt very sturdy, although more on that later**.As other’s might report, they are extremely bass heavy un-EQ’d. But the app functions very well, and you can rebalance the EQ to your listening taste. The best part of this is that it stores the EQ preset on-headphone, so when you disconnect your phone and connect to another device, your custom EQ settings carry over. The fact that my $300 Sony headphones don’t do this is mind-boggling, but it is a much appreciated feature. And if you’re a bass head type, no EQ’ing will likely be necessary.The noise cancelling is excellent for this price bracket. If you’re going into this expecting the same caliber of noise cancelling as the Sony’s, Bose’s, or other $300+ headphones, you will be disappointed. But they get ~70% of the way there for ~1/5th the price. That’s an substantial value proposition that cannot be ignored. They’re also quite comfortable on my ears, and I have no issue with long listening sessions. I’m not sure if you can or cannot replace the earpads, but I can update this review when I cross that road.The headphones also allow you to connect to two independent Bluetooth sources, and switches between them automatically when sound is coming from one source and not the other. First device connected seems to take priority, like it’s the “primary” Bluetooth source. Also, controls are almost all physical buttons and not “touch” based, which is a big positive for me.The battery life is top of class. 40 hours is not an exaggeration, slightly less with noise cancelling turned on. Not surprising since the headphones come from Soundcore, an Anker brand, known for their batteries and chargers. But nonetheless, this makes them an EXCELLENT at home wireless headphone. They charge with USB-C, which is nice for compatibility with different chargers you might have lying around. They also charge quite quickly to full, which is great if you forget they’re dead and need to give them a quick jolt.**After about 1.5 months of ownership, two small plastic trim pieces on the headphones cracked and fell apart. The structural integrity and function of the headphones remained intact, but they were cosmetically a bit roughed up on their own. This is where the second half of owning a Soundcore product comes in. The customer service is TOP NOTCH. I messaged them my problem with a picture, they followed up asking me for a serial number, and then apologized and sent me another pair the next day, and didn’t ask to return the first pair. They, without hesitation, just gave me another one to make sure I wasn’t dissatisfied with my experience.Let me be frank, adult language incoming. When it comes the righting product wrongs, no one in this industry gives a f***. They’ll not respond to your emails/customer support messages or give you the run around followed by some limp-d*** reason for denying your warranty. For what it’s worth, Soundcore IMMEDIATELY owned up to the issue and sent me a replacement unit ONE DAY LATER. This is the kind of thing that inspired me to follow through with writing a review.TL;DRPros:- Comfortable- Customizable EQ w/ local profile- Good enough noise cancelling- Dual Bluetooth sources- 40 hour battery life- Tactile/physical button controls- Inexpensive- Immediate warranty followup from SoundcoreCons:- Bass-heavy (“muddy”) sound un-EQ’d- Unsure if earpads can be replaced

  17. ArialM

    So, having misophonia for as long as I can remember, I have somewhat gotten used to suppressing my fight or flight response to many trigger sounds. I have tried noise-cancelling headphones in the past, and they made me feel slightly queasy when activated.I put these on and found sweet relief! Even without anything playing in the headphones – just the noise cancelation – I instantly felt relief from a stress that I no longer noticed that I had. There weren’t any of my usual trigger sounds, just the TV in the other room and the sound of someone washing dishes in the kitchen. But when I put them on, I could feel a noticeable relaxing of muscles through my whole body.Don’t get me wrong. These do not block noise down to silence, but when I stood directly in front of the TV and put them on, it instantly sounded like it was quietly on 2 rooms away.The sound quality is decent. I am not an audiophile, so I can’t be more specific, but it sounds fine to me.Also, for those who, like me, have a big giant head, these fit! They are light, they hold lightly, and the headband is well padded and adjustable.Ahhhhhhhhh.

  18. Rachel

    I absoutely love these headphones. I don’t leave positive reviews often, but I have such an affinity for these, I needed to say something. I am not a sound aficionado, I know nothing about sound quality other than what I like to hear. So as a normal lay person, here are my thoughts.Quality – The sound is great to me. Not tinny, just overall wonderful quality.Bluetooth Connection – My only complaint. The range has been fine for me, but sometimes without warning the headphones will disconnect. This has happened during work meetings & walks. It’s frustrating to try to reconnect when I’m in the middle of doing something or don’t have my hands free. But it only happens about 5% of the time, so really not enough of an issue to contact the company.Battery life – Great. And recharges quickly. I’ll cry the day they start to die.Noise Cancelling – Also great. Sure, if you spent $400 maybe you wouldn’t be able to hear fireworks. Idk. I don’t have that kind of money. But for something less than $100 I find the noise cancelling feature astounding. I can sleep on a noisy train, for instance. I have to turn on transparency when I’m walking my dog because the noise cancelling is so good, I’m not aware of my surroundings (a good problem to have with headphone quality). Even without the noise cancelling, most background noise is elimated.Mic – On and off good. I have had mixed responses. Some people can hear me no problem, but not necessarily while walking outside. I could use it on a casual phone call sitting inside, but I wouldn’t trust it maybe for a business meeting or a conversation outside. This is a little frustrating only because I live in a city and walk often, and want to take phone calls while keeping my hands warm in pockets xD Other than that, no issues.Comfort – SO COMFY. Really great, pure over-ear headphones. They don’t rest on my ears at all. Sometimes my lobe gets a little sore after hours, but that’s to be expected with any headphones. Great cushioning all around. Oh, sometimes my hair gets stuck in the extending band, but that won’t happen to you if you have short hair.

  19. Gabriel

    Purchased the Q30 headset in January of this year (2021) and received great results. Noise cancelling ability was pretty great for the price point. I also have never tested these against the $300 NC headphones available on the market, but I was rarely let down by the Q30 NC ability. Sound quality was amazing and comfort level was perfect, even with having glasses.Unfortunately, about 6-7 months in, the left headphone stopped working altogether overnight. I never worked out with these, they were never in the rain… I babied the headphones pretty hard as they were only used for HW and study indoors. Tried troubleshooting to no avail. Did everything but take them apart.I contacted the Soundcore support team using the customer service email and they responded right away. They gave me troubleshooting tips, but most of them I had already tried. Well, they told me not to worry, that they would fulfill their warranty promise. I had a new set of headphones in less than a week with customer service reps checking back in to make sure everything was squared away and that I was satisfied. For the sake of the company, I’ll limit my review to say I received even more support above and beyond the call of duty later on, customer support and company ethics I haven’t seen in a long time.New headphones have worked well so far with no issues. I will be recommending Soundcore products to everyone because of the quality of help I received from the company. Thank you so much for being a business of integrity and trustworthiness.

  20. Jerry Mac

    I’ve only used one time last night and already like this earphone. the Soundcore Q30. I use it to listen to TV at night to avoid others in the surrounding. It was a bit tricky to connect to Bluetooth but tinkering with it got me there. I like several things about it, the lack of excessive pressure around the ears, the lightweight and the oval shape design. I purchased a JBL before this and in order to provide noise cancelling due to the small earcups, it put so much pressure on my ears that I could only use it for a few minutes at a time. However, I dislike the fact that when its turned on, the TV or the receiver loses sound. I have a small difficulty hearing and I use a headphone even when other people are watching. The Sennheiser I had before was an RF signal and the other TV I had had a phone-out jack. This TV doesn’t so I am forced to use Bluetooth. Another small caveat is the ever so small control buttons, they could use an micro led light, given that you only watch TV in the dark. Hence the four stars. More to follow as I keep using it and gain more familiarity with it but at this point, I foresee that all will be positive. As I expected, this is by far the best earphone I’ve had, even Sennheizer. One small drawback…once synced with tv, it automatically cancels sounds from the tv and the receiver. Wish I could still have sound from the devices when this is synced to the tv.

  21. Hellwalker

    The first thing that really shined was how comfortable they are compared to other headphones I tried. The earpads are really soft, the pressure on the head is light (medium to large head) and I almost don’t notice I’m wearing them. I do suspect these might get a bit hot in summer, but so far I have worn them every day for up to 6~7 hours a day and I had no discomfort.The sound quality is good, I’d say not exceptional, you can probably get better-sounding wired headphones in the same range but that is mostly true for any price range. Wired headphones usually sound better. You can customize how it sounds with an app, plenty of presets, and the ability to create a custom equalizer preset. I mostly just left it at “Rock”.Sound cancellation is good, it won’t cut out every sound. Especially someone talking etc. But it removes the “noise layer” that usually distracts you, and the sounds that do pass the ANC don’t bother you without that “noise layer”. I’ve been able to fully concentrate on creative writing & other tasks that require full focus in very noisy rooms without any issues. One thing to note, if you use Noise cancellation while no sound is playing, you might feel pressure on your ears like you have when driving on mountain roads or when the plane is taking off. It’s a bit uncomfortable, but as far as I researched its not bad for your ears. It’s basically a trick your brain is playing at you. It might be more pronounced if you have motion sickness, so it’s good to research this stuff if suffer from motion sickness.Overall the best thing about these headphones is they are a “full package”. Well built, good sound and ANC for the price, and comfortable. Feels like you are buying a premium quality mid-range product, rather than stripped-down and compromised version of a high/mid- end product.

  22. SoloOffGridSoloOffGrid

    I read some negative reviews before I bought these and they worried me a little but I thought they were a little nitpicky for headphones in this price range. I bought these specifically for work, since I need a high level of concentration to do my job and environmental noise breaks my focus. So noise cancellation was key for me. I also bought a pair of Blackshark Pros in the same order because I needed a headset geared towards gaming. I was not expecting these headphones to cover all the bases and you shouldn’t either.That said, here are my impressions…PROS:- The noise cancelling is great! There are dual gas-powered concrete saws operating outside my window as I write this review and I can’t hear either of them with the noise cancellation mode on. You can immediately tell the differences when you switch to normal or transparent mode.- These are very comfortable. The ear cups are very soft and I can barely feel that I have them on.- Pairing was easy with both my phone and my computer.- Charging is fast, even with a standard charging cable. I used them for music and Teams calls for several hours right out of the box. When they got to 40%, I put them on a standard USB-C charging cable for an hour or so. When I picked them up again, they were fully charged.- The sound is excellent, especially at this price point. The bass is perhaps a tad muddy but it really sounds comfortable to my ears. Highs are crisp but not overwhelming. Mids are clear. Overall, these headphones provide me with a very satisfying listening experience.- The headphone controls all work as expected.- You can plug these into a wired port, although I don’t know why you would.- They fold up into a nice little case that comes with it.- The Bluetooth range seems good. I’m able to walk around my 1-bedroom apartment while maintaining solid audio.CONS:- Even at the highest tension, the headphones can become loose and slide down my head. Not a big deal if I’m sitting still but not so great if I’m moving around. This isn’t a deal-killer though, since I mostly sit on my butt at work.- I did experience a little glitch with the volume control where the Windows master volume wouldn’t control the headphone volume. That seems to have worked itself out after my first use, however.- They aren’t “reference” or “studio” headphones. You’re not going to hear every detail of the music in its original form. However, I didn’t expect them to. I bought these for casual listening and for that purpose, they beat every pair of earbuds and headphones I’ve had up until now.Overall, I’d highly recommend these headphones. They are perfectly suited for casual listening and really strongly-featured for the price range. I seriously had to wrack my brain to come up with the few “cons” I found but I hope you’ll take those with a grain of salt because I will probably never think about these minor complaints again. Buy these headphones if you’re looking for a great casual wireless listening experience!

  23. Dan Eveland

    I had the Q20 version. I loved them. However, eventually they wore out. I wear headphones pretty much all day 5 days a week as a remote worker with a lot of meetings.I was going to just get another set of them but I’m trying to standardize on USB C for all my stuff so I upgraded.Wow! The sound is AMAZING and the noise cancellation is even better. I have an A/C next to my desk and I can’t even hear it!Also, there is an app and occasional firmware updates. Honestly I thought that was really dumb. These are headphones! Why do they need an app and firmware updates?But, after using the app I am sold. You can apply EQ and even fine tune the noise canceling. It does make a difference. There is also a bunch of stuff for some music service I’ll never use, but oh well.There are also some nice sounds for focus and sleeping you can turn on, but I could never sleep with these kind of headphones on.In conclusion, as someone who wears headphones all day, I HIGHLY recommend these. The quality of music I listen to and the effectiveness of the noise cancellation are totally worth the increase in price over the Q20 version.

  24. Kevin G. Lindsey

    I use these headphones for online teaching and they are really great! Previously, I had a wired set of gaming headphones that I used, they were quite bulky and not near as comfortable as I’d have liked. Once the connections started breaking down (like they do), I began researching wireless headphones. These came up as a strong contender for not only budget sets, but also hold their own against the big boy$$$. I was concerned that a built-in mic wouldn’t be sufficient for teaching class but so far I am impressed. I had to manually update the firmware from the phone app because, apparently the mic was pretty bad at first. I’ve had no problems after the update. I couldn’t imagine recording audiobooks or making Grammy winning records with these things but for teaching ESL classes or other online meetings, they are quite capable.I connect these to my phone occasionally and my desktop and I seem to have a bit of an issues switching between the two. I usually have to power cycle the headphones and make sure whatever device I want to use gets connected first. Mostly though, its not a problem.Since I connect these to my windows 10 computer, for which I purchased a BT 5.1 adapter, a majority of my usage is on that machine. When I use these in classes I haven’t had really any issues. When watching YouTube or listening to other audio, I was getting a substantial and quite annoying glitching sound. I found a tutorial that recommended I turn off wifi and disable enhanced audio in the windows audio settings and that seems to have fixed the glitching audio.As for noise cancelling, its as good as can be expected for these budget headphones. Continuous background sounds such as aircon and the like are wiped out. As for voices and such, these headphones don’t stand a chance against my 3 girls, but I generally teach now in the home office and the door does most of the work.If you have $300 to spend on headphones, then buy Bose or Sony. If you are like me and don’t have that kind of money for headphones, then these are quite comfortable and certainly capable options for those on a budget.

  25. Steven C.Steven C.

    What can I say? These things are impressive! The value is insane. I have used other “brand name” headphones in the past and are they nice? Absolutely. Do they sound good and feel good? Absolutely. Are they outrageously priced? Absolutely. These bad boys on the other hand are all of that at half, and sometimes a quarter, of the cost. I have a different Bluetooth speaker from Soundcore and I love it so I thought I would give these a try. I wouldn’t say that I’m an expert by any means, but I have spent time in the audio industry so I’m not completely clueless. You don’t have to have the app that partners with this product but I highly recommend it. It’s free and easy to use. The noise cancelling is above average and the headphones feel great overall. Very solid but not cumbersome or heavy. Bought these to replace an old pair of earbuds for a 4 hour flight to Vegas and I literally wore them the entire flight. If you’re looking for value price but top quality, look no further.

  26. Chris Caudle

    I’ve tried the top of the line Sony and Bose QC and they don’t come close to the eq controls of these headphones. The app has 20 custom eqs you can set from music to tv. Hundreds of dollars less than other phones. Only gripe is the muff size being a little small and your ears may sweat being enclosed. But they are so worth it if you deal with any hearing issues. Oh and noise cancelling is excellent.

  27. AlexAlex

    I have bought and returned like 6-7 ANC headphone sets BUT NOT THESE! My conscience won’t let me return these. There’s no reason to. Well built, I play golf in them every day and have them on my head to block out city noise almost every waking min & hour that I’m not sleeping. They are comfy, light weight…OH and I’m well aware that on these reviews (different headphones brands and in this era in general) everybody likes to write great things about battery life. It’s improved across the industry. BUT these are different. THEY ALMOST NEVER NEED TO BE RECHARGED. IT’S ALMOST LIKE MAGIC. I SWEAR. Every time I turn them on the lady voice prompt says….”BATTERY HIGH” I’ve never heard her say anything else. And I’m lazy and forget to plug them in a lot. If you go running they won’t fall off your head. ANOTHER THING TO CONSIDER….YOU KNOW HOW THOSE COWIN E7’S LOOK A LITTLE LIKE INVERTED CANS OF SOUP OVER YOUR EARS? (To me those Cowin set do) BUT ANYWAYS THESE ARE SLIM, SHINY BLACK WITH SOME GOLD LETTERING…Look at my pic…..I’ve beaten these to hell with use…They still look pretty good, right? Listen, for the price you won’t do any better. BUT there’s a very good chance you might spend more and do much WORSE. These are right up there with the big dogs but not at that stupid gauging $300 price point. Don’t waste your money. These are the real deal. I GUARANTEE IT. ALEX.

  28. Mike

    Probably similar to everyone else looking at these headphones. Did quite a bit of research, watched youtube reviews, obsessed over the options and looked at all the comparisons (Sony XM3, Beats, Bose, Airpod max). I have a pair of airpods pro that I love and sound amazing, but I wanted a pair of over the ear ANC headphones as well. I could not justify spending hundreds of dollars for high end headphones, that sound marginally better.I am very surprised by how good the quality is and how comfortable they are. The app is pretty solid too, I like the ambient sounds that are loaded. The base is pretty heavy, but in my opinion its not over the top. Sounds great, solid build, and you cant beat that price. I have it paired with my iphone and ipad at the same time, seems to work fine so far.- Call quality – So far so good, only tried indoors. The people on the other end said I sounded clear.- Modes – Flipping between transparency, normal and NC is super easy.- Comfort – I personally like these better than on ear headphones like the beats. I haven’t noticed them getting hot yet, but I haven’t owned them for long so we will see.- Travel – I have not tried them while traveling, but will be going on a plane within the next few weeks. I will update once I’ve tested out in those conditions.Overall highly recommend, they sound great. I’d say save your money and go with this brand. If money isn’t an issue or you want to splurge, then it sounds like the Sony XM3 or XM4 are amazing.

  29. Rian D. Fowler

    – Clean punchy bass + mids, crisp highs – you won’t be disappointed by the sound especially for this price- 7.5/10 on loudness. definitely loud enough but I wish it could go up just another 1-2 levels- build quality seems solid- metal band and physical buttons (no capacitive touch nonsense here). physical buttons- usb c charging is +++- comfort seems solid- I have a big head and was able to listen for a couple of hours without any issues- supports dual pairing. pairing was really fast and straight forward- arrives inside the hard case

  30. Travis PTravis P

    You know how large flatscreen TVs used to be thousands of dollars but now sell on Black Friday for $99? These headphones are kinda like that. Even as recent as 3-4 years ago, if you wanted this kind of quality ANC wireless headphones, you’d be paying several hundred (or more) for a Bose Q series or similar. No longer. Of course you can spend a lot more money for “better” studio quality cans, but for the average joe that’s simply not necessary.Right away when I opened the box I found the included hard case which is an attractive textured material. This case is as small as possible around the design of the headphones, so it should pack well for travel. It has a small elastic sleeve to hold the included charging cord. The headphones themselves are very light weight and reasonably nice looking. They are black with subtle branding, which I like. Power on was easy (the headset arrived with around 80% battery charge) and pairing with my iPhone was near instant.I paid full price in January 2021 for these Anker Q30s ($79) and I am beyond satisfied with them. For reference, my other headphones are an $1100 Bose A20 aviation (work), and a Bose QC35. These Ankers are 99% of the quality of those, for a fraction of the cost. Wonderful sound, amazing battery life. I did not buy these for making phone calls, but I tested out this functionality by calling my very patient wife. She reported that she could hear me fine and had no complaints about the quality.I saw an earlier review about the robo voice being too loud when you enter transparency mode. I am happy to report that this seemingly has been fixed. The voice is now the same volume or less than whatever media you were listening to.If I had to list a con, the only one I can think of is that these fit a bit loose on my head. I am a fairly average size male (5’9” 170). They fit fine, but would not be suitable for more intense physical activity like running or sports. I have been using the in the gym for weight lifting, and they stay on well enough for that. I won’t detract a star for this because they are not marketed as a gym headset. They could have been made to be tighter fitting, but then they would be less comfy for a long flight or other extended use. So, it’s all about your intended use.TLDR- if you want a fairly affordable, nicely professional looking, over ear noise canceling headphone with fantastic audio quality- buy these.

  31. Robert

    Finding the right set of headphones can be tricky, especially (in my opinion) if you wear glasses. After a couple of tries I finally came across the Q30. It seemed to have all of the features that I like including bluetooth connectivity, noise cancellation and a promise of comfort. After trying these headphones out for a week or so, I can report that, even while wearing my glasses, the Q30 is incredibly comfortable and I don’t end up with painful pinch points where my glasses interact with the ears. The sound quality is amazing with clear tones and incredible bass levels! The noise cancellation is also well engineered. Overall, very pleased with this purchase and at the price point, my wallet is also quite happy!

  32. K. M. Hong

    The best performing Bluetooth headphones under $100! Period! These cans definitely punch above their weight class. In fact, these cans can go toe-to-toe with the true heavyweights, including the very expensive Sony’s and Bose ANC phones.These comfortable over-ears have anadjustable ANC system so that you can select the setting that best suits the noise around you. Using their Transport’ mode, they can block out an outstanding amount of ambient noise like the rumble of bus engines, making them well-suited for your daily commute.Out of the box, they have a very excited soundprofile that fans of pop and rock can enjoy. They deliver intense thump, rumble, and boom while vocals and lead instruments are bright.That said, if you want to tune them to your liking, they have a companion app that offers a graphic EQ and presets.They also support multi-device pairing,meaning you can stay connected to your PC andsmartphone at the same time, and they have acontinuous playback time of over 44 hours, which should last through long days on the go.Overall, highly recommended unit!

  33. Osman Emre GunesOsman Emre Gunes

    I love that product and decided to use it for long years. I even ordered a headphones hanger to not put on the table to avoid scratches. Even I use soo carefully, plastic parts started to crack from 4 sides. I was happy to buy affordable headphones but after 3-month gently use that item started to crack, I believe that would be less cost If I buy a more expensive headphone instead.I got a replacement one from ANKER. It is good to see you take serious customer feedbacks.Update 9 Months Later.The headphones still work great. I am an all-day user to not avoid my colleagues and of the day I do not have much pain. That is good.The problem I noticed, the headphone disconnecting itself once or twice a day during active listening. I have to close it and open it again.

  34. Alexandra LeeverAlexandra Leever

    These work great. I’m not a professional — I just bought these to watch tv on my laptop — but the sound quality doesn’t seem that different from a way cheaper pair of wireless earbuds I have. They’re comfortable and I’ve been using them for 2 months starting on 40% battery out of the box and it’s still only at 20% battery (only use them about 30-60 mins per day).The biggest complaint I have is that whatever noise canceling/”transparency mode” technology they use gives my inner ears this uncomfortable feeling of pressure if I wear them for an extended period of time. The best way I can describe it is like my ears need to pop, but they actually don’t, like I’ve been underwater for a long time or something. I notice this after wearing the headphones for 30+ mins, and it’s also more pronounced if I’m active, like walking. These would NOT be good for someone who needs them for exercise. I don’t have the app, so don’t know if there’s a way to turn off that technology altogether and just use them “normally”. There is a normal mode, but it still uses that weird technology because I still hear a ‘whooshing’ sound in my ears, so it’s not really “normal” mode.They also make the skin directly beneath the padding sweat when I wear them on my walks. But the padding is very soft and comfortable, and the band feels sturdy. I also like the fact that I can touch the side to immediately switch transparency mode on/off if someone’s talking to me, and that it connects to 2 devices at once so I don’t have to disconnect them from my phone before connecting to my laptop.I think these are a reasonable compromise to save money compared to others that cost over $200, but also probably better made than a pair for $30. Maybe I’ll download the app to see if that helps with the weird inner ear issues.

  35. Murphotronic

    Did a side-by-side of the Mpow H21, Sony CH710N, and Anker Q20’s. Mpow was first out due to muddier sound quality and sub-par noise cancelling (just a lot of white noise). Thought I liked the Sony’s sound at first – balanced and not overly bass heavy, but the more I listened the more I noticed everything sounding flat due to lack of mid range. The 710N’s cannot use Sony’s much lauded equalizer app, so your stuck with what you get. Also, the build quality felt like that of complimentary airline earphones of the early 80’s. I compared them because they were on sale from $199 to $88 – I can see why.The Anker Q20’s sounded much fuller, though they could be too bass heavy depending on what was playing. My main gripe was that the ear cups were just a touch small and they wound up being over the top half of my ear but on top of the bottom half. Nonetheless, they were pretty comfortable and I was still wanting to stick with them when I read about the Q30’s.Q30’s fixed the fitment issue with a larger ear-cup for true over-ear fit. The NFC connection is nice and they added support for an equalizer app, so I can dial down the bass as needed. I used both the Q20 and Q30 for a couple conference calls and never had complaints about sound quality, though I’ve read other reviewers say the mic quality is worse on the Q30 than the Q20. Battery life is great. Range is awesome (~30ft through walls). I was pleasantly surprised that when streaming Spotify form my laptop, the headset seamlessly switched to the phone connection for an incoming call and then returned to the Spotify stream after.One small gripe is the addition of the touch control for transparency mode – seems pointless since there’s already a well-laid out button for the same thing; I’m frequently tripping it when I grab the ear-cup to take them off or put them on, I may see if a vinyl decal would block it.

  36. Craig Z

    I’ve had these headphones for the better part of a year. They, unfortunately, cracked in the headband. The customer service for the warranty replacement was second to none. Once they had verified the failure my replacement arrived in about a day.The sound is excellentThe bass is decentThe app is a nice touchThey DO pair with apple.(I saw a review that said they didn’t)Highly recommended all aroundI have bose solo3 headphones kicking around, but haven’t touched them since using these

  37. Nicholas Burns

    I was very impressed with the sound quality coming out of the headphones. The noise cancellation is very good and can be adjusted to varying levels. The firmware continues to be supported with updates from Anker (via application on phone). I really like the quality hard case that comes with the headphones versus some cheap cloth baggie. The case is a tight fit, but there is a visual printed on a tag inside the case showing you how to precisely fold the headphones to fit. The headphones boast an impressive battery life rating at 40 hours. I am not sure how long they will last for me so far since I am still on the first charge. The NFC pairing is a snap to get you up and running. Just tap your android phone to the one side of the headphone and good to go. One critique of the headphones from others was the quality of voice calls through the microphone. However, there was a recent firmware update supposedly addressing the issue. I have not yet made a call via the headphones, so I cannot judge the quality.

  38. sixth

    I have to admit – I am audiophile and headphone “nerd” as my wife calls it. I have bought (and returned 20+ headphones). I had the Max over the head (sold 5 days later – too heavy, sweats, uncomfortable).These are borderline alternate universe stuff. The first. The price. Come on. These guys are doing stuff at this price point that amaze me. I use my headphones (in priority) as follows 1. Zoom 2. Music 3. Transparency1. Zoom calls can be sneaky test for headphones. Not only do you need a good chipset and well designed firmware to work with a plethora of laptops, mobile devices etc but you also need microphones that work. This headset amazed me. I thought if I could get half the performance of higher end units I would say it’s fine. I was wrong. People tell me I sound natural and clear. Transparency works well. Connectivity is solid. No issues on M1 MBP.2. Music. Come on Soundcore. What are you hiding in these? Bass. Mids. Highs. All come in perfectly. I really think there is more behind the scenes going on for these to sound this good. Compared to XM4s these have more bass (controlled) and not muddy. The mids are solid not over done and the highs are crisp and clear. I don’t run my units at 100% volume so I can’t comment about that but at medium volume these blow my mind. I returned every headset I have and kept these.3. Transparency and ANC – solid and works well. I think some more tuning in firmware will improve ANC. When I have it on I don’t hear my kids. So it works. What else can you ask for? It’s the ultimate test. :)Overall – these are scary good. I have the blacks but once the blue are in stock will pick up a pair of them too. Just amazing. Great job Soundcore. Keep it up!!!

  39. Adrian Potts

    To me these are the best sounding Bluetooth headphones I have ever owned. I currently own the Sony XM4, Jabra 85H, Microsoft surface Pro 2 and these headphones beat them all. It’s all about the app! The EQ ability is just incredible. Out of the box the EQ is very flat and unimpressive. But you have 22 different presets and you can choose from and a custom EQ which is what I use. You can customize your sound any way you want incredible response. If you like your music to be crazy loud and in your face you can do that with these headphones. Battery life is a beast. I’ve been able to test and get 55 hours of battery life. The ANC is very good for $80. The only thing I don’t like about them is the way they look on my head but that is really subjective. These are now my new weekend music listening headphones.

  40. Ben Q.

    I recently purchased the Sony WH-1000xm4 because they are the top pick out of nearly every review, and also had multipoint Bluetooth connectivity which comes in handy working from a home office because they can simultaneously pair to both my phone for calls and my computer for online meetings.However after evaluating the Sony WH-1000xm4 for a couple of weeks I found that the sound of the Sony WH-1000xm4 were woefully lacking in what I consider the most important function of a headphone… which is sound quality. It seem that the Sony Engineers were too preoccupied with improving noise cancelation and adding cool features they forgot to check to see how they actually sounded. To my ears the Sony WH-1000xm4’s sound very muddy and subdued and not enjoyable to listen to. Also the microphone used for phone calls with the Sony WH-1000xm4 is very poor, most people could not understand what I was saying 1/2 of the time.In my search for a better home office headphone with multipoint connection I came across the Life Q30 and thought to give them a try and I am glad I did.I have had them for about a month now and all I can say is that I am really impressed.Sound quality is great, Call quality is great, battery life is great, multipoint Bluetooth connectivity is great, their phone app is great, and noise canceling is pretty good. The only things I prefer on the Sony WH-1000xm4 is the touch control interface vs the Life Q30’s button arrangement, and noise cancelling is slightly better on the Sony WH-1000xm4 but those features are at the bottom of my list of must haves when it comes to wireless headphones.For $80 they are an insanely good value!

  41. Mike P.

    Caution: technical review. 🙂 Tried ear buds but those just don’t have the sound quality I need. I have “golden ears”, listen to a wide range of music so sound quality is important for me. Ideally a live recording should sound full, natural, uncolored – listening to live sound should sound the same as the real thing.Having said that, these headphones, while not perfect, are as good as it gets these days. The ANC is excellent (I would guess around 20-30dB) without coloring the through sound too much. Very comfortable to wear (although, like any headphone like these, get hot on the ears after a while). Controls are simple and intuitive. Volume is plentiful. Product arrived with depleted battery but charge was quick (hopefully it doesn’t stress the battery too much). Transparency works well but, of course, if you are listening to music it makes outside sound more difficult to hear.The only complaint (so far) I have is the upper midrange-treble seems a tad weak. Not a show stopper unless you are an absolute perfectionist. I can live with it. Bass is a little heavy, but clean. I’m ok with that because I play bass. :-)All in all, excellent headphones. I would recommend. Take that Bose!

  42. azulmarino

    Zero complaints about the Q30’s performance until 4 months following purchase, the battery won’t charge up. That’s right, and I’m apparently not the only one who’s experienced this issue. I’ve done some troubleshooting, and every substitution of external hardware thus far points to the battery /charging circuit as the failure point. I contacted the company recently but so far nothing. I’ll update this when I hear back.Update: It’s not a failure at all, and I won’t need Anker tech support. It’s about the USB-C connector that’s supplied with the product. It’s not compatible with just any USB charger, except via adapter. When I connected it to a laptop, the headset charged up. A simple change in technology can catch a guy off-guard.

  43. RyanRyan

    UPDATE: Anker Support reached out and spent some time with me to try to fix the mic problem. They really take this stuff seriously, and I was happy to have someone to work with (thanks, Sunny!). They swapped in a new Q30 headset that seems to have a better mic than my original. They also gave me some steps to take on my Windows 10 PC to help get the most out of Bluetooth (this made a big difference). I personally don’t think the mic on the Q30 is quite as good as my Q20, but it’s definitely good enough that people can hear me and I’m no longer getting complaints for my co-workers. That’s a win and I’m upgrading my star rating accordingly. Buy with confidence.———ORIGINAL REVIEW———–I own two Q10 sets, one Q20 set, and now one Q30 set of headphones. I jumped on the new model after being reasonably satisfied with my Q20, and seeing that several upgrades had been made, including a much-needed move from micro-USB to USB-C. There’s never been a “perfect pair of headphones,” no matter your manufacturer, but I did expect Soundcore to do better or at least as well in every category. Unfortunately, this is not the case.SHORT REVIEW: Though they feel great, sound great, and will last for days, ultimately what caused me to give them 3 stars out of 5 is the call quality. The microphone has some real problems. I spent some time with co-workers comparing what I sound like using my Q20 versus my Q30, and they all told me I sound like I’m “in a box” when using my Q30s. They’re “too quiet,” “muffled,” “weird,” and “unnatural sounding” compared with the Q20. As I’m using these for work, and a lot of what I do involves videoconferencing, the quality of my mic is very important to me. As such, I’ve gone back to my Q20 for daily work. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my Q30 yet.

  44. Grace A

    I purchased these for a trip but they’ve become my go to headphones. The sound is really good and they’re extremely comfortable. I wear them all day at work listening to music or for conference calls. They aren’t heavy on your head and don’t get too hot.Noise cancellation is better than my airpod pros, sound quality is some of the best I’ve heard. I used to use amplified headphones with an external EQ for my desktop but these headphones sound great without all the wires and hassle. The Bluetooth range is also really great I can get around 60-80 feet away from my computer at work and still stay connected without cutting out. I can use them anywhere in my house no matter where my phone is and they still stay connected. Your mileage may vary but I’m super impressed.I will admit these aren’t super well polished, sometimes they don’t connect to both my phone and computer so I turn them off and in again and it works. The volume buttons seems a bit cumbersome, you have to click them repeatedly, if you hold them down it will skip/repeat the current track. I understand they’re trying to give multiple roles to the few buttons in the headphones but it seems a bit clunky. Overall these do a great job especially for the price.

  45. Robert Wells

    I love these headphones. They sound great and I have figured out pairing them with the Aisidra Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver for my tv. I have one suggestion for improvement and I think it may be one that would be a big win for the users and possibly have a relatively small cost to the manufacturer. There is no mute for the headphone audio output. This is very annoying as tv commercials now occupy 8 to 10 minutes of most 30 minute tv shows. And the commercials are loud, obnoxious, repetitive and in general a waste of time to most viewers. So to be able to mute them would make a lot of your customers very happy. My proposal is this. The tap on the right headphone that toggles between “Transparency” and “Noise Cancelling” could be expanded to include a “Mute + Transparency” mode and a “Mute + Noise Cancelling” to effectively turn the volume to 0. This would save wear and tear of either removing the headphones or clicking the “Volume(-)” button repeatedly. This would increase product reliability as well as making your customer very happy. The nice thing about this solution is it uses no mechanical buttons, only an additional tap on the side of the right headphone. The best thing is this can probably be implemented in firmware update that would be easily disseminated. Thank You, Bob

  46. JoePat627

    ORIGINAL: Haven’t even had these 2 days and the left ear has started crackling and messing up. ****Read Update****UPDATE:Anker was very quick to send me a reply with a return label and the hour I dropped the broken pair off at the post office, I got an email about a replacement being shipped. I got the replacement pair quickly and haven’t had any issues with them yet. The issue started after talking on the phone using the headphones and I haven’t done that with these new pair at all but time will tell.I do have to say though, Anker has been very helpful. After I received my replacement pair, they have followed up in emails to make sure everything is ok.Even with my little issue, these headphones are great. The battery life is phenomenal and better than anything else on the market, bar none. Audio quality isn’t bad but seems a little quiet and dull unless you put the EQ on piano. I’m happy with them, they are awesome for listening to my podcasts because of their battery, and the noise canceling works and has different options based on where you are.If you’re on the fence about buying these, don’t be. Buy them. Even with my (probably fluke) issue, Anker made it right extremely fast.

  47. AO XUE

    I am not comparing this headphone with the kings in the area such as sony xm4 and bose 700. I got it with pre-order discount which is slightly above 50. So it is really competing with taotronics, cowin, etc. I have taotronics, and owned a couple of other budget anc headphones before. Here is my honest review:Pros: 1. It came with the case(big plus), a usb type c charging cable and aux cable 2. noise cancellation is very good. It has 3 modes in app, indoor, outdoor and transportation. I use indoor since we are all working from home. It is very good if you have multiple people working in the same household. ANC is better than taotronics and cowin. 3. It has sleep mode! and transparency mode! And they are very well integrated into the soundcore app 4. It can pair 2 devices at the same time. I pair with my phone and desktop 5. build quality is also good and it can last very long even with anc on, i believe 25-30 hrs with anc on. I haven’t been able to drain it. I used 3-4 hours consecutively and it sits 90% both from my desktop and phoneCons: 1. It does not offer other colors.Update 01/26/2021:A couple weeks ago, I broke the head bend due to user error. I asked for a replacement and they sent me a new Life Q30 without asking for too much. : ) Great customer support. I sent back the broken item. So far I have been enjoying Q30 so much. This is one of my best purchases in 2020. I preordered on launch with 30% discount.

  48. Alex Martinez

    Tldr; I love Anker’s customer service and have replaced all of my bluetooth speakers, chargers, power bricks, and battery banks with Anker products, but I cannot recommend these headphones. Build quality is not that of 80$, or even 50$ in my opinion. Used these for a few hours and the sound is great, but too many major cons for me to keep and enjoy using them.Pros-Preorder discount.-Sound. Great sound. Nice punchy bass and lows.-App. Soundcore app is very easy to use. Can change NC and EQ settings instantly.-It comes with a case. This should be a standard. Instead of tossing in some drawstring bag that just gets dirty like other companies, this soft-shell case will definitely provide enough protection in carry-ons or sliding around the backseat of a car.Cons-I might have gotten a dud. For those who bought these, try double clicking the pause/play button. Mine would activate Vol+/Vol- everytime without fail. If I press pause/play too hard, the same thing would happen randomly. Definitely an internal problem.-Buttons. I wish these had the same buttons as the Liberty Neos instead of cheap feeling rectangles that stick out. Also, the button presses are annoyingly loud.-Pads. The pads on these are terrible. The best way I can describe how they feel are like the feeling of a cheap padded toilet seat that needs to be replaced. They are hot and feel mushy. Not plush like the pads on Razer headphones. Mushy like worn down bus seats.-THESE HEADPHONES SLIP. Watch the other reviewer’s video where they tilt their head back and forth. I know it looks ridiculous but that’s seriously what happens. I have a pretty “normal” sized head as a 25yo 200lb man and these slip off my head as easy as they do on my wifes head. If you quickly need to glance up, they can slip off the back of your head completely. If you need look down to tie your shoes, they’ll fall towards your forehead or even cover your eyes. I adjusted them tight and loose with same results.-Noise Cancellation. Transparency and Normal sound the same. Noise Cancellation on these sound like air is being sucked out of your ears. I might just prefer Passive NC instead, but felt the need to put NC as a con.-This is just nitpicky but a new “power on” voice would be nice. Sounds way too robotic. Also, my headphones were shipped in a thin bag through USPS and the Q30 box came really damaged. *Good thing the headphones came inside the case.*Overall, the cons outweigh the pros and I hate the fact that they sound good with such poor build quality. I’m returning these and waiting for a redesign or maybe the next model. I wanted to try these at the gym but these are definitely not meant for that which sucks.

  49. libreader

    Okay – someone read my review and responded – with a new set of instructions, 12 point type, black on white. They even sent me a second pair. Once I could read the instructions, very happy with the unit. Good sound quality; used it for a class I teach on zoom; students said my voice comes through better with the mic built in to the unit than with my computer’s mic. Blue tooth works well with my iMac and laptop. Sound suppression doesn’t do much with voices, but it works with leaf blowers, which is what I need it for. I think they plan to include better instructions with what they ship in the future; in case they don’t I’ll leave the original review.Tiny type – I don’t think it’s even 5 point – in pale blue letters on white background. Absolutely impossible to read. Supposedly a manual is available on the web – but the provided url just takes you to the marketing web page. Would it really add that much to cost to provide instructions in readable type (at least 12 point, black on white paper?) Don’t buy this unless you have the eyes of a sharp-shooter!

  50. jimmyfergus

    I prize good transparent sound quality, comfort, and value for money. Other factors including noise reduction much less important unless they ruin the experience. I’ve listened to Etymotics for years but also wanted something inexpensive over-ear.With the fairly radical equalizer settings found on the web (e.g. Oluv) they’re really pleasant and very clear listening, and I can wear them for hours at a stretch, which I can’t say for the Sennheiser and Philips ~$150 headphones I’ve used recently, or the inexplicably terrible $300 Bose rubbish I had briefly 5 years ago that sounded like the music was under water. And they sound better than all those. Clearer, more musical, better detail. And they have noise reduction that’s very useful.The bad: they don’t feel very robust, though I treat them gently and they’re holding up fine. They’re not really usable outdoors in wind, whether noise reduction is on or off.Highly recommend. I missed my work pair when at home so bought a second pair.

  51. Roberta Hoyt

    First off, these are the most comfortable headphones ever. I have hearing aids and they are big enough to fit over them with pinching and without making them squeal. I can wear them for hours and they do not hurt my head anywhere! The noise cancelling is really good and this helps me get rid of background noise, which is super important for my hearing problem, which tends to garble all sounds together into an unintelligible roar. Louder doesn’t help this, but noise cancelling does! Very nice indeed and at a great price that wasn’t an arm and a leg! I’m done being envious of the folks who can get away with little ear buds for cheap and hear fine. Now I can hear fine too and it’s enhanced my life, that is for sure. I can listen to music and really hear it, watch youtube videos and enjoy them. Very easy to set up and use, very happy with my purchase!

  52. Ira P.

    I really wish I could have liked these. And what’s not to like? The sound quality is well above average if not excellent, the design and build are more than decent, the equalizer app makes the sound even more adjustable to your tastes, and they’re pretty comfortable, more comfortable than the Q20s. But my problem is with the noise cancellation, which contrary to many reviews here, I find disqualifyingly subpar. Yes, they muffle external noise somewhat, but everything from my furnace blower to low TV sounds to noises from the apartment above me come through, especially when the music I’m playing is soft or between songs. Though I haven’t been on a plane with them, I’d suspect I’d hear everything from the engine to a baby crying in the background, which to me negate the point of ANC. I realize that sound cancellation can’t be perfect, but I’d expect more than what the Q30s deliver. The Q20s are much better at noise cancelling, to a level that I’d consider acceptable. The sound quality of the Q20s are slightly less than the Q30s, and the Q30s are more comfortable around the ears, but to me the difference on that score is way less than the difference in ANC quality, so I went with the 20s and saved some $$ in the process.

  53. Jack

    I’ve owned 2 Bose quiet35 noise cancelling headphones over the years, but after awhile either a speaker goes out of or the foam padding breaks down and disintegrates. So I thought this time I would try a cheaper alternative. I admit I was skeptical and had almost convinced myself that I would be sorry for spending a lot less money on ear cancelling headphones that would end up not working. I was wrong. These Q30 headphones, in my opinion, are as good as Bose quiet35 in both hardware and performance. Again, these are only my opinions. I find little to no difference in the noise cancelling performance, the sound quality is the same for both brands, carrying case and accessories are the same, comfort and fit (covering the ears) is also the same, in fact for me the Q30’s are more comfortable that the Bose. I read other reviews that say your head gets hot after you wear them for a long time. I put no stock in comments like that, because every body is different. Some people sweat, some don’t. Some like spinach, some don’t etc………….. So far, after a month of use, the only real difference between the two is the prices. $80 vs $240+

  54. Moxie

    I bought both these and the sony xm4’s to compare them.Build quality: The sony’s have a better build quality which should be obvious for the price range. The q 30’s have cheaper plastic but the quality of the headband support and ear pads are just as good in my opinion. I won’t be throwing the q30’s around as they seem a bit more fragile.Sound quality: They both require eq adjustment for better sound and you will have to search youtube, reddit, and forums for the best settings. Obviously the sonys are good but when the q30’s are optimized they sound pretty good. Please note the q30’s sound awful just out of the box but google “Anker Soundcore Life Q30 Balanced EQ Settings” and you should find the optimal settings in a youtube video.Noise canceling: I’m not really impressed with either. The technology still isn’t that great and you can still here someone talking right next to you with either. That said the sonys are a bit better.Cost: These were 60 on sale and you can find the sonys for 200 refurbished. The sonys will have better resale value but if you need something low cost now the q30’s are the best option.Software: The sonys were really bad and it was spotty connecting with my iphone 12. The soundcore software hasn’t given me any issues and has a nice sound machine feature where it can play ocean/wind noises.Overall, I would recommend these if you need a low cost option that are good enough.

  55. Joshua D Meeder

    For years, I wanted a decent set of noice cancelling, over the ear headphones. And I didn’t want to pay a small fortune for them either. These came up in my research and they are the perfect balance of quality, light weight and reasonably priced.The first real test for them came in a few flights back and forth between Anchorage Alaska and Pittsburgh PA. Long flights, airports and the normal stress of travel. These Headphones made it feel like I was in my own peaceful bubble. AND… The transparency mode was so convenient to be able to hear the flights and gates being called. Just a push of the button and I could hear outside, and then right back to the noise canceling bliss.These are also my daily use for online conferences, video editing and digital work. They are really lightweight and comfortable. I can leave them on most of the day without noticing them. Great choice for headphones.

  56. Taylor L.

    I dont use these outside, so I can only speak on how it does indoors. I have a construction site across from my apartment and these do a good job of cancelling out the noise. the app is also easy to use and has a nice selection of pre made equalizer options. they are comfortable, even when laying down.The sound is pretty good, and they also can get loud, which I like. Also the buttons on the sides are very easy to figure out and the skip button is so convenient.I also love the battery life. I don’t use them as often as others, but they will last me about a week.I think the music is able to be heard by people around you, which I don’t like much. Also I cant seem to pair these to my laptop but I think that’s probably my fault and not on the headphones. I have never used them on a call so I dont know how well they do either.Overall I do not regret buying these. I bought them as a trial to see if I would want to get a more expensive pair.

  57. Michael

    The prod does not pair with iOS devices. The company did not disclose this apparent omission until the problem is disclosed on page 7 of the quick start guide.

  58. TriggerDingus

    My use case is to use them for business phone calls, music and noise cancellation since I live a couple hundred feet from railroad tracks.Part of the reason I selected these is because of the perceived value as well as the good reputation the company has for technical/customer support – good customer support seems to be a rarity these days so that goes a long way with me. That being said, I haven’t needed to contact technical support but I am quite pleased with the headphones:The headphone sound is better than I expected for the money. They suggest using their headphone ‘app’ that apparently offers some sound adjustment features but I refuse to install spyware on my phone for a pair of headphones.I was most concerned that the call quality might be poor, which would have been a deal breaker for me. Callers tell me my voice comes across as clear as if I were speaking directly into my phone, which is exactly what i was hoping for.They can be paired to a phone and a computer at the same time. For example, I might be working on the computer while listening to tunes and then a call comes through, at which time it will switch over to the phone…and then back to music on my computer when I hang up the call. It doesn’t even hiccup doing this, which is quite nice.For me, pairing and connecting works flawlessly – they actually connect to my other devices faster and more reliably than any of my other bluetooth devices.Finally, I find the noise cancellation feature better than I expected. It cancels repetitive frequencies best, such as the sound of a heater/air conditioner and in my case, very noisy railroad tracks. If I have the headphones on, I don’t even notice when a train goes by and that’s saying something since it happens several times an hour.

  59. Amy S.Amy S.

    I’m actually very pleasantly surprised by these headphones. I bought them for my upcoming long haul flight (I need to get some sleep and the plane noises will drive me CRAZY) and the Sony XM3 and XM4 headphones really appealed to me, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune.I read that the Q35 was not a huge upgrade from the Q30 so I went with these, their price was too good to resist and all the reviews I read said they were insanely good for their price. They were right!The default sound EQ setting, as some have mentioned, is too bassy (and this comes from someone who likes a lot of bass) and kind of drowns out the mids and highs. However, with the Soundcore app, you can change the EQ setting to your liking (the Rock setting happens to be my favorite so far) as well as create your own custom EQ settings. But whether you leave it as default or change it up, it sounds great! (again… for the price, unreal!)I tested the active noise cancellation on these by playing a video from my computer speakers of airplane sounds (pretty loudly). The “Normal” (no noise cancellation) mode compared to the ANC mode was a craaaazy difference. Again, way better than I expected at this price. I could still hear some sound, but it was much quieter and totally manageable.These headphones are comfortable and the padding is plush. They also come in a nice hard case which the headphones fold up nicely inside. They come with an aux cord and a usb-c charging cord, though the cord is rather short so I’ll probably stick with the longer one that came with another pair of headphones I own.All in all, super pleased with these and highly recommend to anyone who wants good quality sound and ANC at an affordable price point!

  60. Jonathan Meola

    Full disclosure: I do suffer from some mild hearing loss, so I can’t judge these to the same level of detail and nuance as an experienced audiophile.With that said, I can say that these really do a great job with noise cancelling and sound quality. I use them primarily for online instruction, and they really have a crisp and clear quality sound when listening to dialogue. Very easy to set up and pair to my MacBook and iPhone with Bluetooth. Also nice that the seller includes a standard audio male-male cable so I have the option of plugging in old-school if I don’t want to drain the battery down – but so far the battery life is performing as expected. Rigid carrying case helps to stow them away without worrying about breakage (which is why I wound up buying these in the first place). All in all, a great value for price.


    I owned a $279 bose noise canceling headphones previously. They were excellent also. These are equal in build and performance for a much lower cost. I like Anker products, my Bluetooth speaker is well made and has lasted 3 years. I will buy Anker products again. I would definitely recommend these headphones to anyone, even to a $300 comparison.

  62. Sergeo

    I tried the Soundcore Q30, Q35, Sony 1000XM3 and Bose 700.Q30 & Q35 were the only ones that didn’t have some kind of issue or problem complicating things immediately, and the Q30’s were the only ones not instantly disappointing.Q35 seem to be Q30s with worse earpads, a little better ANC, a slightly more premium feel in general like the plastics, the carrying case and box it come in but much much worse transparency mode and an additional $50 price tag.I was primarily looking for the ones with the best transparency mode to be able to hear my kids and monitor the house at night while still listening to something privately.In the end the Bose 700 has the best transparency mode but too many other problem and extreme cost.The Bose 700 were the most disappointing.Literally had me saying outloud ” $400 for this, is this a joke” as I struggled to get their terrible app to work with their headphones.The headphones linked to my phone as one device and thought the APP on the phone was a different device… I was literally googling Bose support pages with in 5 minutes of opening the very nice cardboard box to figure out how to reset the headphones device history and re-pair them. Turned out to be easy to do but still infuriating, and took 3 tries before the APP managed the find the headphone anywhere near as quickly as the actual phone did and finally paired properly. The transparency mode is incredible but mostly I think because you can hear your own voice nearly perfectly so you don’t have the ‘inside a barrel” feel. But also there was a faint repeating crackle or pop sound that was very tolerable if not for the pricepoint. the sheer cost amplifies the negative feeling associated with every little flaw and unfortunately these 700s have multiple. Bose transparency is the best but it is absolutely NOT $320 better than the Q30s.The Q30 had the second best transparency mode and the worst anc of them but still really good anc. (As in I could still fainly hear the air conditioner sitting 3 feet away from me).Sony’s 1000xm3 had the best ANC but worse transparency mode than the Q30, with the xm3s you can hear everything but you can’t tell what direction anything is coming from, it’s odd. Like your not hearing your surroundings but instead are hearing a fake recreation of your surroundings being played back to you. It’s hard to describe, I only realized that was the problem after hearing a bird outside, with the xm3s I could hear a bird but had no idea what direction it was coming from but with the Q30 I could hear the bird immediately and what direction it was.Note: with the xm3s, if you buy the international version all the voice prompts will be in Chinese.The sound is an awful bassy mess on all of them but the Bose 700s unless you fix them with the EQ but thankfully they all have a decent EQ with the exception of the Bose which has a nearly worthless EQ with 3 sliders. Ironically the worst EQ is on the one that doesn’t need one basically at all but is so expensive you’d expect the option.Bose EQ is very clearly an afterthought slapped onto the app in response to Sony having one and being the new King of ANC.Oh also of note the Q30 and Q35 have that unpleasant “new memory foam” smell right out of the box but it nearly immediately goes away. Perhaps they should have let them air out for a few minutes before immediately shipping them. It’s something you’ll probably notice but shrug it off and you’ll forget it was a thing at all.TLDR; Buy the Q30s and wonder to yourself what how they are 80% as good as Bose 700s at 20% of the cost.If the absolutely need the very best ANC money can buy get the xm4s probably but everyone else should buy Q30.

  63. Victor W. Chu

    Excellent headphones. Outstanding for Price!Nice Software options. Excellent connections with Bluetooth with No issues. Decent Noise Cancelling with many options.Bluetooth sound is very good. Excellent all rounder headphones with many types of music. Well tuned presentation. Sound is more towards excitement with elevated treble and elevated bass. Yet, still tries to have a neutral sound. Tad more musical than many IEM’s or headphones. Semi Full/Dark sound but with good treble clarity. Nice impactful bass with very decent resolution. Bass is a bit bloated but punching well above at this price. Decent Treble speed and seperation with roll off in very tight treble passages. Treble is recessed but for the most part well done. Since the treble is slightly recessed it is a slightly odd presentation to the sound stage when it comes to some geners of music. But the recessed treble works well with Classical music as it provides depth to the soundstage. Overall a very decent soundstage. Poor to average accuracy of location in the soundstage. Overall this is a very enjoyable sound.Music: From 60’s music to presentEquipment:Headphones: Sennheiser HD595, HD600, HD650, Grado SR60, SR80 (Sold), Ultrasone 780i, AKG Q701 Quincy Jones, Bose QC 15,Audio Technica ATM-50IEM: Sony XBA-3, Shure SE215, SE425, KZ-STX, Blon-03, Blon-05, , Urbanfun YBF-ISSO14, Thieaudio L3, V3, Monarch, ClarivoyanceBluetooth: Earfunfree TW100B, Soundcore Q30DAC: Asus STX, Darkvoice TuberolledDAP: Shanling Q1, Hiby R3 Pro Sabre, Shanling M6 Pro

  64. Anonym

    Expected a great experience from Anker but sadly they are still light years behind Sony and Bose. Little things just don’t work like changing the source or the microphones do not pickup voice sounds clearly. Also they are either too tight on your head or simply fall off when you lean back. The ear pads are also not very comfortable and make a very hot sweaty fitUpdate:Bakers customer service as always is great. They recently reached out and offered to send me a replacement unit. I tried it and it also has the same issues. So they sent me another one – this one seems to not have the issue. I don’t know what that says about Ankers quality control but at least they have 5 star customer service and great after sales service . Loving my anker Q30 now

  65. ianimus

    I know Anker/SoundCore tries hard to design high quality products without cranking up the profit margin on the consumer, but this is insane. They packed in some great functionality for a $90 price tag. These are on par with Sony or Bose in quality but at literally 1/3-1/4 the price. The ANC is really nice. I use these for work at home where my wife cares for our 2 yo and 4 yo sons. It gets loud in our house, but the ANC works really well at keeping me focused and the sensor on the right makes it super easy to switch between ANC and transparency modes. I actually use them in transparency mode a lot as well because my phone calls sound natural on my end and I can hear when someone needs me in the house. I use them on a Windows 10 laptop and on my iPhone simultaneously. Getting phone calls on my phone doesn’t work perfectly when I am also connected to the laptop and the volume does drop sometimes when they are switching between devices on the fly but I just hit volume up either on the headphones or the device and it resolves.Sound quality is really good on these. They get a little tinny when switching to ANC mode but it levels out. Not really a complaint at $90. If I paid $300+ for these I would expect more but they still sound great and overall these are literally the best sub $100 ANC headphones you can get.

  66. Peter

    First, know that I’ve never used noise canceling headsets before. I bought mine in June for the gym. Due to other issues i haven’t gone to the gym since I ordered them so I never used them . I just tried them out today. First I had to figure how to use them because I lost the directions .lol.I have a 25,000 btu wall unit air conditioner, it’s loud. I couldn’t even hear it . I was barely able to hear the TV. Then I turned on the music . The songs sounded better . They were louder with crisp sound . Well worth every penny .Update 2/18/22Last month I started getting feedback through my headset . It was blistering . I turned it off and on a few times. Then it stopped. . Then it happened again a few days later . I turned off the noise canceling and it seemed to “fix” the problem. Days later I turned the noise canceling back on , so far so good. No idea what caused it or why it happened. .

  67. Angelfish

    Angelfish’s hubby here. These were for me. Arrived today. Been using them for a few hours now. Only knock is that it doesn’t QUITE cancel voices in higher pitch ranges, which means I can probably still hear Angelfish herself.Had no trouble pairing with two devices simultaneously (an iPhone and a PC). Can switch back and forth seamlessly (or nearly so).Seemed a little bass heavy at first, but it may have been the material I was listening to at the time. Downloaded the Soundcore app. It appeared to require a login/sign-up at first, but I ignored that and found that no, you DON’T have to sign-up for anything. “Default” EQ goes to what must be a proprietary setting, but you can change to various settings for Jazz, Classical, Podcast, bass heavy, bass reduced, treble heavy, treble reduced, etc. Factory settings for most of what I’ve done have been clear.These were replacing 18 year old Audio-Technica Quiet Points that finally gave out, and I detect very few differences in sound quality. If anything, there is less hiss in these. I had been very happy with my last pair of ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) headphones, and these are off to a great start.Controls are a little tough to remember, and you need to remember positions of the buttons, since the tactile feel of each button is very similar. I like the transparency feature, which is activated simply by holding a hand up to the right ear for a second. Doing the same returns you to ANC mode. Via the button on the left ear, one can choose ANC, transparency, or normal in a round robin-style selection.The app allows for a few modes of ANC, to include Transport, Indoor, and Outdoor, to be selected for the phone, and you can close the app and still have the mode engaged. The app also has a few sleep mode settings, with rain, wind, birds chirping, etc. Fairly nice feature for when a nap is in order.The earcups fit over my ears comfortably, and the weight of the headphones is really nothing. Since the Bluetooth pairing is new for me and ANC headphones, not having to deal with a cord is a nice plus, but a cord comes with it just in case.If you’re looking for Bose Sound quality, well, then get the Bose. These are about 85+% of that capability at around 20% of the price. Highly recommend.

  68. Owen G.Owen G.

    Anker delivers again with the Q30 headset. I continue to be impressed with their high end quality for a midrange price. While $80 is not cheap, it’s delivering the same quality and feel I expect from $150 sets.Noise canceling is not 100%, but it cancels enough that I have to actively try and hear things going on in the outside.Their Transparency setting that amplifies outside noises to talk to others or hear announcements works very well. I’ve noticed it pick up enough in a quiet room that I can hear the air ducts.My favorite feature so far is dual pairing so I can switch easily from my computer and my phone while working. It’s still not as smooth as I would like, but it’s definitely better than I have experienced before. It would be more helpful if I could be double synced simultaneously.

  69. Dave Pearce

    I was looking for a pair of cordless Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones. These looked good for I bought them. I’m a pretty picky audiophile so I wasn’t expecting much. These won’t replace my main cans, but the freedom of no cords is wonderful. The Bluetooth range is fantastic. I’ve gone 50′ and several walls away with no dropouts.I have no problem with the headband. I have a huge head and I’m using it as small as will go. Padding on the headband and ear muffs are pretty good. After a couple of hours my ears are sweating but I’m in a hot room.The noise-cancelling is pretty good. A person next to you can talk and you can barely understand them. All other sounds like fans, AC and lawn mowers outside are very much reduced.I’ve used them for several phones calls and they work great. They even knock down the keyboard sounds.One benefit I was not expecting… Sounds can be very distracting to me. ( Squirrel!!!). My attention will flit about and makes for a lack of concentration. Sometimes I just put on the headphones without playing any music for the surreal lack of noise. For autistic and other people who hear everything like I do, I would think these headphones would be a godsend.Battery life is very good. I’m only guessing but maybe about ten hours.The headphones come with a nice soft “hard case” and all of the cables you will need.I’m listening to piano music now and hearing a single strand rattling in a single piano string in the recording. Pretty good sound quality to pick that up in the recording.

  70. Steve ASteve A

    Simply put, these have exceeded my expectations. I’ve been looking for a good pair of wireless headphones to travel with and to cut the cord while I’m sitting here at my desk all day. I ended up choosing these after seeing them on sale one day and I’m glad I jumped on the sale.Pros:-Battery life. I’ve been using the headphones at work for roughly 20 hours over two days and it’s still reporting “high” battery life. That was pretty amazing to me. Battery claims often aren’t backed up when you actually use the device under normal conditions. But I’m really pleased with how long it’s lasted on it’s original first charge-The sound is great. I’m not audiophile but these sound really good to me. I’m listening mostly to video but has good base and clear definition.-A feature I wasn’t necessarily looking for but am really pleased with is the noise canceling and transparency features on this. The noise canceling does really really well. Especially good for drowning out background noise at work to concentrate. Similarly, with a touch of the right headphone you can turn transparency mode on and it kicks on the dual microphones so you can hear stereo of your surroundings (like having them completely off your head). This mode has been great for when I’m trying to listen to something but also listen to what’s happening around me or getting up from my desk without having to take the headphones off.-They’re very comfortable. I find that the pressure is just right so it doesn’t hurt for me to wear them all day and the foam pads are comfortable enough to cushion them against my head while sealing out the noise around me. My ears fit inside the holes just fine.-I wasn’t looking for a “headset” feature but the built in mics allow me to switch over to a zoom call and use the headphones as a headset for both audio playback and microphone. This has been great — again, removing cables from my desk.-And lastly, I LOVE the dual bluetooth connection capability. Again, something I wasn’t seeking out that now I’m glad to have. It allows me to connect both to my phone and office computer at the same time. And it seemingly switches automatically when one source stops playing audio, and the other starts playing audio. Just a really awesome feature.Cons:-I don’t particularly love the button controls. You’re never looking at them and unless you memorize them, they don’t feel any different on each ear. So I often hit the wrong one. And it might be possible, but with just the play and volume + – controls I haven’t figured out how to skip a song if listening to music, which makes me get out my phone to do (again, that might just be me not looking into the instructions deep enough).-I don’t particularly love the app. The app is required to update the firmware, you can go in and change audio settings which is cool (something I’ll probably never do myself) but the rest of the app is another music service they’re trying ot get you to subscribe to. No thanks.-And lastly here, I wish the foam pieces were removable and replaceable. They’re fine now but I could see the material they used wearing out. And if they do, you basically have to scrap the headset.Overall, for the price and quality from a fairly name brand audio maker; I haven’t seen anything under $100 that would compare to this.

  71. Johnz Doez

    Soundcore q30Critical Flaw- Even after the 1.90v firmware, users that connect to 2 Bluetooth connections can have periodic painful volume increases to 100% blasting your ears out ! From researching the issue it looks like users have a variety of audio issues when connecting to 2 devices. (Note that 2 devices does NOT mean simultaneous audio from both, it’s more of an easier way to swap between the 2 devices. These headphones do not support 2 simultaneously active audio sources.) Mine will randomly blast out at 100%, have periodic digital noise, and periodic digital audio lose. I don’t know if this issue occurs with other similar models. This seems to occur more often when switching between the 2 devices, but also occurring randomly during use.The 100% volume glitch is unacceptable from a safety perspective and these have to be returned.I can not give more than 1 at this time for headphones that can so easily cause hearing damage.This is unfortunate because I really liked these headsets. Here are my normal pros/cons list.Pros:-Crazy long battery life, 40hrs and a quick charge 5min for 4hrs with a usb-c charger.-Soft and comfortable ear cups and headband. They are not too warm, but will heat up over time like most over ear headphones. The earcups rotate and swivel to fit most face contours and sizes. My head is average size and they work great. I think smaller sized heads even down to maybe 12yr would work, but if you have a larger head, hat, hair, etc they might not fit well or might feel tight.-I really like the NC Noise Canceling and it is my preferred mode on these headsets for general usage. It works pretty well, of course do not expect it to block all outside sound. There is also a pass through mode that I’ve used on different headsets before for example in the office when you still need to be able to hear what is going on around you.-The Soundcore Android app (no separate software available for Windows) is easy to use and works well for the basic functions it performs. You will need to use the app to update the firmware and adjust the equalizers. In the app, the q30 also has additional settings for a custom equalizer, 3 NC Noise canceling mode types.-FREE carrying case, nice rigid feel with denser foam inside, the zipper pulls smoothly and appears to made to help prevent snagging on the zipper teeth.-They do not feel too large on an adult head and nicely fold up to fit in the including carrying case.-The audio and mic quality sounded really good for both music and phone call/video conferenceCons:-***The 100% volume issues at the top of the review-No Dual Audio SourceThese headphones do support 2 Bluetooth connections at the same time, but NOT like what you are probably thinking unfortunately. 2 devices does NOT mean simultaneous audio from both, it’s more of an easier way to swap between the 2 devices. These headphones do not support 2 simultaneously active audio sources.-NO Mic with AUX 3.5mmThe headphones speakers and mic can be used via BT Bluetooth. However, when using the wired AUX 3.5mm headphone jack, only the speakers operate. This is how they are made and advertised but unfortunate that for some reason you can not have a wired connection to utilize the speakers and mic using a wired connection.

  72. Daniel Mentel

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     So I was very curious about how they would be because well they didn’t seem to expensive and I was looking for something comfortable to be able to relax and listen to audio books and these are so surprisingExtremely comfortable i could wear them all day no problemSound quality is top of the line best sounding headset i have ever hadNoise cancelling is perfect you can turn it on and off just by touching the right side and there are 3 different modes for it so if you need to hear a little more or if you dont want to hear anythingConnectivity is quick and simple and you can pair two devices at the same time which is really nice there is an app which you can get on the phone to change the sound quality to whatever suits your fancySo yes definitely 5 star and would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone

  73. Band Photographer

    I had tried a few wired and wireless earbuds and not really like the fit or comfort. I have always been a fan of over-the-ear headphones. My first pair were Pioneer SE 505 from my youth. There were a couple of pairs from Bose and Sony before settling into Shure SRH840. All of these headphones were wired and while the Shure continues to see heavy use, I wanted something wireless.I have been an Anker fan for cables and chargers and even a Bluetooth speaker. I love the quality and value of their products. I decided to try the Life Q30. It has been a great choice. The sound quality is excellent and there are several custom EQ settings that you can select from a free downloadable app for iOS or Android. There is an option to create your own EQ settings too but I have not found the need.The bass is punchy and powerful if you want that or can be dialed down too. The rest of the tonal range is very clear and crisp and smooth.There are several noise cancellation settings and they work pretty well too which is an added bonus. There are also some sleep sound options with a timer. I have not used those but could seem them being useful at times.Battery life is also amazing. Each time you turn on the headphones, the battery level is announced. Other perks include a zippered hard case, USB-C charging, and an included stereo mini cable for those times you need to be wired.I also used them for voice calls and Zoom meetings and I had good reviews on my voice quality when I asked.I highly recommend them!Update: I took these to the Indy 500 Race and the noise cancelation worked great. I compared it to my race headset and the Q30 was quieter.Update 2: I used these for a three-day Drum Corp event and the noise cancellation performed very well again. I was often 20′ from stacks of amplified speakers inside an NFL stadium and no problem. The battery lasted for all 3 – 12 hour days and still reports battery as high. While I mainly used them to knock down the sound levels, I did listen to talk radio via a streaming app and listen to a TV show. Both were easily heard over the powerful amplified sound without having to crank them up.

  74. Merk Beevers

    I got this for working with video-conferencing with my Mac, and it works really well. It joins with the computer really quickly (as soon as the headset is turned on), and the sound quality, both to my ears, and through the microphone to others, is really good. The noise cancelling feature is pretty good, and really helps eliminate everyday things like road noise, people using leaf blowers, and anything normally distracting. I used the noise cancelling alone on a couple of long-haul flights, and it really helped me get better sleep on the red-eye flight. When walking around town, I don’t use noise cancelling for safety reasons, but outside noise is still attenuated some, so occasionally (like when near busy roads) I use the “transparency” mode feature, which actively pipes in some outside sound. I have found the battery life excellent — I charge maybe once every other week, but YMMV. Best of all is that this headset is a fraction of the cost of some noise cancelling headphones, which is a major plus. I’m not saying a pair from Sony or Bose won’t be better, but for the cost, these are hard to beat.

  75. Henry

    Overall: These headphones are great for those who want to dip their toes into ANC pairing with great sound quality. The app adds an additional customizable features worth getting the headphones alone. Comes with hard shell carrying case, folds nicely, and light to carry.Sound quality:Bass: Great balance, not too overwhelming such as the skullcandy crusher wireless. Enough to enjoy, and an option to turn it up in the app which is nice to block the sound of your parents yelling at you in the background.Mids: slightly down which is expected but there is an option to make the sound curve more flat or raise the mids.Highs: Good for what it costs, I can’t complain. Vocals and high hats sound good.Build quality: Mostly a plastic construction with the exception of band adjustment is metal. The stem coming from the ear cups is concerning because repetitive swiveling and stretching the headphones could snap here. However, its light, easy to carry and well built otherwise.Battery life: Great! I couldn’t tell you how much one charge would last me because I charge it every week. Every week though, I have been it 3-4 hours a day and had about 40%-50% battery life. I had ANC on with 30-40% volume.ANC: Comes with 4 settings, ANC (outdoor for low rumble/indoor for voices), transparency mode (feeds audio from outside so you can talk to others while wearing headphones), and passive. Not bad compared based on the price. These are not on par with the sony or bose flagship ANC headphones at all. However, I don’t have any complaints about it using in a library, coffee shop, home with background TV noise.App: super simple to use, has many EQ settings to choose from. Can switch the ANC modes from here. Also comes with optional sleep mode where you can play soft background noise to help sleep. My potato head can’t wear any headphones to sleep so I don’t use this. But works well if you wanna listen to waterfalls and pee on the bed at night.Other details: Going to the gym with these are fine, just don’t bench with them. Cardio is also not recommended, imo earbuds are safe bet all around.Button layout is fine: 2 on left for on off and ANC. Right has 3 for play pause, volume up and down. Holding either up and down will skip tracks.Pairing was quick and easy with NFC.

  76. M. Lance

    I am incredibly impressed by everything about these headphones. I wear headphones about 14 hours a day for conference calls and to keep myself sane trying to work from home with a young child during a pandemic. I’d been using some great Taotronics headphones for about two years, but they finally broke and are discontinued.The price point for these headphones is pretty phenomenal. I have a very large skull for a woman (actually, on the large size for a guy too) so most headphones are uncomfortable within an hour. These I can easily wear all day. The battery life is unbelievable. I can easily use them for 24 hours without getting low battery, and charging for just like a half hour gives you hours and hours of more battery life. I’d had to cycle between two sets of headphone to accommodate charging with my old headphones but that hasn’t been necessary with these.As for use with conference calls, the sound quality is crystal clear and zero echo.The noise cancellation is in par with Bose. My husband has a pair and I cannot tell the difference, which given the difference in price point is very impressive.I highly recommend that headphones! Major bang for your buck.

  77. Francis Karl

    These do WONDERS muffling the sound of the laundry. Reduces it from being able to hear every clunk of the machine to a faint nondescript buzz. I also completely didn’t notice that my laptop’s inner fan had turned on, which is great because it’s an annoying sound but dangerous because the laptop can overheat. As for people talking/watching TV in the other room, if you’re paying attention to these background noises, or not listening to music you can still definitely hear the noise, but while watching a video these headphones make it so much easier to get lost in what you’re listening to so don’t notice those other noises. While walking through a room where people are watching TV, these do a great job muffling the sound so you can’t hear any dialogue, great for avoiding spoilers.They are pretty comfortable too, even for a glasses wearer.Can’t say anything about the battery life yet because I just got them.Switching from budget non-noise cancelling headphones I’ve noticed two huge differences- the bluetooth range on these is much farther, i can get all the way to my car and still hear the music, whereas I used to lose connection as soon as i walked out the door. I’ve also noticed these headphones keep the connection even when i’m using the microwave. my old headphones would suddenly get spotty reception when I turned on the microwave (which was between my headphones and the computer in the other room). But with these the reception is much better when microwaving.My 2 qualms are 1) that I can’t really figure out how to turn the headphones off (the instructions say to hold the power button for one second and the light will flash red, but they just stay on) – they turn off when you plug them in to charge but that’s cumbersome to do every time. 2) while using the AUX cord instead of wireless connection, the volume is very low. You have to turn the volume on the ipod/computer up to 100% just to achieve a medium volume level, so these headphones aren’t good for someone whos device does not have bluetooth capability. (and I did try pressing the volume up button on the headphones, it didn’t do anything) Still gave these 5 stars due to the overall quality and the price.

  78. R. Watts

    Replacement update:I have used my replacement headphones for a while and haven’t had any issues with calls dropping. I have made a point to confirm call quality and people have advised that they are working fine.Update to my original review:Anker contacted me shortly after my review to help me resolve my issue and offered a replacement. I can’t wait to try out a new pair as the sound on the q30’s is good and they are quite comfy. I should have contacted them up front as they stand by their products, and that is worth 5 stars alone.******************These headphones are great for listening to music or watching something. The sound quality for listening to music for example is pretty good. I can hear calls as well fine. I purchased them for Skype/Zoom meetings and there are issues that really knock down my rating of these. I am always given feedback that people can’t hear me well. (I have done the firmware update and that has not resolved anything.) Also while on calls I am frequently disconnected which is terrible while trying to participate in a meeting. I don’t think I can use these on calls anymore because it is too disruptive. I never had any issues with my Q20’s with people hearing me or getting disconnected, I wish these were up to par. I find the Q30’s to be much more comfortable than the Q20’s. I will note I have a large head, so it is nice that the Q30’s fit with no issue.

  79. Michael Mccloskey

    This is my first entry in the world of noise cancelling headphones. I meditate a few times a day and am sometimes brought out of my meditative state by water running upstairs in my house and other assorted noises. This headset works sufficiently well to subdue these assorted distractions and allow me to stay in the zone. I do use ambient meditation sounds to further mask distractions. The headphones in noise cancelling mode without other sounds do not completely block outside noise, but they subdue it noticeably.I’ve had them for about a month and took them with me recently on a trip to Mexico for a week. They worked great to watch movies and listen to music on the flights to and back. The battery life is incredible. I used them all week a couple times a day without needing to recharge and still had battery life to spare after getting back.I have a pair of wired Sony Studio headphones. These do not compare to those sound quality wise, but they are still very good sound quality wise and I think would be acceptable to most who aren’t cursed with audiophile sensibilities.The build quality is excellent. They fit securely on my head and I’ve had no issues with functionality. I appreciate the verbal announcement of battery level when turning them on. I’ve also used them paired to both my phone and PC at the same time without issue.

  80. J. McKeever

    I have a nice collection of headphones, take out my headphones that cost more than $100.00 and I am left with 9 over the ear headphones wired and wireless. Now adding the Soundcore 30, those remaining 9 headphones just became useless.For under 100 you can not find a better set of headphones, trust me I have tried. These are good all around. They are plastic but a very decent plastic, they fell solid enough. They fit fine with good comfort on the ears and the headband. I just wish the ear cups were a little bigger and deeper, they will fit 95% of most people and they fit comfortably.I can’t say they sounded great out of the box, as I was not impressed. Once I got to tweaking the app I found several settings for me and set up several of my own custom settings.(I liked Piano and boosted the bass on this one. which gave good depth and clarity) These truly will be great sounding for almost anyone, if you are a bass head or prefer flat or like clarity and detail, you will be pleased. As a whole the headphones are fine and out of the box have a strong V signature but the secret is in the app, this is what truly makes these a great pick for most.The noise cancelling is very good not as good as my Sony’s and Bose but those after hearing these are not worth 3 to 4 times the cost.As a whole as I mentioned I do not see me having to pick up my other headphones depending on my mood, I can just use the Soundcore and adjust the EQ to my liking. These is not what I expected for under $100.

  81. jc1179jc1179

    I love these for the money there the best. First you have to make adjustments before use. In my opinion they have way to much base way too much. I’ve made adjustments to the eq now there fantastic. As far as the factory presets go, set it to piano that’s the best all around use imo. Another thing to consider would be to buy headphone socks for long term wear. I have the knitted ones and the spandex but the spandex type material are more comfortable.

  82. Orlando

    Bought these because I needed some noise cancelling head phones. Watch a bunch of youtube videos and found these were the best of my options. I have bought other noise cancelling headphones in the past in the 50 dollar price range and I would say these definitely feel more premium. The app is a nice touch but honestly I don’t use it much. Compared to other headphones I had in this price range these are just slightly better at ANC. I found most headphones at this price range rely on the ear cushions to block out most of the noise. These headphones do the same but do a great job at that, so much so I rarely turn on the ANC. I gave the noise cancelling only 4 stars because it’s not as good as Bose or Sony but they are still amazing for this price range.

  83. Kindle Customer

    I have never had noise canceling (as opposed to noise “isolating”) headphones. I read all the pros and cons of other buyers. After spending the last day working with it and trying to read the rather difficult to read instructions, I found everything worked perfectly including pairing with my iPhone 11 and keeping that connection even after being turned off over night. Easy and fast. I have a feeling some of the slamming of the product was done by people who may not have read the instructions. I noticed some wind noise once when first putting them on, but by clicking the button in the lest ear piece, a different mode was selected and it went away. I find the sound balance between treble, midrange and bass perfect for my old ears that are not as good as they once were. I have yet to use it on a plane but I found the noise cancelling was very good since we have two fans in our den; one an air filter and the other which is noisier in our gas oven/stove. Both disappeared immediately. I can hear the TV and my wife talking to me but they are both very muted but I do wonder how baby cries in a plane will be obscured. I found playing Pandora both with the cord provided and bluetooth through my iPhone 11 was excellent and I could adjust the volume both on the right ear piece and on the phone. I did hear the sound of the phone as texts and email notifications came in. So I will be testing it with my iPad which has no phone connection, just internet. The ear pieces are large and with the soft padding around them contain my ears perfectly offering a good seal and cuts the ambient noise around me by at least 50% which I understand is called “Passive” noise isolating. That coupled with the active noise cancelling is impressive even though I have no other higher priced headphones to compare with. These answer my needs perfectly for air travel, train travel, car travel, naps during the day, listening to music or TV and with Pandora spa station, just de-stressing in my recliner. They are too new to comment on their life expectancy or the durability of the ear piece padding. Just hold your right hand on the right ear piece and its internal mic picks up voice around you so you can reply to the wife or air hostess. I plan to use these too for my video editing when doing audio since it cuts out all the ambient sounds of emergency vehicles and motor cycles in my neighborhood. So at least speaking for myself, I am very pleased with the product and the 40 hours of play on the fully charged batteries. But you do, like most products, need to read and apply the instructions in the owner’s manual that comes with the product.

  84. ShattererShatterer

    EDIT: As usual, Anker customer service goes above and beyond. It is INSANE to buy from any other company for this reason alone. Within 24 hours of my review going live, anker emailed me to confirm my shipping address and to send out a new product free of charge. Despite them saying to allow 7-10 business days for delivery, it arrived the NEXT DAY. As of 2021, Anker crushes the competition. Defective product? They will send free replacements, multiple if necessary. Product doesn’t fit your needs? They’ll send a different, similar product for free. Still not satisfied? Money back. If Anker offers a type of product(cords, chargers, headphones) there is virtually no reason to buy from any other company. You will never be disappointed by Anker if you use the customer support. Never.TL;DR, these are 5 star headphones with a 2 star build quality, which unfortunately ruins them.I am really disappointed by BUILD quality, despite loving the SOUND quality. I own 15+ Anker devices and they never disappoint in performance, but build can be an occasional issue. Like some other have noted, these headphones feel wonderful but do not give the impression of being particularly resilient, even out of the box.The noise cancelling is amazing, all aspects of the sound and especially buttons are phenomenal, but these headphones broke at the joint from less than 5 months of regular use…no drops, no provocation, just the act of putting them on and taking them off throughout the day has apparently proven too much for the plastic build, and because of this broken joint, they are virtually unusable, as the screw has no purchase on the rest of the build and it gets worse every time they are used.For 80$, and especially for the q30 which was the highest quality headphones anker offered at the time, this is deeply disappointing. I paid for the best version (only succeeded now by the just released q35) assuming the best of the best. I hope they address this design going forward.

  85. Jeremiah Garcia

    I’ve had these for quite some time now and can say I’d recommend them to most people. Sound quality is amazing in normal, noise cancellation or ambient mode. If you don’t like the sound, adjust the EQ in the app to what your needs are and be rewarded with some of the best headphones on the market at half the price. I’ve used these at home, at work and at the gym. Although they delivered in the gym, the clamping force on my head was on the lighter side and they did start to slide off at times. I have a medium sized head so I would say if you’re going to use for the gym, keep this set for the less intense days where you’re not running around or on your back so much and they lll be great. The touch pad on the right cover to switch from NC to ambient is a nice feature to have to. Noise cancelling works really well at blocking out a good majority of back ground noise that most people will find sufficient. Ambient mode or pass through, sounds very clear and naturally not digitized or robotic or like your in a phone call with the person right in front you. Overall a great performing set of headphones with a different vibe to them.

  86. James Lamprey (FunFoods)

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     I bought these headphones because I wanted a nice wireless headphone to use for my travels. The noice cancelling feature on this product is terrific. I have used some high price headphones in the past and they are not worth it. This only cost me $85 and was better than some I paid $300 for.This is an over-the-ear headphone so it is very effective at blocking noice along with the technology in the headphones. It matched up with my smartphone quickly and easily. The headphones fold and fit into a hard case for protection while they are not in use.It has a button to turn on and off noice cancellation so you don’t have to remove your headphones to hear conversations if someone needs to talk to you. I am done buying expensive headsets now that I know this one exists.

  87. Cheryl F.

    I wanted over ear headphones because wearing in ear headphones irritates my ear. Unfortunately, I have had a lot of the cartilage removed in my left ear to use during a reconstructive rhinoplasty. This makes my ear very sensitive and I’ve found in ear headphones painful. I wanted over ear headphones that would not crush my already sensitive, kinda flat ear. I did not need very expensive professional headphones as I am only using these for music, YouTube, etc at home and for travel. I’m not creating music, using them for work etc that would require very top of the line headphones. I admit I was drawn to these because of the color as well! The sound quality is very good. They cancel outside noise so well I cannot hear my own fingers typing when I have them on. And most importantly they do not crush my bad ear. They’re not super heavy so I could even wear them to clean around the house, etc. Very glad I bought them 🙂

  88. CoffeecupCoffeecup

    Finally, a really good pair of wireless headphones at an affordable price point and with awesome sound. I currently own a Beats Studio 3 wired set, which I use for sound production on my MacBook Pro. However, the Life Q30 is BT and that makes a very good alternative for everyday listening where I can walk around without the interference of wires. The Life Q30 also feels a lot lighter on the head for a pair that carries deep sound and clarity. I highly recommend it for this reason alone, and also for its near-flawless pairing capabilities and noise cancellation. If there’s any latency, I can’t say that I notice it, b/c I know it would be problematic for me. I read in another review here that the plastic headband has a tendency to break, so I’m being careful— Yes, it’s all plastic which would account for its lightweight nature. But the 40 mm drivers and 8-band graphic equalizer (on Anker’s Soundcore iOS app) allow customization for a deep and balanced sound.The headphones have a frequency response of 16Hz – 40kHz, which is great, but there’s no way to know that when you’re adjusting precise frequencies within this range, given that all you have are 8 bands in the graphic EQ. While I appreciate having an 8-band EQ, I would love more control of these frequencies in a future update of this headset’s app.The noise cancellation is awesome and it filters most (not all) of the external sounds in “noise cancellation” mode (there are 3 modes), which is the maximum setting. I love that I have a choice between “normal” and “transparency” modes, too. Normal mode is the default, and this is an in-between setting, which is nice, but I usually switch to Transparency when I’m in the same room with a family member whom I don’t want to block out when having a conversation and listening to music at the same time. And switching between all 3 settings takes just the push of a button on the left ear to cycle through them, great!The charging is quick and long-lasting, and I can use the Life Q30 for more than a full day before the battery power drops to medium and I get an audio caution about it. I’m really happy with this pair of headphones. I wanted to buy the Q35 but read that a key noise-cancelling feature on that upgrade only works with Android phones, so I thought I’d give the Life Q30 a try, and I have no regrets about that. Good aesthetics in design, too, though with this pair of headphones over my head, the firm plastic headband gives the impression that it protrudes out too far at the ears on both sides, so I’m wondering if a future design update could make the headband appear tighter or closer to the ears once it leaves the top of the head. A minor issue perhaps?Great pair. Go out and get yourself one! And if Anker wants me to review another good pair of theirs, I’m happy to do it. My former days as a live sound engineer taught me to judge sound well, and I haven’t lost sensitivity in my hearing yet. Watch those highs and lows, folks, or you’ll get ringing in your ears which is bad news for you! Cheers!

  89. S. Fowler

    1. Comfort. They cover all of my ears and fit snug, but comfortable. The pads are very soft and conform perfectly.2. Noise cancellation. Five stars. When I first put them on I was sitting under a loud fan and the sound just disappearing. I’m an idiot so, for a second, I thought the fan broke. lol!3. Sound quality. For $80? WONDERFUL! I’m sure there are better out there, but this is absolutely the best bang for the buck.4. Bluetooth. This was the primary reason I was looking to replace the last two pair of headsets that had failed me. Apparently my study is located in a bluetooth black hole and I needed to find something – anything – that could make it to the primary living space of my home without cracking up. This one did it. Frankly, this is such a relief.5. Clarity of instructions. This is the worst part and it is bad. The print on the instructions is ridiculously small. Fortunately for me, I collect magnifying glasses, so it was nothing but a walk to my bookcase to fix the problem.6. Bass. It’s actually pretty good. Four stars only because I know that much more expensive headphones could do better. But it sounds as the artists intended and that’s plenty good enough for me. I haven’t played with a equalizer with it yet, so it might be better than I realize. But I’m really not complaining.All-in-all, this solved all of my problems. I couldn’t be happer.

  90. Major Havoc

    Update: 04/13/21Anker quickly shipped a replacement and it works great and I was able to quickly partially diagnose what went wrong with the first one. Whenever I tried to connect with NFC that Soundcore app would immediately turn on my phones Bluetooth and connect to that. I don’t know if it is a firmware error or anything else, but there is the difference between the one I purchased and the replacement.With the replacement I am not getting that NFC issue and it works perfectly.The only left to discuss is the difference between a five band equalizer, a twelve band equalizer and why I cannot use the Dolby app as the default equalizer.As far as the noise canceling goes, it is a game changer when compared to cheaper headsets with noise canceling. And you can leave it enabled and the headset on overnight and discover that the headset only lost ten percent of its charge. I never had a headset that could do that.Update: 3/22/21Removed two stars from the review because connecting through NFC only works some of the time. And you shouldn’t need an app to use your headset properly, not that the app can help you with NFC, it is not aware of that. It only knows you didn’t connect using bluetooth.This is the first Soundcore product I have purchased and I like it.For those of you who just purchased this, to get the NFC to work on the first try, the first thing you need to do is download the Soundcore app and after it has installed, go to your app settings menu and find the Soundcore app and enable all the permissions. Then leave the app alone until your Life Q30 arrives. Charge the headset fully, turn it on without connecting the Bluetooth, wear and then gently tap your phone against the right earphone. Then you’ll get the notification that a firmware update is available. After it has installed prepare to be impressed with a headset thst costs under $100.Three levels of noise cancellation, and more than enough equalizer settings to confuse you. Be sure to disable Dolby if you have that on your phone. I’m not sure which system I like better, but I’ll probably default to Dolby.All in all I am happy with how they look fit and sound, especially the noise cancellation, and the battery indicator on the Soundcore app widget is nice. They are fairly comfortable to wear, but there are more comfortable headsets out there if you don’t mind spending over $250.This is a first 24 hours review and I’ll be sure to give you updates in the future.

  91. Rom

    I love these headphones.The lows are heavy which, is great for someone who likes heavier music, enjoys listening to lower tones for sleep, or for playing video games.Most people want will want to adjust the tone quality and they can do that by choosing a preset or customizing the equalizer.However, there are times you will need to be corded (like a call or if plugged into a ps4 controller) and you will end up with the default sound. You can still listen to music while on a call. These aren’t gaming console compatible.The app has settings for sleeping and will even play sounds like “white noise” or “rain.”The headphones will make your ears warm/hot and it may cause you to take them off after a little bit of time just to cool off.I don’t mind the heat because the noise canceling is simply phenomenal and there are alternate settings for noise canceling in the app.The spatial quality makes it feel like the sounds are in your head instead of speakers on your head.The volume is controllable with the buttons on the headphones themselves or through any connected device. The volume is loud enough to be loud without blowing your eardrums or creating distortion.They’re a solid build and they have a little bit of weight to them. The padding is thick and kind of gives it a luxury feel.

  92. Richard B. Ewald

    I bought these on a deal through WOOT. The noise cancelling is excellent for the price. Yeah Bose does a better job at 3-4X the price. The sound quality is very good and the Bluetooth works great with my phone. The only down side is the instructions that come with them are less than stellar. Other than that they are great.**Update** It is said the measure of a company is how they handle adversity. Using this metric Anker Life is a stellar company. The foam ear cushions needed to be replaced under warranty. I contacted their support. I was treated like I was the single most important customer they have ever had.Don’t believe me? Check this out. They asked me for the serial number to process the claim. I sent it in on Thursday evening. Bright and early Friday I had an email from support thanking me and apologizing that they might not be able to ship on that day, and asking if Monday would be OK. (WOW!) Then on Monday I got an email saying it was shipped. Then another asking if it arrived. Then another asking if I had any issues installing the new cushions. Finally I got a final one thanking me for my business.(If anyone from Anker reads this please thank Cookie and May for me, they both rock!)I am super pleased with this headphones. I wear them all day and sometimes at night so I can sleep better. I also use them on airplanes. I am very happy and fully recommend them.

  93. Jason

    I have owned these headphones for about 2.5 months now and have used them for multiple hours each day listening to music with the noise cancellation on outside, in my living room and in the garage doing woodworking. The sound quality of the music is amazing and the noise cancelling is on point. I use them with music and noise cancelling as my hearing protection when sanding and using power tools. I can barely hear the tools when I have them on. They are the most comfortable over the ear headphones I have ever owned (and I’ve owned quite a few). I have big ears and these completely cover them with zero pressure on any part of my ear or head. I think I’ve charged the headphones 3 times in the last 2.5 months. The battery life is as amazing as the comfort. I haven’t travelled with them so I don’t know how they do on planes, but they block out the barking of my 3 dogs really well. I can’t compare the to the Sony, Bose, or other more expensive brands as I’ve never used their over the ear noise cancelling headphones. I do own the Bose Soundsport in ear headphones and I have to say that I enjoy the soundstage on this headphone than on the Bose. Overall, I got exactly what I was looking for with these headphones.

  94. Megan Tilton

    I struggle with background noise. I have a hard time focusing. My husband recently purchased a pair for work and had me try them on. I decided to buy myself a pair and try them out. I set these up as soon as they arrived and I couldn’t be more happy. I can focus without interruption. I didn’t get these for listening to music but that is an added bonus. I didn’t even realize they had a mic for speaking to others. Quality seems to be spot on, though. Another pair of headphone I have last about 5-6 hours and need recharged. These things last forever. I don’t even know how many hours I have used them and they are still going. Love them!Updated to add that I love these so much and use them all the time. My daughter would borrow them for me so much that we got her a pair for her birthday. Now none of us can hear each other. Hahaha

  95. Anni

    Bear in mind I love my family but sometimes the senseless 24/7 neediness of grown *** adults gets to you when you’ve got deadlines and a job to do. Maybe some of you can relate.This is such a TOTAL relief to have complete noise canceling while I work as well as the VISUAL CUE to my family THAT I AM WORKING. I thought I’d about lose my mind with every 3 second interruptions that had my blood boiling the past month. I couldn’t get my writing or studying done and finally gave up until these arrived. FYI – these were DOCTOR RECOMMENDED!!! You know who you are. Best Rx I ever got.If you work or study at home (it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, trust me) or need to block out all the noise and interruptions, I highly recommend these. I can’t hear a single utterance and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t even think I could hear the smoke alarm AND I DON’T CARE.I have sensitive ears, can’t put much on them without redness and irritation, but he headphones are super cushy and are completely comfortable. As a side benefit, they also hold my glasses on nicely, whereas they normally slide down my nose every 3 seconds. One less interruption! It took me a minute to turn on the sound canceling, but it totally works. The sound quality is also extremely nice for me, not to mention actually being able to hear music again without someone constantly talking over it. THANK YOU.

  96. Mark D

    When I need a product, if Anker has it, I buy it. I have never been let down by Anker, so when I saw they were in the headphone market, I jumped on the chance to give these a shot.I’m glad I did. The product lives up to the specs, and more. The sound quality is amazing, although I do agree with others that the bass is too much by default. This is easily corrected with the equalizer app. The battery life is incredible. The noise cancelling feature is as good as you are going to get with this generation of headphones. The transparency mode is a nice feature- when selected, it slightly amplifies the sound around you so you can hold a conversation or be aware of your surroundings.These feel sturdy. I have shown them to a few friends, and they have all noted how the headphones feel. They aren’t heavy at all, but they feel like they should be, if that makes any sense.You can tell that some serious thought went into the ear cups and the padding on the inside of the top of the band.I didn’t think I would use the 3.5mm jack, but when I heard how good these headphones sound, I immediately started using them for with the included 3.5mm cable for gaming, replacing my existing gaming headset. I don’t think the microphone works when the 3.5mm is plugged in, so it won’t completely replace a gaming headset with a microphone, unless you are OK with the slight sound delay that happens when you use bluetooth for gaming. That’s not the fault of the headphones, that’s the reality of any bluetooth audio;dr: These are great and well worth the money.

  97. Smok3y

    We are so happy with these! I have a $300 pair of beats, and I would rather have 3 pairs of these. The price difference isn’t worth it. When mowing with a high power mower, you need all the noise cancellation you can get and you need good headphones when you are mowing for 8 hours. I have used ear lugs, shooting muffs, in ear headphones and over the ear headphones. Some don’t cancel sound as well, many hurt after all day… not these. They are extremely comfortable and so a great job blocking out the loud mower. I can mow all day without issue. The sound is very good and I don’t have to turn the sound up very loud, because the noise cancellation is doing so well.You never know what you are going to get anymore, but I have purchased several Anker products and been very happy. When every well known headphone reviewer said these were the best for under $100, I knew I had to give them a try.FYI… they are better than three others headphones our family has that are all $100-150. Buy with confidence.

  98. James P.

    I listen to everything from rock and metal to alternative, indie, and electronic. So I was searching for a pair of bluetooth headphones that can handle all types of music. I was looking for something similar that my sounded like my Bose Q25 (long ago, I know haha) that had that bassy lows yet crisp mids and highs. I currently have a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds+ for reference. I also wanted to have a pair of headphones that has USB-C charging so I don’t have to carry two cables with me.I have tried Taotronics BH090 which I found had a tinny sound that made it unbearable to listen to. I have also tried Mpow H12 IPO. The bass made everything sound muddy. When you activate the nosie cancellation, it drowned a lot of bass resulting mostly just mids and highs. Return both of them immediately. Great features but sound wasn’t reaching my expectations. Sorry Taotronics and Mpow!Came across these bad boys and right out of the box I was completely amazed! I have also downloaded their Soundcore App for customizable EQ and noise cancellation options. I find the Rock preset was the most dominant for the sound I was looking for! I didn’t even touch the presets or EQ after that.Being USB-C makes it convenient to bring one cable to charge all my electronics so that’s a big plus. Another amazing feature is transparent mode. I can be able to hear my surrounds and listen to music which out having it altering the sound (similar to my galaxy buds+.The only con I have for the Life Q30 is that the noise cancellation isn’t as strong as I hoped it’d be but what was surprising is that it didn’t alter the sound of the headphones vs amusing without the noise cancellation.Life Q30 will be here to stay! Great overall sound with a bunch of customizable features via the app. Don’t hesitate and just buy these! You will not be disappointed!

  99. zrt_agent

    I feel bad. I really do. I use reviews for almost anything I buy. I am a “spreadsheeter” when it comes to making a purchase but, I rarely leave reviews. I hope to do better in the future. BUT THESE THINGS!!! I had to leave my initial feedback on these things because they are just amazing!1. Sound quality is excellent! I am not a true audiophile but I do appreciate good sound. These are by far the best I have ever used that aren’t professional-grade equipment. Super happy2. These things are lighter in weight than they look. The comfort level is high and I have used these from zoom meetings to woodworking projects. They were a joy to use while working on a 7-hour woodworking project while using a chop saw, table saw, sanders, etc.3. Battery life!!!!! I have charged these one time. I used them for over 13 hours this past weekend. all day at the computer on one day. 2 hour zoom call. And over 5 hours of Youtube viewing. The battery is still announcing “High Charge.” I am so happy with this purchase.

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