Sunrise Alarm Clock

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(102 customer reviews)
Sunrise Alarm Clock $119.98 Original price was: $119.98.$59.99Current price is: $59.99.
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  • 【Sunrise Alarm Clock Wake Up Light 】 This Sleep Aid digital alarm clock is designed for everyone in fact, especially for kids.Light up alarm clock Sunrise simulation light with 7 natural sounds will be on gradually from 10% brightness to 100% in default 30 minutes (you can set )before wake up alarm . Wake you up by gradual light alarm clock color changing nature smart clock sunrise lamp .
  • 【Dual Alarm Clock & Snooze Supported Digital Clock】 Considering you may need to set up different alarm clocks for your family member digital clocks for bedrooms large display .Also, the function of snooze is specially designed for those who needs an extra 9 minutes to start a fresh day. You just need to press the “Snooze” button at the top of the clocks for bedroom,. Up to 5 times 9-minute snooze.
  • 【7 Color Light & 20 Brightness Sunrise alarm clock for bedroom】 There are 7 color changing light you can choose, include blue, indigo, purple, red, orange, yellow, green ok to wake clock for kids . 3 level LED time display brightness & 20 level lighting brightness adjustable sunlight alarm clock with usb charger port .
  • 【FM Clock Radios for Bedroom & 7 Alarm Sounds ok to wake clock】Turn on A alarm clock radio by pressing the “Radio” button. Long press the “FM Radio” button for 2 secs . Automatically scan all stations with frequency 76 – 108 MHz. 7 alarm sounds Not only Smart alarm clock for kids to wake up but also okay to wake alarm clock for kids, (Birdsong, Ocean Wave, Streams, Beep, Wind bells, Soft Music, Piano Music). 16 Level volume adjustable loud alarm clock for kids radio alarm clock .
  • 【Night Light & Bedside Lamp】It is also a Bedside clock sun lamp /desk clock/ Reading Lamp/sunlight lamp/ color changing alram clock . when you press the ☀ button on the upper left to switch it on. Also you can press the “+” / “-” button to adjust the brightness wake up light . Soft and warm lighting gives you good sight when you feed your baby / go to the toilet / read a book at night.

Sunrise and Sunset Simulation

Sunrise Simulation Wake up

Gradually and gently wake up, enjoy a peaceful morning!


Sunset Simulation Sleep Assistant

Simulate a natural sunset, have a good night.


More Details, More Care

Dual-alarm Design

One for working days, one for weekends

Snooze Function

Just one tap, sleep a few more minutes

FM Radio

Auto search all channels, easy to receive local signal

Also an Ambient Light

7 colors and 20 levels of brightness to choose.

Also A Multi-functional Light

Additional information



102 reviews for Sunrise Alarm Clock

  1. John

    The bird and nature sounds are a nice thing to wake up to

  2. LaVon

    I love this alarm. I bought it for my daughter. Waking up to birds chirping is much more appealing to the horrid screech of most alarms.

  3. Smoak

    I like the functions of the light and clock. I would like the option to have my own sound ( nature recordings, mp3 files, etc) for the “alarm” audio at wake-up time, but the built-in sounds are good quality and satisfactory in content. I recommend this light alarm.

  4. Frederick Huber

    Nice colors

  5. andrew m

    Does everything you could want the product to do. Lots of options like different alarm sounds,Light levels, etc. Maybe too many, because you’ll probably forget what all the buttons do, but the level of customization is really helpful for getting the sunrise effect just right. Major quality of life improvement if you have trouble waking up.

  6. Jan M Peterson

    I read reviews before my purchase and I agree with the difficulty of following the instructions. For me, the instructions became clear as soon as I started the setup. I really needed to go through the motions to understand. After the first morning I made adjustments to the wake up tune and moved it across the room. It was far too bright for me to be located bedside. I still wanted the full brightness so moving it away from the bed was better for me. In regards to the wake up tunes, I would prefer a longer loop, they get really annoying after about 30 seconds. I’m happy with my purchase and it helps me get up in the morning when it’s still dark outside which was my goal.

  7. Michelle

    I love the brightness and alarm sound. However the time started moving fast a couple months back. We cannot correct it and it’s now almost 10 mins too fast.

  8. Amanda

    This alarm clock is amazing, I don’t get groggy or cranky waking up to bird chirping every morning!

  9. Mayme

    Very helpful to have the light go off before the alarm, easier for me to get up in the morning. Takes only a few minutes to set up.I also use it as a soft light in the evening to help transition to sleep.

  10. recent rdx buyer

    Would recommend the Phillips version over this one. This one works but has too many small buttons with icons that are indecipherable. In other words, they needlessly made it less user friendly. It works, but they could have made it so much easier to use with minimal extra effort.

  11. E. Hutchings

    I love this light. I have SAD and this helps SO much. It can be a little tricky to figure out, but once you do, you’ll love it!

  12. Kiera Johnson

    This alarm clock is awesome!! I am a very deep sleeper and can never get up in the morning on time! Since I got this alarm clock I have been on time to work and I wake up happier. It doesn’t beep really loud like other alarm clocks which I love. I hate being woken up to a loud sound! There are so many customizations on this alarm clock and it is just truly awesome!

  13. Hawkey

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     My daughter is at the age where monsters under her bed are a real concern! I have a similar light to this one in my room and she is convinced the sunlight feature will keep the monsters away. I ordered this one not realizing it is actually smaller that my name brand one, but I am so happy it is! Its the perfect size for her. (And really, mine takes up way too much room on my night table.) The nature sounds are nice and the radio works well, but she really only uses it for the sunlight lamp and the color-changing light at night…a feature my (much more expensive) sunlight clock doesn’t have. Overall, a great purchase! She loves it and I have fewer visits from her in the middle of the night!

  14. shannon heintzelman

    Nice calming wake up options

  15. Robin Reid

    There is nothing really wrong with this alarm clock/light. It’s a good size, it functions very well, and it’s attractive. I bought it to help me ease into my morning with light in a dark bedroom and sound that would not violently buzz me out of bed. The light is wonderful but the nature sounds don’t have long enough sound loops which feels somewhat mechanical and a little 70s horror movie creepy.

  16. Kerry Guerra

    I’ve never been a morning person, I’m just not. One thing I can’t stand, the standard sound of an alarm clock going off, what a terrible way to start a day! Apparently I complained about it enough that my husband decided to do something about it. This last Christmas I was presently surprised to receive a Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock. Now, if I ever sleep facing the direction of where the clock is placed, which I don’t, I can be greeted with the light of a pretend sunrise. Since I don’t sleep in that direction I’m not sure how well that would actually work. What I do wake up to, when I actually sleep long enough for the alarm to go off, is the sounds of birds singing, soooo much nicer than the blaring horn sound of a standard alarm clock! The reason for only four stars you ask, because the instructions are so difficult and there are so many options available I’m lucky I was able to just get one alarm set to go off at the right time, not even going to mention the second alarm option, or the changing colors of light, or the radio option, or the brightness and sound options! Maybe they could make a simpler version and dumb it down a little?

  17. Kathleen

    buttons are difficult to program but over all a nice bedside alarm



  19. ShayD

    It wakes me up exactly as I need to be woken up. I need the illusion of sunrise at a time when there isn’t one, and this does the trick.

  20. Elliotte

    The good:-it tells time-there’s an alarm-it changes color-it looks neat-if accidentally unplugged, the time is savedThe bad:-the instructions are *not* easy to follow-the “fun” color brightness cannot be adjusted, only the default yellow-small, easy to fumble buttons3/5 It’s not bad, but it’s nothing to brag about.


    My PT recommended I try a sun alarm for waking up after a discussion on removing stress triggers from life. She told me that my body would just “wake up” when the sun feature came on. I set my “sun” feature for 10 minutes before my wake up time of 5am and put my phone alarm on vibrate for 5 as well just in case this didn’t work for me. I could not believe it, but from the very first morning I woke up quietly and without stress when the “sun” came out. It’s freaky. It is such a peaceful way to rise, no alarms, no jumping up, no stress. I’ve had mine now for a few months and would NOT go back to a traditional alarm. I honestly didn’t think it would work, but it just goes to show the body knows more than we do!

  22. Helen Marie Bliss Lee

    This night light was perfect! It was easy to use. The warmth/dimmer adjustments was exactly what I was looking for, for when I was video calling all night.I don’t use it every day. A few nights a month, sometimes a couple weeks at a time. Less than one year after I got it, it’s broken already.I don’t have any desire to have to go shopping for a light every year. I’m really disappointed.

  23. J S

    I would much prefer the “lowest” light setting to be a bit darker because it’s actually bright enough to wake me up. I realize this may not be the case with everyone, so you might give this 5 stars whereas I am only giving it 3 for this reason only. If it weren’t for that, I’d give it 5 stars.Once you get the hang of what all the buttons do, it’s pretty easy to set the alarms. You can have TWO alarms set at a time. The light can be set to come on 10, 20, or 30 minutes prior to the noise of your choice [or not at all]. You may set the light to come on at any brightness available, and assuming you do not choose the brightest option, the light will gradually go from whatever you set it at to the brightest option in the 10, 20, or 30 minutes of time until the alarm with the sound of your choice comes on. You have a few options for the alarm [I like the birds], including the radio, and can set that at the volume of your choice.There’s also a sound for NIGHT that works in the opposite direction as the sound/light for the morning … it can be set for up to 2 hours, and after half of the set time it gets a bit more quiet [the light might reduce faster than that – I’m not sure because I do not use the light option for the night setting]. This is a separate button on the right side of the clock, and is easy to push if you want it to keep going … or if you wake up in the middle of the night and want it to start.I LOVE that the digital clock has 3 display settings: bright, medium, nothing. I choose nothing because I prefer my room as dark as possible.I think this would be a nice clock for a child’s bedroom. It seems like it would be a peaceful way for a child to go to sleep and wake up. 🙂 My children are all adults, so I have recommended this for my grandchildren.

  24. Ambrosia23

    This is an update to my review that you can see below that I made shortly after buying this clock. Although I like this clock in some respects, it is quite difficult to set up, even when following instructions. If you don’t hold the correct button for exactly 2 seconds the clock then moves on automatically to the next feature and it becomes almost impossible to fix. I learned this when the electricity in my apartment went out, and I try to reset everything, and I have not yet succeeded. I have also tried to simply unplug the clock to start all over again, but that doesn’t work either. This clock, therefore, becomes too difficult to use.I bought this alarm, because I was looking for an alarm that would actually help me get up early, but without being jarring. This mostly fits the bill, but the sounds of the birds singing with waves in the background are so soothing, I still want to sleep! But they do wake me up in a manner that is not all jarring. The light is good, too, for an alarm, but I can not always see it from the position in which I sleep. The set up is a bit confusing, because you need to keep pressing some of the same buttons over and over again, in a sequence, to set up alarm, then preferred alarm for the sound, then for the light, then for how long before the alarm will ring, for the light to begin, and how bright you want the light, etc. However, the instruction manual is good and it shows you how to do this, clearly marking which buttons to use for what. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase, although I need to finish the set up. The other reviews on this item are also helpful.

  25. W. D.

    What a delightful way to be woken up. Never grumpy again haha

  26. S. Williams

    This arrived lighting fast! It appears to be well-made and is thus far working according to expectations. I found the setting of all the different features to be a little challenging, but that’s more likely due to me, not the device. By following each step in the manual, it seems to be working just fine.I am training myself to wake up earlier, but did not want to be dependent on the real sun’s schedule, so this is a great alternative. The warm yellow light feels very natural and soothing, and the option of Chihiro’s Waltz as an alarm tone was a very sweet and welcome surprise.

  27. Desiluvspink

    I hate being awakened by loud noise or beeping noise so this alarm is perfect! You do have to invest a bit of time to read the directions and set all of the different modes but I love all of the options. Wakes me up nice and easy 😊

  28. Kristina Edenfield

    The alarm clock has a perfect size, good sound, the diferentes colors of light make the room warm.My daughter loves it

  29. Francis C

    When looking for a new light-based alarm clock there were many options and they all seemed very similar. I went with this one based on the price and extra coupon savings which made it a no-brainer. It arrived quickly and I have used it for the past week and feel comfortable rating it now. It has a lot of buttons but they are placed in a way that is easy to use and remember, light settings on the left side, audio settings on the right. The alarm and lighting effects work perfectly with an option to set the volume and brightness of both, with the light gradually increasing in brightness over a set amount of time, (10, 30, 60 mins). My favorite feature by far is the 2 amp USB port in the back of the alarm clock which is perfect as a high speed phone charger. Two minor criticism is the audio quality starts to suffer at higher volumes when choosing radio or ambient sounds, and there is no way to modify the alarm time without going through all the other settings as well which is an inconvenience.

  30. William H. Potter Jr.

    I knew I was sensitive to light but I had no idea how sensitive. I wake up with no issues shortly after the alarm light comes on. The great thing is it doesn’t disturb my partner because I set the sound level to zero. It’s a bit challenging to learn how to set but after I’ve done it a few times, it’s no problem. I love it!One last thing, I’m a clutz. I often do things which I did to this alarm clock. When I did. It came apart in pieces but pieces that were easily snapped back together. No harm done. This, to me, was a testament to a well made product.

  31. C&C’s Mom

    This clock is great! We use it as an “ok to wake” clock for my 3 year old. It’s plugged in like a normal alarm clock, not battery powered, although it has a battery backup in case the power goes out. The sunrise and sunset functions are great and fully adjustable. It can have sound or no sound, it can have light or no light. It’s the all around most functional alarm clock I could find. I love it so much I’m going to get another one for my son for when he transitions into his toddler bed.

  32. Joselen Jade

    Helped improve my sleeping schedule!

  33. Smart Shopper

    So I got this clock based on reviews, and I have to say overall I like it. It has several different sounds, adjusting light brightness, and thankfully you can turn off the clock numbers at night. Only complaint is it’s a little confusing to set and extremely light, so you need to use both hands anytime you touch the clock.

  34. Kait

    This product does everything it states. The sounds are not the best. Too repetitive, and not that many options. For the fall asleep mode there aren’t a ton of options, but there are more for the alarm option. It also doesn’t do a fantastic job charging newer phones. It does work, but it charges very slowly to where it would need to be plugged in for a long time to get a full charge.

  35. sparky

    It gently wakes me up. Nice added features to add sound and change brightness. Very natural way to wake up

  36. IYRB

    The sunrise clock is the perfect wake up alarm clock especially if you’re trying to train yourself to wake-up in the wee morning hour while it’s still dark. The brightness of the light and the sound of the alarm is exactly what I need to adhere to a 4:30 AM routine.I also use it at night before I go to bed. The lights gradually dim and once the light goes off I put the phone down and go to sleep.It took some time for me to figure out how to adjust the radio. It was nothing watching a YouTube video could not fix.

  37. Alison

    It came with a very nice instruction manual which I appreciated. I love the fact that you can dim the light and turn off the sounds. Came in record time. Very happy with purchase.

  38. Peter S.

    First of all, I found the instructions easy to follow. Sure there are lots of buttons but they are labeled and easy to follow in the instructions.My wife and I wanted a lamp that turns on super gradually so I set the time to turn on completely at 60 minutes. Yikes, when the lamp started up (60 minutes before the “alarm time”), it was already super bright!So I dialed back the brightness level that the lamp is supposed to reach after 60 minutes, and tried again. Another disappointment, the light again turns on at a level that is too bright. It hardly seems any dimmer than the full brightness. I was hoping the initial brightness would be 10% of the maximum brightness as the documentation basically says. I was also hoping it would turn on with a reddish tint but nope it’s a bright yellow color when it first turns on.In my mind, this lamp is supposed to do one thing: Turn on gradually in the morning. So far it fails on this.I’ll try a few more adjustments but I think I’m sending this back, it does not meet my needs if i cannot configure it to actually turn on gradually, which is the entire point of the lamp.

  39. Vogel

    I love the Amber light- conducive to sleep.I like the skeep/wake sounds & the variations available for sleep/wake timesBut it is light, slick & a bit top heavy – easy to knock over or off the table, especially with sleepy hands.The control buttons across the top all feel small & identical when you can’t see them – difficult to find the one you want.The identifying designs on each are too tiny & elaborate to easily distinguish one from the other. Setting it is therefore a difficult process.I hate the radio. Bluetooth would have been a better option.

  40. Elizabeth Keim

    I have had a hard time waking up with normal alarms and this works every time

  41. Jana Taylor

    Purchases this for my granddaughter as she struggled with waking up in the mornings. It has helped her wake easier & she loves getting to pick her alarm sound.

  42. Sherri

    Really nice! Happy with the quality

  43. Carole

    Bought this for my 8 yr old Grandson who has ADHD’ mornings can be a real issue. Problem solved with this clock. He loves it, it wakes him up gently. Mornings are much easier now. Thank You

  44. Cesar Cresp

    I have been using it daily for a few months. Instructions very easy to follow. I sleep in a windowless room and this alarm has come very handy. The gradual feature of lighting up before a soft forest sound is definitely a big plus

  45. LiB

    Very bright, very loud, works well as an alarm clock, but wow is it hard to set up. I ended up taking a Sharpie and labeling the buttons on the back of the clock, because the icons on each button did not make sense, and I did not want to have to read the directions again to set it up every time my power goes out or my cat unplugs it accidentally. Great clock, but setting each alarm, setting the time… is stupidly complicated.

  46. Rohwan

    I like how it wakes me up, usually the light does it & then the sound gets me fully awake. The settings are easy & the sounds are good, especially the birds. The cats are also intrigued by the bird sounds, lol.

  47. Washington B. Filho

    The clock is very nice, with a clear display. Finding out which button does what is hard. The manual is terrible, poorly written. The images are unbelievably small. I had a hard time seeing them. I had to use a Fresnel lens (magnifying) to be able to visualize the icons. Too small. After a while, i put it away. A pity.

  48. Jennifer

    I consider myself a fairly intelligent person but I had to read the instructions multiple times and the symbols are really small, so hard to see clearly. Once you have it set up, it’s a nice little alarm clock.

  49. Amanda

    I couldn’t figure out how to program the alarm clock. But, once my daughter programed it, I really like the way it wakes me up so softly. I don’t like to be jolted out of my sleep.

  50. Ben Nerison

    This alarm clock is so cool! There is a bit of a learning curve when you first get it but after you read the manual it’s not too bad. Personally I am sensitive to light so I love the light up alarm feature. Some people may not benefit from the light alarm alone but you can mix the light with sounds or the radio. I thought the ability to pick exactly how the alarm portion works was really great. The fact that it also doubles as a bed side lamp is awesome. It looks nice, the light is bright and you have a lot of alarm combinations and options. What more could you want?

  51. C. Macias

    Purchased for my two teens. Easy to set alarms. Good quality. Happy with cost

  52. Charles L. Burnsmith

    This is a better way to wake up then the standard alarm clock noise.

  53. Maria

    I like everything about this alarm. Btw – the button to set the alarm is the same button for shutting the alarm off.

  54. Sammiamk

    I was skeptical about how well this would work for me but it is amazing the gradual light is amazing I have it set to start turning on 40 minutes before alarm goes off and I usually wake up 8-10 minutes before the alarm on my own. It’s great because then it is a lot easier to get up.

  55. Michelle Villa

    Other than it being a little tricky to set up, it was working great these first few months! (I bought mine back in July) I liked the brightness settings, the choices or alarms, and the sleep aid! However, recently it’s been acting defective. Sometimes my alarms will only go off for a second and then shut itself down automatically, or it won’t go off at all. And I’ve been having the same problem when I try turning on the sleep aid or light.

  56. Taylor

    We love it. It has made waking up in the morning better 🙂

  57. Kat

    This is a great clock for the money. I am light sensitive but a deep sleeper. My daughter has a version of this that was over $150. I didnt want to spend that much so I thought I would try this. Its awesome! I was able to understand the directions and easy set up. I would highly reccomend

  58. Rose Johanna Paul

    **update** it’s been just over six months and sometime in the night it stopped working. I woke up and the lights were off and I thought maybe I lost power but my phone was still charging in the other outlet spot. I unplugged the clock and plugged it back in even trying trying a different outlet and it still won’t turn on. I was then late to work since it didn’t wake me up. I’m extremely disappointed with this alarm clock. 6 months is not a long time for a product to stop working when alarm clocks should last much longer than that. **I can’t count the amount of times I’ve slept through different alarms/clocks but not this one. It wakes me up every morning peacefully but also with enough force to not let me sleep through it. I love relaxing at night with multi color light and then waking up with a slow sun rise. It was worth every dollar!!

  59. K

    Literally the best purchase I have ever made. Love this as an alarm clock as well as just a lamp throughout the day. Lots of reviews I read said it was super hard to set / use but I haven’t had any issues + they sent stickers in the packaging to label which buttons do what and that was helpful. All in all, such a nice way to wake up and I talk about this thing every chance I get

  60. Tanya H.

    Love it so much. Once you get a hang of the system it’s not hard to set.

  61. Christina L

    I highly recommend holding on to the instruction manual as the buttons/ symbols are not completely intuitive. These wakeup sounds are such an improvement from the harsh standard sounds that I had previously. The gradual light preceding the sounds is great as well. I was worried the display would be difficult to read/ faint, however it is not.

  62. Tina Meyers

    The clock makes a big difference in how you wake up. It is way better than a phone alarm and well under the price of other clocks that do the same thing

  63. Jennifer Munoz

    I was tired of waking up my sleeping brick I have for a son. So I figured an alarm clock can do it for me. And it works really well. Setting it up was simple and straightforward. I love all of the ways it can be used I terms of brightness and sounds. I personally have it set to the highest and most annoying sound to play as the lower setting didn’t work for my kid.The brightness levels are also great. At night before my kids sleeps he has it rather dim to help him sleep so he won’t be scared at night. But in the morning I make sure it’s bright to get him up quickly.Love it.Well made.Makes my life easier.

  64. Stacey

    The “sunrise” lasts for 10 minute and that’s all you get. No matter how you adjust the alarm time it only runs for a very short time. This is either defective or it’s just a piece of crap. I’ve had it for less than a week and will be returning it

  65. sofia

    love it! so much bang for ur buck.

  66. Kenonica

    I like this product because it is as described. The rain sounds and birds chirping sound are nice. The brightness works well also

  67. tang

    It’s really easy to function and set the alarm times, clock, sound and volume settings. I love that you can use it as a lamp as well and looks good on my bedside table. . I’m so impressed, after only using it a week, the difference it makes in how easy it is to get up in the morning, with just the light simulation, is amazing! I wake up less tired and more ready to get on with my day.

  68. K. O. Harrison

    In concept I like it but it’s annoying to need to find the manual when I need to change things. I don’t normally even need to keep a manual for a clock. I want to like it. I truly do. I have a day light thing as directed by my Dr to use fall-early spring. I hoped this might help with waking up. After it’s finally set, it does a decent job (though it’s not an actual daylight lamp). I’m sure the newer version with an app would make it work easier but that’s more money. As it is, I’m replacing it with a more standard clock since I primarily need to be able to make the thing work.

  69. Emma Huston

    I bought this because I was on a medication that made me sleep through any phone alarm. But this was about the only thing that woke me up.

  70. Robin Parmer

    Very hard to figure out.


    Slightly difficult to use and wished it had Bluetooth accessibility

  72. Tacoma Gardener

    My sunrise clock I’d had for many years finally gave up the ghost and the buttons didn’t work any more. I settled on this brand/model as a replacement. It works like my old one, gradually getting brighter over a half hour until it is daylight bright at the time I want to get up. This one has added features like radio reception and several wake-up sounds to pick from. I like the wind chimes. I notice some reviewers are frustrated with the multiple steps it takes to set it up. All I can say is that it works like my earlier clock and other digital alarm clocks I have. Once you get used to the idea that the same buttons are used to set multiple settings in sequence, it’s not hard to set up. When you live someplace where the real sun sets at 4 pm and doesn’t rise until after 8 am, you need something like this. I am very happy with it.

  73. Karen Scaife

    Love this alarm clock. So nice to wake up to light and birds singing instead of horrible buzzing sounds.

  74. Krystin

    I’m returning this product.I like to snooze most days, but with a bright light in my face, and being sleepy still, I struggle to find the snooze button. It’s the same size and height as all the other buttons, and there are a LOT of buttons – so I hit the wrong one a lot.I can’t be bothered to look at the manual every time I need a reminder of what button does what, so it keeps going off on the weekends, which we don’t want. I need it to be more intuitive after the initial manual reading.

  75. Ashley

    Clock is super easy to set up, however the brightness only stays on for 15 after the scheduled alarm time. As someone who needs at least 2-3 alarms in the morning, I still can’t wake up to the first alarm, even with the light but when I’m ready to wake up to my next alarm, the room has gone dark and it makes it much more difficult to wake up. I wish I could set it for a longer brightness duration.

  76. Morgan

    The set up is a bit difficult if you lose the instructions, but highly recommend

  77. Lynn

    Night shifter’s go to. Love the settings allowing military time. Highly recommend

  78. anne demuth

    I don’t keep a huge box of instruction manuals for every simple appliance I own because I don’t have that kind of space, and I’ve never NEEDED to, things like clocks are usually easy and self-explanatory.But my power went out for a little while several months ago and this clock has been useless ever since. None of the buttons on it say they’re for setting the clock, and none of them seem to do it.The symbols on the buttons are completely random. I don’t know what they’re pictures of, but none of the pictures resemble a clock, or say “set clock” on them like a normal, y’know, CLOCK.I can turn on the noise. I can turn on the light. I can set alarm times. But I cannot set the CLOCK to an accurate time.Totally useless, and the most I’ve ever spent on a clock, which makes it even more frustrating. Even their website SAYS there are instructions available for download, but no such download link can be found.

  79. Buddy Tweed

    I bought this for a friend who was suffering from depression in the Winter time she uses it to wake up and she loves it

  80. diane l.

    helps with sleep and to relax

  81. Aj

    It works really well for people that has to wake up when it’s still dark out. Easy to use and great for gift

  82. Roni M

    I like that this clock gives me several options for an alarm. I set it for the ocean sounds and I really like to wake up to that instead of some jarring alarm tone. The light is nice too and the time display is good sized so I can see it without my glasses on.

  83. Shanaj Mithun

    Difficult to use

  84. Amanda Misfit

    Waking up has been so much better. The light is very helpful, and you have a few choices if sounds.Other reviews say it’s hard to set up, but the manual literally walks you threw it step by step.

  85. Faith Horton

    One of the numbers light is already going out and I have had this only a couple months

  86. Carol Waites

    I am thrilled with how well it gently wakes me up!

  87. tbug

    This alarm clock is great. I wish that the light would stay on when I snooze it

  88. Karen

    Love this alarm clock! We have no windows in our loft bedroom so it remains very dark in the mornings. I have tried other sunrise alarm clocks in the past that didn’t work for me because they weren’t bright enough or I didn’t like them for some other reason. I love that this one has 20 different brightness settings, so it’s fully customizable. At first I didn’t like that the light automatically switches off after 15 minutes, as I don’t always get out of bed right away. But I just increased the time it takes for the light to reach full brightness, which then increases the total length of time the light is on. I also didn’t love any of the sound options. I tried the birds, but the sound was too repetitive and did not sound natural. So I am only using the light feature for the alarm, but it works very well and wakes me up without any jarring alarm sounds.

  89. Frances

    The Phillips brand was more expensive but well worth it. Very easy to set up and change alarm time.

  90. lisa fererro

    Item functions as described.

  91. Jocelyn

    This is a minor qualm… But, I assumed that while the alarm brightness would slowly increase to mimic the sunrise, the volume would slowly increase as well. Instead, the alarm volume does NOT progress with the sunrise. It is annoying because when the alarm turns on, the brightness will be very low (and slowly progress to the selected brightness level over the selected duration) but the volume will just blast you.If you’re hoping for a progressive sunrise alarm and assume that it’s going to be a pleasant slow-rising wake, don’t get this alarm. It will be loud and dark when it turns on to wake you up. But if you’re wanting to be woken up by the light alone, then it’s great.Anyways, as I said, minor qualm — it’s just not what I was expecting.

  92. nita

    It does not brighten the room as much I hoped. Since trying it out initially it’s been just sitting on my bedside table unplugged. I wasn’t sure how to set the alarm but I got a message from the seller with instructions. I haven’t tried it yet. Also, it plays bird sounds when it comes on that I didn’t figure out how to turn off. Not saying it can’t be done, I haven’t tried very hard.

  93. Linda

    Open the instructions and memorize them before setting this thing up. The steps move really quick and you have like one or two seconds to set the brightness, the volume, the sounds, etc. This is like the third sunrise alarm clock I’ve purchased, each one promising a silent alarm, wake up to the light only. They all lied. When I set this one up, I THOUGHT I had the tone set to silent, the light set to bright. Nope. And there’s no adjusting it once it goes off in the morning. At least the sound is set to chimes, which is the most agreeable of the sounds I guess. I wouldn’t buy it again.

  94. Mr. Sneed


  95. Jodi Vollmer

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     I love that this alarm clock simulates a real sunrise! What a pleasant way to start your morning when you first wake up. It also helps you relax with built in natural sounds, it has radio capability and there’s this unreal colorful aura function that you can use to relax or brighten your mood with a simple double click if a button. It’s very easy to use which honestly surprised me with all of the functions available with it. The glow and vibrancy of the light are something out of a dream. I have been using this day and night since I received it because it’s just such a mood booster. Thank you seller for this amazing product, I highly recommend buying one to anyone looking to brighten up their life *****

  96. Cooper, V

    Instructions were complicated

  97. Monica Plotniak

    I haven’t found a flaw. Just buy it it’s worth it!

  98. sr

    Difficult to set up. Followed instructions to the letter. Finally gave up and now it’s just waiting to be thrown into trash.

  99. J. Richards

    I have to reset the clock every few weeks. After a month of use, the clock becomes 2 min fast, and this increases the longer the time elapses between resetting. there are so many buttons, every time I need to reset it, it is a mystery to solve. The white noise lasts for some number of minutes but I thought it would last indefinitely . The light does gradually come on as the alarm which is nice. the dimmer on the clock display is nice too.

  100. Jordan Jones

    I like this clock a lot. The sunlight feature helps with my depression. I am more eager to get up in the morning now. Have not used the white noise feature. Only drawback is placement of controls. If I want to set an alarm, I have to hold the opposite side of the clock to keep it from moving.

  101. Alissa

    I gave this product multiple chances. For $35 I thought it deserved a few extra tries. However after a few days it stopped giving time. A few days after that it short circuited and stopped working. When it did work, it sounded like mechanical birds and noises. You get what you pay for super cheap probably cost the dollar to manufacture

  102. Maria

    My first night with it and I loved it!! Love every feature of it and the music for relaxation as well!!! Highly recommend it if you want to wake up feeling calm.

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