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This speaker was designed for excellent sound quality, long battery life, and transportability.
  • Compact And Powerful: Super-portable Bluetooth speaker delivers powerful sound and robust bass through an advanced 5W driver and passive subwoofer.
  • Portable: The mini design allows the Bluetooth speaker to be stored and transported easily. Now you can bring the party anywhere.
  • Extensive Connectivity: Utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 technology for seamless device linking and a 33ft connection range.
  • Extended Playtime: Super battery technology supplies 16 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge; more than double that of comparable speakers.

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Single package size: 10X5X5 cm

Single gross weight:0.200 kg

12 reviews for Super mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Anne E.

    It’s described as a purple speaker. It’s blue and pink. Very annoyed with the color, because I only bought it because of it. The sound quality is great and it is very loud. I was surprised.If they could add volume control on it that would be great, instead of just from your mobile device.The only reason I’m not returning it, is because it was $10. Other than that it’s a great speaker. I would get it again for OTHER people.

  2. Eleri Barnes

  3. Maariya Kramer

  4. Metaphorce

    I’m overall pleased with these little speakers. I bought 2 of them. I was concerned about some of the issues in the 1- and 2-star reviews, but I decided I could return if necessary, so I took a chance. It turned out OK.1) Sound is pretty good. Not great in any absolute sense, but pretty good. (Almost as good as apple earpods, and better fidelity than AM radio.) relative to their size, and to other really small speakers I’ve heard, they’re great. Of course, these have very little bass, as you’d expect from such tiny speakers, but mid-range and treble are clear, musical, and perform well when they’re cranked up. They’re even decent at low volume, which is surprising.2) They paired to each other easily, and the two together do appear to be delivering stereo sound.3) I am able to control the volume on them fully from my bluetooth device (an apple watch). The reviewer who couldn’t turn them down may have gotten bad ones, but mine work OK. I don’t know how to describe the volume range, except to say that it goes from barely audible up to uncomfortably loud when they’re 3 feet away from you playing acoustic music. I’ve been walking around with one in each side pocket of my jeans with the volume down around 1/3 and there’s a pleasant level of background music that doesn’t interfere with conversation. If a plane goes by, I need to crank them up to about 1/2.4) Battery life. I can’t say yet how long, because I haven’t used up the first charge yet. I’ve played them for more than 2 hours cumulative (broken up into several sessions) at moderate volume, plus about 1/2 hour when they were on but not playing (they shut down automatically after 15 minutes with no input.). The guide sheet says that sound quality deteriorates when the battery is low, and so far, sound quality remains solid.

  5. Klemens Totleben


    Love! very good sound quality

  6. D. Wow

    I’m straight up in love with these speakers. First off, I bought two of them together and they paired instantly with all of my Bluetooth devices as well as with each other. You have to turn them both on, but when you turn one off, the other one turns off too. They are tiny and weigh almost nothing, the sound quality is way better and louder than a 50.00 Sony speaker that I bought these to replace, they hold a charge for around 6 hours, they are really inexpensive and attractive to boot! Super satisfied and I’m going to buy more to give as gifts.

  7. Fukumoto Shusake

  8. Sammy C.

    Pretty good sounding little speaker. Clear and loud. Little bigger than I wanted or expected. I was purchasing to replace one that I had bought from boost mobile. My previous one could hang from my headphone port, this ones just a little too big and heavy to do that. Battery doesn’t last top very long but not extremely bad. Nice little speaker if size isn’t the top priority.

  9. BrainwaterBrainwater

    This is perfect for my cubicle.I had been carrying a much larger Bluetooth speaker back/forth from home/work. I did not want to risk getting it stolen.This little speaker fits in my purse for easy transport. It hangs on a thumbtack in my cubicle. It’s loud enough for my neighbor to hear.I love it! It was exactly what I was looking for!!

  10. Gina Long

    Excellent sound quality for the money. Shipped quickly, packaged well. Looks cool, fits in the palm of your hand. Charged quickly and seemed to hold a charge well, though I haven’t put it to too much of a test yet. Doesn’t do anything fancy, but synched easily with ipad. We used it to amplify a speech app used by an autistic student during a theatrical production and it worked beautifully.

  11. Rene Knapp


    Excellent, sound very good, recommend

  12. Winston Hyde


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