The Moody Reversible Plushie | Sensory Fidget Toy for Stress Relief | Angry + Rage | Show Your Mood Without Saying a Word!


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Reversible Cat and Unicorn Stuffed Plush 1
The Moody Reversible Plushie | Sensory Fidget Toy for Stress Relief | Angry + Rage | Show Your Mood Without Saying a Word! $9.98
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  •  The product is safe and non-toxic, it is not easy to remove hair, the color is full, and the feel is comfortable
  • Cute and soft plush doll with realistic expression, clear outline and lifelike
  •  The unique flip design provides you with different visual and sensory experiences.
  •  This is a great children toy, birthday gift, Valentine day gift, Christmas gift.
  • Washable: easy to clean, use a small amount of soap and water to remove stains, and dry naturally.

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104 reviews for The Moody Reversible Plushie | Sensory Fidget Toy for Stress Relief | Angry + Rage | Show Your Mood Without Saying a Word!

    Janice Vandiver
    It's a cute stuffed animal that changes when u turn it inside out! Great gift for the kidz!
    Rachel McGoff
    Honestly this is quite possible the best pandemic purchase ever. Use this to show your mom, S.O., homeschooling/virtual learning children that you are not happy. It’s funny and provides a great laugh but also is useful
    Andre Luciano Rosario
    El producto esta muy bonito, se lo regale a mi novia pero lo que note es que vino aplastado, debido a que su empaque es simplemente una funda, no deberia ser asi, dure un buen tiempo tratando de arreglarlo por que estaba aplastado pero al final si pude. Entre lo demas, esta bonito y es suave.
    This so adorable and so soft. My boyfriend got me the pink/hot pink color combo and I love it. It’s also a great size.
    My daughter, who is 11, loves, loves, loves this little octopus! She took it with her to sleepaway camp and one of the other campers liked it so much that she told her mother about it and her mother ordered one right away to be delivered to camp!We got the blue (grumpy) and teal (happy) version and it is adorable and super-plushy. Very cute!
    I bought this for my daughter who absolutely adores this little octopus. She prefers the "grumpy" side which is just as cute as the happy side. It's easy to turn inside out and keeps it's shape. Also, I was happily surprised it is larger than I thought. Definitely worth 5 stars!
    Krista Scruggs
    My teen wanted this thing, so I bought it! We now have a deal…. Are you angry??? put the unhappy face out and I won’t mess with you. Are you happy??? Put the happy face out and I know we are in good terms.
    Dori TurekDori Turek
    At first I was like why is this thing $15 but I guess it’s worth the money. My daughter adores it and it is 100% reversible. It’s about the size of your hand.
    Tony SotoTony Soto
    I bought this for my husband because everyone says he's always angry (he's not, just most of the time) so I surprised him with the angry and angrier one. He loves it. It's a little bigger than I thought it would be but it's still super great!
    He's my perfect car companion... When there's good drivers he's pink and happy when there's bad drivers he's purple and angry.
    My granddaughter Loved this she often puts it on her head like a hat to show her mood. I thought it was really small for what it costs but it makes her happy. She is 8.
    Ashley Requenez
    The media could not be loaded.  I thought one side was supposed to be happy??
    Never heard of this til my nephew asked for it for Christmas, so I was a little confused when it came in such a small package. So just know this little guy is pretty small! But very cute. And exactly as described.
    MistyRaine DickeyMistyRaine Dickey
    I bought this for myself as a grown adult woman because I'm an impulsive shopper. It really serves no purpose other than it is cute. I put a regular soap dispenser in the pic for size comparison. Nice soft and plush. The tag is on the happy side. I find that looking at the angry side actually worsens my mood so I keep it on the happy side mostly. I should really bring it to work and put it on my desk and flip it for my moods so people know what they're getting into before they come talk to me. I think I paid about $10 for this so a bit overpriced.
    Yo Mama
    Wife thought it was the regular mad and happy and had a surprise when she turned it around lmfao
    My son loves this and it helps him to be able to express his emotions without having to telling someone how he’s feeling, because often it’s hard for littles to do that…without acting out!
    I got it as a christmas gift that turned into an apology gift and its safe to say she loved it to death.
    Maribel juarez
    I’m so in love with this product, it’s just too cute. It feels great to act like a kid again.Also like to use it towards my husband so he can see what mood I’m in.
    Mary Klatt
    The media could not be loaded.  I received this as a Christmas gift from my wife after she saw it on TikTok. It is so adorable! I love it! The best part is when I put the angry side out she tries her best to try to get me to flip it back to the happy side. And it is super soft! My pup would love to steal it from me
    I gave this to my partner and she thinks it is adorable. We joked that it could be something of a subtle mood indicator that we could flip in our out to let the other know how we're feeling without making a thing out of it.
    Nikki Marie
    Got a couple of these as gifts for little kids and they are soft and cute! The pictures and description of the product are accurate.
    A. Smith
    My son loves his Octopus. He's always cuddling with her. I also use it to help him identify/label his emotions by flipping it to match his mood.
    Alexis Acosta
    I really liked how it was soft and how easy it was for my friend to enjoy it. He loved it and always wanted him, a nice little surprise. It is for sure giftable and I would buy again in the near future
    Kari LT
    My daughter loves this little guy. He sits on her dash and keeps her company as she drives! Fun and cute!
    I bought this for my best friend’s birthday, it is cute and looks like the picture, I was a little disappointed about how small it is ( about the with of a pen and the height of a bottle of nail polish)
    This was my favorite gift my husband got me for Christmas. I am a moody girl and often don't express my emotions with communication that will ease or resolve tension. These little stuffed friends help me, help us, see that life is soft and sweet. ~A
    Definitely not red. More often a hot pink. ☹️
    This is exactly what my little one wanted for Christmas. It's soft and squishy comes as described. Can't beat the price either!!!
    So yeah, a plushie for $15 that's practically the size of your hand seems a bit much, but you are kind of getting 2 different plushies in that it has 2 emotions, so maybe that'll ease your conscience a bit. As for quality, did not disappoint. Very soft and fluffy. If you're fine with the price it's 100% worth getting.
    desirerea serena
    My granddaughter loves this every time literally everytime she’s mad or upset she runs and gets it and puts it on the mad side. She really enjoys playing with it
    I’m obsessed! I’ve wanted one for a while but the other colors aren’t my esthetic. I love this one, that I got two! It’s the most adorable thing. I wish it came in larger sizes bc this would be amazing giant!
    Unicorn Queen 🌈🦄
    I found this octopus to be a little smaller than expected. I bought it for my parakeet, they love to sit on top of it and wiggle their butts. They are very happy with it
    It came vacuum sealed so raping it was super easy and you can't tell what it is and than it just pops up once you open the seal
    Mother ForquerMother Forquer
    This mood octopus is such a cute little plushie.Mine is pictured, but there are other colors available.I liked him so much that I purchased one each for my 14yo son and my 22yo daughter. They both love the plushie!He's soft, smooth, and well-made. He comes with a long tag on his side, but I just cut that off. The colors are vibrant. And it's pretty satisfying to flip him inside out and back again.
    The media could not be loaded.  I love everything about this! I am a full grown lady who loves adorable things and this thing just caught me and wouldn't let go and I had to buy it!It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be. I was expecting it to fit in the palm of my hand. Instead it sits on my whole hand with overhang.It is so CUTE!I got the gray/black one because it's sorta reminiscent of YouTube channel Unus Annus, and even has a little swirl on the black sides head.And it is SO soft!I can't recommend it enough for kids and adults of all ages! It always puts a smile on my face.
    Very cute, high quality.I looked at a lot of reviews looking for ones that were nice and a good quality. I saw a lot of pictures of bad ones. These are good, very good.
    Karen M.
    Fun for all ages! Perfect little gift! Sent one to my 21 year old daughter at college she LOVED IT! And bought one for my 10 year old niece she LOVED IT! Fun for all ages!
    Mercy BMercy B
    I love the way it feels, it’s so soft and doesn’t feel cheap, but I have one small issue and it seems like others have the same with this specific color option, the heart on the grey side gets caught in the seam, it’s not centered. It bugs me a little bit! Still cute though!
    This was a great gift for the office! Especially in a high-stress, fast-pace environment. Super soft, great size, and great price. Highly recommend for anyone who needs a better way of expressing their mood!
    Jiahui Lin
    It is a bit smaller than I expected. But I still like it a lot since it is super cute and soft. Color looks the same as the picture shows. Would recommend this to my friends!!
    I got this as a gift and when it arrived I was surprised to see the quality of the octopus wasn’t all that great. It is like one of the toys in a claw machine. For the quality I wish it were priced a bit cheaper but great for a gift.
    I got the black/light green one because it was supposed to glow in the dark. I’ll be returning it
    I got the fiery eyed one and I realized it's faces are angry and angrier lol which makes it even better. Poor baby came vacuum sealed tho! Could have been a bit bigger and arrived quicker but other than that it's cute!
    Lynda S.
    This was a Christmas gift for my 6 year old son. I read a lot of reviews that people received a “fakes” because of those reviews i was hesitant to order but I’m so glad that I did!! Our octopus 🐙 was delivered very quickly & was an authentic teeturtle brand. My son loves it & has declared he wants to start a collection & wants a reversible shark for his birthday he says lol 🙂
    Demi Gentry
    I bought this to give as a white elephant present and everyone loved it! Super cute and easily giftable to anyone.
    Juan Guerrero
    I later found the same one at a gas station for 5 dollars. Other than that I loved this thing. I gave it to my girlfriend. It sits on her dash and she actually changes based on her mood. It’s also helped me see when she’s upset but isn’t ready to talk about it. I bought her an even bigger one that’s now in her bedroom. Cost the same as this one did.
    This $15 stuffed octopus saved my marriage. Men, it's like a gf translator. This ball of fabric mastered something not even Google could do. No need for marriage counseling, waste of money. Let a 4 inch felt octopus do it for you for a tenth of the cost.
    Kathy Jo Brown
    Too cute. Provides kids, pre-teens and teens an acceptable way to let you know how they are feeling at the moment, without any fallout or drama.
    Oliver MartinezOliver Martinez
    Exactly like the picture! Very soft and easy to flip inside out. I bought it for my girlfriend as a Christmas present. Also, super fast delivery with regular shipping!
    R. L. Morse
    My daughter loves this little toy and thinks its cool that she can express what mood she's in by displaying the happy or unhappy option
    Soft, giftable, teen loves it. It's a cute way for her to express when she's irritated. Helps open the line of communication with her. Only wish it was a little less expensive.
    I bought this as an Easter gift for my son since he loves Octopus . I also felt that it was a creative way for him to express him self non verbally. It was worth every penny .
    Marlon StewartMarlon Stewart
    Used this as a gift for my great niece for a Christmas gift.
    Great product
    Got these for my kiddos and well, what better way for 9 year olds to tell me how they are feeling. Of course Ive seen these on Tik-Tok, but its fun to see my kids use this. In a small way I want one myself.
    T. Beck
    Bought as a gift for my 16 years and 3 years old grandchildren. They are having fun with them. I sent a couple to each child.
    these little plushies are adorable and is the perfect gift for someone. their design is unique and it is small enough to fit in your hand
    Got this for my daughter and it’s definitely perfect. She has already showed it off to all of her friends. The kids love it!
    Carlo M
    I mean this thing is the ultimate product. Great for children to adult. Highly recommend it
    Merci Morgan
    This is so cute. I got it as a joke and actually really love how cute it is and how fun it is to play with.
    Audible Reader
    My SO and I have an inside joke involving an octopus and this was the most perfect thing to go along with that. Love it!
    Michael B. Studer
    My two month old niece adores this toy when she is given it to distract her during diaper changes or simple as a supplemental toy while bottle feeding.
    So cute!! My boyfriend bought this for me. When I’m feeling moody it’s nice to just change this plush to its angry side so then my boyfriend knows that somethings up. Then he’ll ask, and we will work it out! Great tool for relationships :) It does take a while to ship (a few weeks), but I found it was worth it.
    Amazing quality, very cute and exactly as advertised. That $15 price is really the price of quality for this small plushie. The stitchings isn’t sloppy, the plushie is soft but firm, it’s overall a great authentic product.
    This mood-changing little creature has become my toy, although I originally purchased it for a child. It is so cute. And it is a great way to let others know if it's safe to approach my desk (haha).
    Edward Bassett
    super cute and a great gift for someone who likes the reversible stuffed animals, I'd recommend this to anybody that has kids or a wife that likes this sort of thing. :)
    Ryan Hotek
    It was my fault maybe for not seeing the size. My son has one twice as big and did not know there were different sizes. Though it explains the cheaper price. So considering that I am happy with the product but just a heads up
    I got this as a gift for a friend. It was great! Only downside is that the part that’s folded inward was veeeeery creased when I got it. Nothing that can’t be fixed though !
    Cindy P.
    I love this little octopus. I put the angry face on when I'm sick or grumpy, so people know to leave me alone. Then I'll reverse it to the smiley face when I'm have a better day.
    David Miller
    Great for Vacation Bible School illustration. And perhaps gift afterwards.
    Kristine DLR
    husband thinks it's hilarious and instead of being grumpy in response to me being grumpy, it makes him laugh and tries to cheer me up. :P
    These are very cute but they are very small too. Just don't think they are worth the price but my daughter really wanted it for her birthday so I bought them.
    Cute but it’s the size of my palm, I thought it would be a bit bigger for how much it costs, I wouldn’t spend that much on something so small.
    The media could not be loaded.  I got it as a gift for my friend cause I got one last Christmas and he got really attached to it lol. It’s a really soft, sturdy plush and it’s great for communicating if your nonverbal! Definitely recommend getting one!
    Thank you for shipping the missing item of our order! I have a happy little girl! This is a hot item with little ones! Super cute 😍
    I originally bought this because it was so cute and i wanted to let my b/f know if I was in a good mood or not without having to talk to him. WELL! It turned out to be a fantastic emotional tool for my 4 year old daughter. She saw how i was using it to show what emotion I was feeling and now "Jelly" is her favorite stuffed animal. She uses him to show when she needs her alone time and when she needs a break from talking or, when she's just plain mad. He's soft, cute, and durable. Love it!
    Teigan Iles
    Very cute my boyfriend got me this so I bought another one because I liked it so much
    Saida M.
    I love that the another guy is even angrier inside the plush. It was a perfect Christmas gift for my 13 years old sister
    Andrew Lee
    Bought it for my wife! Didn’t know what was the craze all about. After seeing how happy it makes her and all the girls with these in their cars in the dashboard made me realize it’s a “thing”
    Love this. It's so cute, and fun to fidget with, turning it inside and out. I've given them as gifts and they're always appreciated by all ages 😊
    Love this plushie. It's great and will make a great office decoration for my colleague's kids when they come to visit.
    Jennifer Jaime
    Love the size. Very soft. Easy to flip inside out for other color/face. Little ♡ on pink side is adorable. The little broken ♡ on the grey side is so sad but that's the opposite of a happy ♡. Great size and softness for any age or gender!
    Ripped in a day
    Elisabeth Trzicky
    Sent this to my girlfriend for Christmas and she opened it but it had 2 frowny faces and no smiley face. What gives?
    Michelle L
    My daughter requested one of these so I humored her and got her one for Christmas. It is soft, well made, and reverses quite easily.
    This is adorable and would make a good gift. I have it in my kitchen and everyone who has seen it loves it. I mostly have it on the smiley side, but the angry side comes in handy too.
    Bailey Rose
    My 4 yo grandson loves this toy. It helps him express what he is feeling sometimes. He also likes snuggling with it.
    Cute and fun gift! Something for all ages! Bought this as a gift and it was a hit! Bought another for my daughter shortly after!
    Apparently these are all the rage amongst 4th graders. Many of the kids in my daughter's class had one so she used her birthday money to buy this 1 and she loves it.
    JC Cruz
    The cuitiest thing to have. Pretty good quality for the money. I ended up buying 3. One for me a my siblings
    I love these so much. I actually bought these for my niece and nephews and am fighting the temptation to keep them for myself. I'll definitely be ordering more in the future.
    Got one for myself and one for a friend, both of us like it. It's soft, cute, great to sit on the computer desk. No complaints
    Kindle Customer
    It was not what I expected, and was ready to return it. But my daughter told me my granddaughter would love it, so I kept it. It is soft and I am sure she will like it.
    I bought this as gift for someone although it was a little pricey for my standards it worked out just well as a gift would recommend
    I don’t like that it’s so small. I was expecting it to be just a bit bigger. It’s cute, well made and very soft! My kids think it’s cute. Plan to use it in my room! I’m excited.
    Lexi B
    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my sister in law. It is super cute and soft! Excellent quality!
    I cut the tag off but me and my friend we use these to tell each other how we are feeling if we don’t want to talk. It’s awesome and cute!🥺 You should buy this with your kids if ur kid has trouble expressing feelings.
    I loved the versatility of it and we have a cranky baby so it’s cute to use this to let our other kids know her mood lol.
    Joshua R
    Really nice little stuffed animal toy with a nice reversible feature, very soft and I guess you could use to help teach kids about emotions? My niece really likes it.
    Bo is gay
    I have crippling anxiety and if you do too then this is the toy for you, makes a great stress releif tool, cute and well made as well.
    My grandchildren love them. I had won one of them at a county fair and my granddaughter loved it, so I ordered more for the other grandchildren.
    Kathleen Crank
    I bought this toy to use in my classroom as a silly way to prompt my seniors to complete their work. Everyone loves it! I plan on buying more. Great for any age.
    Dustin J.
    Bought for my wife since she’s been talking about getting one and turned out to be a great gift! Well made and extremely soft. Already looking to buy a different color.

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