Waterproof Temperature Sensing Titanium Smart Ring

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Waterproof Temperature Sensing Titanium Smart Ring $39.98 Original price was: $39.98.$15.99Current price is: $15.99.
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1. Rotate directly, touch with your finger, the ring will display the temperature.

2. Wait for a while after putting it on, the temperature will be displayed after passing it on. It will not be displayed immediately.

Multifunctional Waterproof Intelligent Smart Temperature Couple Ring Titanium Steel Finger Jewelry Fingertip Temperature Sense


1. Stainless steel: wear-resistant, no discoloration, anti-scratch.
2. Quick display: Put your finger on for 20 to 30 seconds, the ring will subtly display the temperature number.
3. Comfortable and smooth to wear: suitable for couples, friends and other fashion gifts.

It is a stylish, creative and beautiful accessory that can make you look brighter.

Material: Stainless steel 
Style: Europe and America
Styling: letters / numbers / text
Color: blue, black, silver

Package Included:
1 * Smart temperature ring

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Question: Last time we reported this question, many customers said that they did not feedback the temperature for a long time?

Supplier Answer: The principle of displaying the temperature is that after we wear the ring, the above number will be displayed if there is a problem with the ring. However, in winter, when the temperature is low, all the rings will be slow if there is a problem.


Question: It won’t be displayed, but how slow is this?

Answer: It won’t be displayed. It depends on the temperature. If the guest says that it won’t be displayed, you can let him heat it up first, and then rub the ring with your finger. It’s winter and the temperature is low, so it’s more difficult to display.


Question: How long is the intermediate display process, otherwise the customer will think that the purchase is bad if he waits for it?

Answer: There is no specified time for this. According to the temperature, some people have cold hands. How can he display it? In the end, it will display the temperature.


Question: Are there any regulations on your temperature and time?

Answer: There is no regulation. The temperature is very high. I will show you the video. You can see if it can be turned on. This is the situation when I turned on the heating table mat. The temperature rises quickly and gets hotter. The higher the temperature, the words will gradually disappear after the temperature drops. This is the principle of this ring.






6 reviews for Waterproof Temperature Sensing Titanium Smart Ring

  1. Eleri Barnes

    It is beautiful and very nice. Temperature is not accurate sometimes and it not visible enough.
  2. Savannah Brotherton

    Excellent, the quality is great, only with the sizes wrong, size 12 is too big

  3. Kholmatzhon Daniarov

    The ring went to me for a very long time. The size did not fit. Only on the pinky 7 size. I have a normal ring size of 19. Who has this size 7 is very small.

  4. Fukumoto Shusake

    Loved just right, very good, it kinda close hit the temperature

  5. Jaimee Harter

    The product has arrived too late, I notify you that it has arrived, it has arrived after the time has passed.
    Thanks, the ring is beautiful, it does not look very good, the result is good

  6. Gayla Tincher

    Nice ring. Scratches easily. Temp only works when ring is held in hand.

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