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MagSafe Charger 30W Wireless Charger For iPhone 13 12 Pro Max 11 XS XR X For Huawei P30 Pro Xiaomi 11Pro Samsung S20 S10 S9 S8 Quick Chargers
Wireless Fast Charger $47.50 Original price was: $47.50.$19.00Current price is: $19.00.
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FASTER WIRELESS CHARGING: Avoid wasting time plugging in your device. Now you can just place your phone on the Wireless Fast Charger and it will be fully charged in minutes! The 30 Watt Wireless Fast Charger protects your device from short circuit, high temperatures, and overcharge. Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices such as Samsung Galaxy S22/S21/S20/S10 S9/S9 Plus/S8/S8 Plus/Note 9/Note 8/Note 5/S6 Edge/S7/S7 Edge and iPhone 13/12/11/X/XS/XS MAX/XR, iPhone8/8 plus and more.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL PROTECTION: An ultra slim design, no annoying beeps, no plastic smell, even the LED indicator is low-key and causes no disturbance in the night. Anti-slip rubber base prevents your device from sliding during charging.

Durable Materials: Metal body builds a solid, durable wireless stand charger, and it can effectively lower the temperature, protects your phones from overheating. Get a good night’s rest knowing your phone is charging safely at your bedside.



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LED Charging Indicator, Wireless Charging, Fast Charging, Power Bank, Overcharge Protection

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Micro USB

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11 reviews for Wireless Fast Charger

  1. michael

    These are awesome, worked fantastic, I was really impressed, I wanted to switch my head light assembly to projector, but this really did the trick. So much so I bought a send set.

  2. Steve Leach

    1st attempt: Using Otter Box Defender caseStart 50%Charge time: 5 minutesResults: 49%2nd attempt: Using Otter Box Defender caseStart 49%Charge time: 5 minutesResults: 47%3rd attempt: Otter Box case completely removedStart 47%Charge time: 5 minutesResults: 48%Using brand new cables.Changed cables to verify functionality.Screen / WiFi / Bluetooth off on all tests.Tried new Apple 20 watt charger & a 78 watt adaptive fast charging port. Received identical results.Caveat Emptor – Let the buyer beware

  3. Rick Crakes

    Best charger I own now. I have a thick case with a ring on the back for my Samsung s21 and it still charges. I does take a second or two sometimes to get it to start but most Can’t charge with my case like this and it’s fast. I will be buying more.

  4. vjmw

    I like this charger, but you have to get it just so or it only looks like it’s charging. It has to blink only blue. Green, for some counter-intuitive reason, means something is wrong and it isn’t charging. I was hoping to keep this on my night table, but it’s lit the whole time it’s charging. It stops charging when the phone is full and then turns green. Many nights, I reach over and knock it off the charger if I see green. For this reason and the finicky alignment for proper charging are the three stars. Otherwise, it works.

  5. H

    Love it. I recieved this as a Christmas gift. Liked it so much that I looked it up and bought another one for my husband. The only negative thing I have to say is that it doesn’t include the actual plug in, just the cord and you must supply your own plug. But, I think that’s pretty standard with a lot of chargers 🤷‍♀️ I just robbed the plug from my old charger and it wasn’t a big deal.

  6. Cassey

    very good quality and nice contact!
  7. Engineer

    The slow flashing light while charging is ridiculously bright for sleeping. It was blinding on the night stand. Even on the floor it lit up and flashed the ceiling and walls, so I had to put it under the bed with a slipper on it. Also the the circuit board inside rattles when you move the charger or put a phone on it, which gives it a cheap feel. I fixed both problems by taking it apart (4 screws under the rubber feet) and taping the board down with electrical tape, making sure to cover the LEDs.

  8. Bonnie

    Good:1) Checked it against several competitor models for my S21 Ultra, plus another older phone – same charging speed as competitors, given the same type of cable and wall charger for testing.2) Loved how it turns blue and green to signal charging and completion and errors (around the entire device) – the light does not turn off, but what I really like it that I can tell it made a good connection with extreme ease (unlike some others that have dim or hidden lights that show behind your phone, unless you are very specific about how the phone is laying. I want to just throw my phone on the charger and not worry about rotating my phone a few degrees to see the charging light underneath). Good job here.3) Nice and thin, but this could also be a downside…Bad1) I couldn’t get over how very, very, cheap this felt. It was very light, like a little plastic saucer. The other chargers I had felt solid. So it’s very thin and probably shouldn’t be banged around at all. For this reason, I’m returning the device. Plus it’s almost $20, and there is much better pricing for “cheap” chargers out there to charge just as fast a S21 phone with the included cables.

  9. Reiko

    Works perfectly.
  10. Kawano Tanyu

    Packed well. Everything works!

  11. Rachael-Firefly Hartman

    First, it’s very finicky with cases. I have both an otterbox and a speck for my Samsung s20+, and it only likes my speck case (I have to remove the plastic shell from my otterbox to get that one to work).Second, the light is SO bright, so this isn’t ideal for a nightstand situation. Okay if you’re using at work or in the living room, but not if you’re trying to sleep.Third, my phone has super fast charging capabilities, and unfortunately, this charging pad charges at the same speed that the snail crossing my front mat moves. 1 hr 15 mins to go from 89% to 100%. If you want a full charge, you might as well leave it on the pad for the entire day, because that’s at least a 4 hour job.I wish I could like this product more-upsides are that it does look and feel nice, was cheap, it works with a variety of phones, and it does serve its essential purpose of charging (mind you, super slowly), but I would rather have spent a few dollars more for a pad that actually does fast charge my phone.Last, there are a few reviewers who state that it does fast charge their devices, so it’s possible maybe I just got a dud. Who knows? It will be going straight to our kids for their devices, since they charge those overnight and don’t need a fast charger.

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